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WashU Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2023

WashU Early Decision Acceptance Rate. Students looking for a vibrant college experience are drawn to Washington University in St. Louis by its extensive range of fascinating programs, illustrious faculty accomplishments, and local cultural attractions.

Let’s begin with the classroom setting. Those looking for a small-class environment should consider WashU, where the student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1 and two-thirds of class sections have fewer than 19 pupils.

The three academic fields that have awarded the most degrees recently are engineering (15%), social sciences (14%), and biology (12%). The business and marketing program offers internship opportunities to a large number of degree-seeking applicants.

Numerous national and international distinctions, such as 26 Nobel Prizes, four Pulitzer Prizes, and three US Poet Laureate awards, have been bestowed upon the WashU faculty.

Dr. Charles M. Rice, a professor of medicine from 1986 to 2001, finished the majority of his prize-winning research for the Nobel Prize in Medicine at WashU most recently. Phillip H. Dybvig, an instructor at the Olin Business School, received the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 2022.

With 15% of male students entering fraternities and 14% of female students joining sororities, students continue to be socially engaged on campus.

One in three undergraduates choose to study abroad for at least a semester, and almost 75% of them participate in one of the more than 30 intramural sports available.

There isn’t much to complain about in St. Louis’ atmosphere. Numerous parks, museums, and zoos quench the desire for cultural stimulation, and the MetroLink light rail system connects college students to a number of important destinations, including the downtown area, Lambert Airport, and others.

Early decision admission is a legally binding agreement, therefore applicants who select to Washington University in St. Louis early decision are typically already aware of its allure. Seniors in high school are more than welcome to submit regular decision applications to other colleges, but after being accepted to WashU, they must withdraw their applications to all other schools.

The processes for submitting a standout application are outlined below, along with the most recent details on Washington University in St. Louis’ early decision acceptance rates (there are two rounds!), application deadlines, and decision dates.

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WashU Early Decision Acceptance Rate

High school students who choose to apply early decision to Washington University in St. Louis have an advantage over regular decision applicants, who were accepted at an 8% rate. WashU’s early decision acceptance rate is 27%.

Even though the Common Data Set for 2022 is not yet available to the general public, we may still learn a lot about WashU’s acceptance rate by looking at data from the prior year.

3,754 early decision applicants applied for the autumn 2021 entering cohort, and 1,098 were accepted, a somewhat higher acceptance rate than the 2022 year.

Recently, WashU ranked #15 in U.S. News’ annual ranking of the best colleges in the country, which might in part explain why there is more competition for admission from degree-seeking applicants.

The diversity of WashU’s incoming cohorts has likewise risen. The class of 2026 includes students from 27 international locations and 48 states in the United States.

In total, Washington University in St. Louis obtains between 55 and 60 percent of its incoming cohort through its two binding early decision rounds.

As a reminder, you must enroll at the university if you apply to either early decision round and are accepted.

The applicants, who are typically more certain than standard decision candidates of their desire to attend Washington University, and the admissions team, which handles over 30,000 applications for autumn admission each year, benefit from this contractual commitment.

The applicants may concentrate on finishing their final semester with great grades and feel confident about their post-high school future, while admissions can get a clearer indication of how many regular decision applicants they can accept in the ensuing application round.

Early decision applicants also have more time to handle financial aid planning and submit scholarship applications.

Washington University ED Decision Date

The results for early decision I students will be known by December 16.

Before February 17, early decision II students will receive a response.

In order to provide early decision candidates enough time to review financial assistance decisions, the university has set these decision dates.

In each case, the time between receiving financial help packages and the submission date for responses will be roughly two weeks.

An important milestone in one’s academic journey is formally accepting a position at Washington University in St. Louis, or any other college of your dreams.

All of a sudden, you’re able to enable yourself to have a clearer view of campus life on a daily basis. Every single first-year student at WashU lives on campus. The fact that all dorms are co-ed and there are more housing units available should be noted.

In the fall 2021 semester, 89% of undergraduates were from outside the state. If you apply (and get accepted) early enough, you’ll have more time to book moving services and make travel arrangements, especially if you’re coming from a distance.

Following your response, you should also take the time to familiarize yourself with the work-study placement policies and procedures, if applicable, and work part-time in order to save money for enjoyable activities.

Washington University Early Decision Deadline

For admission to Washington University in St. Louis, there are two early decision application rounds, each with a different deadline. November 1 is both the early decision I deadline and the last day for these applicants to submit their (optional) standardized test results.

Candidates for early decision II have until January 4 to submit their application documents and any optional standardized test results (the same deadline for regular decision candidates).

Why would a high school student submit an early decision I application as opposed to an early decision II application?

As many students might not be able to attend specific universities without the help of grants, scholarships, loans, or work-study opportunities, financial aid has a huge impact on this choice for many.

Students who apply to colleges (and get admitted early) have more time to think about critical choices for their futures.

The annual tuition at Washington University is close to $60,000, without including the $20k+ in additional costs for things like room and board, books, and supplies.

In 2021, the institution provided average packages of $63,820 to first-time, first-year students, meeting 100% of all demonstrated financial need.

Early decision I candidates must complete the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and (optional) noncustodial profile by November 15 in order to begin the financial aid application process.

Regular decision applicants have until February 1 to submit these materials, whereas Early Decision II applicants have until January 12.

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Washington University ED Deferral Rate

The admissions office at Washington University in St. Louis notes that some applicants who were not admitted during early decision rounds were deferred to the regular decision period for reassessment. The university does not publish statistics regarding early decision deferrals. Nevertheless, some of these candidates for degrees could ultimately be rejected.

WashU makes information regarding its unranked waiting list available in its annual Common Data Set.

None of the 3,981 applicants who accepted a spot on the university’s waiting list in order to attend in the fall of 2021 were admitted. This fact might suggest that there are few deferrals and that acceptance rates after deferrals are also unlikely to result in admission.

Of course, it’s always possible that an unexpected opening will arise. This is so that admitted students at Washington University in St. Louis can postpone starting classes. They can postpone payments for a maximum of two years, and each year is subject to approval.

Why would a student who was accepted decide to postpone? While some desire to fulfill their military duty requirements, others travel on pilgrimages. Some students need to deal with personal issues before starting a demanding college program, while others simply wish to travel more and experience more of the world.

Each deferral request is handled individually by WashU in St. Louis, which often respects military and religious obligations. Before requesting a one-year deferral, accepted students must submit their enrollment deposit and acceptance form. The deadline is May 15, and enrolled students will learn if they will be deferred by June 1 of that year.

How to Apply to WashU Early Decision

When the Coalition App and Common App become accessible on August 1, students can start applying to Washington University in St. Louis.

Knowing the minimal prerequisites for admission to a school is essential before beginning an application. Even while many colleges have comparable prerequisites, the particular program you’re interested in can have different needs.

WashU typically requires degree candidates to complete four credits in English language arts, three credits in math and science, two credits in a foreign language, two courses in social studies, and two courses in history.

You should have at least four laboratory credits under your belt if you plan to declare a science major, for instance. Unlike other universities, WashU does not require students to take computer science, visual and performing arts, health and physical education, or any other particular electives.

You can start the application process if your certified high school transcript meets the entrance requirements.

Decide whether to finish the Coalition App or the Common App. The next step is for a school counselor to submit on your behalf a School Report, an official transcript, and a counselor recommendation. Using a teacher suggestion, pick a teacher who can best assess your aptitudes and exceptional personality qualities.

Uploading more optional things may be in your best interest. If English is not their first language, applicants to WashU must submit their TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores. Candidates are strongly encouraged to submit portfolios with 10–20 examples of recent work while applying to the College of Art or College of Architecture.

It’s not required to submit your test results at Washington University. It is important to note that the school does not take into account the writing portion for either exam, even though 66% of recently enrolled students submitted either the SAT or ACT. Standardized test results should only be submitted if they show the highest degree of achievement. Few recently enrolled students, for instance, scored lower than 700 on any SAT section.

According to the Common Data Set, academic rigor, overall class rank, cumulative GPA, test scores, application essays, and teacher recommendations are the most crucial considerations for admission. The average high school GPA was 4.2, and 89% of recently enrolled students were among the top 10% of their graduating class.

FAQs on WashU Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Does WashU have Early Decision?

Washington University offers two binding Early Decision options (Early Decision I, with a deadline of November 1 and notification by December 16, and Early Decision II, with a deadline of January 4 and notification by February 17) and Regular Decision, with a deadline of January 4 and notification by April 1 each year.

What is WashU 2023 acceptance rate?

Washington University in St. Louis admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 13%.

What is WashU acceptance rate for International students?

International students are invited to study more than 70 undergraduate majors and over 40 postgraduate courses at Washington University. Acceptance Rate: With an acceptance rate of 16%, Washington University reflects a highly selective admission policy.

Is WashU 100% need met?

WashU will no longer consider an applicant's ability to pay when making admissions decisions. Additionally, WashU continues to guarantee to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for all students admitted to the university.


Washington University in St. Louis has an acceptance rate of 10% and is aiming for students who are at the top of their high school class and have SAT/ACT scores that are at least in the 95th percentile.

With such a tough admissions process, all students must ensure that they create an acceptable college list with a balance of “target” and “safety” institutions in collaboration with a counselor. Ideally, your desire of attending WUSTL will come true, but even if things don’t work out the way you had wanted, you’ll still end up at a school with similar qualities and opportunities.

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