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10 Work from Home Nursing Jobs

Work from Home Nursing Jobs. You must work in a hospital or medical office for the majority of nursing positions. In a clinical context, you can be required to work nights, days, or a split shift. However, you can use your training to work from home if you have the necessary skill set. You can enjoy the flexibility and advantages of working from home with remote nursing roles. We look at 10 nursing jobs you may do from home in this post.

10 Work from Home Nursing Jobs

Many nursing professions, such as those in patient care, nursing education, and company resource positions that just need nurses to answer the phone and answer questions or provide information to patients or clients, allow nurses to work from home, or telework.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2029, demand for registered nurses would increase by 7% more than that of most other occupations. More employment in nursing that may be done from home should become available as more businesses move to offsite settings.

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1. Online nursing instructor

Principal responsibilities: Online nurse instructors impart knowledge and skills to aspiring and practicing nurses. They might be employed by a college, university, business, or other educational institution that provides online training and courses. If you want to help practicing nurses keep current with the most recent skills needed in the field or learn new ones, you can teach courses or skill-based classes. Most nurse teachers require a Master of Nursing Science or doctoral degree in addition to previous teaching experience.

2. Medical call center nurse

Primary responsibilities: A few medical call centers permit nurses to work from home and answer calls from a distance. A remote medical contact center nurse may handle a variety of tasks, such as giving medical advice, responding to medical inquiries, and conducting telephone triage. When a nurse does complete care for a patient over the phone, such as identifying whether the patient requires emergency medical attention, assisting them in scheduling an appointment with a doctor, and offering guidance on how to care for themselves at home, this is known as telephone triage. Medical business process outsourcers (BPO), medical practices, and insurance organizations are the most typical business types that employ nurses for remote medical call center services.

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3. Nurse informaticist

Primary responsibilities: Nurses can serve healthcare organizations as informatics specialists. Managing patient health information, organizing and supervising electronic health records (EHRs), and making sure patient data is up to date and accurate are typical responsibilities of this profession. After working as a registered nurse, nurse IT support experts frequently follow this career. They can work for healthcare organizations or on their own.

4. Nurse case manager

Primary responsibilities: Although most nurse case managers work on-site at a hospital or another location where they carry out their tasks, an increasing number of employers are letting nurse case managers work from home. Case managers are in charge of working with patients and making sure their insurance will pay for their care. They frequently work for large insurance companies and carry out tasks like worker’s compensation support, care coordination, patient advocacy, and utilization review.

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5. Nurse course developer

Primary responsibilities: Nurses who develop courses frequently work from home. Making course curricula for nursing programs or courses is a requirement of this employment. The people who create the online courses for nurses may work for academic institutions or for private businesses. Most nurse curriculum developers need to have at least a master’s degree, and some roles may call for a Ph.D.

6. A diabetic or disease educator

Primary responsibilities: Nurses who are distant disease or diabetic educators aid patients in understanding their conditions, as well as the care and treatment needed at home. These nurses generally go through educator tracking to become qualified to perform this service, and they have in-depth understanding of the illnesses they educate patients about. Health systems, patient groups, or individual patients may benefit from the work of disease or diabetic educators. This job can frequently be done from a distance because the majority of the information and advice is provided by chatting with the patient.

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7. Online nurse consultant

The main responsibilities of a nurse consultant are to provide businesses with medical advice and information. Nurse consultants, also known as health consultants or medical consultants, are specialists in healthcare issues who provide advice to businesses either as full-time workers or as independent contractors. Independent nurse consultants have the option of working remotely, and many companies now permit their salaried nurse consultants to do the same.

8. Legal online nurse consultant

Similar to other nurse consultants, legal nurse consultants’ main responsibilities include providing advice and help to businesses. Legal consultants, on the other hand, offer legal consultations as opposed to general medical advice. To assist a corporation with legal medical difficulties including malpractice, personal injury on the job, and worker’s compensation, they assemble legal teams made up of paralegals and attorneys. On behalf of the organization they work for or represent, they may also give a deposition as a medical expert. Legal nurse consultants might work both internally for a company and independently. Additionally, insurance companies and law firms could employ them.

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9. Virtual clinical research associate

Clinical research associates (CRAs) are medical experts that assist in coordinating and supervising the design and execution of clinical trials and studies. These experts’ regular responsibilities include creating trial and study documentation, gathering patient and participant data, and conducting quality assurance audits to ensure that all protocols are followed throughout the research or trial. Hospital research departments, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical contracting firms are typical employers for CRAs. A bachelor’s degree in nursing is often the very minimum qualification for this employment.

10. Medical writer

Primary responsibilities: Nurses who want to write about medicine can instruct readers on a range of medical issues and subjects. They produce content for a variety of platforms, including training manuals, test preparation courses, and medical periodicals. An extensive background as a registered nurse (RN) and training in medical writing are prerequisites for becoming a medical writer. Nurses might write on a particular subject, like pediatrics or psychiatric care, or they can write about general medical subjects and issues.

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