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Top 15 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees

If you intend to study in Canada,a list of Top 15 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees in 2022 is compiled for you, . In terms of registration fees, tuition fees, housing, travel expenses, and so on, studying in a developed country like Canada can be prohibitively expensive. However, it is reassuring to know that there are many Canadian Universities without application fees for prospective students.

As you are undoubtedly aware, studying in Canada affords you numerous opportunities. Thousands of students move to Canada annually for educational possibilities.

Canada provides everything a student might want, including a multicultural population, magnificent landscapes, a vibrant market economy, modern cities, touristic landmarks, fantastic employment possibilities, and, most importantly, a high-quality education.

In contrast, tertiary education can be expensive, and you must spend money even before you’re admitted! Consequently, enrolling in Canadian universities that do not charge application fees is a fantastic method to save money.

This article will assist you in making informed decisions on your decision to study abroad in Canada at universities with no application fee.Top 15 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees in 2022  submission are included in this post, along with thorough information that will help you save money and guide your application to any of the listed no application fee institutions in Canada.

Why do Canadian Universities have application fees?

Most institutions in Canada impose application fees for two primary reasons. To begin with, it helps them cover the cost of reviewing applications.

Although some of these costs have decreased in recent years as electronic systems have reduced the amount of manual labor required for tracking and reviewing applications, there is still human interaction at every stage of the process: staff who conduct information sessions, review applications, and answer applicant questions, etc.

Colleges can offset these costs through application fees.

Universities may also impose application fees to create a soft financial barrier, ensuring that only serious students apply and are admitted. Colleges care about their yield, or the number of accepted and enrolled students.

If applications were free, it would be easier for students to apply to numerous institutions in an effort to increase their alternatives, odds, and possibilities of being admitted to the finest school. This would make it more challenging for the college to choose how many students to admit to assure an acceptable number of students in incoming classes. Most students find it difficult to manipulate the system in this manner due of the expenses.

Why should you attend a college that doesn’t have an application fee?

When you are already paying thousands of Canadian dollars on college, it may seem ridiculous to worry about a considerably lesser regular registration price. But please be patient.

When searching for secure institutions, applying to a few colleges with free applications may be a reasonable option. Having a low-cost backup plan if your potential institutions charge application fees could help you save money if things do not go as planned.

List of mandatory fees and applications in Canada

As an international student, you may be required to pay a variety of educational fees in Canada. However, not all of these fees apply only to overseas students.

Some of these fees also apply to students from the local community. The following fees and applications may be required of you in Canada, depending on your category:

1. Temporary Residence

  •  Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  •  International Experience Canada
  •  Study Permits (including extensions)
  •  Temporary resident permit
  •  Visitor visa (including super visa) or extend your stay in Canada
  •  Work Permits (including extensions).

2. Permanent Residence

  • Business immigration
  •  Caregivers
  •  Economic immigration (including Express Entry)
  •  Humanitarian and compassionate
  •  Permanent resident cards
  •  Permanent resident travel document
  •  Permit Holders Class
  •  Protected person
  •  Right of permanent residence fee.
3. familial patronage
  • children adopted and other relatives
  • Grandparents and parents
  • Spouse, companion, or children.
4. Citizenship
  • Citizenship – costs for applications
  • Additional citizenship-related fees and services.

5. Inadmissibility

  • Permission for a return to Canada
  • Rehabilitation
  • Repay your removal expenses
  • Permit for temporary residency.

6. Other applications and services

  • Biometrics
  • Canadian passports and travel papers
  • Employer compliance
  • Verify your immigration status or replace a lost document.

You may find these additional payments to be burdensome.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 15 Canadian universities without application fees to assist you in avoiding these additional costs and saving money.

How to apply to Canadian universities without application fees

To begin the application process, you must adhere to a certain step-by-step approach to guarantee that you do not leave anything out.

When preparing to enroll at Canadian universities that do not charge application fees, the following are the most important points to remember:

  • Step 1:

Investigate the certificate and degree programs as well as the universities that provide them in your sector of interest.

Almost all of the Canadian universities included in this article that do not charge application fees offer courses in a variety of disciplines, including Science, Technology, Humanities, and Business. Therefore, the initial step is to choose a field of study.

  • Step 2: 

Applying to institutions in Canada for which there are no application costs can be a time-consuming procedure, so get started as soon as feasible.

  • Step 3: 

After choosing a course, visit the university’s website to learn about admissions requirements. Academic standards, job experience prerequisites, information about the incoming class, etc., are among the most essential elements to assure.

  • Step 4: 

Now is the time to create accounts on university websites in preparation for the application submission.

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List of the Top 15 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees in 2022

It may be necessary to pay an application fee to get admission to certain Canadian universities. These fees run anywhere between $20 to $300.

These application fees may vary from institution to institution. However, you should be aware that some schools ask a second, non-refundable acceptance fee in addition to the application price.

  • Redeemer University;
  • Booth University College;
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University;
  • The University of Winnipeg;
  • Mount Allison University;
  • University of Calgary ;
  • University of Victoria;
  • University of Alberta;
  • Canadian Virtual University;
  • University of New Brunswick;
  • University of British Columbia;
  • Tyndale University; and
  • Centennial College.

1. Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University is without a doubt one of the top universities in Canada that does not charge an application fee for either Canadian or international students.

Royal Roads University, located in Colwood, British Columbia, is a government-owned institution. This university is accustomed to admitting over 5,000 students annually.

As an application to this institution, you should know that Royal Roads offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees to both international and domestic students.

This university has an online application portal where prospective students can apply for admission without paying an application fee.

However, Royal Road University will continue to give excellent consideration to all applicants in order to find the most qualified and qualified candidates for school admission.

2. Quest University International

Quest University is a for-profit institution based in the British Columbia city of Squamish. However, the university is modest, enrolling little more than 700 students per year.

Recognized for its significant interest in the liberal arts and some basic sciences, they offer degree programs and postgraduate courses in the sciences and liberal arts.

Consequently, Canadian universities do not charge application fees to local or international applicants who apply online prior to the application deadline.

However, Quest University often charges a fee for late applications submitted after the first application deadline. Therefore, all candidates must meet or surpass the deadline.

3. Redeemer University

This university, which is located in the beautiful city of Ontario, Canada, is more of a’religious’ institution because it combines the majority of its academic activity with religious ceremony.

Therefore, if you will be studying overseas, such as in Canada, for your undergraduate or graduate degree, Redeemer University does not collect application fees from its international students, although it does charge a late registration fee, similar to Quest University.

If you intend to seek admission into this institution without paying an application fee, it is essential that you submit your application before the deadline.

4. Booth University College

Booth University College is another excellent Canadian college that does not charge an application fee; nevertheless, the institution of higher education will want 500 CAD from all applicants who have been accepted to study there.

This cost is intended for admitted students to claim their admission slot, thus only candidates who passed the screening process and were considered for admission are responsible for payment.

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5. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University is an additional prominent Canadian institution with low or no application fees. As an applicant for admission, you can visit the school’s website to fill out their online application form and upload all required papers for a charge if you apply online.

Thus, applying to Fairleigh Dickinson University online is the only way for the university to waive your application fee.

6. The University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is an additional excellent institution in Canada that does not charge an application fee because it offers some of the greatest undergraduate and graduate programs.

In addition, the institution’s faculties include education, art, science and kinesiology, business and economics, and applied health, among others.

7. Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University is without a doubt one of the top and most prestigious universities in Canada that does not charge an application fee. The school’s academic calendar is comprehensive and well-organized.

Mount Allison University therefore encouraged international students to enroll in any subject from the Faculty of Arts or Humanities, Science, or Social Sciences.

Mount Allison University offers international students the ability to apply for admission online without paying an application fee, in contrast to other prominent Canadian universities.

However, the admitted students will deposit $100 CAD as a registration fee after the university has considered them for admission. For more details about the school, kindly click here for more information.

8. University of Victoria

The University of Victoria is regarded as one of Canada’s finest universities. This school is properly equipped with academic equipment, professors that are well-versed and knowledgeable, a calm learning environment, and more.

Typically, the University of Victoria charges a relatively low application cost; however, overseas students from select countries, such as North America, can apply for free.

In addition, the university provides a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Due to the attributes assigned to the university, admission to this school is quite competitive.

9. University of Alberta

Studying abroad can be demanding and tedious at times, but attending the University of Alberta will certainly change the narrative. This is because the school has sufficient facilities to keep you active.

Furthermore, international students from all over the world can apply to the prestigious University of Alberta without paying an application fee.

Similarly, the institution charges a $100 CAD application fee for graduate students, whereas applicants from developing nations receive free registration. Magnanimous, isn’t it?

To be eligible for this graduate application fee waiver as an international student, your citizenship certificate, mailing address, and residential address must be from one of the less developed nations.

If your personal information is traced to a developed country, you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of $100 CAD.

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10. University of Calgary

Next on the list of universities in C is the University of C. The University offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and their academic schedule is comparable to that of the best universities in the world.

The University offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and their academic schedule is comparable to that of the best universities in the world.

In an effort to ensure access to education for all, the University of Calgary has chosen to eliminate the application cost for students from the seven nations subject to the U.S. travel restriction. This will provide interested students with every option to continue their education. The only university in Canada without an application fee is the University of Calgary. This institution is generous enough to offer this opportunity to people of countries currently subject to a U.S. travel embargo.

11. Canadian Virtual University

As its name suggests, the Canadian Virtual University offers online education to those who have been accepted into various degree programs.

This institution does not charge an application fee.

The virtual university offers more than 300 degrees, 2500 certified courses, and degree certifications for both distance and online education.

If you desire a certificate from a Canadian university but are unable to come to Canada as an international student, the Canadian Virtual University is available to you.

12. University of New Brunswick

In 1785, the University of New Brunswick was founded. The school is conventional and will be furnished with numerous academic resources and personnel. As conventional as this university is, it does not charge applicants an application fee.

Moreover, the University of New Brunswick has two major campuses in Saint John and Fredericton, New Brunswick. The university provides 75 undergraduate degrees and research programs in over 35 disciplines.

Overall, the University of New Brunswick, Canada is another Canadian institution that gave students from the seven nations affected by the U.S. travel restriction top preference.

13. University of British Columbia

Without a doubt, the University of British Columbia is one of the top universities in Canada. It is a public university established in Vancouver in 1908. Additionally, the school does not accept application fees.

In addition, the University of British Columbia offers numerous graduate and post-doctoral programs. There are twelve distinct faculties offering degrees in architecture, art, business, dentistry, forestry, and other disciplines.

14. Tyndale University, Canada

The Tyndale University has existed for more than a century. It is a tiny, for-profit Christian institution with lovely academic buildings that can seat roughly 1,300 students.

The university provides undergraduate degree programs in Administration, English, education, History, religious studies, and philosophy, among others.

The university seminary offers just three Master’s degrees and a Doctor of Ministry for its graduate and postgraduate programs.

Regardless, the main campus of Tyndale University is located in the thriving city of Toronto. If you are a citizen of Canada or the United States and wish to pursue an academic career at Tyndale University, the school will not charge you an application fee.

15. Centennial College

Centennial College was also included on the list of Canadian universities that do not charge application fees. This opportunity is available to both domestic and foreign students.

The school has an online application site where interested candidates can submit their application for free.

In addition, there are many undergraduate and graduate disciplines available to both international and domestic students. Exceptional subjects such as mass media, engineering, business management, and mental health, among others.


However, if you are looking for a comprehensive list of the best universities in Canada that do not charge an application fee, then the universities and colleges listed above should be your starting point.

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