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The Eastwick Foundation Review: Top 3 Missions

The Eastwick Foundation provides access to opportunities and promotes future optimism. The Eastwick Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was founded in 2007 and has three goals:

  1. Provide financial aid
  2. Through its Feed The Hungry initiative, The Eastwick Foundation particularly supports donations to food banks. Students and staff are both very active in the fundraising initiatives.
  3. The Eastwick Foundation Assist the Good JuJu Charity Project, a project that offers uniforms, school supplies, and a healthy lunch to children aged three and four who attend the non-profit Broughton Remnant Basic School in Jamaica. Children from low-income households, many of whom are headed by single parents, are educated at the preschool.

The Eastwick foundation

The Eastwick Foundation Achievements

Since 2010, the Eastwick Foundation has donated $165,000 to food banks and given over $200,000 in scholarships. In addition to providing hundreds of students with scholarships directly, Eastwick Education has donated more than $400,000 to other nonprofit organizations.

The Eastwick Foundation Statistical data

  • Ms. Jeanne M. Patrican serves as the executive director.
  • Main Address: 10 S Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey, NJ 07446
  • EIN – 26-0292184
  • NTEE Code/Purpose (B12), Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution.


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Review of The Eastwick Foundation

Since its inception in 2007, the Eastwick foundation has given scholarships to Eastwick College and HoHoKus School of Trade & Technical Sciences students so they can finish their degrees on time. Become a valuable contributor to the community by supporting nearby nonprofits. Students and faculty are particularly dedicated to supporting local food banks by raising money for Feed The Hungry.

Deserving students are assisted by the Eastwick Elite Scholarships in overcoming financial challenges so they can graduate on time and land a solid job. They assist neighbors in need through their Feed The Hungry program and other community outreach initiatives. They have an ongoing effect on the recipients’ families as well as on the lives of the beneficiaries themselves.

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The Eastwick foundation

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Reasons to Establish a Charitable Foundation

Just like the Eastwick Foundation, charitable foundations offer a mechanism for contributors to develop a strategic approach to their giving in order to have a significant social impact, whether they are individuals, families, or organizations. Charitable foundations not only help their target cause but also offer supporters a number of benefits.

1. Making a Charitable Plan Official

Making a formal charitable giving plan is a method that people, families, and companies can use to give more deliberately. Formalized charitable plans not only assist donors focus their giving so that it has a larger impact, but they also increase their sense of fulfillment from their philanthropy.

Donors find focus in their generosity and experience less pressure from fundraisers for other causes when they have a more strategic objective for their donation. They can instead affect real change within the topics that are significant to them.

A donor’s entire financial plan may include a charitable giving strategy. Donors can specify an amount that they can contribute annually, as opposed to making random donations to causes that appeal to them.

2. Generosity is taught to the next generation through charity

Charitable giving is a selfless deed. There is no monetary gain. A world that is more empathetic and community-focused results from generosity for its own sake. Children are more likely to continue to donate as adults if their parents and other role models demonstrate the value of giving and selflessness. It also leaves a legacy of kindness and long-lasting transformation.

3. Charity aids in Community Sustainability

Numerous nonprofit organizations concentrate on sustainability and promoting local self-sufficiency. Whether they are used for schools, training programs, or another purpose, donations offer a solid foundation. Individuals and communities may support themselves and stop depending on donations when sustainability is a top goal. There is a return on the donations in that the world as a whole benefits from this.

4. Donations Increase Gender Equality

One of the major issues facing the globe now is gender disparity. While there has been improvement in many areas, it is anticipated that it will take around 100 years to achieve gender equality. Many organisations directly address this problem and concentrate on the needs of women and girls. The gender wage gap is being reduced worldwide thanks to increased access to education, improved employment prospects, and healthcare facilities.

5. Donations Increase Racial Equality

There is racial discrimination everywhere in the world. People are mired in cycles of poverty as a result of historical and systematic racism. Racial minorities frequently comprise a nation’s most vulnerable demographics. Charities work to end the oppression of racial minorities in order to advance racial equality. Actions include advocating for more progressive laws, offering crucial services, and providing free legal counsel.

6. Donations Help the Poor.

The effectiveness of charitable groups in eradicating poverty is high. This has happened as a result of attention being paid to the causes of poverty, such as gender inequality and restricted access to higher education. The percentage of people living in poverty has drastically decreased over time. Five years ahead of expectations, the poverty rate from 1990 was reduced by half in 2015. That accomplishment largely came about through charity.

7. Donors profit from charity as well

While the idea of charity is to give without expecting anything in return, givers also gain intangible advantages. Giving back to others makes you feel calm, proud, and purposeful. These emotions result in a more contented life. People are more likely to continue giving and getting involved in other ways when they feel this positive energy. When people are motivated, the world is a better place.

The Eastwick foundation

Frequently Asked Questions about The Eastwick Foundation

Where is the main office of the Eastwick Foundation?

The headquarters of the Eastwick Foundation are located at 10 S. Franklin Tpke in Ramsey, New Jersey, 07446.

What is the official website of the Eastwick Foundation?

The official Eastwick Foundation website can be accessed at www.eastwickfoundation.org.

What is the revenue of the Eastwick Foundation

$5 million is Eastwick Foundation's annual revenue.

What is the SIC code of Eastwick Foundation?

SIC code for Eastwick Foundation: 8667.

How many employees are working for Eastwick Foundation?

There are 25 workers at Eastwick Foundation.



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