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The 20 Biggest Companies in the World

As seen by this list of the 20 biggest companies in the world, which have been on the Fortune 500 list for a number of years, even record downturns such as the COVID-19 pandemic hardly scratch the surface of these mighty behemoths.

The Biggest Companies in the World provide additional benefits for job seekers. The diversity of these Biggest Companies in the World translates to employment opportunities in a range of sectors and at varied degrees of experience. The variety of departments and roles provides opportunities for progress, and the international reach of the organization implies that working overseas might be advantageous.

Therefore, let’s examine the 20 Biggest Companies in the World.

List of 20 Biggest Companies in the World

The following is list of 20 Biggest Companies in the World:

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

2022 revenues: $182.8 billion

This Biggest Companies in the World is home to a number of the world’s largest and most prestigious banks. The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), which was established in 1984 and has its headquarters in Beijing, employs over 430,000 people and has 884 branches in 39 countries and territories.

With revenues over $45 billion in 2021 and assets exceeding $5 trillion, the ICBC reclaims its position as the world’s largest lender. According to its own financial interim report (PDF), the state-owned bank serves more than 9.2 million corporate and 590 million individual customers worldwide.

2. Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell shares: Price analysis before buying or selling

2022 revenues: $183.2 billion

Royal Dutch Shell has been a key player in many parts of the oil and gas business for more than a century. Shell USA is one of the main revenue sources for this multinational corporation, which has 87,000 people and operates in 100 countries.

Shell’s forward-thinking policies, which include a promise for net zero emissions by 2050, a streamlined name change in 2022 (Shell plc), and a relocation from The Netherlands to the more tax-friendly United Kingdom, should ensure the company’s continued prosperity.

3. BP

2022 revenues: $183.5 billion

This Biggest Companies in the World is a testament to London’s oil and gas behemoth’s size and profitability that a 600% drop in profits did not prevent the company from ranking among the top 20. BP maintains about 1200 gas stations in the United Kingdom and over 6000 in the United States. In 70 countries across the globe, its 68,000 workers work in refining, service, technology, and other sectors. BP is the leader among major oil companies in hiring women, including for management roles.

4. AmerisourceBergen

2022 revenues: $189.9 billion

The Bergen Drug Company was the first corporation in America to employ computers for accounting and inventory management in 1959. AmerisourceBergen has remained in the forefront of wholesale drug distribution, logistics, and patient services innovation and technology throughout its merger and acquisition history. With over 42,000 employees in more than 50 countries, the firm offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical job opportunities.

5. Ping An InsurancePing An Insurance Group

2022 revenues: $191.5 billion

Experts predict that China will soon dominate the global economy, and corporations like Ping An are the reason why. The Shenzhen-based provider of health, housing, and life insurance services hundreds of millions of clients.

With 600 million digital users and a segment of Smart City goods that utilizes personal and public technologies for advanced city-wide data analytics, they are also a technology leader. The many duties of Ping An’s 362,000 employees include finance, law, administration, and translation.This is another Biggest Companies in the World

6. Samsung Electronics

40,102 Samsung Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

2022 revenues: $200.7 billion

Tech businesses are among the Biggest Companies in the World to work if you’re seeking for positions that are resistant to obsolescence and offer fantastic perks. In a Capital on Tap report from 2021, Samsung was recognized as the world’s most inventive technology business, providing an additional layer of protection for its almost 268,000 employees.

Samsung’s display and memory chip technologies contributed to a 26.4% increase in the company’s annual profits, as well as a large portion of the smartphone and 5G network markets.

7. Saudi Aramco

2022 revenues: $229.8 billion

This Saudi Arabian mining and oil production company, a relative newcomer to the Fortune 500 list, has weathered the pandemic storm and continues to discover profitable avenues.

Saudi Aramco utilizes advanced technology throughout the organization to assist with environmental, government compliance, efficiency, and financial procedures. Those in pursuit of high-level technology jobs will find an abundance of chances in this area, which is staffed by almost 80,000 individuals.This is also among the Biggest Companies in the World.

8. China State Construction Engineering Company

2022 revenues: $234.4 billion

China is well-known for investing massive sums in infrastructure. Numerous lucrative contracts have been awarded to China State Construction Engineering Company (CSCEC), a state-owned enterprise.

This Biggest Companies in the World designs, engineers, and builds everything from roads and bridges to skyscrapers, monorail systems, automobile factories, and COVID-19 emergency hospitals. CSCEC recruits its more than 356,000 employees from all over the world and offers four distinct ‘promotion routes’ within its management, professional, consulting, and operating divisions.

9. McKesson

Retail Banner Services - McKesson Canada - McKesson Canada

2022 revenues: $238.2 billion

In the United States, this pharmaceutical and medical products wholesaler is the largest of its kind. The scale of its operations makes it a good candidate for government contracts, including pharmacy and mail-order supplies for Veterans Affairs hospitals and the nationwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

McKesson also has facilities in the United Kingdom and Canada, and its 67,500 employees work in the disciplines of medicine, technology, marketing, sales, and project management.

10. Berkshire Hathaway

2022 revenues: $245.5 billion

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, continues to appear on the world’s wealthiest lists and exerts influence over investors aspiring to reach a fraction of his lifelong achievement.

This Biggest Companies in the World company is a behemoth conglomerate with the most expensive shares in history, a profitable insurance sector, and ownership stakes in GEICO, Duracell, Dairy Queen, and Helzberg Diamonds, among others. Berkshire Hathaway’s 360,000 employees rely on Buffett’s renowned business acumen to keep the company stable and successful.

11. Volkswagen55,986 Volkswagen Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

2022 revenues: $254 billion

Germany’s auto industry, which contains several of the top companies to work for in the country, continues to excel. Volkswagen is the largest automaker in the region and the second largest in the world, trailing Toyota Motor by a hair in terms of revenue.

In addition to Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Audi, the Volkswagen Group also owns a number of other well-known automobile manufacturers, including Lamborghini, Bentley, and Audi. As of December 2020, Volkswagen will have employed a whopping 17,939 apprentices, demonstrating its commitment to trainee and development programs.It is also among the Biggest Companies in the World.

12. Toyota Motor

2022 revenues: $256.7 billion

Japan’s technical industry is vast and rich, but automotive titan Toyota is the largest company in the country and the world. Toyota is committed to pursue both hydrogen vehicles and an outstanding 15 battery electric models by 2025, in the same way that customers’ environmental concerns have spurred the oil and gas industries.

The majority of the company’s 366,000 employees are located in Japan and North America, although production and distribution facilities offer global employment options.

13. UnitedHealth Group

2022 revenues: $257.1 billion

Despite having its headquarters in Minnesota, this health insurance behemoth employs 340,000 individuals in all 50 states and 33 extra countries. UnitedHealth offers individual and group plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid supplementary insurance, and generates enormous profits.

This Biggest Companies in the World also operates Optum, a subsidiary that specializes in technology-based health services such as benefits management and data analysis to manage prescription costs.

14. CVS Health

2022 revenues: $268.7 billion

Those in the United States with a well-crafted pharmacist resume have an excellent chance of gaining employment at a CVS pharmacy. There are about 9900 retail establishments in the United States; in some regions, they are nearly on every corner.

Many of the company’s 300,000 employees apply their expertise in health care clinics, customer service, information technology, and the newly acquired insurance firm Aetna, creating more prospects for prospective employees.This is another Biggest Companies in the World.

15. AppleApple, logo Icon in Vector Logo

2022 revenues: $274.5 billion

Apple continues to inspire a cult-like loyalty among its users, and the unexpected increase in home office supplies during the epidemic caused the tech giant’s profits to rise. Apple, often regarded as one of the best places to work in the world, offers its 154,000 employees competitive pay and perks.

This Biggest Companies in the World faces the greatest threat from anti-monopoly legislation as it attempts to dominate the markets for smartphones, apps, laptops, smart watches, digital music, and even Oscar-winning films.

16. Sinopec Group

2022 revenues: $283.7 billion

Profits have returned to the second-largest oil business in China as a result of rising demand from manufacturers and freight operators, but the company’s long-term goals include a transition to renewable energy.

According to reports, Sinopec intends to become China’s largest provider of hydrogen as a transportation fuel by 2025, which will result in the creation of an entirely new business and the addition of over half a million employees.

17. China National Petroleum

2022 revenues: $284 billion

The largest oil and gas corporation in the world operates in 30 countries and has a number of strategic and cooperative agreements for drilling, operations, and supply chains.

The international gasoline behemoth employs over 1.2 million people, and STEM careers are abundantly available. The corporation will also adhere to the Chinese government’s goals to cut carbon emissions by shifting more of its operations to natural gas over the next few years.

18. Amazon239,513 Amazon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

2022 revenues: $386.1 billion

Just as its founder, Jeff Bezos, became the wealthiest person in the world, the epidemic struck, causing his e-commerce empire’s sales and earnings to rise. Despite the entrepreneurial icon’s departure from Amazon’s day-to-day operations in 2021, the company continues to profit on numerous fronts.

A price increase on Amazon’s Prime delivery and on-demand entertainment services, combined with the company’s growth to over 200 million customers globally, contributes significantly to the company’s profitability.

In response to criticism of working conditions at its distribution warehouses, Amazon has improved compensation and benefits for its employees and continues to be a global employment powerhouse with roughly 1.5 million employees.It is also among the Biggest Companies in the World.

19. State Grid Corporation of China

2022 revenues: $386.6 billion

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), the state-owned electric utility provider in China, has experienced the same deadly combination of pandemic-related business loss and government pressure to cut carbon emissions.

Despite the challenges, SGCC continues to generate considerable profits from serving over a billion utility consumers in China, in addition to holding holdings in overseas utilities such as those in the Philippines, Australia, Italy, and Brazil. The company’s commitment to pursuing cleaner energy will result in the creation of additional environmental jobs in addition to the existing 896,360 positions.

20. WalmartWalmart axing layaway this holiday, replaced with new financing program |  ABC4 Utah

More than half of Walmart’s 2,3 million employees in the United States are employed at its 5,342 retail and discount superstores. The remainder of its employees are based in its overseas locations in over 20 countries, including 400 retail outlets in Canada and China each.

Sam Walton, the company’s founder, thought that good service and reduced costs might assist improve people’s lives. This purpose has been substantially enhanced by the company’s efforts to negotiate affordable prescription pricing for its consumers. Walmart aims to maintain its revenue advantage over Amazon, the company in second place on this list, by investing more in retail technology, grocery delivery, and its online store.

FAQs On Biggest Companies in the World.

What is the 10 biggest company in the world?

American retail corporation Walmart has been the world's largest company by revenue since 2014.

Whats the most expensive company?

Saudi Aramco Given its huge oil reserves and substantial profits, Saudi Aramco is also one of the most valuable companies in history with a peak market capitalization of over $2.4 trillion. Given the higher oil prices, Saudi Aramco reported that is net income rose 90% to $48.4 billion in Q2 2022.

What company makes the most money a day?

Rank Company Profit per Day
#1 Saudi Aramco $304,039,726
#2 Apple $163,098,630
#3 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China $123,293,973
#4 Samsung Electronics $109,301,918

What is the largest company of all time?

Dutch East India Company: $9.1 trillion (£6.9tn)

Right before the bubble burst in 1637, the firm was worth 78 million Dutch guilders.

What's the biggest private company?

In 2021, Cargill was the largest private company in the United States, by revenue. That year, they had a revenue of 134.4 billion U.S. dollars.


As can be seen, the world’s largest corporations operate in a variety of areas, including oil and gas, banking, and the automobile sector. Unsurprisingly, Chinese companies occupy a number of positions on the list, but Walmart continues to reign supreme in terms of profits, assets, and employment prospects.

Consider the numerous advantages of working for huge corporations, such as job security, professional advancement opportunities, and the opportunity to work overseas.

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