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The Top Trade Schools in Indiana

Best Trade Schools in Indiana: Finding a trade school in Indiana that has been accredited by a locally or nationally renowned body is crucial when making your decision. For a number of reasons, accreditation is significant.

First, by enrolling in an authorized institution, you may be guaranteed that the education you get meets a set of criteria for quality.

Additionally, accreditation is necessary to qualify for government financial aid. And finally, if you don’t enroll in a recognized school, you won’t be able to pass the licensing exams for several professions.

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What are Trade Schools?

Any postsecondary educational institution that provides training for a particular job qualifies as a trade school. To acquire the skills required for their chosen professional path, such as welding, business administration, or computer repair, students enroll in a trade school program. The main goal of trade schools is to quickly prepare students to enter the industry as skilled trade workers.

Why Pick an Indiana Trade School?

Students in trade schools in Indiana learn how to seek a career. These institutions frequently employ hands-on instructional strategies, like apprenticeships.

Those who attend trade schools typically finish their studies in two years or less and begin working right away. Prospective students can enroll in an expedited trade program or get a certificate if they want to start earning money even sooner.

Everyone’s needs are not met by conventional programs. Attending a trade school is typically advantageous for those who like to work with their hands rather than at a desk.

However, students in vocational schools need to be certain about the career they wish to follow. They might need to complete extra education if they decide to change careers later.

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Do Trade Schools in Indiana Accept Scholarships?

Despite the fact that trade schools provide a more cost-effective option for education, many students will want financial aid to offset their expenses. Students attending vocational schools must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student help) in order to be considered for financial help.

Top Trade Schools in Indiana

Following extensive investigation, rankings, reviews, and value offers, we have compiled a list of the top trade schools in Indiana, along with information on admission requirements, tuition, and how to apply.

The top trade schools in Indiana are listed below.

1. Aveda Fredric’s Institute Indianapolis

Ross Medical Education Center

The Aveda Fredrik Institute specializes in cosmetology and beauty. The trade school has so far produced some of the most prosperous experts in the fields of hair, skin, and nails.

They offer a very adaptable curriculum and keep up with all current business trends. They encourage creativity and work to inspire their students to appreciate the beauty arts. Each member of their crew is an authority in their respective fields.

They have a wealth of significant and in-depth knowledge to impart due to their extensive field expertise. All applicants must submit documentation of their education.

They are permitted to bring a GED, a high school diploma, or both. A GED exam must be taken prior to admission if the applicant’s high school transcripts cannot be validated.

2. Ivy Tech Community College

The only public community college that offers academic degrees and professional technical training is Ivy Tech Community College. It has more than 40 locations where CTE certifications, diplomas, and degrees are offered.

Students at Indiana University have access to affordable tuition and a variety of on-campus and online learning options. Despite being the biggest public university in Indiana, the school offers individualized instruction and maintains a class size of 22 people on average.

Degrees, certificates, technical certificates, and workforce certifications are the four education and training options offered by Ivy Tech.

They span more than 75 academic disciplines, including well-known ones like management, pipe installation, and healthcare. Some courses, including a paralegal studies diploma and an entrepreneurial certificate, are offered online.

3. My Computer Career

Another incredible organization that offers various IT courses is My Computer Career. It is not surprising that students seeking a top-notch professional education choose the MCC because it is the sector with the fastest rate of growth in the entire world.

They have a fantastic Career Solutions program where they assist students in both job preparation and job placement.

They are connected to many organizations who are actively seeking IT professionals through their extensive network.

The MCC program has received accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Continuing Education and Training. High school graduation, a GED, or an equivalent is the only requirement for entrance.

4. Fortis College-Indianapolis

Fortis College is a for-profit college with 40 locations that specializes in healthcare and skill development. It offers flexible educational options, such as evening classes and online degrees.

Students at Fortis in Indianapolis receive training from knowledgeable personnel and have the option of earning a degree or diploma. Fortis has partnered with the school since 2016.

In Indianapolis, Fortis College offers professional programs in nursing, dental care, medical care, and HVACR. A hybrid curriculum, the Senior Nursing Diploma combines online and on-campus coursework.

The HVACR training program, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on hands-on training that gives graduates the abilities they need to operate the newest tools and technology.

5. Ross Medical Education Center

Ross Education is a fantastic organization with a focus on medical management and healthcare. They work hard to deliver the greatest education at fair pricing.

Ross Medical Education Center

The courses have been especially created to provide a quick yet excellent program that will enable students to hunt for employment right away after graduation.

The Health School Accreditation Bureau has granted accreditation to all of their facilities. Students may also receive a CMA or RMA credential upon graduation. Everyone applying must submit documentation of their education (high school diploma, GED, or similar).

6. Midwest Bartenders School

The craft of bartending is actively taught at Midwest Bartending School. They provide some of the most interesting and accessible courses in the nation, and their staff is both extremely skilled and courteous.

They take great pride in providing an actual useful experience. Students will regularly practice serving, mixing beverages, and speaking properly.

Students will have the chance to learn about the history and production of wine, beer, and spirits in addition to a practical approach. Over 200 different cocktail recipes will be taught to you in two weeks.

The Commission on Proprietary Education, an affiliate of the Better Business Bureau, fully approved their programs. This is a fantastic chance to receive a top-notch professional education at unbelievable rates.

7. Central Nine Career Center

The Central Nine Career Center is a fantastic organization that provides excellent education at exorbitant costs. Their objective is to encourage and inspire students to seek rewarding careers in a variety of academic disciplines.

Students will learn professional conduct in addition to the technical abilities required for a particular job.

There are no unique prerequisites. All applicants must possess an ID card from the government. Every student’s school district handles enrollment.

8. Kokomo Beauty School

An incredible beauty-focused educational facility is Kokomo Beauty School. Their facilities are exceptionally roomy, spacious, and equipped with the most recent technology.

They take pride in providing fantastic, all-inclusive courses that are open to and appropriate for everyone. Kokomo Beauty School’s mission is to train highly skilled individuals who want to rule the world of beauty.

Thanks to the knowledgeable instructors and outstanding staff, many of their students have found success in the field. To help their students locate acceptable careers, they also work with numerous neighborhood salons.

All applicants must produce documentation of their education, such as a GED, high school diploma, or both.

9. Indiana Wellness College

An establishment that focuses on therapeutic massage is called Indiana Wellness College. Their great curriculum, seasoned teachers from the business, and stellar reputation all contribute to this.

Classes in anatomy, pathology, and fundamental business procedures are all part of the program. People who complete this college’s program will be qualified to work in the general massage, sports massage, and therapeutic massage industries.

The Careers and Technical Schools Department staffs Indiana Health College, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).

IWC stands out since it is Indianapolis’ only massage program with accreditation. All applicants are required to submit documentation of their education, such as a GED, high school diploma, or both.

The Best Trade Schools for Construction in Indiana?

10. Indianapolis Electrical JATC

One of the top training facilities in the nation for the construction trade union is the Indianapolis Electrical JATC.

Here, students will learn from some of the top authorities in the field of electrical engineering while also receiving five years of on-the-job training, enabling them to become experts in their own right.

Meeting the prerequisites is the only way to enroll in this school. At least 17 years of age is required. Additionally, you need to pass an aptitude test and have completed one year of algebra in high school.

11. Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center

Students from the southern half of Spencer, the northern and southern districts of Gibson, Posey, Vanderburg, and Warrick get career and technical education at EVSC.

At the end of January, the Career and Technical Selection Committee will review student applications and select those who will be admitted.

12. Lincoln College of Technology

In Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a commercial college called Lincoln Tech – Indianapolis. With only 999 students, it is a little institution. Lincoln Tech – Indianapolis has a 100% acceptance rate.

Welding, electrical work, and auto mechanics are common skills. Starting salaries for Lincoln Tech-Indy graduates, who graduate 53% of students, are $29,200.

Are Trade Schools in Indiana Accredited?

Trade schools in Indiana are eligible for program, regional, and national accreditation. The Higher Education Accreditation Board collaborates with the US Department of Education (ED) to manage accreditation.

These two organizations permit third parties to offer certain accreditation categories. Using the ED database, prospective students can quickly determine whether a school is accredited.

Accredited trade Schools in Indiana are frequently evaluated by outside groups. Junior diplomas from authorized institutions are preferred by the majority of employers, scholarship donors, and admissions committees.

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What are Indiana’s Top Barber Trade Schools?

Without even counting salon owners and other independent hairdressers and stylists, Indiana is home to more than 350 hairdressers who act as the state’s foremost authorities on men’s culture, sophistication, and fashion, according to the US Department of Labor.

  • Denmark College
  • Don Roberts School of Hair Design
  • Fuqua Institute
  • Ideal Beauty Academy
  • Kenny’s Academy of Barbering
  • Lil Lou’s Beauty and Barber College
  • Empire Beauty Schools
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture
  • ABC Barber & Beauty School
  • Aveda Fredric’s Institute

Trade Schools in Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions

What Trade Schools Offer Programs In Indiana?

Numerous vocational schools aid students in earning degrees. Apprenticeship programs are offered at Ivy Tech Community College for a number of occupations, including boilermakers, electricians, ironworkers, and plumbers.

What Requirements Must You Meet To Attend A Trade School In Indiana?

In Indiana, prospective students normally need to obtain a high school diploma or GED in order to enroll in a trade school. The application and a non-refundable fee are typically required for enrollment in each vocational school.

What Sorts Of Trade Schools Exist Around Indianapolis?

Professional training in a variety of industries is provided through trade schools in Indianapolis. Ivy Tech Community College is one such vocational institution that offers courses in law, carpentry, home care, health care, and culinary arts.


There are many top-tier trade schools in Indiana that provide a variety of programs in a wide range of in-demand industries. It is not surprising that the majority of programs in the area comprise of Allied Health and other healthcare courses given the state’s robust healthcare labor market.

Your entry into the industry will be sped up if you attend a vocational school rather than a four-year college or university; most graduates of these institutions begin working in the specialization only after two years of study and training.

Depending on the course and location, trade school tuition typically ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 per year. Trade schools concentrate on traditionally skilled professions like carpentry, welding, and building. However, from Evansville to Lafayette and beyond, the number of admissions to technical institutions in computer technology in Indiana has been rising recently.



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