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12 Ways to make your Dorm a Beautiful Place like Home

Ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home!

Since years ago, you’ve been looking forward to and getting ready for this moment in your life. You’ll be attending college soon!
Of course you’re excited, but secretly you could also be a little worried. Living alone and taking care of oneself sounds fantastic, but, let’s face it, it can also be a little intimidating.

Most college freshmen would feel less anxious about living independently if they could bring all of their home comforts with them to school, including their comfortable bed, fridge, bathroom, closet, and even the worn-out stuffed animals that have been their bedmates since they were seven years old (despite how messy it may be).

But don’t worry about it! There are ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home with some careful planning! Here are 12 ideas for creating a homey atmosphere in your dorm room.

ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place

Ways to make your Dorm a Beautiful place like home

Here are 12 ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home:

1. Eliminate Distractions

Start by eliminating as many diversion as you can. You can’t entirely purge your room of possessions, but you can clear out any clutter from your study area. Put away extras like extra books, your phone, tablet, computer, and other devices.

Give them to a friend or roommate with instructions to keep them out of the way while you’re studying.

There are many methods you may use to prevent yourself from wasting time on Facebook, email, or other distracting websites if you need to use your computer for studying. Website blockers for studying are listed below.

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2. Do Your Eyes a Favor

One of the ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home is having a soft light. A soft light that doesn’t put too much pressure on your eyes is ideal for reading. To generate a level that is suitable for reading, use bright lighting as opposed to harsh fluorescent or overhead light.

3. Organize Your Study Space

Ensure that everything you require for the ideal study setup is close at hand. Here are some suggestions:

  • Water and food.
  • Gum chewing (helps some people study)
  • Hushed timer
  • Student notes
  • Markers, pencils, and pens
  • Notes on leftover paper
  • Tabs or sticky notes for page marking
  • Notecards

4. Start a timer.

Time blocking is a fantastic productivity tool. Set up time in your plan for each task you need to do. Do nothing else during these blocks of time.

5. Intersperse short breaks with time chunks.

A decent rule of thumb is to take five to ten minutes every one to two hours of work to get up and move around, refill your coffee, switch gears, clear your thoughts, etc.

6. Inform Your Housemate

If you share a room, let your roommate know in advance that you will need some alone time and space to finish some homework. Ask them to hold you accountable if they decide not to join your study session; they shouldn’t see you outside the room while you’re studying.

7. Purchase a sound system

An excellent productivity tool is a sound machine. They assist you focus on your studies by blocking out background noise in addition to other distracting noises. Try a white noise app to help you get lost in your study routine if you don’t want to spend the money on a sound machine.

8. Make Your Room Soundproof

There are a few things you may do to soundproof your room if noise is still an issue. Close windows and doors, install soundproof drapes, or place a draft stopper under the door.

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9. Hang everything (and everyone) you love on your walls.

Walls in college dormitories are frequently incredibly bland and uninviting. Decorate your walls with everything and everyone you cherish to recreate the atmosphere of being at home. Use the wall space in your dorm to surround yourself with the things that make you happy and feel comforting, whether they be pictures of your loved ones, friends, pets, favorite quotes, or motivational sayings.

10. Adding mood lighting

When you can return to your quiet campus nook, turn on your sparkling lights, and collapse into your comfortable bed, unwinding after a full day of courses and laboratories will be a snap. Soft mood lighting can be a terrific de-stressor and help your dorm feel much more like home, whether you swag your lights over your bed, frame your desk shelf, or clip your favorite photos of you and your besties to a string of twinkle lights on your wall. Check other ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home.

ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home

11. Allow your personality to shine

Dorm room decorating might be intimidating. It can be difficult to pick what you truly want with so many different dorm decor themes and designs available. Just remember that it’s your dorm and that it should reflect your personality, sense of style, and everything you cherish. Whether it’s Boho, shabby chic, preppy, or completely eclectic, if you allow your own personality come through in your new living area, you’ll feel much more at home.

12. Use curtains to add a touch of “home”

The majority of dorm rooms are cold and uninviting. However, you can add curtains to your dorm room to add a ton of personality, warmth, and seclusion to your area and give it a pleasant homey vibe with a few strategically positioned Command hooks or a straightforward tension rod.

ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place like home

Frequently Asked Questions on ways to make your Dorm a beautiful place

Why are Dormitory beds so hard?

The mattresses in dorm rooms are infamously uncomfortable. This is caused in part by mass production and construction choices that prioritized durability over comfort. For college freshman who are already adjusting to major life changes, the less-than-comfortable nature of a mattress creates a challenge.

What style should I go for in my Dorm?

Your Dorm Room Will Have the Following:

A color scheme made up of greys, tans, and soft pinks or yellows. many large weaved blankets. banners, wall hangings, and fairy lights with texture. simple drawers and shelves on the wall to reduce clutter.

How does a frigid Dorm look?

A huge single room with rows of bunk beds (and little other furniture or personal goods) that has the windows left open all year round is known as a cold dorm or cold-air dorm (CAD). That's accurate. even when it is cold. There are at least 20 sisters who can sleep in this chamber, which is utilized only for sleeping.

What causes an interior to appear cheap?

The placement of matching flat-pack furniture across a space, as well as clutter and disproportionate furnishings, can give a home a cheap appearance. Fortunately, they are simple to avoid, and there are many other accessible options that will make your plan stand out.


The majority of us cram in our study sessions in coffee shops or libraries because we find dorm rooms to be less than ideal study spaces. Although it’s frequently noisy and filled with distractions, the right setup might make it the ideal place for working.



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