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University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

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University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate: The University of Washington’s transfer student celebration week features a number of events that are hosted each year by teachers, staff, and students in various residence halls, classrooms, and on Zoom.

Career fairs for transfer students, meet-and-greets with academic advisers and counselors, and talks by UW leadership about the value of transfers to the UW community are a few of these activities.

A few documents will be distributed at these events. This contains a card for the transfer advocate, a worksheet for the transfer financial aid, and a guide for successful transfers.

There is a reason why this week and these opportunities for transfer students exist. Moving to a new school, especially one as big and busy as UW, is challenging, so the university wants to take the time to make transfer students feel like the valued members of the UW community that they are.

As a result, it makes sense that UW would spring to mind when a transfer student is considering between schools.

As they have so many tools available on campus, they can guarantee that their transfer students get the best experience at a major US public university.

Their transfer admissions strategy is one way they demonstrate their commitment to provide a top-notch transfer student experience.

In fact, compared to other universities around the country, the University of Washington admitted more transfer students in 2018 than any other institution.

As a result, transfer students will join one of the nation’s largest communities of transfer students once they enroll at UW.

This makes UW an immensely tempting college option for transfer students, especially when combined with its ranking as the #8 institution in the world and the #7 public university in the US according to The Times.

But, one must be admitted in order to join the UW Husky community. As a result, this article explains everything a prospective transfer student may need to know in order to start the process of getting their acceptance letter in the mail.

This article gives transfer students the knowledge they need to take the first step toward becoming a Husky by delving into University of Washington transfer acceptance rate, admissions standards, deadlines, and more.

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University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate
University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

Considering a Transfer to the University of Washington

But even after the application has been submitted and the coveted acceptance letter has been delivered to the inbox of an admitted student, a prospective UW transfer student still has to determine whether the University of Washington is the appropriate fit for them.

And while the answer to this question will depend on a student’s major or what specifically they want to get out of their college experience, there are still significant factors that the majority of students will think about during their decision-making process.

One reason is that, if one is a student at a Washington community college, few other universities in the state have a network of opportunities as extensive as UW’s.

There are three scholarships in total, the greatest of which offers about $12,000 in financial aid annually to students transferring from Washington community colleges.

Furthermore, all transfer students are invited to events held by the University of Washington on Transfer Thursday, regardless of the institution from which they may be transferring or their particular major.

Transfer Thursday afternoons involve “an entrance presentation, followed by information sessions or drop-in advising by different academic programs and departments,” according to the Office of Admissions.

These gatherings, which usually take place on Thursdays, are geared toward transfer students who have not yet submitted an application to the University of Washington.

As a result, these occasions are a perfect tool for assisting in the challenging process of determining whether UW is the best option.

The University of Washington also boasts one of the world’s top university library systems. The University of Washington library system ranked #5 in Best Value Schools’ most recent rankings, however it is not unusual for the UW library to rank in the top 3 or as #1.

And according to Niche, UW has 13 of the top rankings for universities in Washington if a student lives in Washington or has a strong interest in studying there or in Seattle.

This includes the top rank for Washington’s best institutions, greatest student life, most diverse college, and best college athletics program.

They also hold 12 other #2 rankings in various categories.

There are therefore many reasons to select UW, whether it be for their special affordances for transfer students, their globally praised affordances, or the fact that UW leads the lists in the state of Washington. Read on to know the University of Washington transfer acceptance rate.

University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

Each year, 47% of transfers to the University of Washington are accepted.

This meant that 1,847 out of 3,852 transfer applicants were accepted in 2019.

Comparatively, the general University of Washington transfer acceptance rate for applicants is 56%. Although the UW still uses the same comprehensive evaluation process for admissions choices as they do for first-year candidates, the transfer acceptance rate is notably lower.

Crucially, the University of Washington ensures that transfer students make up at least 13% of each graduating class when making these admissions selections.

Hence, in some situations, having attended a Washington community college will probably assist an applicant stand out from the competitors.

The percentage of transfer students who receive financial aid is related to general admissions since financial aid is frequently a deciding factor in college decisions.

Around 60% of UW students typically get financial aid of some kind, despite the fact that UW does not particularly disclose statistics on financial aid for transfer students.

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University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate
University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

Application Requirements and GPA for Transfers to University of Washington

Although the University of Washington requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be evaluated, strong candidates will have a GPA closer to 3.5.

By examining the transfer student admissions statistics for the year 2019, this number was calculated.

More precisely, transfer students attending the University of Washington had an average GPA of 3.53.

The University of Washington will have different additional requirements based on one’s degree program in addition to normal application components including providing high school and college transcripts and completing the Coalition Application.

Given that there is a restricted number of engineering, computer science, and computer engineering majors at the University of Washington, it is expected that these fields will have stricter application requirements and criteria.

Deadline for University of Washington Transfers

The deadline for fall admissions applications is February 15th. Then, by June 30th, autumn applicants will learn of their admissions status.

Applicants who want their first semester to start in the spring must submit their forms by December 15th. The spring quarter, however, is restricted to a select group of engineering and computer science majors.

The only students who can apply for the winter quarter to be their first at UW are transfer students. The application deadline for the winter is September 1st, and results will be announced by December 15th.

Students can also request that their first semester start during the summer quarter. The deadline for applying for summer quarter is also February 15; final decisions are announced by May 31.

What is the UW Transfer Decision Date?

There is no specific deadline by which students must decide whether to accept their admissions offer in any of the aforementioned cases. The University of Washington advises that in order to find out when their specific enrollment decision deadline will be, each student must go to their decision letter.

They also specify that there are many departmental deadlines, which students are urged to review using the MyMajor tool.

The University of Washington uses the nursing program as an example, which has a separate application that is due on January 15th.

As a result, one’s department and field of study will determine the precise date of the decision as well as the precise deadlines one needs to be aware of. Consequently, using the MyMajor tool will be the most straightforward approach to obtain the most precise information for one’s particular set of circumstances.

University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate
University of Washington Transfer Acceptance Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WashU an Ivy?

One reason is that it is regarded as one of the greatest universities in the nation. The institution is known as a "Hidden Ivy" in some quarters, which refers to a school with outstanding academics, competitive admissions, and distinctive student experiences.

Is Entering as a First-Year Student Harder Than Transferring?

In rare cases, transfer applicants have a statistically higher chance of being accepted than first-year applicants, with acceptance rates occasionally being doubled or even tripled. This is valid for many extremely selective colleges, particularly for public universities.

Do transfers students perform well?

According to numerous studies, approximately 75 percent of students who transfer into a school perform at least as well as those who started their academic careers there.

Do extracurricular activities factor into transfers?

While GPA becomes even more significant than it was for high school students, extracurricular activities are less crucial for transfer students. In fact, GPA significantly outranks other indicators for transfer students and goes to the top of the list.


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