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The Most Stressful Jobs in the world in 2023

Our daily lives are significantly impacted by stress, most of which is caused by the kind of stressful jobs we do. There is a ton of tension and anxiety caused by pressed deadlines, hazardous workplaces, and high pressure. While some occupations inevitably result in increased stress levels, others completely catch us off guard.

Naturally, the majority of people believe that their occupation is the most stressful job and challenging in the entire world. But how demanding is their work really?

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Most Stressful Jobs in the world

  1. Military service

This is one of the most Stressful Jobs. Either at war or in preparation for it, the military services are active. One of the most upsetting experiences somebody may go through is an armed conflict.

In the midst of a disagreement, life takes on a completely new dimension in addition to the psychologically charged environment that can frequently result in conflicts and sadness.

Statistics indicate a significant prevalence of psychiatric illnesses among military personnel engaged in warfare. One of the most dangerous of these diseases is post-traumatic stress disorder, which frequently persists long after the initial battle or event.

2. Home Health Aide

Home health aides provide assistance to the chronically ill and disabled, who are mostly older persons. They spend a lot of time working in the homes of their patients, which results in an environment stress level of 52/100. The challenges of being a visitor in someone else’s home and having to take care of them might be overwhelming.

The majority develop ties with their patients and make only about $20,000 a year, which adds to the stress they already experience. Situational stress rates at 25/100, yet their work outlook is excellent; this is likely because they are in high demand and have such a demanding and stressful job.

3. Event planner

Event organizers don’t put their lives in danger or put themselves in harm’s way. They must, however, take into account a variety of things at once. They must, above all, guarantee that various, separate efforts will come together to produce top-notch results.

However, they frequently find themselves in difficult negotiations where they must figure out how to make sure that everyone is happy in the end.

Finally, because they are planning public events, they are particularly vulnerable to criticism and condemnation. They are on our list of the most stressful jobs because of this.

4. Teacher

Despite regular wage increases and lengthy summer vacations, teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in the United States. The work that teachers do goes far beyond the school day. They must develop lesson plans, grade papers, devise curriculum, and even participate in school-related activities like continuing education classes. The majority of teachers won’t ever be able to create riches on their salary, even though they may make a comfortable living.

5. First Responder

The brave individuals who risk their lives to save others include paramedics, police officers, and firefighters.

However, having courage does not imply being fearless. It entails acting against your fear to complete the task at hand. First responders are a prime example of those who, on a regular basis, “sense the fear and do it anyhow”!

But the effects of critical incident stress can overwhelm even the strongest among us. Witnessing traumatic events can result in stress-related symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, high blood pressure, and difficulty concentrating.

First responders and their families can get the resources they need through the First Responder Support Network to manage stress, choose a career, and lessen the impact of traumatic incident-related trauma on their life.

6. Taxi Driver

Not everyone is cut out for driving people here and there. Taxi drivers have to put up with a variety of annoyances, such as cranky (or inebriated) passengers, rush hour gridlock, and long hours behind the wheel. Tolerating all that stress is less than satisfying because, on top of everything else, the occupation pays modestly. On the plus side, getting a job as a cab driver isn’t hard; most people simply need a little training. Despite the fact that certain municipal and state governments demand a taxi or limousine license.

7. Social worker

Imagine being put in dangerous circumstances where there may be abuse or violence. You are left to handle the fallout because no one else wants to step up, and your pay is pitiful.

Advocates for persons who are frequently in need and going through a crisis are social workers. They have the chance to educate people on a range of subjects and assist families in making plans for the future, but they must also be able to empathize with those who are going through traumatic experiences. Since social programs are typically underfunded while demand is always rising, there are fewer committed social workers who must perform more stressful job with less assistance.

8. Respiratory Therapist

The treatment of breathing-related heart and lung conditions is provided by respiratory therapists. It is never simple to carry the pressure and duty of trying to help those who are in dire difficulties. They work at hospitals and doctor’s offices, which results in a 60/100 work environment stress rating for them.

Their stress level is 20 out of 100. They have a promising career path, but because they are paid less than some other occupations, the tension can mount.

9. Reporter

There are three things that can influence the level of stress a reporter experiences at work. The timetable is the first thing, and it changes according to the circumstances of the events. In order to cover the story as it develops, they must be present.

Second, under pressure from the public’s demand for rapid news, they are required to act quickly and frequently face risky situations.

Thirdly, they must be able to handle a variety of problems and situations as well as a deluge of information.

10. Corporate Executive

Senior corporate executives in this category include vice presidents, PR directors, and CEOs.

These types of upper management positions pay well, but they also come with a lot of stress. Executives in corporations are under pressure to provide outcomes. They must take into account the interests of many different stakeholders and adhere to many strict deadlines.

Burnout is also a possibility for public relations professionals. They are under intense pressure to “put out fires” and must continuously keep the company’s reputation in mind.

Because they believe it to be self-indulgent or unneeded, leaders in these stressful jobs frequently struggle with taking care of themselves. They can even assume there isn’t enough time to practice self-care because of some limiting ideas.

11. Surgeon

Surgeons perform operations on patients, treat injuries, and manage several setbacks and unforeseen events while doing an operation. They are under additional pressure to avoid making a mistake that may be fatal.

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12. Information Security Analyst

Information security analyst may not seem like a stressful job in some ways. You will be engrossed in everything digital if you love computers. In order to prevent hackers and cyberattacks, you will erect security barriers.

It will be stressful if one day your defenses fail, and hackers manage to access the business or client that your system is meant to protect.

13. Police officer

When other individuals flee from turmoil, police personnel rush toward it. The task is dangerous, necessitates lengthy shifts, and has a high potential for fatal outcomes. Police personnel must always maintain courtesy and professionalism while working in extremely challenging circumstances. Additionally, police officers don’t make a lot of money, but even though it’s one of the most stressful jobs in America, someone needs to safeguard the populace.

14. Paramedic

Being a paramedic is a very demanding job that may be emotionally taxing because you never know what to expect when you go to an emergency. An NHS paramedic who works for the Guardian claims: “Over the previous few years, 4 of the 30 paramedics at my ambulance station have taken time off due to stress. They simply couldn’t bring themselves to report for another stretch of 14 or 15-hour shifts.

15. Mental health counselor

Working as a mental health counselor can be very stressful for obvious reasons. In order to treat patients’ emotional and mental disorders like anxiety and depression, you’ll need to be calm under pressure and be able to handle a lot of work.

FAQS on The Most Stressful Jobs

Is a high-stress job right for You?

Others thrive under pressure. These stressful jobs might be a good fit if that describes you. There are drawbacks and stress associated with every job, but some are more stressful than others.

Is being an oil rigger the most stressful job?

One of the most demanding jobs is being an oil rigger due of the long hours, strenuous physical demands, potential for exhaustion, and challenging working circumstances. Staying on the oil rig, where there is no personal space or privacy, could cause further stress. The most stressful jobs according to studies have been covered thus far.

What makes a job stressful for workers?

These issues include physical demands, work-related risks, environmental factors, and the possibility of suffering a personal injury or causing harm to another person for whom the employee bears direct responsibility.


Most employees may relate to some degree of stressful jobs, but not all jobs are made stressful jobs equal in terms of the emotional and physical toll some professions can have. Being a front-line soldier, running into oncoming flames, or flying a plane with passengers and crew on board could all result in disastrous outcomes if something goes wrong.

All industries can be giving out a stressful job, and some people may discover that they perform better in high-pressure jobs, despite the fact that stressful jobs may cause some workers to look for employment elsewhere. While no job is free from stress, picking a career based on how stressful it is entirely a matter of personal preference, according to Kyle Kensing, online content editor at CareerCast.

According to persons in those professions, the least stressful jobs are compliance officers, hair stylists, and diagnostic medical sonographers.

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