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Top 15 Military Schools For Kids In USA

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Top 15 Military Schools For Kids In USA: A military school is a specialized institution that offers academics and prepares students for officer crew duty. These can be found in a number of nations and provide a standard high school education along with an additional military training curriculum. Due to its renown, a military school for children is highly sought for.

Yet, similar to high schools and secondary schools, they offer academic classes following breakfast. There might be nighttime self-study classes. As a requirement of the military academy, juniors must obey the orders of seniors.

Through rigorous intellectual and physical training, military schools develop virtues like respect, discipline, accountability, and leadership.

This article explores the top 15 Military Schools For Kids In USA in 2023.

What Does a Military School Entail?

A military school is an educational institution that educates individuals for officer corps service. Typically, it delivers education in a military setting.

A military school for children is a sort of high school that offers military cadet education and is hence a subtype of the military academy. These can be found in a number of nations and offer a standard high school education with additional military training.

What are the advantages of attending a Military Schools For Kids In USA?

The Military Schools For Kids In USA continues a heritage of academic and personal excellence that has resisted unfavorable media attention and shifting educational trends.

Additional advantages of attending a Military Schools For Kids In USA include the following:

1.  They Develop Character

Being a team player, learning to carry out orders, and sacrificing one’s own needs for the welfare of the group are all character-building lessons taught at Military Schools For Kids In USA. Service over self is a fundamental aspect of the philosophies of the majority of military academies.

Pupils that graduate from a military school feel pride in themselves, their communities, and their roles as decent global citizens.

2.  They Inculcate Discipline

About military school, the first word that comes to mind is discipline. The essence of military schools is discipline, yet this does not always refer to a negative sort of discipline. Discipline brings about order. Order creates outcomes.

They are prepared for the rigors of college, employment, and military service due to the amount of positive discipline.

3.  Academic and Military Training Demanding

The majority of Military Schools For Kids In USA include considerable college preparatory coursework in their academic curricula. They combine this tough academic work with rigorous military training in order to prepare their graduates for entry into colleges and universities worldwide.

4.  They Provide JROTC

JROTC, or Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, is a countrywide high school program sponsored by the United States Army. The Air Force, Navy, and Marines all have comparable programs. Over fifty percent of JROTC program participants enter active military service.

JROTC educates secondary school students to the lifestyle and philosophy of the military. It is a crucial component of the majority of military school programs.

5. They Generate Remarkable Graduates

The rosters of military schools in the United States are packed with illustrious graduates who have achieved success in virtually every activity imaginable. Not only in the military duty.

6. Patriotism

Patriotism is important to the military training process. The history of our nation and how it came to where it is in the 21st century is also an integral part of the curriculum at military schools. The purpose of a military school is to inspire service to our country.

How much does a Military Schools For Kids In USA cost?

Military school tuition prices are determined by the school’s reputation and location. The annual expense of a military school ranges between $30,000 and $40,000.

List of the Military Schools For Kids In USA 

The following is a list of the Military Schools For Kids In USA:

  • Camden Military Academy
  • Fork Union Military Academy
  • Marine Military Academy
  • Admiral Farragut Academy
  • New York Military Academy
  • Valley Forge Military Academy
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • Massanutten Military Academy
  • Camden Military Academy
  • New Mexico Military Institute
  • Riverside Military Academy
  • St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy
  • Fishburne Military School
  • Hargrave Military Academy
  • Robert Land Academy

1. Camden Military Academy

Acceptance Rate: 80%

Military Schools For Kids In USA

As one of the top Military Schools For Kids In USA, Camden, South Carolina is the home of the Camden Military Academy. In terms of its academic philosophy, the institution embraces the motto “whole man.”

In addition to academics, students face physical, emotional, and moral growth challenges.

The typical class size is twelve students. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1:7, allowing for a substantial amount of face-to-face interaction. Students average a score of 1050 on the SAT and 24 on the ACT.

Tuition is way down compared to the national average for military schools. The average domestic student at Camden Military Academy only pays about $24,000 annually in boarding, less than half the national median.

However, international students do pay substantially more on tuition at $37,000 per year. Additionally, only 30 percent of students receive financial aid, and the average grant size ($2,800 per year) is far below the national average.

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2. Fork Union Military Academy

Average SAT Score: 1100 – 1150

Fork Union Military Academy is a military school that performs exceptionally well on the SAT. Last year the average score was 1110, good for fifth among military prep schools in the nation.

The male-only military academy has a longstanding tradition of performing very well on college entrance exams; thus, placement into very prestigious universities is common.

Students are well-rounded as Fork Union focuses on academics, leadership, and character. Its “One-Subject Plan” curriculum has been notoriously successful in helping mold young minds.It is one of the top Military Schools For Kids In USA.

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3. Marine Military Academy

Tuition: $35,000

Marine Military Academy is located in Harlingen, Texas.

The academy provides more than 50 course offerings at reasonable prices. The median average for tuition and boarding is $35,000 per year.

Over 250 male students attend the academy for ages 7 through 12. The classroom size is relatively small, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:11.

The academy is primarily designed to provide opportunities for those interested in joining the U.S. Marine Corps. Along with honor courses, students may also enroll in Aerospace and Marine Science.

Additionally, 40 acres on campus are dedicated to Marine Corps physical training. JROTC and organized sports are also offered through the institution.It is also among the top Military Schools For Kids In USA.

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4. Admiral Farragut Academy

Acceptance Rate: 90%

Admiral Farragut Academy is a private, coeducational military preparatory school. It provides classroom instruction for eighth through twelfth grades. The modest campus is located in St. Petersburg, Florida’s Boca Ciega Bay.

In addition to Naval Science (Military), Aviation, Engineering, Marine Science, Diving, and AP Capstone, the institution provides a variety of distinctive programs.

The military preparatory school has approximately 300 students. The average class size is 17, with a ratio of 1:15 teachers to students.

The average annual tuition for students is $48,000, including room and board. It is comparable to the national average of $56,500 per year. Foreign students pay significantly more, approximately $51,800 per year.

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5. New York Military Academy

The average SAT score is between 1200 and 1250.

New York Military Academy makes our ranking as one of the most prestigious and elite Military Schools For Kids In USA for 2023.

The average SAT score for students at New York Military School last year was 1200, placing them fourth in the nation. Both boys and girls performed exceptionally well at the coeducational institution, which offered advanced placement into some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges.

Very small class sizes contribute to students’ high academic success. The typical class size is only eight individuals, allowing for intensive individual instruction and interaction.

The tuition at New York Military School is $44,160 on average.

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6. Valley Forge Military College

The international Valley Forge Military Academy is a middle and high school for boys in grades 7-12.

Students are immersed in a distinctive educational experience based on Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Personal Motivation, Character Development, Physical Development, and Leadership.

These pillars enable cadets to achieve their academic potential in the classroom and beyond. With its cadet leadership ranks, rifle club, and award-winning equestrian program, VFMAC teaches leadership and responsibility in a practical manner.It is also regarded as one of the top Military Schools For Kids In USA.

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7. Missouri Military Institute

Acceptance Rate: 60% – 70%

Military Schools For Kids In USA

The Missouri Military School is situated in the countryside of Missouri. The preparatory school provides boarding for all of its pupils and emphasizes military tradition and academic excellence.

The Missouri Military Academy is currently restricted to male students alone. It prepares students from seventh through twelfth grade Its 360-Degree Education encourages academic success, physical development, moral fortitude, personal motivation, and leadership qualities.

The average classroom size is 14 pupils, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 1:1. The average annual tuition for boarding students is $38,000, while day students pay $9,300. About forty percent of students receive financial assistance.

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8. Massanutten Military Academy

The average SAT score is between 1200 and 1250.

The location of the Massanutten Military School is Woodstock, Virginia. The exclusive residential institution admits both boys and girls. It prepares private school students for secondary schooling.

The rigorous curriculum facilitates the academic growth of cadets. Massanutten Military Academy has been recognized as one of the best Military Schools For Kids In USA for decades due to its strong SAT scores.

The cost of tuition at a boarding school is reasonable. Students from the United States spend an annual average of $29,000 for tuition and room and board. Foreign students pay an annual average of $38,000.

Assistance with finances is great. The academy estimates that 95% of students receive some form of financial aid, however the average award is only $5,000.

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9. St. Catherine’s College

St. Catherine’s Academy, founded in 1889, is a Catholic school with a military tradition for boys in kindergarten through eighth grade.

They offer young men with a spiritual basis for long-term success. Their complex program consists of religion formation, academics for guys only, and a military tradition for leadership and self-motivation.This is one of the best Military Schools For Kids In USA.

They provide small courses, cutting-edge technology, marching band, athletics, and a great deal more. They welcome both day students and boarders. As the only Catholic elementary school in the United States with a military tradition, the school is unusual.

10. New Mexico Military Academy

Cost of tuition: $13,700

The New Mexico Military Institute was founded in 1891 and is the only coed military college preparatory boarding school in the United States financed by the state.

It serves grades nine through twelve. The New Mexico Military Institute is intended to provide kids with affordable access to military education and training.

The academy’s academic success, leadership, character development, and physical fitness programs are nationally renowned.

It is one of the Military Schools For Kids In USA, with a 300-acre campus and roughly 900 pupils. In 2012, students spent an average of $13,700 for tuition and room and board.

Foreign students are compensated somewhat more. 9 out of 10 students receive some form of financial aid, with the average grant amounting to $3,000.

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11. Riverside Military Institute

The average SAT score is between 1300 and 1350.

Riverside Military Academy is situated on a lovely 200+ acre campus approximately one hour north of Atlanta. The college preparatory school provides boarding for students in seventh through twelfth grade.

Riverside Military Academy is among the highest reported median SAT scores in the nation. The average SAT score of students at the military academy was 1,323 last year. Nonetheless, the median score on the ACT was only 20.

The academy’s JROTC program is one of the Military Schools For Kids In USA. Since more than eight decades ago, it has been designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction. It permits the annual recommendation of up to five cadets to federal service academies.

Riverside Military Academy has moderately priced tuition and room and board. The average annual domestic tuition is roughly $38,000. Foreign students spend $43,600 annually more than domestic students.

Yet, fifty percent of students receive aid, and the grants are considerable, averaging $15,000 or more.

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12. St. John’s Northernmost Military Academy

Average SAT Score: More than 1500

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is a Christian private military preparatory institution. The coeducational institution is famous for its excellent performance on college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.

Pupils in attendance are in seventh through twelfth grades. The beautiful 110-acre campus fosters academic concentration as well as self-esteem and discipline.

The typical class size is only twelve pupils. There is ample one-on-one interaction for both boys and girls. Over 270 pupils are now enrolled at the boarding school.

Annual tuition is $39,000, which is significantly less than the national average. Foreign students pay approximately $44,000 per year for tuition and room and board.

Financial help is available, however in 2023, only around one-fourth of students received aid. The average amount of financial aid was $8,500.

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13. Fishburne Military Academy

Annual Tuition – $58,050

Fishburne Military School provides young men from all over the United States and the world with a safe, structured environment that emphasizes honor, integrity, personal responsibility, and respect for others.

The academics at Fishburne Military School are rigorous, with a focus on STEM and university preparation, and the classes are small, allowing students of all cultures to exchange ideas. Respected, award-winning sporting program in which everyone participates.

Fishburne Military School is located in the beautiful, secure Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, close to major highways and airports, and is only two and a half hours by car from Washington, DC.

The US Army JROTC Cadet Command recognizes Fishburne Military School’s Corps of Cadets as an Honor Unit With Distinction.It is also on the list of our best Military Schools For Kids In USA.

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14. Hargrave Military College

Hargrave personalizes the development of each guy by investing in lifelong skills and relationships.

Your boy will be introduced to the “How to Study” curriculum and develop interactions with classmates, staff, coaches, and teachers.

They transform a student’s potential into opportunities while pressing him to offer his best effort in everything. Their cadets graduate with an authentic sense of success and are well-prepared to confront the demands of college and life.

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15. Robert Land Academy

Military Schools For Kids In USA

Robert Land Academy is the only private military-style boarding school for boys in grades 5 through 12 in Canada. It is located in the Niagara Region of Ontario. Robert Land Academy, which was established in 1978, has earned a solid reputation as an excellent option for boys who may have challenges with motivation and self-discipline.

The military model gives the structure and discipline essential for young guys to recognize academic accomplishment and helps them to develop self-confidence, respect themselves and others, and fulfill their genuine potential, regardless of their specific circumstances.

Within the first semester of enrollment, 95% of new students demonstrate a significant increase in their academic performance, and 100% of Robert Land Academy’s graduates are accepted to their preferred university or college program.

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FAQs On Best Military Schools For Kids In USA

What is the youngest age for military school?

The age requirements for military summer schools vary, but these programs are usually open to students ages seven and up. Military summer schools are usually focused less on academics but emphasize essential life skills like time management, independent thinking and the development of self-discipline.

Can a 12 year old join military school?

Also, known as military prep schools or military academies, today's military schools offer a college preparatory curriculum for students in grades 6-12. Although there are some military schools for elementary-age children, they are less common.

What is the best military academy in the US?

The USMA, better known as West Point, is perhaps one of the best and most prestigious military academies in the world.

Should I send my child to military school?

Doing well at a military academy can set your child up for success for their whole lives. To succeed, they need to be bright, motivated, and flexible. A child that's grown up in a military environment has a slight advantage. When military kids navigate a new school, they typically learn how to fit in quickly.

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