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University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

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University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate: The University of South Carolina is one of the top 60 public universities in the nation and is situated in Columbia, the state capital of South Carolina.

In addition to having a top-notch business school, the University of South Carolina is also highly regarded for its nursing and engineering schools.

A demanding academic atmosphere, a renowned sporting scene, and a lively college town experience are enjoyed by more than 30,000 students.

Outdoor enthusiasts can exercise in several city parks, sunbathe and fish at Lake Murray, and visit the nearby Congaree National Park for no cost.

Together with the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden, there are other museums and concert venues.

Undergraduates frequently go over the weekends to mountain resorts like Greenville or coastal destinations like Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

Indeed, the University of South Carolina provides much more than a vibrant environment. Continue reading to find out more about the school’s acceptance rate, statistics on students who were admitted, the application procedure, fees, and special programs. So, what’s the University of South Carolina acceptance rate and admission requirements? Read on to find out.

Are you a good fit for the University of South Carolina?

The University of South Carolina is a desirable choice for inhabitants of SC and people from other states, as was already mentioned.

Several people cite the university’s reasonable tuition as one of the factors influencing their decision to apply.

97% of first-year University of South Carolina students received financial help for the 2020–2021 academic year.

The following tuition and technology fee amounts are approximate and do not account for the financial awards that the majority of students receive, which greatly reduce their out-of-pocket school expenses.

Without financial aid, tuition and technology for SC residents will cost $12,688, while out-of-state residents will spend $33,928.

When accommodation, food, books, and supplies are taken into account, the annual cost for SC residents rises to $26,822 while the cost for non-residents rises to $48,062.

The value of a University of South Carolina degree appears to outweigh the cost of tuition.

For 23 years running, the University of South Carolina is ranked first in the world for business! The Darla Moore School of Business’s most recent graduating class received an average beginning salary of $58,251 and had a 90% job placement rate.

UofSC offers the best first-year student experience of any public college in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report.

In fact, this assurance of support is a key aspect in luring new students from throughout the state and nation. The goal of University 101, a first-year seminar, is to ease first-years into college life.

The retention rate from the first to the second year is higher for students taking University 101. The subjects covered in the syllabus include encouraging academic performance, establishing connections with the university, and fostering individual growth, well-being, and social responsibility.

Future entrepreneurs are especially urged to learn more about UofSC’s business programs if they’re interested in attending an outstanding Honors program situated in a diverse, best-value university. Now, you should find out the University of South Carolina acceptance rate

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University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate
University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

The University of South Carolina acceptance rate is 68%.

The most recent entering class of 2021 marked the second-largest set of new enrollments in the school’s history with over 8,000 new undergraduate students.

53% of this group originated in South Carolina.

Admissions to the University of South Carolina from outside the state

Around 40% of the most recent first-year class at the University of South Carolina were from out of state.

The S.C. Council on Higher Education estimates that the percentage of out-of-state students at the University of South Carolina increased from 19% in 1997 to 42% in 2016.

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University of South Carolina Out-of-state Acceptance Rate

The institution determines out-of-state tuition using a sliding scale. High-achieving out-of-state accepts can pay at discounted rates that are comparable to what South Carolina residents pay, but some admitted students invest more than $16,000 annually.

The University of South Carolina has seen an increase in the diversity of its general student body along with an increase in the enrollment of out-of-state students.

Hispanic enrolment has increased 53% since 2016, while African-American enrollment has grown by 85% since 2016.

University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate
University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

University of South Carolina Required GPA

The 2021 entering class at UofSC had an exceptional 4.4 GPA on average, setting a record for academic distinction.

Of this cohort, 596 students with an average GPA of 4.9 enrolled in the Honors College, while 1,400 additional first-year students with an average GPA of 4.55 enrolled in the Capstone Scholars Program.

Although UofSC does not have a minimum GPA requirement for admission, candidates should be prepared to provide a competitive GPA.

The middle 50% of the most recent freshman class at the University of South Carolina had enrolled students who kept their GPAs between 4.1 and 4.7 and placed in the top 7 to 28% of their senior classes.

Honors College students who fell within the middle 50% range had GPAs between 4.5 and 5.0 and were in the top 1 to 5% of their senior classes.

Furthermore, Capstone Scholars kept their GPAs between 4.2 and 4.8 and were in the top 4 to 18% of their graduating class groupings.

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SAT & ACT Prerequisites

The University of South Carolina campus in Columbia no longer needs first-year candidates to submit their SAT or ACT results due to testing disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, though this regulation may be changed.

Yet, a lot of applicants opt to submit their standardized test results.

Now, let’s examine the middle 50% of results for South Carolinians versus non-residents.

SC admitted students for the entering class of 2021 had SAT scores between 1100 and 1300 and ACT scores between 23 and 30. With a SAT window of 1250-1380 and an ACT composite score ranging between 28 and 32, nonresidents’ scores were noticeably higher.

The averages for the SAT and ACT can also be broken down by distinct programs. For instance, the middle 50% of Capstone Scholars received SAT and ACT scores of between 1340 and 1420 and 29 and 32, respectively.

The most accomplished students who were admitted to Honors College within the same 50% timeframe had SAT Superscores between 1430 and 1520 and an ACT score between 32 and 34.

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Additional Conditions and Admission Advice

The University of South Carolina expects applicants to have completed the minimum number of college-preparatory high school courses specified by the S. C. Commission on Higher Education.

These courses consist of two academic electives as well as four English units, four math units, three laboratory science units, three social studies units, two foreign language units, and one fine art unit.

Afterwards, eligible students can submit four items: a Common App or Coalition App (with completed essays and activities section), a school report form (provided by a high school guidance counselor), an unofficial high school transcript, and a $65 application fee (or fee waiver).

The application deadline for normal decision applicants is December 1 and all credentials must be submitted by January 15. This group of applicants can typically anticipate hearing by mid-March regarding their admissions status.

The early action deadline of October 15 is recommended for those interested in applying to the S. C. Honors College or the Top Scholars program.

These candidates should also complete the Honors College/Top Scholars application, which asks the applicant to respond to two essay prompts and one short-answer question, in addition to the normal application materials (more on those in the following section).

These students should also work with their guidance counselor(s) in high school to submit two letters of recommendation.

While Top Scholars candidates will be invited to take part in a mandatory interview weekend, Honors College applicants should anticipate hearing by mid-February (usually hosted in late January).

Merit scholarship recipients can anticipate getting their awards in the middle of March.

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University of South Carolina Essays

In order to satisfy the need for extra material, applicants may submit one of three things: a graded essay project, three alternative exam scores from a list of acceptable exams, or the SAT or ACT scores.

When submitting a writing project, make sure to include your full name, the date it was handed in, the grade you obtained, and any instructor comments that are available.

The essay, essay exam, or research paper should have been written in English and should have been completed during the applicant’s junior or senior year of high school, according to UofSC.

There is a second essay component that provides students with the opportunity to provide more information about what makes them unique from other applicants, so students who wish to do so need not despair.

Students are advised by the Office of Admissions to consider an experience, share a story, and let their personalities shine.


University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate
University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is University of South Carolina famous for?

A Pioneer in the Medical Sciences. The largest teaching and research institution for health sciences in the state is the University of South Carolina.

Does University of South Carolina belong to the Ivy League?

Is USC a member of the Ivy League? USC is not an Ivy League university, despite its excellent reputation. The Ivies are often associated with exclusivity, distinguished pasts, and academic status, although the true term is more specific and precise in its application.

Is SAT required at the University of South Carolina?

Students are urged to take the SAT or ACT if mandated by their school, district, state, or by local, state, and federal scholarship programs, even though test scores are not necessary for admission and grant consideration.

Is University of South Carolina a Public Institution?

Public. In Columbia, South Carolina, there is a public research institution known as the University of South Carolina (USC).


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