Support for Ukraine Students


On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a military invasion into Ukraine, which has led to more than 2.5 million people fleeing the country. This is the largest humanitarian crisis for refugees across Europe since the start in the Second World War. In response to this, the European Union has granted Ukrainians the right to work, study and live with medical and housing support in its 27 member countries without visa for up to three years.

The education industry as well, has responded swiftly to this humanitarian call, and are offering various benefits and supports to Ukrainian students, scholars, lecturers and teachers. Equally important the schools and universities are ensuring these refugees have the appropriate and have access to education. They can then pursue their studies or start new courses, providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and the confidence to create better lives for their families as well as their own.

In this article, we will show how different countries, universities, institutions and around the world are supporting and helping students and teachers who are refugees from Ukraine, in terms of academics, counseling as well as meals, tuition-free and many more.


In their support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine, Denmark has established Ukrainian refugee aid programs with momentous amount of funds. Apart from this, the Southern Denmark University (SDU) and seven other universities has suspended collaboration with Russian and Belarus organisations is a move to support the Ukrainians in this trying time. on 1 March, a press release was released in line with this, where it was started “a clear distinction between the state of Russia and the citizens of Russia. We want to offer our support to both staff and students from Ukraine as well as Belarus and Russia”.
“The Danish universities want to show our solidarity with Ukraine and will seek support among the European universities to cooperate on supportive measures that may help the students and university staff in Ukraine.”

Finally, Danish ministers are working on plans to provide free educational services, this decision has not been finally agreed upon and a positive outcome is hopeful to be received soon.


In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, France grants temporary protection to the refugees displaced by the war. The French government has launched a support fund of €300,000 for Ukrainian students to enroll at colleges and organisations of the French Ministry of Culture.
France through its PAUSE – Solidarity with Ukraine program is a offering emergency funding and support for Ukrainian researchers. As well, Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’homme (FMSH) provides short-term fellowships and financial support for researchers. Ukrainian students can choose from various affordable study programmes, with tuition fees ranging between 100 and 1,000 EUR. Most of them are Master’s degrees, but you can find some at Bachelor’s or PhD level.
As regards African students studying in Ukraine before the invasion, France has created a new initiative to provide help for them. They would be able to follow their previously enrolled courses in French university.

Italy Support for Ukraine Students:

As a response to the invasion, Italy offers temporary protection and emergency residence permits to refugees from Ukraine. On 28 February, Italy has set aside a fund of €500,000 to support students and scholars affected by the consequences of the war, living in Italy or escaping from Ukraine.

The government has also called on academic institutions to come forward with grants and opportunities for Ukrainian scholars. The director of National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) has said, they are going to activate a programme to support Ukrainian scientists who work with them and are open to host scientists coming from Ukraine

Sweden Support for Ukraine Students:

According to the Swedish council for higher education,Ukraine students in Sweden don’t need to apply for a recognition statement. their foreign qualifications will be assessed as part of the admissions process. UHR manages the admissions process to higher education together with Sweden’s universities. Several Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) and research funding bodies are offering different types of support to researchers and doctoral students from Ukraine. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences offers Ukrainian citizens scholarship to conduct their research in Sweden during or in connection with the current war in Ukraine. The scholarship covered may be up to 20 000 SEK per month in total may be awarded for a period of maximum 12 months. This may include living expenses and travel, plus other costs associated with temporary relocation of research activities.
In addition, several universities, such as Stockholm University, are offering research positions to Ukrainian researchers.

Hungary and Poland Support for Ukraine Students:

In support of Ukrainians fleeing the war zones from the aftermath of the Russia invasion, Hungary has offered free education at the Budapest Semmelweis University for students and researchers affected by the war. This also extends to international students whose studies have been interrupted due to the invasion. They may be able to resume their studies at universities in Hungary and Poland.

In addition, medical students from Ukraine can complete their programs in Poland and Hungary university as both countries have expressed collaborative support.
According to a tweet by Dr Attila Demko, the head of Hungary’s Centre for Geopolitics. “Hungary is offering foreign students who escaped #UkraineRussianWar (India, Nigeria, other African countries) to continue their studies at Hungarian universities.”

Czech Republic Support for Ukraine Students:

In solidarity with Ukrainian students, the University of South Bohemia has offered extraordinary and social scholarships and accommodation for those who need it.
The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will allocate 150 million Czech crowns to support Ukrainian students. As well, universities would provide individual in form of scholarship offers, waivers, supports, counseling and assistance

In line with this, the Charles University has allocated more than 150 bed spaces in their dormitory for students, researchers, staff and scientists affected by the war. Financial aids are also going to be provided by Charles university, and they have put in place a special call line offering psychological counseling to Ukrainians.

Masaryk University in Brno has immediately terminated her agreements with four Russian universities as a sign of opposing the invasion.
As well, Prague City University has announced it is providing 25 fully funded scholarship for Ukraine students in Czech under full protection.


  1. I am a single Zambian parent of a student who escaped war in Ukraine and concerned about my son’s completion of his degree program. How can I be helped with the application details for countries that are helping students from Ukraine?

  2. I am a single Zambian parent of a student who escaped war in Ukraine and concerned about my son’s completion of his degree program. How can I be helped with the application details for countries that are helping students from Ukraine?

  3. Which Country are you presently at Misozi? I can send you links for the countries you are where you can apply for scholarship for your son.

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