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10 Best Film Schools in London

Best Film Schools in London: Most people will likely all respond in the same way if you ask them where movies are produced: Hollywood!

The reality, however, is more convoluted because movies are actually shot all over the world, from the renowned Pinewood Studios in England to Marvel Studios in Atlanta. Actually, you can film a movie anywhere there are performers and a camera.

That applies to film schools as well, which explains why London, England, has so many excellent courses.

These schools, which are in the center of the UK film industry, provide all the tools an aspiring director could possibly require. Along with highly qualified instructors and facilities outfitted with cutting-edge technology, you may also take use of some fantastic shooting sites.

The numerous film schools in London also allow you access to other actors and directors, creating the kind of creative environment necessary to realize your goals for the silver screen. These institutions provide students the possibility to reshape British cinema by uniting others who share their enthusiasm for movies.

Each institution on this list has its own cultures and standards, as one could anticipate. Finding the right school is crucial because not all kids are suited for every institution. This ranking of London’s top schools describes their characteristics and teaching methods, guiding you toward a successful future in film.

Best Film Schools in London

Here are our 10 selections for the best film schools in London:

1. Central Film School

Best Film Schools in London
Best Film Schools in London

The Central Film School was founded just in 2008, but since then, it has established a reputation as one of the top universities in London for studying film. The program has produced Bollywood filmmaker Zaid Ali Khan, who directed the sports film Khwaabb, and Austrian filmmaker Kim Strobl, whose debut movie Madison was distributed by Filmladen and SP Distribution.

The school has recently focused more on documentaries as a result of a collaboration with the Bertha Foundation. The Bertha Foundation is a charitable organization that strives to raise awareness of important social concerns. Students that participate in this program can produce films that have practical applications.

Similarly, the school’s frequent Professional Perspectives presentations assist students in breaking into the field. Filmmakers like director Nick Hornby and script editor Dawn Gilliam attend these talks. Students receive helpful advise regarding the actual work of filmmaking during the Q&A sessions.

2. London Film Academy

Best Film Schools in London
Best Film Schools in London

The London Film Academy began as a non-profit organization in 2001 with the goal of teaching filmmaking and fundamental skills.

The Academy has collaborated with Club Panico, a group founded by supporters including Sir Ben Kingsley and Terry Gilliam, since 2006. Students get access to job paths in the sector because of this link.

David Pope, who directed the feature film Miles From Nowhere and has served as a script consultant on movies made all around the world, is one of the current tutors at LFA.

Andrew Speller, a cinematographer who has worked on Hollywood blockbusters like Made of Honor and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, also teaches at LFA.

LFA provides a variety of short courses for students seeking to advance their practical knowledge without enrolling in a long-term program. These courses, which range in length from one day to six weeks, offer certification in subjects like documentary and advanced filmmaking.

3. The London South Bank University

One desires a variety of characteristics from a film school, such as knowledgeable instructors and a welcoming student body. However, resources are one of the most important things that film schools can offer. In that regard, London South Bank University is among the top schools for filmmaking instruction.

The Elephant Studios at the school cost many million pounds to construct. The Studios’ pricing was exorbitant, but it was well worth it because they include a newsroom, a soundstage, studios for photography, editing rooms, and more.

A dedicated film studio with everything an aspiring director needs to produce a quality feature is located inside Elephant Studios. A green screen is provided, and the big performance space also has a lighting grid and DMX lighting control. The studio also offers a green room where actors can change into new clothes and do makeup before starting their performances.

4. University of West London

The University of West London offers specific instruction for people who want to approach moviemaking from diverse approaches, even though every school on this list will teach you the fundamentals of filmmaking.

The University offers courses in content, media, and film production as well as film and screen business, English and film, and English and English. In other words, the university offers the option for students to study cinema from a commercial, literary, or practical angle. Each of these three-year programs equips graduates for a rewarding career in a variety of media production fields.

Students at the University of West London gain knowledge from professionals like Professor Garin Dowd. Leos Carax, a French director, was the subject of a scholarly monograph written by Professor Dowd in 2003. The subject of Professor Dowd’s research is the function of film as a contemporary storytelling technique.

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5. University of Westminster

Some people might believe that cinema is a degree that only idealistic dreamers study because it has no real-world application.

However, within 15 months of graduation, 90% of University of Westminster BA Honours Film graduates obtain full-time employment or pursue further education in the sector.

Graduates have gone on to work on Hollywood films and events that are aired all over the world as art assistants, VFX supervisors, and casting assistants.

Tania Diez, the course director, has over 20 years of experience working for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, and other media outlets. Her work has received numerous accolades and been nominated for a BAFTA.

The University of Westminster is uniquely suited to produce the following generation of filmmakers, television directors, and production staff of every kind thanks to its relationships with Diez and other business leaders.

6. Goldsmiths, University of London

The Screen School at Goldsmiths, University of London, which is a part of the Department of Media, Communications, and Cultural Studies, approaches the study of cinema and media creation from a forward-looking perspective.

The Screen School provides students with all the tools they need to create the visual material of their dreams with degrees like a BA (Hons) in media & communication and an MA in filmmaking with emphasis on editing, cinematography, and more.

Senior Lecturer Dr. Daisy Asquith, a filmmaker with more than two decades of industry experience, is one of the instructors at Goldsmiths.

Dr. Asquith has produced documentaries for the BBC, BFI, Channel 4, and other organizations. Dr. Asquith has additionally participated in juries for organizations that bestow awards, including BAFTA, the London Film Festival, and others.

Tassia Kobylinska, a senior tutor in the department, has been producing and editing videos for over fifteen years. She teaches a variety of classes there. Documentaries created by Kobylinska for NGOs around the world and the public and charitable sectors are among her work.

7. University of East London

The University of East London, like every other institution on this list, has a robust cinema curriculum that equips students with the skills necessary to engage in all facets of media creation. The academic study of film and media, however, also receives attention from the university.

Researchers and filmmakers who are interested in examining the background and significance of moving images are supported by the Moving Image Research Centre (MIRC). A black box studio and pre/post-production areas for creating and displaying one’s own work are available within the Center.

But the Center also acts as a crucial nexus for researchers who study moving pictures. Historiography, counterculture film, Deleuze studies, and other topics are among the research specialties.

The MIRC’s Malvern House Pathway Programs provide services to international students at the University of East London. Counselors make sure that transfer students receive the appropriate credentials so they may stay focused on their film studies by working with the Pathway Programmes.

8. MET Film School

The MET Cinema Institution, a top-tier media school offering courses in film, television, and internet media, places an emphasis on practical knowledge and application.

The two London locations of MET Film are both housed in well-known movie studios. The primary London Campus is located at Ealing Studios, where students can work on projects including Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho, Black Mirror, and Downton Abbey. The secondary school in London provides six-month courses at Garden Studios, a cutting-edge campus that prioritizes online production and digital media.

Together with MET Film Productions, a seasoned production firm, MET Film works. Sam Hobkinson’s critically acclaimed film Misha and the Wolves, as well as Jerry Rothwell’s original documentary Donor Unknown, were both recently produced by MET Film. The MET Film School’s students have participated in every MET Film production, giving them first-hand experience.

9. London Film School

The London Film School is the country’s oldest institution solely focused on film education. It was first established in 1956 as the London School of Film Technique. The London Film School is not just one of the top film schools in London, but also one of the greatest in the entire globe, according to publications like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Tak Fujimoto, a renowned director of photography, attended the London Film School. Fujimoto has collaborated with some of the most important filmmakers of the day, such as M. Night Shyamalan, Terrence Malick, and Jonathan Demme. On iconic films like The Silence of the Lambs, Miami Blues, and Devil in a Blue Dress, he served as the director of photography.

Director Michael Mann went on to helm movies including Thief, Heat, and The Last of the Mohicans after receiving his MA at the London Film School. Crime cinema has been shaped by the visual style Mann developed at the School.

10. King’s College London

King’s College London’s Department of Film Studies is a pioneer in the field of academic cinema studies. The Department’s research and studies influence how films from all around the world are viewed and critiqued.

The College’s outstanding faculty members were instrumental in helping it establish this reputation. Chris Berry, a professor of film studies, received his doctorate from UC Los Angeles. Hong Kong University Press published his monographs on Queer Asia and TransAsian Screen Cultures.

Dr. Belén Vidal is a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and has a Ph.D. in film studies from Glasgow University.

She has authored a number of film monographs, which Columbia University Press, Amsterdam University Press, and Routledge have all published. A Leverhulme Research Fellowship was given to Dr. Vidal for her study of Spanish film.

Best Film Schools in London
Best Film Schools in London

Frequently Asked Questions

Is London a decent location for film studies?

Above all else, this is what makes London such a fantastic location for studying the art and science of filmmaking. The city is a fantastic location and an excellent place to hone your filmmaking abilities, even if you're filming a short film on a shoestring budget.

What does film school cost in London?

A two-year course costs £42,000 in total (£21,000 per year). There are no unstated extra expenditures; the budget for the film's production is included.

Which nation is the greatest for making movies?

US, UK, India, and China.

Are full scholarships offered by film schools?

Your college might provide local and national honors like those presented by AFI and the Screen Actors Guild, as well as some film scholarships tailored to majors. There are a ton of additional film scholarship opportunities available as well, depending on your major and other award criteria.



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