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Top 20 Music Schools in India

Top Music Schools In India!

This blog post compiles a list of Music Schools in India; if you are interested in studying music in the country, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Music is one of the most prevalent forms of art; there is no place on Earth inhabited by humans where music does not exist. If you have a talent or potential for music, you should cultivate it. There are institutions you can attend to develop your skills and launch a successful career in the music industry, regardless of whether you excel at playing an instrument or singing.

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And if you cannot do any of these things but still want to be involved in the music industry, you can enroll in MBA degree programs and become a businessperson in the music industry, such as a manager or financial advisor.

Attending a music school provides you with a variety of opportunities and a platform for expanding yourself through explorations.

You also have the opportunity to meet other aspiring artists, work closely with industry experts and professionals, and may even have the chance to meet and/or learn from a musician you have always admired. And ultimately, you can attain the same level of expertise as those from whom you have learned.

With this information, you can choose to pursue a music degree, certification, or diploma at one of the top music schools in India highlighted in this post. Numerous music institutions and colleges in India offer excellent music programs, and sifting through so much research can be overwhelming; thus, this article was written.

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Prerequisites for the Top Music Schools in India

The following are essential requirements for pursuing a Music Schools in India:

  • Depending on whether the program is undergraduate or graduate, you must have completed secondary school or earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • Obtain transcripts from high school and/or previous institutions attended.
    You may be required to attend an audition in person, present it through Zoom, or transmit a file.
  • Playing at least one musical instrument and having musical experience are required.
  • Get your reference or recommendation letters
  • A purpose statement or essay may be required.
  • Complete the application form and payment
  • Size of a passport photograph
  • Prepare for an admissions exam.

 Cost of the Top Music Schools in India

The annual tuition for a bachelor’s degree in music in India ranges between INR 15,000 and INR 1 lakh on average. Fees vary by institution and degree type.

List of the Top Music Schools in India

The following is a list of the Top Music Schools in India:

1. New Delhi’s Asian Academy of Film and Television

Music Schools in India

If you want to study music for a successful career, this institute is one of the best places to be.

The educational institution also known as AAFT began operations in 1990 and is an integral part of Marwah Studios’ education and training academy, a prominent entertainment and media conglomerate.

This institution is currently considered to be one of the main media education hubs in Asia.

Filmmaking, Journalism, the Performing Arts, Advertising, Acting, Interior Design, Dance, Digital Marketing, Animation, and Fashion Design are all fields in which AAFT offers media education that adheres to internationally recognized standards.It is one of the Music Schools in India.

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) and Master of Performing Arts (Music) are two of the music degrees available at this institution.

Even a Postgraduate Diploma in Music Production and a Diploma in Music Production are offered here.

2. West Bengal’s Calcutta School of Music

The school is a “one-stop shop” for all aspects of music and performing arts, offering instruction in musical subjects as well as concerts, master classes, workshops, and appreciation events throughout the year.

Yehudi Menuhin, Zubin Mehta, Isaac Stern, Mstislav Rostropovich, and Pt. Ravi Shankar has performed at concerts hosted by the School in Kolkata, and some of him has also visited the school.It is among the top Music Schools in India.

The Calcutta School of Music is one of India’s most prestigious institutions.

It was founded in 1915 by Dr. Phillipe Sandré, an accomplished musician and contemporary and acquaintance of the renowned composer Saint Sans.

It is likely the only institution in the nation that offers such a vast array of musical disciplines, including Indian and Western, Classical and Contemporary music, dance, drama, and speech.

Junior music class, junior choir, piano, violin, and classical instrument are available here.

3. Tamil Nadu’s KM Music Conservatory (KMMC)

The KMMC in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is the country’s first institution of its kind.

It is a higher education institution founded by A.R. in 2008. Rahman Foundation Foundation.

It provides a variety of full-time and part-time courses in Hindustani and Western classical music.

Under its founder’s patronage, A.R. It is located on the purpose-built campus of KM College of Music and Technology, which is also home to commercial recording studios and The Sunshine Orchestra for disadvantaged children.

The faculty is comprised of specialists in musical performance, musical theory and analysis, music history, and music technology from around the globe.This is one of the top Music Schools in India.

4. Beautiful Professional University (Pakistan)

This institution of higher education, also known as LPU, offers music courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The institution offers a three-year BA in Music (Vocal) at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, the university provides a Master of Arts in Music (Vocal).

The postgraduate program lasts for two years. Candidates with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for music undergraduate programs.It is among the top Music Schools in India.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in music or a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with music as one of the subjects may register for postgraduate study.

The selection is based on both the performance on the qualifying exam and the result on the LPU NEST written examination.

5. Sri Venkateswara University (Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh)

Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati was founded in 1954 in the world-renowned sacred temple town of Tirupati, on a 1000-acre campus with a panoramic and pleasant hill view.

The Department of Performing Arts offers a two-year Master of Arts in Music. In 1989, the department was established.

Since its inception, the University has placed greater emphasis on teaching, research, and extension activities in a variety of disciplines.

The variety of subject departments, courses, and research programs undertaken and promoted by Sri Venkateswara University over the past six decades demonstrates its commitment to promoting socially pertinent and inter-disciplinary programs.It is regarded as one of the Music Schools in India.

Over the past six decades, the university has flourished as a premier institution of higher education under the able and dedicated stewardship of successive vice-chancellors.

6. Chennai’s Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (Tamil Nadu)

Music Schools in India

Regarding music, there is no paucity of institutions offering quality education.

Obviously, if one aspires to study music, this institution in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is one of the institutions to consider.

Students who desire to study music performance, audio engineering, and music technology are familiar with the institution’s dynamic, diverse, and comprehensive learning environment.

The institute’s course structure, curriculum, and expert faculty ensure that students acquire all the skills necessary for success in the music industry.

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music offers a comprehensive and efficient academic program that teaches diverse musical styles from around the world.

Students who reside and study at the academy have endless opportunities.

The institution’s accomplishments in the field of music education have placed it among the top 20 Music Schools in India.

7. The University of Rabindra Bharati (West Bengal)

This institution is well-known in the field of fine arts education, so no introduction is necessary.

Whether it be Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, or Vocal Music, the courses offered here attract a large number of students.

The Rabindra Bharati University was founded in 1962 to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore, the first Indian and Asian to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

It is a Tagore-named state university with the mission of disseminating his concepts and ideas through the humanities, social sciences, arts, and culture.

The Rabindra Bharati University presents itself as a unique institution of higher education for the performing arts, fine arts, language, literature, and social sciences.

This institution is an excellent location to study music at the undergraduate and graduate levels.It is among the top Music Schools in India.

Those who wish to delve more deeply into the nuances of music can also pursue a doctorate here.

8. Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s Music Academy.

A trip to Chennai is incomplete without a stop at this academy, which performs heroic efforts to preserve classical music.

The academy organizes classical music performances by renowned musicians. Moreover, the organization performs an important role during the music season.

The Music Academy organizes numerous classical music performances that attract a great deal of attention from music enthusiasts around the world.

In the history of the fine arts, the Music Academy of Madras is a landmark institution.

It grew out of the December 1927 session of the All India Congress convened in Madras.

Concurrently, a music conference was convened, and during the deliberations, the concept of a Music Academy emerged.

After its establishment on August 18, 1928, Music Academy began play. Inaugurated in August 2010, Advanced School of Carnatic Music is administered by Music Academy.It is one of the top Music Schools in India.

This institution provides an Advanced Diploma in Carnatic Music (Vocal).

Applicants must have completed secondary school and be between the ages of 18 and 30. They must be capable of singing varnams and kritis.

9. New Delhi’s School of Music, Delhi

This is one of the institutions one can approach in the nation’s capital if they are interested in learning music.

The Delhi School of Music, which was founded by the Delhi Music Society, is presently the leading institution in the capital for the instruction of western classical music.

It provides instruction on musical instruments (Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Recorder, Keyboard, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Drums), singing, and dance to approximately 1400 pupils per year.

Dr. H.J. Koellreutter, a musician and composer who was also the director of the Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi, established the School in 1966.

Since 1970, a succession of experienced Indian teachers with credentials in western classical music have led the institution.

This institution is one of the best 20 Music Schools in India due to its highly qualified faculty and ideal learning environment.

10. Gujarat’s Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

It is impossible to dismiss this institution because it is a superb place to study performing arts.

This school is renowned for its Bachelor of Performing Arts in Music (Vocal), Bachelor of Performing Arts in Instrumental Music (Sitar and Violin), and Bachelor of Performing Arts (Tabla) degrees.

Shrimant Sayajirao Gaekwad III established a “Sangeet Shala” in Baroda in 1884.

At the inception of the M.S. program, this became the college of Indian Music, Dance, and Drama within the Faculty of Fine Arts. Baroda University in 1949.

Since 1986, it has been known as the Faculty of Performing Arts, one of India’s premier institutions for the study of classical performing arts in depth.

It is the only faculty of its kind in the entire western region, and it provides university-level training in the performing arts. Music, Dance, and Drama courses leading to the Ph.D. in these fields of study.It is among the top Music Schools in India.

The faculty attracts students from various regions of India as well as international students.

11. Christ Deemed to be University (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Music Schools in India

The course in music is offered by the Department of Performing Arts, Theatre Studies, and Music at this one of the top 20 Music Schools in India.

Its mission is to inspire and guide the emergence and sustained development of artists who, through cultural ethos, exemplify respect, humanity, and discipline.

The Performing Arts are an international language that transcends physical and geographical boundaries.

They bring individuals closer to themselves and provide a glimpse into the lived experiences of others and humanity’s shared experiences.

The primary objective of the program is to introduce students to the possibilities of the art form and assist them in gaining an integrated understanding of it through the practical application of theory.

This institution offers a BA in Western Music along with Psychology and English Studies (MPE).

The Department of Performing Arts was founded in 2010 as a branch of the Department of Media Studies, with one coordinator, two faculty members, and a total of twenty students.

Since becoming an independent department in August 2012, it has flourished and grown to a total of 75 students, 3 permanent faculty members, and 2 visitor faculty members.

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12. House Miranda (New Delhi)

Compare this college to other prestigious institutions in India, and it would not be overlooked. This is also one of the top Music Schools in India..

BA Hons Music is the undergraduate music degree offered at this institution. MA Music is the postgraduate degree offered in music.

Miranda House has a storied history. Established at the advent of independence, it offered young women a unique opportunity for a quality higher education.

They set lofty objectives and ideals for themselves. They labored for a new society in which women and men would have equal access to professional and public domains.

Miranda House holds a unique position among the University of Delhi’s women’s colleges.

Its location in the center of the University Campus and its close relationship with the various University departments and other campus colleges give it a distinct advantage.

13. The University of Banasthali (Rajasthan)

This institution is also well-known within the higher education sector.

Each year, a large number of students are drawn to the courses provided at this institution.

The Department of Music is one of the earliest departments at Banasthali, having been founded in 1943.

It has the distinction of having had such notable figures as Raja Bhiya Poonchwale, S.C.E.R. Bhatt, and Pt. Vinayak Rao Patwardhan and Narayan Rao Vyas.

The department was the pioneer in M.A. programs. Music (Vocal and Instrumental) under the direction of Prof. B.R. Deodhar and subsequently P.N. The names Chichore and N.V. Patwardhan has served as department chief.

This institution provides a Master of Arts in Music with specializations in vocal and instrumental music.

In addition to offering an MPhil in Indian music, the institution is also among the top 20 Music Schools in India.

14. New Delhi’s Indraprastha College for Women

There are numerous institutions in the nation’s capital where music enthusiasts can enroll in music courses.

The Indraprastha College for Women is one of these institutions that offer numerous music courses.

The undergraduate music program here offers specializations in Hindustani Music, Carnatic Music, and Percussion Music.

The course (BA Hons Music) is a three-year bachelor’s degree; admission is determined by an entrance examination.

The primary papers are taught at the University of Delhi’s Faculty of Music.

Students receive extensive vocal and instrumental training in Hindustani and Karnatak classical vocal and instrumental music.

15. Ramjas College (New Delhi)

This institution is no exception to the rule that great organizations always create history.

Ramjas College offers the music course at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

One of the oldest colleges in Delhi, Ramjas College was founded in 1917 by the renowned educationist and philanthropist, Rai Kedar Nath.

From its humble beginnings in Darya Ganj in Old Delhi, the College now possesses a spacious campus, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a distinguished faculty of scholars trained at India’s and the world’s top universities.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in music at this institution can be a memorable experience.

Not surprisingly, this is also recognized as one of the best twenty Music Schools in India.

16. Queen Mary’s College (Chennai), also known as Queen Mary’s College (Chennai).

In the southern region of India, numerous institutions have created history, and this institution is one of them.

It is also commonly referred to as QMC or Queen Mary’s. Music courses are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

At the undergraduate level, the program is known as BA Music, while at the graduate level, it is known as MA (Indian Music).

Queen Mary’s College has been at the vanguard of women’s education since the establishment of the Madras Women’s College by the Government of Madras in July 1914.

The first 33 pupils were housed in a modest building known as “Capper House.”

In 1915, the government annexed the area encompassing Capper House, which resulted in an expansion of the college’s grounds.

At this time, only intermediate courses were available. History and economics undergraduate courses were offered in 1916.

Eventually, disciplines such as Geography, Indian Music, Physics, Chemistry, and Home Science were introduced at the Intermediate level.It is one of the Music Schools in India.

17. Amity College (Noida)

The reputation of this institution has long since spread beyond the borders of this country.

Amity University was founded by an act of the State Legislature and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) by virtue of that act.

Amity is home to some of the most gifted and devoted thought leaders in the country, who hail from the most prestigious academic institutions in the globe.

No mystery why this college is also among the top 20 in India.

Bachelor of Performing Arts with specializations in Tabla, Hindustani Music, and Instrumental Music is offered here.

The faculty and senior team travel the world to learn and incorporate the best practices in order to provide a firm foundation for learning.It is among the Music Schools in India.

18. University of Banaras (Uttar Pradesh)

This is one of those institutions for which no description is necessary.

This organization’s name and reputation have spread beyond the borders of this country. One of the disciplines offered at this institution is music.

The Faculty of Performing Arts is a preeminent institution in the nation that instills both Kala and Vidya in its students through the performing arts.

The Faculty of Performing Arts was founded as a college of Music and Fine Arts in 1950 under the name Sri Kala Sangeet Bharti as a traditional institution of higher education.

Due to the perseverance of Pt.Govind Malviya and the founding Principal Sangeet Martand, Pt. In 1966, under the leadership of Omkarnath Thakur, the college was restructured to include three distinct departments. Instrumental music, vocal music, and musicology.

Over a period of five decades, the faculty has fostered its academic activities by instructing students from all over the globe in the North and South Indian classical traditional arts of music and dance.

Many faculty members have been honored with Padma Awards, National & State awards, and fellowships for their contributions to the field of Performing Arts.It is regarded as one of the top Music Schools in India.

19. Madras University (Chennai)

Another institution that has carved out a niche for itself in the higher education landscape of this country.

The Department of Indian Music offers graduate-level music courses in a variety of specializations. There are MA programs in Indian Music, Folk Music, and Rhythmology.

Additionally, the department offers certificate programs in carnatic music and vocal training.

Madras University is the progenitor of nearly all of the ancient universities in southern India. In recent years, the University’s jurisdiction has been limited to three Tamil Nadu districts.

This is due to the establishment of numerous universities within the state and the delineation of university territories.

This university’s teaching and research activities have expanded while it has grown from strength to strength.

This is one of the best twenty Music Schools in India.

20. University of Kurukshetra (Haryana)

Music Schools in India

In India, there is no paucity of music-teaching institutions, so a search for such establishments will be fruitful.

This university is another location where music enthusiasts can take music-related courses.

This institution is among the top 20 music schools in India due to its highly qualified faculty and world-class facilities.

In October of 1975, the Department of Music & Dance was established, initially with M.A. Music (Vocal/Instrumental) two-year program limited to ten students.It is regarded as one of the top Music Schools in India.

FAQs On top Music Schools in India

Is a degree in music worth it in India?

In short, the answer is yes – pursuing music production courses in India is definitely worth the investment.

How many music colleges are there in India?

There are approximately 460 Music colleges in India that offer Music courses, out of which about 130 colleges are private, 160 are public and rest are public-private. These offer full-time, distance-learning and part-time modes of study.

How much does it cost to learn piano in India?

The average price of Piano classes is ₹2,274. Take private piano lessons near you.

Do singers in India get paid?

Uncovering more open secrets about Bollywood, he continued, “Singers don't get paid to sing in movie songs. Obviously, you do certain things for the love of music, but there's also a monetary motivation…

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