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18 Stanford free online courses with certificates

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18 Stanford free online courses with certificates.This article discusses 18 Stanford free online courses with certificates and their official application URLs. One of the United States’ most prominent Ivy League institutions, Stanford University, offers these courses online. Students who wish to get an official certificate following successful completion of any of these courses are required to pay a modest charge for a few of the courses.

Stanford University is able to offer free online courses to anyone interested in learning a skill or acquiring relevant knowledge by employing modern technologies.

This post will introduce you to the Stanford free online courses with certificates in a range of fields.

The majority of these Stanford online courses are offered through Stanford Online, which is officially operated by the Stanford Center for Development, all under the enormous umbrella of the prestigious Stanford University, which is internationally renowned for her world-class education and excellence in research studies and other fields.

This world-class education is available to anybody with a PC/laptop and an internet connection, not only those who can afford to attend the school.

With the right tools, virtually anyone may learn anything they want from the free online courses offered by Stanford for no cost. The courses are taught by the university’s most distinguished professors and lecturers, who take care to provide all students with a superior education.

While the majority of Stanford’s free online courses are made available through the Stanford Online platform, others are made available through various online learning platforms with whom Stanford University has partnered.

Benefits of enrolling in Online Courses at Stanford University

  • Due to the online nature of the courses, no transportation costs are incurred. You can study from the convenience of your own home, office, or vehicle.
  • You can choose from a number of courses, and you can also decide to acquire knowledge in other fields of study by taking classes outside your discipline.
  • The Stanford free online courses are taught by top Stanford professors and lecturers, you won’t have to spend a dollar to take advantage of this great education, and you’ll also benefit from the Stanford name.
  • Because the courses are offered online, they are flexible, allowing you to select a study schedule that fits your schedule.
  • Stanford’s free online courses can help you grow in your job; you can either acquire a new skill or hone your present ones, which will put you ahead of the competitors in the workforce if you have the same career profile.
  • Online education is typically highly convenient.

List of the Stanford Free Online Courses with Certificates

The following is a list of the Stanford Free Online Courses with Certificates:

  • Disaster Medicine Training
  • Statistical Learning
  • Computer Science
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking
  • Essentials of Program Strategy and Evaluation
  • Defining the String Quartet: Haydn
  • Designing Your Career
  • Partnering with the Public and Patients in Medical Research
  • Algorithms: Design and Analysis
  • Careers in Media Technology
  • Introduction to Haptics
  • Organizational Analysis
  • International Women’s Health and Human Rights
  • Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Writing in the Sciences
  • Game Theory
  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

1. Disaster Medicine Education

Stanford free online courses

This Stanford free online courses with certificates was developed under the Stanford Emergency Medicine Program for Emergency Response and is intended to prepare students for any health-related emergency situations by providing them with knowledge of disaster medicine.

The Disaster Medicine Training course curriculum is taught by several Stanford medical professors, and regardless of your medical background, you are welcome to enroll since you will be taught all you need to know from scratch.

Course Length: Eight Weeks

1 to 2 hours per week of work

2. Statistical Education

Participate in this Stanford free online courses with certificates to become certified in Statistical Learning, where you will obtain foundational understanding in statistics and discover some of the most important techniques used in statistical modeling and data science.

Learn linear regression, resampling models, linear model selection, and a great deal more. This knowledge is applicable to every business and even the medical industry, so you can pursue this course regardless of your subject of study.

Course Length: Nine Weeks

3 to 5 hours per week of work

3. Computer Science

This is the most sought-after skill in the world today, and you can learn everything about computers, basic coding, and much more in this free online course from Stanford. This course is taught from scratch by ICT professors and lecturers at Stanford.

This Stanford free online courses with certificates will provide you with work options and the chance to learn more about computer technology and programming languages.

Course Length: Six Weeks

4 to 6 hours per week of work

4. Nutrition and Cooking for Children

As a parent, nanny, or someone wanting additional knowledge, this Stanford free online courses with certificates will provide you with information on how to approach a child’s eating pattern by studying their diet and providing them with the appropriate food.

Obtaining a certification in Child Nutrition and Cooking could gain you a position as a teacher and equip you with expertise on how and what to feed your children and others.

Course length is five weeks.

1 to 2 hours per week of work

5. Elements of Program Planning and Evaluation

Whatever program is being arranged, be it a prom, a fundraiser, a birthday party, a meeting, or a social program connected to health, the environment, education, or others, a strategy is always necessary to ensure the program’s success.

Learn to establish strategies that will guide your work as a non-profit leader or policymaker and assist ensure you get a successful outcome by enrolling in this Stanford free online courses with certificates.

Course Length: Four Weeks

5-10 hours per week of work

6. Haydn’s Definition of the String Quartet

At its most fundamental level, the string quartet is a musical term referring to the medium of four string instruments: two violins, viola, and violoncello, and instrumentalists are identified by the instrument.

This Stanford free online courses with certificates presents historical information on this instrument in relation to Haydn’s towering, history-altering feat, as well as early string quartet compositions by other composers.

Course Length: Ten Weeks

3 to 6 hours per week of work

7. Planning Your Profession

Stanford free online courses

Developing your profession Stanford’s free online courses are designed to help learners effectively enter a new sector of interest, whether they are still deciding what they want to do or have already decided. You will receive expertise on how to create true professional contacts and learn new methods to approach networking.

Course length is five weeks.

2 to 5 hours per week of work

8. Partnership with Patients and the Public in Medical Research

This Stanford free online courses with certificates is intended to assist physicians, researchers, patients, and members of the general public in forming partnerships with patients in medical research and fostering trusting relationships between patients and researchers.

In addition, attendees will learn about consumerism in health care, as well as the benefits, obstacles, and impediments associated with health care co-production.

Course length is five weeks.

1 to 2 hours per week of work

9. The Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Participate in this Stanford free online courses with certificates to improve your computer and programming skills. Algorithms are the heart of computer science, and tech organizations and other industries want individuals with these skills.

In order to participate in this course, it is recommended that students have a fundamental understanding of programming, as algorithms also involve programming.

Course Length: Six Weeks

2 to 4 hours per week of work

10. Professions in Media Technology

Stanford free online courses

We encounter numerous media technologies on a daily basis, ranging from radios and televisions to electronic guitars, video games, and various sound systems utilized for producing sounds, such as music, and transmitting diverse information.

By enrolling in this course, you will examine how organizations that design innovative devices carry them from concept to market. You will receive insight into the day-to-day operations of firms like Adobe, Universal Audio, and Izotope, as well as explore your career choices within the industry.

Course length is five weeks.

Six hours each week of

11. Overview of Haptics

Haptics are mechatronic devices that allow users to sense virtual or distant surroundings; this is related to robotic mechanisms and may appear complicated; nonetheless, enrolling in the course will progressively teach you everything, including practical skills.

Allison Okamura, a famous professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University, will equip students with hands-on expertise in assembling mechanical systems, creating circuits, programming, bioengineering, and testing haptic inventions.

Course length is five weeks.

1-10 hours per week of work

12. Organizational Analysis

Organizations exist everywhere in the world, and everyone is a part of them; if you are not currently affiliated with one, it is inevitable that you will be in the future. In this beginning self-paced course, you will study several organizational behavior theories and apply them to actual situations of organizational change.

By enrolling in this Stanford free online courses with certificates, you will obtain expertise in management, organizational theory, analysis, and culture. These skills are required in practically every industry in the world, and certification qualifies you for any position.

Course Length: Eleven Weeks

1 to 2 hours per week of work

13. International Health and Human Rights for Women

This Stanford free online courses with certificates imparts knowledge about women’s health and human rights issues from infancy to old age, as well as positive solutions pertaining to these issues.

With your newly acquired talent, you can join the human rights campaigners fighting for the rights of female children and assist in rescuing women in perilous circumstances. You might also contribute your expertise to the medical industry.

Course Length: Ten Weeks

2-3 hours per week of work

14. Models and analyses of social and economic networks

In this self-paced course from Stanford Online, you will learn how to model social and economic networks and their impact on human behavior. You will acquire transferable abilities in social networks, game theory, and network analysis and theory that may be utilized in HR departments of diverse firms.

Course Length: Eight Weeks

2 to 4 hours per week of work

15. Learning Machines

Machine Learning is a Data Science subfield concerned with making computers function without being explicitly programmed. Inventions such as self-driving cars, web searches, speech recognition, and many others are made possible through machine learning.

Join this Stanford free online courses with certificates to get theoretical and practical understanding of the most effective machine learning techniques and how to put them to work for you and others, so that you can be compensated for your services.

Course Length: Eleven Weeks

3 to 5 hours per week of work

16. Writing in the Sciences

This Stanford free online courses with certificates teaches scientists the principles of excellent writing, strategies for writing faster and with less anxiety, peer review, grant writing, and writing for general audiences using real examples and exercises.

Course Length: Eight Weeks

2 to 4 hours per week of work

17. Game Theoretic

Game theory is the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction between rational and irrational players, including the simulation of international conflict, political campaigns, business competitiveness, and market trading behavior.

You will develop skills and expertise in game theory, backward induction, Bayesian game, and numerous problem-solving approaches by enrolling in this Stanford free online courses with certificates.

Course Length: Eight Weeks

1 to 2 hours per week of work

18. Introduction to Food and Health at Stanford

Stanford free online courses

You are your diet. Many health benefits are associated with eating the proper food at the right time; however, many people suffer from obesity, diabetes, and other preventable chronic diseases because they consume the wrong food.

This free online course from Stanford will teach you about nutrition, food science and safety, and health informatics, enabling you to understand the various types of food your body needs. You can then put your knowledge to use and make money as a food and health nutritionist.

Course length is five weeks.

1 to 3 hours per week of work

This concludes our list of Stanford’s free online courses, for which you do not have to pay a dollar to study as much as you want, and only a minimal charge to get various certificates.

FAQs On Stanford free online courses with certificates

Is Stanford online school free?

Our free online courses provide you with an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills and study new and emerging topics. Learn from Stanford instructors and industry experts at no cost to you.

Are Stanford online courses worth it?

Yes, the edX Stanford online certificate is worth it. The verified certificates are perfect for professionals looking to prove they acquired job-relevant skills through professional training.

How much does a Stanford online course cost?

Tuition for each course is $1,400 per unit. Each course ranges from 3-5 units, as indicated on course pages.


These courses are from Stanford University and come with a certificate of completion that is accepted by every HR department in the world. With your online certification, you can find a well-paying job in a variety of industries, or if you’re already employed, you can get a promotion or a raise.

Due to the online nature of the course, it is imperative that participants maintain focus on their studies. However, with persistence, you can complete the course and acquire the needed skills.

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