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10 Weirdest College graduate programs (You’ve likely never heard of)

Weirdest College graduate programs. This is not a list of the oddest degrees to make you chuckle a little. Because they are in demand, uncommon, and offer a service that few schools do, these degree programs—some of the most distinctive college programs in the world—show great potential.

Yes, the majority of individuals are content in their traditional, tried-and-true careers. Nurse, Teacher, and Banker. However, some people are incapable of doing it. They have to become a little bit strange. Folk dancing from Bulgaria? No, not in that odd way. We’re referring about the weirdness that takes stock of the job market, determines which abilities are lacking, and steps up to fill a void. In other words, smart-weird.

Some of these are the only programs of their kind in the entire globe, such as the Medicinal Plant Chemistry bachelor’s degree offered by Northern Michigan University. Others, like the MS in Digital Mapping program at the University of Kentucky, are cutting-edge, distinctive academic programs created to meet the very specific, very contemporary needs of the modern world. It can be a job path that calls for unusual skills that very few people possess in some instances, while in other instances, the majority of people might not even be aware that such a career even exists. But regardless of the program, these are intelligent and well-developed.

Furthermore, if you look at this list and say, “I should have majored in that,” It’s never too late, so…

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15 Weirdest College graduate programs

  1. MS in Digital Mapping at the University of Kentucky

The modern fusion of technology and conventional mapmaking is known as digital mapping. There has never been a time in the history of civilization when we didn’t require cartographers with the ability to see our surroundings. However, making maps may be more important than ever in the twenty-first century. Digital mapping is essential, from Google Maps’ mapping of the entire planet to Homeland Security’s use of data to identify trends and identify risks. This multidisciplinary research combines geography, computer science, design, and other disciplines to provide fresh, practical systems for structuring the world.

One of the most innovative and distinctive university programs available to today’s mapmakers is the MS in Digital Mapping at the University of Kentucky. Students in the UKY Department of Geography’s New Maps Plus program study classical cartography, coding, open-source software, spatial analysis, and data visualization. With the help of New Maps Plus, students will gain a foundation in both traditional concerns like accuracy and usefulness and contemporary challenges like security and monitoring. The MS in Digital Mapping program at the University of Kentucky is unparalleled.

2. MS in Foresight at the University of Houston

Professional futurist is a legitimate profession, and you can advance your career by earning a degree in foresight. A futurist doesn’t make future predictions, unlike a time traveler or a psychic. To develop scenarios for the future, a futurist conducts rigorous, scientific investigations of trends and developments. In business, politics, or any other profession, a futurist’s role is to forecast potential outcomes based on influences, motivations, and other factors. In this manner, businesses or the clients they serve might plan in order to gain an advantage over rivals.

One of the most cutting-edge college programs in the country is available to aspiring professional futurists at the University of Houston, one of the top public research universities in the US and one of the business centers of the country. Students who complete this 36-credit graduate program will have the foundational knowledge in business, consumer science, and other fields of specialization needed to identify trends and understand how the past and present may teach us about the future. With a degree that puts them in control of their own career, University of Houston graduates are automatically integrated into one of the top business cities in the US.

3. Clemson University’s BS in Packaging Science

The world’s biggest underappreciated profession may be packaging. Including shipping, storage, and every stage of the supply chain, packaging design and engineering affect practically every element of contemporary life. Packaging may be found everywhere, from raw materials to shelves, making it, according to some estimates, the third-largest industry. Of course, someone has to create the aesthetics of the packaging, engineer its materials and structure, oversee its marketing, and oversee every other aspect. One of the newest areas of design, engineering, and business education is package science programs.

The BS in Packaging Science program at Clemson University is a ground-breaking degree program that blends chemistry, physics, biology, graphic design, and other disciplines for a thorough background in all facets of packaging. Offering it for more than 20 years, Clemson was one of the first and few institutions to create an entire degree program specifically for packaging. It is one of the most distinctive, interdisciplinary programs of its kind and serves as a model for other schools.

Although others have imitated, Clemson’s packaging program is still one of the most cutting-edge in higher education. Graduates of Clemson’s packaging science program have access to a career with extraordinarily high rewards because to practical training, a renowned global reputation, and solid industry ties.

4. University of New Hampshire’s Bachelor’s in Ecogastronomy

Alternatives that are better for people and the environment have become more popular in our culture of quick food and waste. Small improvements that began as fads—slow food, urban gardening, composting, backyard chickens—have evolved into movements, and higher education is starting to catch up. Ecogastronomy is a crucial new interdisciplinary topic of research that examines how environment and food interact and influence one another. One of the most distinctive college programs out there offers a wealth of knowledge on topics including sustainable agriculture, health, and nutrition.

The Bachelor of Ecogastronomy degree program at the University of New Hampshire is well ahead of its time. The Slow Food Agreements of Intentions and Collaborations, a founding document of the slow food movement, were signed by only 10 universities, including UH. The university’s commitment to altering how people grow food and consume is directly responsible for the development of ecogastronomy. For a dual degree that would prepare them for a more specialized profession in the food business, students can also combine ecogastronomy with one of 30 undergraduate degrees. At the University of New Hampshire, slow food becomes a way of life as well as a way of eating.

5. BS in Nautical Archeology in Texas A&M University

Although Indiana Jones may be cool, are his diving bell and scuba gear also cool? He is not a nautical archaeologist; rather, he is a regular, on-the-ground archeologist. Although many readers may not be familiar with nautical archeology, it is essential to researching and comprehending the past. Shipwrecks, underwater cities, and other watery locations can be some of the best areas to unearth significant discoveries since for the most of human history, before planes, trains, and vehicles, water was the fastest mode of transportation.

The BS in Maritime Archeology program at Texas A&M University, which has been around since 1976 and is one of the most cutting-edge academic programs in archeology, is one of the world’s top centers for nautical archeology. The Nautical Archeology curriculum concentrates on subject matter such as trade routes and ports, shipbuilding, and practical methods for discovering and preserving artifacts. Two of the top scientific institutions in the area, the Institute of Nautical Archeology and the Center for Maritime Archeology and Conservation, are also located at TAMU. The place to study nautical archeology is Texas A&M for those with a particularly specialized interest.

6. Biomimicry Graduate Certificate – Arizona State University

The most effective and unusual patterns can be found in nature, such as the blobfish or a bumblebee’s wings. But the centuries-long process of trial and error that has allowed nature to function can teach humans a lot. In this situation, biomimicry is useful. The study of natural patterns that people can imitate to address design and engineering issues is known as biomimicry. According to scientists in biomimicry, humans may live more sustainably and in harmony with nature by imitating natural traits that have evolved to fit the environment.

One of the most cutting-edge college programs available is the graduate certificate in biomimicry from Arizona State University, which is also well-adapted. It is entirely online, offers 15 credits, and includes a practicum that may be tailored to almost any design, engineering, technological, or professional sector. This allows students to continue working while pursuing their education. The virtual design lab gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned while learning the fundamentals of biomimicry theory and practice. Students who currently hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree and wish to add a credential that will expand their professional opportunities should pursue this certificate.

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7. Evergreen State College –  Bachelor’s in Somatic Studies

In order to achieve complete, holistic intelligence, or soma as it is known in ancient Greek, somatic studies want to link the mind and the body. Although it may be an old idea, there are numerous modern uses for it, including leadership, management, innovation, and problem-solving. In the digital age, somatic knowledge and practices are widely sought after because they enable individuals and groups to innovate, grow, and heal. Somatic research might be the next game-changer of the twenty-first century as people feel more and more cut off from one another as a result of technology.

For students interested in fostering connections in their lives, The Evergreen State College offers a unique Bachelor’s in Somatic Studies. As part of its all-encompassing aim, this interdisciplinary program incorporates psychology, health, the arts, dance, and many other disciplines. The Somatic Studies program aids students in discovering ways they might better themselves and others through movement classes, mindfulness meditation, and other hands-on activities. Somatic Studies will likely have an impact on other cutting-edge college programs. It can be helpful for counselors, therapists, artists, activists, leaders, and many other career and life pathways.

8. Ethical Hacking Graduate Certificate – Dakota State University

One of the scariest phrases of the modern day is “hacking,” primarily because the majority of people still don’t fully understand what it entails. Although you wouldn’t know it from the panic surrounding Russia and North Korea, we have come a long way since Angelina Jolie and Sick Boy performed computer magic in the cult movie Hackers. The white-hat group, or ethical hackers, are preventing black-hat hackers from succeeding. These computer whizzes are responsible for identifying weaknesses and fixing them in time to prevent them from becoming the next Sony Pictures, DNC, or even worse.

With its computer science offerings, which include the Dakota State Ethical Hacking Graduate Certificate, Dakota State University has established a strong reputation. This certificate program provides IT professionals with cutting-edge security expertise. It is designed for IT professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Students may learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity, testing for vulnerabilities, handling hacking situations, and more with this entirely online, 9-credit certificate. With one of the most unusual educational programs available, Dakota State is educating professionals for a new sort of employment with a diploma that states your hat is dazzling and shiny white.

9. Ms in Psychometrics – Boston College

You’ve come across psychometrics if you are aware of your Myers-Briggs type or if someone has given you their type along with an overly thorough explanation. The systematic examination of psychological elements such as abilities, character characteristics, and IQ is known as psychometrics. In order to provide a more complete picture, psychometrics integrates psychology and statistics. This includes anything from surveys and questionnaires to exams like the SAT and the GRE. Experts in psychometrics are employed by the public and commercial sectors of industry and use their knowledge for research, management, and policy.

A unique graduate degree with a psychometrics focus is the MS in Applied Statistics and Psychometrics from Boston College. Graduates of this integrated curriculum will be knowledgeable in all technical facets of psychometrics, from creating measuring tools to conducting in-person research. Students learn all they need to start a career in any number of fields, including social work, health science, and education. The Boston College reputation, recognized as one of the most cutting-edge college programs in the US, and access to a job in one of the most fascinating industries of our day are all features of this 30-credit master’s degree.

10. Ms in Digital Currency – University of Nicosia

Are blockchain technology and Bitcoin something you’re interested in? Nowadays, everyone is, even those who don’t understand what those terms represent. Digital money is convoluted, illusive, and chaotic—much like contemporary life in the digital era. However, it very well could be the future. Even if we aren’t all using Bitcoin to buy pizza, the financial, banking, and business sectors are being significantly changed by digital currencies and block chain technology. The benefit will go to the managers and leaders who comprehend it, creating one of the most distinctive college programs in the world.

There is a global online MS in Digital Currency degree program offered by the University of Nicosia in the island nation of Cyprus. Students who complete this entire, three-semester master’s degree are fully immersed in the field of digital currency, from the technological underpinnings of how it functions to the social and economic implications it has on contemporary life. The Digital Currency program is a ground-breaking investigation at the vanguard of higher education, regardless of whether its participants are managers or business owners, government employees or policymakers. Getting an online master’s from the University of Nicosia is a good method to stand apart.

FAQS on Weirdest College graduate programs

What are some weird college majors?

What Are Some Weird College Majors? 1 1. The Science Of Decision. This major teaches students to be experts in quantitative methods of making thought-out decisions. 2 2. Ethical Hacking. 3 3. Adventure Education. 4 4. Cannabis Cultivation. 5 5. Psychic.

Do unusual college degrees lead to financial success?

Students are lining up to get their MBA degrees, with the promise of big salaries. However, owning one of the noteworthy and rare college degrees on this list can also lead to financial success. Abnormal and sufficiently abnormal.

Are unique grad degrees worth your attention?

Earning a college degree has come to be viewed more as an investment than an achievement. A bachelor's degree can be a good foundation for a future career, but a master's degree offers better benefits. For those looking to try a different route, these unique degrees are sure to catch your eye.


While you would possibly assume that obtaining a university diploma is best for conventional profession paths, the fact is, you may get a diploma in quite a lot any situation that you may dream of, without exaggerating. So, in case you are obsessed on a selected field, do your studies and you could simply discover yourself the proper diploma software from our listing of strange university majors. Normal is all relative, anyways.

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