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The Top Nursing Schools in Manila

Nursing Schools in Manila: With almost 70% of its licensed professional health care employees being newly licensed nurses each year, the Philippines, the nation considered as the world’s greatest provider of qualified health professionals, leads the globe in the number of trained health workers.

This is a result of its top colleges producing a big number of healthcare graduates. These medical professionals primarily come from Manila, the nation’s capital.

The best nursing schools in the state, which have an exceptional track record of having the highest overall passing percentage in the nation on the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board exams for nursing, are largely responsible for the high caliber of healthcare workers in Manila.

Since numerous organizations and dating websites have listed these nursing schools in Manila, we’ll examine some of the best nursing schools in Manila in this post.

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Where is Manila?

The most populated city in the Philippines is Manila, which serves as its capital. All of these domains of influence are centered in the city. On the island of Luzon, along Manila Bay’s eastern shore, lies where the Pasig River empties into the sea.

The core of Old Manila is the walled city of Intramuros, erected during the Spanish colonial era.

What Degrees Do Nursing Schools in Manila Offer?

You must hold a Bachelor’s degree in nursing before you may work as a registered nurse in Manila or the Philippines in general.

Nonetheless, a number of universities in Manila provide master’s and doctoral programs in nursing. The University of Santo Tomas, for instance, has a Master of Arts in Nursing program.

You can therefore advance and continue your education to acquire new skills and a competitive advantage in the job market.

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Which language is Used in the Nursing Programs in Manila?

In the Philippines as a whole, English is widely spoken, and Manila, the nation’s capital, is no exception. Foreigners and native Filipinos alike frequently use English when speaking.

On the other hand, the language of instruction differs depending on where in a region the institution is located.

For instance, proficiency in the English language is a requirement for admission to the University of Santo Tomas as an international student.

As a result, in order to enroll in a nursing program in Manila as an international student, you must speak English proficiently.

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Top Nursing Schools in Manila

1. The University of the Philippines College of Nursing, Manila:

Nursing Schools in Manila
UPM_Nursing Schools in Manila

After a recommendation to the Philippine Commission, the University of the Philippines was founded in 1908 in response to the country’s expanding demand for professional courses in medicine, law, engineering, and applied sciences.

The organization has expanded to include eight affiliate universities spread across the nation. The Philippines’ eighth-oldest university is the University of the Philippines in Manila.

One of the top nursing programs in the nation is located at the University of the Philippines Faculty of Nursing in Manila. From its founding, its Faculty of Nursing has a 100% success rate on exams for nursing licenses.

One of the nursing schools in the Philippines that offers a two-year nursing degree program is the University of the Philippines College of Nursing, Manila.

This nursing degree requires two years to complete and is offered by the university’s College of Nursing, the most esteemed nursing school in the nation.

In addition to offering leadership and quality nursing growth in the international community, the program focuses on addressing the health needs of Filipinos.

A master’s degree in nursing is primarily intended to prepare nurses for clinical specialization and leadership positions in any of the crucial subjects listed below.

  • School nursing health
  • Adult nursing health
  • Nursing management
  • Nursing in community health
  • Psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • Infant and mother nursing

2. Philippines Women’s University:

Nursing Schools in Manila
PWU_Nursing Schools in Manila

With this degree program, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing are prepared for a rewarding career in the health and wellness industry.

The prevention of diseases, the promotion and restoration of health, the relief of suffering, and the recovery of individuals who are ill or injured are all areas in which students are prepared to play a caring role.

The Rizal Medical Center, which acts as the program’s base hospital and other specialized institutions, hosts the Relevant Learning Experience component of the BSN program.

Via simulations and lectures, students are introduced to the real-world functions that nurses play in the medical sector.

One of the universities in the Philippines that grants two-year nursing degrees is the School of Nursing at the Philippine Women’s University.

When it first opened its doors in 1960, The Philippine’s Women University College of Nursing offered a five-year integrated program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN).

The doctor of philosophy in nursing and master’s in nursing degrees were soon established to the college.

Students can choose to focus on one of five areas of nursing practice when they earn their Master of Arts in Nursing, which takes two years to complete.

The two degrees available are the Master of Science in Nursing and the Master of Arts in Nursing. They are experts in:

  • Administration and management expertise
  • Clinical expertise in maternal and pediatric nursing
  • Medical-surgical clinical specialization
  • Nursing with a focus on mental health and psychiatry
  • Nursing practice with a focus on community health

Nurses who graduate from one of the top nursing schools in Manila can find work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, private businesses, and the military. Also, they have the option of working as a private nurse or independent contractor.

The Graduate School Program aims to upgrade the credentials of registered nurses so they can practice competently in assuming managerial roles in educational settings and the health and wellness industry settings by utilizing advanced knowledge and skills in the roles of educator, clinician, and researcher.

3. University of Santo Tomas:

The oldest university in Asia and one of the first in the world to establish a nursing program is the Catholic University of Santo Tomas, located in Manila.

The college provides a number of programs in a variety of subject areas, including business and health care. Nursing courses are offered by the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing.

The College of Nursing also offers first-year clinical training. At the University of Santo Tomas Hospital, practical training is carried out under the supervision of hospital staff and college teachers. In conjunction with regional health units and other organizations, visits to community and other health centers will also be planned.

This nursing school in the Philippines offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in nursing to students looking to advance their education.

Students who are interested in acquiring the skills required for entry-level work in healthcare institutions might enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Students must complete eight terms over the course of four years to earn the four-year degree.

After graduating from high school, you can apply to the BSN program. The minimum grade required for admission to the master’s level is a B, and candidates must have a GPA of at least 2.00.

You might need to submit more paperwork, such your TOEFL or IELTS exam results, if you’re an overseas student. Unfortunately, the university does not currently provide any nursing Ph.D. programs.

One of top nursing schools in Manila is the University of Santo Tomas.

Nursing Schools in Manila
Nursing Schools in Manila

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does nursing take at UP Manila?


Is the Philippine nursing board exam challenging?

The IQ test, which will determine whether you can continue working as a nurse after your second year, was not very difficult. When around half of our original student body was eliminated, some of them either altered their courses or transferred to another school.

Is Manila in Spain?

In 1565, Spain took control of the Philippine Islands, and Manila was made the colonial capital. Beyond the defensive walls of Old Manila sat the seat of the Spanish government (now referred to as Intramuros meaning within the walls).

Is a job in nursing rewarding?

Being a nurse is a very lucrative profession in Manila. Everyone who desires to help others will find it to be a perfect fit. In light of this, if you have a strong desire to serve others and enjoy working with them, becoming a nurse may be the perfect career for you. Also, there are numerous international applications for nursing.


Many universities in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, offer students nursing programs.

The institutions listed above include accredited colleges that produce some of the best healthcare professionals in the world as well as prestigious research universities.

As can be seen by the large number of new nursing students who graduate from these institutions each year, Manila is home to some of the best nursing institutes in the Philippines.

We really hope that you have found our list of nursing schools in Manila to be useful.


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