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Top 10 majors for lazy students

Top 10 majors for lazy students. There are a number of factors to take into account while choosing a major that may not demand as much work and time as other challenging college degrees. We’ve outlined some of the crucial factors you should think about when selecting a college major in this article. We even went so far as to suggest a few college majors that will work well for lazy students.

View the article’s outline in the table of contents below:

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Things to Think About for Lazy Students When Choosing a college Major

You should be aware that the definition of an easy or challenging major is arbitrary when selecting a major for lazy students. Because of this, you should think about the following:

1. Your Interest

You must ascertain your interests before choosing a college major. This will make it easier for you to choose a major that matches your area of natural interest.

For instance, if you’re curious about historical events, a history major is more likely to appeal to you because it piques your interest.

2. Your innate skills and talents

What do you regard to be an innate talent that comes easily and naturally to you? Finding a college major that compliments your skills is simple if you’ve done a thorough self-evaluation and identified your inherent strengths and abilities.

For instance, if you have a good voice and are skilled at playing an instrument, you could succeed in a music major.

3. Your Learning Method

The best way to learn is… Do you prefer watching videos or reading texts? Do you learn more quickly when given examples or do you prefer to put what you’ve learned into practice? These inquiries can assist you in identifying your preferred method of learning, after which you can choose a college degree that complements it. Your learning style and the major that best suits it can be determined by working with an academic advisor or a psychologist.

4. The Program Preconditions

You should look into the requirements before enrolling in a major. You should also consider the course requirements, the curriculum, and other program criteria. While some colleges make this publicly accessible through their websites, others need you to request them.

You can determine whether you can handle the demands of the Major by looking at the program requirements, which will help you understand how hard the course is.

Top 10 majors for lazy students

1. Music Major

If you’re enthusiastic about music, a degree in it might not need as much from you. You can get the chance to discover your skills and creativity while networking with other professionals who share your interest in music if you major in it.

Your chances of being successful as a musician may be increased by enrolling in advanced classes and earning a second degree in a related field. There are several options for a music major to earn money in the field and advance their career.

2. Major in Humanities

Consider a Humanities Major if you’re the type of person who enjoys learning a little bit about various subjects, such as the arts, history, philosophy, literature, religion, and even music.

Your job prospects will increase if you major in the humanities and gain knowledge of these various subjects.

You may be able to fit into a variety of fields as a Humanities Major including the following:

  • Human Resources Manager – $121,220
  • Social and Community Service Manager – $69,600
  • Writer – $67,120
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Social Worker – $51,760
  • Associate Professor – $49,420

3. Language and Linguistics Major 

Today, there are more than 7,000 languages spoken throughout the world, and you may make a living by speaking any of them.

In reality, linguists with advanced training are required to translate or transcribe several of these languages because they are crucial for international relations. If you have a strong interest in languages, you might find this major to be straightforward to complete because you’ll probably like the discoveries you make as you learn more about them.

Here are some fields where you can build a career for yourself as a linguist:

  • Linguist – $87,260
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – $80, 480
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Interpreter or Translator – $52,330

4. Major in Creative Writing

One of the majors we suggest for slothful students, especially those who have a knack for writing, is creative writing. A creative writing major will help you develop as a professional writer and will provide you with a wealth of career opportunities.

Good writers are in high demand these days across a wide range of industries from businesses to individuals.

If you’re skeptical about what career opportunities await you as a creative writing major, you may want to consider the following:

  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Communications Manager – $118,430
  • Senior Copywriter – $94,090
  • Writer / Author – $67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Librarian – $60,820
  • Paralegal / Legal Assistant – $52,920
  • Reporter / Correspondent / Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

5. History Major

Before you start rolling your eyes, take a look at our fifth suggestion: history. The fact that you read or learn about historical events is one of history’s interesting aspects.

You won’t have to bear the strain of completing difficult jobs or solving complex issues.

The following career paths are worth considering for every History Major. Take a look:

  • Attorney / Lawyer – $126,930
  • Director of Operations – $103,650
  • Associate Attorney – $84,450
  • Historian – $63,940
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Curator – $56,990
  • Archivist – $56,760
  • Museum Technician – $45,710

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6. Major in Communications

You will study mass media communication, advertising, and even technical communications in your courses as a communications major. Despite this, you shouldn’t be alarmed because this field is fascinating and low stress.

Apart from the fact that you’ll improve your communication and writing skills during your study, you’ll also have a variety of career options:

  • Marketing Director – $185,950
  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Account Manager – $141,490
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author – $67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Reporter, Correspondent, or Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

7. Religious Studies

Research on religious institutions, institutions of higher learning, and various religious systems is part of the academic major of religious studies, which focuses on religion. With a major in religious studies, you are evaluated on your capacity to support your claims regarding religious ideas.

Additionally, you’ll need to learn about various religious cultures and practices as well as the fundamentals that each religious sect follows.

Check out the following career opportunities that may await you as a Religious study major:

  • Author – $67,120
  • Charity Coordinator – $51107
  • Senior Pastor – $66,980
  • Clergyperson – $51,940
  • Activist – $41, 890.
  • Community Developer- $54263

8. Education Major

Every culture that prospers and endures needs education, and this need never goes away. A major in education may not require as much work in your courses as a major in a difficult science.

You’ll be able to share your knowledge and have an impact on the world as an education major. However, education majors can pursue careers outside of the classroom as well.

Check out the following career opportunities for Education majors:

  • Executive Director – $107,680
  • Elementary School Principal – $98,490
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Training and Development Specialist – $62,700
  • Special Education Teacher – $61,420
  • Middle School Teacher – $60,810
  • Adult High School Diploma Teacher – $55,350

9. English Major

You might want to think about majoring in English if you’re the type of person who notices incorrect punctuation placement or you find improper use of the English language repugnant.

By reading a lot of literary works, you can express your natural talents and broaden your understanding of the English language as an English major.

With an English Major, you can pursue the following career opportunities:

  • Marketing Managers – $142,170
  • Miscellaneous Managers – $116,350
  • Office Manager – $98,890
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author – $67,120
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Secondary School Teachers – $62,870

10. Sociology Major

Sociology is a branch of social science that focuses on societal structures and human behavior.

You will observe, gather data from, and conduct research on human communities and individuals as part of your study. Because you’ll have a greater understanding of people, cultures, and human behaviors, this degree can be enjoyable to study.

With this knowledge, you can choose to build a Career as:

  • Management Analyst – $87,660
  • Project Management Specialist – $77,420
  • Market Research Analyst – $65,810
  • Human Resources Specialist – $63,490
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810

FAQS on Top 10 majors for lazy students

What is the best major for an undecided student?

Liberal Studies
Public Policy

What is a good major for lazy people?

Some of them are listed in this article, but here are a few more that we think lazy students should consider majoring in. Liberal Arts Health Criminal Justice Psychology Anthropology commercial public relations

What is the quickest degree to get?

You can obtain a great number of degrees quickly, especially if you take the expedited way. However, a lot of individuals think that degrees in psychology, business administration, and education are among the fastest.


Most likely, if you’re a junior or senior in high school, you’re concerned about going to college. Maybe your pals know everything. They have selected a major and a profession.

But what if you’re unsure of your course of study for college? It’s not just you. Selecting a major is a significant choice that you shouldn’t make hastily. When selecting a major, there are several factors to take into account.

It’s simple to feel overwhelmed while selecting a major in college because there are so many different degree programs to choose from. If you are unsure of your major, it is also simple to become anxious. After all, your career will probably be shaped by the major you chose.

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