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University of Minnesota Scholarship – Moorhead International Scholarships

Outstanding and qualified candidates are invited to apply for the University of Minnesota Scholarship for international students for the upcoming academic year.

International students that enroll at Minnesota State University Moorhead are automatically awarded scholarships. When a student is admitted to the university, they automatically receive a scholarship, the amount of which varies depending on their academic profile.

  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): Minnesota State University Moorhead, USA
  • Scholarship Type: Full-fee scholarship
  • Host Institution(s): Minnesota State University Moorhead, USA
  • Scholarship Worth: Tuition fee
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Study Level: Undergraduate
  • Application Deadline: October 1 to February 1
  • Nationality: International students
University of Minnesota Scholarship
University of Minnesota Scholarship

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University of Minnesota Scholarship Description

For entering and continuing students, Minnesota State University Moorhead offers a selection of scholarships. One online application is used by students to apply for many university scholarships, and they are matched to opportunities based on their background, major, area of involvement, etc.

The Minnesota State University Alumni Foundation provides scholarships given by alumni, corporations, friends, and foundations to incoming, current, and graduate students in addition to those given automatically as part of the admissions process. Numerous of these scholarships are offered by particular institutions, departments, and programs.

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Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for Minnesota State University Moorhead international scholarships:

  • International students are eligible to apply.
  • Students must meet qualifying requirements, such as full-time enrollment, maintaining a minimum GPA, major, year in college, or financial need, in order to be considered for scholarships.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the application requirements, scholarships require enrollment in full-time (12+ credits each semester).
  • Although they may have GPA restrictions, renewable scholarships may not need applicants every year. For the stated semester and/or year, or until you graduate, whichever comes first, automatic scholarships are given out. Scholarship money may be lost if qualifying standards are not met.
  • The transfer of scholarships to another institution is not permitted.
  • Financial aid, including scholarships, cannot be given to a student in excess of the cost of attendance at the university due to federal laws. In some cases, financial aid awards are modified.
University of Minnesota Scholarship
University of Minnesota Scholarship

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Scholarship Deadline & Timeline

Scholarship applications for MSU Moorhead are accepted from October 1 through February 1. Unless specified otherwise, scholarships are granted for the following academic year. Students must fulfill particular eligibility requirements in order to be considered for MSUM scholarships.



  • Every year on October 1st, scholarship applications are made available. Financial need as established by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a criterion for selection for several scholarships.
  • Each year, the FAFSA is accessible at Early FAFSA filing will increase your eligibility for financial help, including scholarships.


  • By February 1st, submit your application and any necessary documents. By June 1st, scholarship recipients are contacted.

Application Procedure

How to Apply: Interested individuals can submit a single online application for this award, and they will be matched with scholarship options based on their background, major, area of engagement, etc.

  • MSUM must first admit prospective students before they can submit a scholarship application.
  • To find out what scholarships are available, use the scholarship search page or browse department and academic program pages.
  • Log in to the online scholarship application during the application season (October 1 – February 1) using your StarID and password.
  • Finish the essay prompts.
  • You might need to submit additional materials with your application for some scholarships.
  • Send in your online application by February 1 at 11:59 p.m.

The Minnesota State University Alumni Foundation provides scholarships given by alumni, corporations, friends, and foundations to incoming, current, and graduate students in addition to those given automatically as part of the admissions process.


University of Minnesota Scholarship
University of Minnesota Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Do international students receive a full scholarship from Minnesota State Moorhead?

Upon acceptance to Minnesota State University Moorhead, every international student will automatically be awarded a scholarship. You do not need to fill out forms if you are a new international student at MSUM. The scholarship will be automatically applied to your account after you have been accepted.

How much does University of Minnesota International charge for applications?

Apply online via the Common App or the UMN Morris application. The $30 application cost cannot be waived, but you can pay it directly to the Office of Admissions using a credit card, money order, or US check.

How much of a GPA must you have to enroll in the University of Minnesota?

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities needs you to be towards the top of your class and far above average with a GPA of 3.83. Your transcript should primarily reflect As. To demonstrate that you can handle academics at a college level, you should ideally have taken a number of AP or IB classes.

What is the response time of the University of Minnesota?

Students will get a confirmation that their application was received within two weeks of submitting it. If any materials are missing (self-reported grades, test results, application fee, etc.), students will be informed within four weeks.

Why am I not Getting Scholarships?

Are you currently submitting your scholarship application materials? Do you think the procedure is simple? It takes some major talent and talents, believe it or not, to get through the difficult elimination rounds and be chosen as a scholarship recipient. Therefore, it’s vital to be aware of some of the most typical errors students have made while applying for scholarships — and avoid them at all costs — if you’re in need of financial aid.

These seven factors could prevent your scholarship applications from being accepted.

1. You don’t meet the Requirements.

The most obvious justification is this. Depending on the type of scholarship it is, every one has a unique set of conditions. Even if it hurts to admit it, there is no purpose in asking for a scholarship if you only have a certain amount of Bs and Cs.

You should be realistic about your scholarship alternatives, and you might try concentrating more on the ones that suit you rather than the ones that don’t. Maybe you’d do better with a scholarship that prioritizes your skills over your academic performance? Otherwise, you might also think about getting loans!

2. Only one Application was Submitted.

You’ve probably heard that sending out too many applications will prevent you from giving each one the attention it needs. Although the adage “quality over quantity” should be followed, this does not imply that you should increase your chances of receiving scholarships.

The same types of credentials and documentation are typically required for all scholarship applications, including proof of identity, certifications, results (trials or actual), and a statement of household income. This implies that you can quickly produce multiple copies of the documents to submit with additional applications. To submit at least three to four applications is not impossible if you start preparing for them early.

3. Your Application was Incomplete

You would believe that the scholarship examiners would ignore little errors like an unanswered question or a missing document, but the truth is that they’ll hunt for any excuse to reject your application, regardless of whether what you missed out was important or not. This is especially true if the scholarship is well-known.

4. You submitted your Application after the Deadline

Although it may seem obvious, many students actually believe that it is acceptable to miss the deadline by a few days. Even though these students may not think it’s a huge deal, it actually speaks poorly of their organization and self-control. It’s a huge no-no in terms of scholarships.

5. You Departed from the Established Format.

Applying for scholarships can be quite time-consuming, and after flipping through page after page, it’s possible that you will miss the short portion describing the requirements for your essay. So, make sure to pay attention to any directions on the word limit, writing style, and essay format.

It would be unfortunate to lose out on the possibility to receive a scholarship because of a simple mistake.

6. Your Essay is off Topic/Irrelevant

Both students and authors frequently lose focus while writing an essay. Unfortunately, this leads them to stray far from the subject at hand and confuse readers.

Make sure to prepare your essay and have at least one or two revisions before writing the final draft to avoid this. By doing so, you’ll be able to follow your line of reasoning and avoid making the same points more than once or deviating from the topic at hand. Additionally, you should refrain from adding pointless sentences to your essay only to boost its word count (they will notice).

7. Your Essay was Plagiarized.

Possibly the biggest deal-breaker is this. The judge can always tell if something is off about your application, even if it is a fantastic masterpiece. And you’ll be eliminated right away if they find that the majority of your essay is plagiarized. It merely takes a few minutes to determine whether what you’ve written is original thanks to the various plagiarism detectors that are already available online. Therefore, always be creative!



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