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Walden Master of Social Work 2023 Review

Students who complete the Walden Master of Social Work degree program will be ready to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Students learn to apply social work theory and methods to engage, analyze, and intervene in the problems experienced by people, families, and groups by choosing one of four concentrations that are focused on certain populations. The program’s graduates are employable at educational institutions, medical facilities, private practices, social service organizations, and mental health facilities.

By selecting an optional elective cluster in one of six major areas, students have the chance to learn more, and throughout the program, tailored case studies offer context to the curriculum. Graduates can better serve their diverse client populations by adopting mentoring, supervision, advocacy, and collaborative activities in their practice, which can be facilitated via on-site residencies and fieldwork.

Walden Master of Social Work Learning Outcome

The Walden Master of Social Work (MSW) program prepares its graduates to:

  1. Create a professional mindset and sense of self as a social worker.
  2. Apply moral and legal principles to the management of social work.
  3. Apply advocacy ideas that encourage cross-cultural awareness and constructive social change in people, communities, and society.
  4. Apply critical-thinking abilities and evidence-based research to practice in order to fulfill the requirements of a diverse clientele.
  5. Develop culturally sensitive social work methods by integrating and applying ideas of human growth and development.
  6. Apply your knowledge and abilities to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in the areas of engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation.

Walden Master of Social Work

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Requirements for Walden Master of Social Work Degree Program

These are the prerequisites and admission requirements into the Walden Master of Social Work degree program:

1. 92 credits total for the quarter

  • Introductory course (3 cr.)
  • Basic education (65 cr.)
  • Electives (10 cr) (10 cr.)
  • Domain Experience (12 cr.)
  • Two Social Work Skills Laboratories (2 cr.)

2. 6-week hybrid program with a 4-day in-person component

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Walden Master of Social Work Curriculum

Note: The MSW program offers the following (tracks):

  1. This track is comparable to the majority of conventional master’s-level programs in that students either finish one or two courses per quarter. Standard option (up to two courses/term).
  2. Accelerated option (2 years—Intensive course load)—Students in this track must finish two courses in the first quarter and three courses concurrently in many of the following quarters.
  3. Students who begin the program with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree that is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Standing (needs BSW) track (CSWE). They will start the program with the required introduction course for MSW students before moving on to the more challenging courses.

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Possibilities after Graduating from the Walden Master of Social Work Degree

1. Gaining More Education:

Students who get an MSW may wish to continue their education in clinical social work or pursue a PhD in their area of interest. Graduates of Walden’s Master of Social Work with a Specialization in Advanced Clinical Practice program have the option of pursuing a PhD in Human and Social Services, a Doctor of Social Work, or both. Opportunities for doctoral work include, but are not restricted to:

2. Clinical Social Work Doctoral Specialization:

  • Human and Social Services Doctor of Philosophy with a focus in Human Services
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Having a focus on addictions and social work, doctor of philosophy in social work.

3. Numerous Career Routes

Graduates of the Master of Social Work program with a concentration in Advanced Clinical Practice may apply their advanced social work abilities to promote successful outcomes for clients, patients, and organizations in a range of social and human service settings. The following employment possibilities can be appealing to recent graduates:

  • Associate in social services
  • Social worker in a hospital
  • Counselor for mental health
  • Clinical social worker with license (LCSW).

Walden Master of Social Work

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Walden Master of Social Work Accreditation

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), a specialized certifying body acknowledged by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, has accredited Walden Master of Social Work (MSW) program (CHEA). For the purpose of defining adequate preparation for professional social workers and ensuring that social work programs adhere to these requirements, the Commission on Accreditation of the CSWE is in charge.

Residency Requirements:

After finishing SOCW 6002 and SOCW 6101, complete Social Work Skills Lab I. This is necessary before starting SOCW 6500 – Social Work Field Education I. (With one exception: Students with Advanced Standing may omit Social Work Skills Lab I.)

Before enrolling in SOCW 6520 – Social Work Field Education III, complete Social Work Skills Lab II following SOCW 6510. (With one exception: Advanced Standing students must finish Social Work Skills Lab II following SOCW 6002).

Walden University’s Remarks on Licensing

A Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from a school approved by the Council on Social Work Education is the minimal academic qualification needed to get licensure to practice as a social worker in the majority of states (CSWE). The Walden Master of Social Work degree program has earned CSWE accreditation.

The practice of social work is governed by state licensing boards, and each state has its own educational, licensing, and certification criteria. Additionally, Walden’s MSW program is not intended or structured to educate graduates for licensure as school social workers; nonetheless, graduates may be qualified for licensure in their specific state of residence.

In order to find out the precise academic criteria for licensure, Walden advises students to contact the relevant social work licensing board in the state where they currently reside. The enrollment counselors at Walden can give you information on the specific licensing requirements in each state. Nevertheless, it is still the individual’s duty to be aware of, consider, and abide by any state-specific licensing requirements. The completion of Walden’s curriculum or programs does not guarantee that a person will be able to get state social worker licensing, authorization, endorsement, or any other type of state credential.


FAQs about Walden Master of Social Work Degree

How much does Walden University cost?

Tuition and expenses for undergraduate students are $12,180 USD (2020–21).

Is the master’s program at Walden University accredited?

Online programs leading to bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees are available through recognized Walden University. By earning your degree in a convenient, flexible format that matches your busy life, you can increase your job opportunities. The Higher Learning Commission has granted Walden University its accreditation.

What occurs if I don’t pass a class at Walden University?

A student must retake and pass a class that is necessary for advancement in his or her program if he or she fails it the first time. The original grade will remain on his or her transcript even if they pass the class on their second attempt, but it won't be used to determine their GPA.

Which is the best specialization in MSW?

Top Five Specializations to enroll for in MSW Course are:

1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health.
2. Family and Children's Social Work.
3. Social and Community Work.
4. Social Work in Schools.
5. Social Work in Criminal Justice.

Walden Master of Social Work



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