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Top Marketable Software Skills for Resume

Software Skills for Resume: To flourish in the technologically driven workplace of today, one must have strong software skills. Whether you want to work as an administrative assistant, a sales manager, or an HR manager, technology use will be a part of your daily tasks.

Employers therefore want job applicants to possess at least fundamental software skills. However, how should you list the best software and computer talents on your resume?
This article’s goal is to define software skills and discuss their significance. Additionally, we’ll show you how to list software abilities on a tech resume and go over several examples of resumes for computer skills.

What Are Software Skills?

People frequently ask, “What are software skills? as well as “What are computer skills? “Software skills have subdivisions called computer skills. While “software skills” are unique to using computer programs, the term “computer skills” covers everything using computers. Your ability to use computer programs depends on your knowledge of software. For instance, if you are an executive assistant, you might need to track your boss’s schedule using a digital calendar tool. Or you might need to create business letters on your manager’s behalf using Microsoft Word.

You’ll employ various computer and software abilities depending on your position. For instance, you might use programming languages, AI, or deep learning models in your work as a quality assurance engineer, which calls for advanced computing abilities. For instance, an assistant or office manager will use Microsoft Office or Atlassian more regularly.

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Why Is Computer Skill Important?

People frequently discuss how crucial computer abilities are to their employment. Since these abilities are mentioned so frequently, many individuals begin to question why having computer skills is so crucial.

Modern organizations depend heavily on technology to carry out a wide range of duties effectively. Due to a lack of computer capabilities, competing candidates may be unable to complete some tasks. Your knowledge will provide you a competitive edge over other job seekers during the hiring process.

Therefore, to simply answer the question, computer skills are crucial since they give candidates a competitive edge during the hiring process. This advantage over the competition may lead to an interview, a pre-employment test to verify these computer or software skills, and a better likelihood of landing the job.

Software Skills for Resume
Software Skills for Resume

How to Describe the Levels of Computer Skills on a Resume

It’s one thing to compile a list of software talents; it’s quite another to properly describe those skills. If you’ve ever wondered how to adequately convey your degree of computer proficiency on a resume, keep reading. You’re not by yourself. Every day, thousands of people suffer with this issue.

One of the greatest methods to describe computer skill levels on a resume is to rank them and divide them by competence level. Your experience and education will have an impact on your degree of software competency. Be truthful about your knowledge and offer an employer three tiers of worthwhile skills.

To show a fundamental understanding of the profession and the talents required for it, software skills should be divided into basic, moderate, and advanced skill levels. You now understand how to define computer abilities. If you’re still uneasy about the concept, the example given below can help.

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A Sample of Defining Software Skills for Resume

It’s time to add these computer skills to your resume after compiling a list of abilities based on level of proficiency. Each level should be given its own title in your list, and you should provide compelling examples for each bullet point. Advanced skills should be at the top, followed by intermediate skills, and basic skills should be at the bottom. Here are a few potent illustrations:

Advanced Skills:

  • Provided website design and upkeep for the business and kept track of 8,000 monthly visits.
  • Resolved a network server security breach affecting approximately 300 users.
  • Excellent coding skills in HTML. HTML coding was implemented for a range of front end development websites.
  • OneDrive was integrated into the office’s filing system to help organize online papers.

Intermediate Skills:

  • Created marketing pieces for the business using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Conducted presentations with voiceovers using cutting-edge presentation software.
  • Responsible for assigning, managing, and approving 150 content projects each month.
  • Tracked performance and analytics for marketing advertisements published on various social media channels.

Basic Skills:

  • Created weekly emails to keep employees informed of updated policies within the company.
  • Reviewed marketing material for typographical errors and syntax.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suites, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Implemented Google Calendar to organize meetings for the entire department.

Each of these instances demonstrates that a worker possesses a variety of essential job-related abilities. Additionally, it amply illustrates their level of expertise to the employer. Simple and direct language is appealing, particularly when it sums up the scope of the job application in a single glance.

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Why Should My Resume Include Computer Skills?

It is essential to include evidence of your computer skills on a resume in the modern industry. As technology has developed, so has the usage of technology in enterprises. Employers can tell if you have the qualifications and abilities to carry out the work at hand by looking at samples of your computer capabilities. Businesses can become more efficient by using technology to speed up routine procedures and automate repetitive ones. Additionally, having software skills helps employees do their work more quickly, which boosts productivity.

When interviewing people, businesses frequently search for demonstrations of computer skills. Your resume should include a list of your technical, soft, and computer skills, as well as examples. You will be able to demonstrate your value to a potential employer and aid them in understanding the technology you are knowledgeable with by doing this.

Top 8 Computer and Software Skills for Resume

We have already talked about what software skills are and why they are important. However, you might want to say more than just “software skills” on your CV to demonstrate your proficiency with software. How can you more effectively express to companies your software skills?

First, separate the finest computer skills for a resume from the best software skills for a resume. After making your list, add these sophisticated skills under the pertinent software or computer skills area on your CV. We have chosen some of the top possibilities to assist you in making your decision before you submit your next job application.

1: Communication Tools

Utilizing communication tools, businesses may exchange information more successfully with both their workers and customers. If you are submitting an application for a position that requires a lot of digital communication, you should list the technologies you have utilized.

Additionally, you might want to emphasize your experience using communication technologies if you are looking for a remote position.

You could mention the following tools on your resume:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Basecamp
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype

2. Social Media

Social media has developed into a useful tool for businesses to create their brand identities. Utilizing social media platforms can be helpful if you work in a position involving marketing or personal assistance. You could also highlight your social media expertise if you are applying for a job managing social media.

You can include the following social networking tools on your resume:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer

3. Spreadsheets

Table-based data collection is possible with spreadsheets. You can do both simple and complex calculations using formulae while using a spreadsheet to store data.

You could be required to be familiar with spreadsheet software if you are looking for a job that requires you to work with numbers. For instance, if you plan to work in HR, you might need to monitor and track statistics using spreadsheets.

Here are a few examples of how to list spreadsheet expertise in a resume:

  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets
  • Excel

4. Word Processing and Desktop Publishing Tools

In many professions, proficiency with word processing and desktop publishing software is required. You might need to use a program like Microsoft Word to make memos if you work as an assistant. If you’re an accountant, you’ll need to use word processing software to create professional reports.

On your resume, you can convey experience using these tools in a number different ways:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Google Docs
  • Knowledge of desktop publishing tools

Business people may generate outstanding presentations using PowerPoint or other presentation tools by utilizing their computer and software expertise.

5. Presentation Tools

Effective communication of knowledge to others is a crucial component of many employments. Whether you work as an HR manager, a digital marketer, or a company manager, this is true.

You should note on your resume any experience you have with programs like PowerPoint. Mention your aptitude for public speaking. You might also mention a specific program you used, such PowerPoint or Google Slides.

6. Computer Programming

You might also wish to include computer programming experience, depending on the position you’re looking for.

Most positions that call for computer programming expertise are in the technology sector, such as web development or quality assurance engineering. However, you should still make note of any programming abilities you have in your resume if you believe they are pertinent to your position.

Having programming knowledge may help you do your job more efficiently. Consider the scenario when you are a skilled coder and an accountant. You might automate routine tasks at work using your programming talents.

Software Skills for Resume
Software Skills for Resume

You should give particular examples of the technologies you are familiar with if you choose to list computer programming as a software ability on your resume. You may say that you are proficient in C++, HTML, Python, or PHP, for example.

7. Database

Although databases are less frequent than spreadsheets in most industries, there are some positions where you’ll require a foundational understanding of databases. For example, if you work in sales, you might be required to log specific sales into a database tool.

You might wish to add your database experience on your resume if you have any. You may refer to a particular database that you have used. You could also discuss a particular style of database architecture that you are knowledgeable about, such as graphical or relational databases.

You could list the following database abilities on your resume:

  • SQL
  • XML Databases
  • Microsoft Access
  • NoSQL

8. Graphic Design

Even if you might not use your graphic design talents on a daily basis, they are still incredibly useful in the business. You may make a straightforward document or presentation more visually appealing and interesting by employing your graphic design abilities.

You can list the following talents in your resume under graphic design:

  • knowledge of the Adobe Suite
  • Desktop publishing
  • Design
  • InDesign
  • Sketch

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Additional Software Skills to Add to Your CV

You’ll probably reach a stage whether manually generating your resume or using a resume builder where you’ll need to include a list of your computer skills. While successfully demonstrating your superior computer skills, this list should be succinct. A list of computer talents should contain the skill sets the employer specifically mentioned in the job description in addition to those stated in the preceding section.

This will show the company that you have read the job offering and have taken the time to update your resume to highlight your technical talents. It will also indicate you have the necessary technical expertise to succeed. Here is a list of other computer talents to list on your resume in addition to those in the previous section:

  • G-Suite: Another well-liked program that many contemporary businesses use in the office is Google G-Suite, commonly referred to as the Google Workspace. Applications like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Hangouts are all housed there.
  • Enterprise systems: Having knowledge of business systems, such as supply chain management software or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, can help you stand out from the competitors. Make sure to indicate in your resume whether you have experience with this kind of software.
  • Web and Coding: It is crucial to make a list of your goals if you want to become a computer scientist or software engineer.
    matching computing talents for this knowledge. Include any programming languages you are knowledgeable in as well as whether you have experience with content management systems.
  • QuickBooks: Whether you work as an accountant, bookkeeper, or administrative assistant, having a working knowledge of Quickbooks can be helpful in a variety of circumstances. Make sure to include your experience with this program in your CV if you have any.
  • Writing: It’s crucial to have strong communication skills when drafting a CV. This is because it demonstrates to potential employers that you have a strong command of English, are a professional, and are at ease creating material. This ability is crucial for establishing a minimum level of communication in emails and for landing a job as a content specialist or editor.
Software Skills for Resume
Software Skills for Resume

Tips for Including Software Skills for Resume

Now that you are aware of several excellent examples, it is time to highlight your software talents on your resume. You might be unsure of how to list computer talents on a resume if you’ve never included one. Follow these steps to learn how to list software abilities on your resume:

  • Make a master talent list. For your resume, start by outlining your computer and software expertise. Choose from a range of abilities, such as those in communication, software, time management, and computers. The list need to be lengthy.
  • Compare the specifications of the job advertisement to your master list. Once you’ve compiled a list of your computer and software talents, it’s essential to access the job description for the position you’re applying for. Go over and highlight the necessary abilities. You can use this as a guide while pairing down.
  • The list is pared down. It’s time to reduce the master list now that you have a list of software talents for your resume and a list of skills for the employment opportunity. Choose the key competencies that are mentioned in both your master list and the job description. These abilities will be highly useful.
  • Sort the remaining competencies. Even though you probably pared down a lot of your software and computer talents for the resume, the list is probably still too extensive. Go through these talents one by one and rank them according to your level of proficiency.
  • Include a section on your resume listing your software expertise. Choose the top five to eight abilities in which you excel and list them in the skills part of your resume. You will have an advantage over applicants that submit generic resumes thanks to these talents.

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Where to Put Software Skills on Resume

You are now prepared to put your valuable abilities on your resume because you have a list of them. This can make new candidates uncertain where exactly to list their software expertise on a CV. While there is no set rule that says one place on a resume is better than another, it is typically advised that skills be listed in a neat bullet-point format in the left or right margin.

The top of the page is a fantastic illustration of where to mention software talents on a resume. This gives a wonderful summary of skill level and focuses an employer’s attention right away to the skills.

Illustration of How to List Computer Skills on a Resume

Either the skills section of your resume or the employment history section can mention a software skill. It’s crucial to keep your description of software talents on your resume’s skills section brief and to the point. Usually, the skills section gives a broad summary of several skills without going into great depth about how these skills were applied in the job.

Here is an example of a resume’s “skills” section that lists software abilities:

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Project management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Information security
  • Programming languages
  • Software skills
  • Data analysis

Personal Proficiencies:

  • Problem-solving
  • Self-starter
  • Team player
  • Clear verbal communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Relationship management

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fundamentals of software?

You'll require fundamental software knowledge to function in a typical office setting. Your list of fundamental software abilities should also include things like mastery of the Microsoft Office Suite, the ability to operate both independently and collaboratively, and SAP knowledge. Depending on experience and education, each person's list of fundamental software abilities for a resume will be different.

How can I get free computer training?

Through online learning platforms like Coursera, edX, Dataquest, or Udemy, you can learn computer skills for free. You can investigate each of these online courses to pick one that fits for you. If you are unclear how to use these online platforms, just google "how to learn computer skills for free."

What computing abilities do employers require?

Employers are searching for candidates that have expertise in widely used programming languages, a solid grasp of data analytics and spreadsheet manipulation, and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite or G-Suite programs. In the current work environment, these software talents are in high demand.

What are the most in-demand software skills?

Machine learning, programming, cloud computing, and data analysis are the most in-demand software skills. The quickening pace of technological innovation is to blame for the surge in demand for these in-demand software talents.


It’s crucial to list your computer and software talents on a resume. They not only provide you an advantage over candidates who ignore these portions, but they also show the full range of your skills, increasing your employability. Your software abilities can be mentioned in more places than just a resume. Think about mentioning them in your cover letter as well.

Keep in mind that even some of the most basic software skills might be valuable. The one useful talent that puts you ahead of other applicants may be your proficiency with Zoom, Google Analytics, or search engine optimization.

The list of useful computer skills for your resume is endless. Find out which are most pertinent for the position you are seeking by doing some study.



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