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University of Maryland Acceptance Rate

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University of Maryland Acceptance Rate: The University of Maryland in College Park provides students with a historically significant, neighborhood- and research-driven educational environment. UMD has a lot to offer students and is one of the top 20 colleges according to US News and World Report and Forbes.

UMD, the state’s flagship university and one of the top research universities in the country, has a considerable influence both nationally and locally.

UMD focuses on social science, technology, art, agriculture, and public health research, which has produced everything from improved football gloves to specialized drones.

The Discovery District is the outcome of the university’s strong local collaboration with College Park’s businesses and neighbors.

The Discovery District provides students with a learning experience that is both academic and practical. It is a hub of collaborative research, entrepreneurship, community partnerships, and more.

As a result, students at UMD have access to a variety of organizations with which they might volunteer, work, and complete internships.

UMD is the alma mater of celebrities including Larry David, Gayle King, and Jim Henson, and it is attended by students.

Students can discover details about the University of Maryland acceptance rate and admissions procedure below.

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University of Maryland Acceptance Rate
University of Maryland Acceptance Rate

Is University of Maryland for you?

What a student has done to create their academic profile, what a school offers, and most significantly, what a student wants out of their education, will determine whether a university is the best fit for them.

Student should investigate what a university’s objective is, what academic emphasis are vital to the institution, and what possibilities the local area has before studying the criteria for applying and the academic and extracurricular requirements.

As was already established, the University of Maryland is exceptional as a research university, particularly because it collaborates closely with the local economy and community.

UMD will be one of the most enriching experiences for students who desire to be immersed in a political, business, cultural, and historical atmosphere.

Things can be overly active and busy for those who want a quieter experience.

In either case, the Explore option on the main website is where students can start their process of learning about the school. They will learn all about UMD’s offerings and whether it seems like a good fit from this.

The strategic plan of a school is one of the most useful documents to get for pupils who are more mission-driven.

The strategic plan for UMD places a strong emphasis on cooperating with the neighborhood to move forward into a better future.

Students can put themselves in a position to receive an education they believe in and contribute to the kind of education they deserve by understanding a university’s strategic plan.

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University of Maryland Acceptance Rate

The University of Maryland acceptance rate for first-time undergraduates at UMD is 40%.

UMD looks at applications based on 26 different criteria, demonstrating their desire to see students as more than just a grade or set of grades on a transcript.

Students who want to be considered for admission to UMD must demonstrate their academic achievement as well as their involvement in their communities and schools, pursuit of challenging coursework, and possession of transferable skills.

Whether a student wants to apply early or late, the timeline for UMD depends on whether they want to attend in the fall or spring semester.

Students can submit their applications for the Fall Semester by the Regular Deadline of January 20th or the Early Action Deadline of November 1st. All students must submit their information by December 1st for the Spring Semester, which is the only deadline.

Either the Common or Coalition applications are used in the application process to attend UMD.

Whichever application a student chooses, they all require the same information; the only differences are in the formats and essay topics.

The $75 application fee (or waiver), two letters of recommendation, transcripts, a 650-word essay, and a list of activities and accomplishments are needed in order to apply to UMD. Currently, SAT and ACT scores are not required, although this may change in the future.

Last but not least, all students must remember to submit their FAFSA forms. This is particularly crucial so that applicants can be taken into account for the numerous merit-based scholarships that UMD provides to entering students.

Students must enter during the Fall Semester and submit their applications by the Early Action Deadline of November 1 in order to be eligible for the scholarships.

Students should take extra care to make sure they have all the necessary documentation because applications that are incomplete won’t be taken into consideration.

UMD provides students with a thorough checklist to assist them in this process and keep track of everything they need to submit.

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University of Maryland Acceptance Rate
University of Maryland Acceptance Rate

University of Maryland Out-of-state Acceptance Rate

20% of the newly accepted undergraduates were out-of-state students. The admissions requirements for out-of-state students are identical to those for in-state students, but their tuition will be greater.

Students should go to the UMD registrar’s information page if they are unsure of whether they are regarded as residents or not.

University of Maryland GPA Requirements

The University of Maryland’s average GPA is 4.32.

Although UMD does examine applicants holistically, academic success is one of the factors that is heavily weighted in the admissions process.

Students must demonstrate on their transcripts and in letters of recommendation that they have taken subjects above and beyond what is typically given in high school.

Reading the university’s Declaration of Philosophy of Undergraduate Admissions is one method to understand the mindset that UMD seeks from its applicants.

Students will position themselves to be stand-out applicants for UMD if they build on the guiding principles mentioned in this statement.

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Additional Conditions and Admission Advice

Students who submit their applications by the November 1st Early Action Deadline are eligible for a variety of unique programs, scholarships, and on-campus activities.

Due to the fact that the Early Action Deadline is not a legally enforceable commitment, students shouldn’t be concerned about locking themselves out. Until the customary decision dates, an official acceptance or denial of acceptance may be postponed.

Students will find it helpful to make a pros and drawbacks list to address which timeframe will most benefit a student when deciding whether to apply for Fall or Spring. Students should research the following unique programs as a starting point and think about how each might fit into their enrollment timeline.

Although choosing a major is not a requirement for admission, if a student has a particular degree in mind, there may be space issues. The reason for this is that a few UMD majors are limited entry programs (LEPs).

These departments will assess the applications of students who wish to major in psychology, chemistry, engineering, or computer science. A student will be placed on a standard degree path until they can reapply if they are not originally accepted into a LEP.

The School of Music is another department with unique admissions criteria. Students who are interested in this program must submit both the normal UMD application and a School of Music application.

A repertoire list, an audition or portfolio, letters of recommendation from music teachers, a $50 application fee, and other conditions are also needed. To improve their chances of acceptance, all applicants are encouraged to submit their applications by the November 1st Early Action Deadline.

The UMD Honors College is one final unique entrance program that students should be aware of. The Honors College will automatically evaluate applicants who submit applications by the Early Action Deadline in November, and if their applications demonstrate the necessary abilities and a desire to succeed, they will extend an invitation.

Students who are approved will need to complete 15–18 credits and will have access to UMD’s living-learning communities and special honors courses.


University of Maryland Acceptance Rate
University of Maryland Acceptance Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maryland University a prestigious institution?

One of the top universities in the world is the University of Maryland. The institution is intellectually demanding, has outstanding instructors, countless possibilities for students to get involved in research and social activities, and is close to Washington, DC, which gives students access to unmatched jobs and internships.

Is University of Maryland a private or public institution?

UMD is a public university.
A Preeminent Public Research University is the University of Maryland.

Is Maryland a desirable location to live?

Having all that, there are a lot of excellent reasons to call Maryland home. It has unmatched access to the great outdoors. Its economy is ludicrously robust. Some of the largest American cities are nearby and are in close proximity to it.

Is it expensive to live in Maryland?

Indeed, Maryland is regrettably one of the most costly states in the country. Overall, compared to all other states in the US, it has the sixth-highest cost of living. The state's prices for goods and services will be higher than the national average.


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