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15 Skin Care Specialist Schools in the World

Skin Care Specialist Schools in the World. Skincare specialists are professionals in the beauty industry who focus on skin care. They provide spa and salon services like facials, body washes, body wraps, skin polishing, hair removal, waxing, and makeup applications. Like most professionals, skincare specialists must complete training and pass a license exam to become qualified.

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To work in spas and health facilities as a skincare specialist, you must fulfill the requirements set forth by your state.

The 15 Skin Care Specialist Schools in the World are listed in this article. We therefore ask that you carefully read this.

Who are Skincare Specialists?

Skincare specialists provide their clients with a range of treatments by working primarily in spas and salons. Cosmetology is typically used to improve appearance. A skincare specialist’s regular duties include exfoliating, treating, and massaging the skin thoroughly.

Additionally, skincare experts advise their clients on skincare procedures, items, and care programs. Since many skin care specialists work for themselves, they can choose their own hours and work arrangements. But these workers frequently have to put in late hours and weekend shifts.

In actuality, skincare experts can be exposed to dangerous substances and spend a lot of time standing.

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What do Skincare Specialists do?

Skincare specialists can offer a wide range of services, from straightforward facials to peels and hair removal to laser therapy, microdermabrasion, body wraps, and even makeup application, depending on their work environment or job title.

Although the main goals of the treatments and procedures carried out by skincare specialists are to maintain the health and beauty of the skin on the body and the face, these procedures are frequently conducted to simply relax or refresh clients and provide them a relaxing spa experience.

What is the Skincare specialists’ job outlook?

The estimated $121 billion skincare market is expanding gradually. The desire for natural and organic skincare goods and services, as well as baby boomers’ increased interest in anti-aging products and services, are the key factors driving this expansion. All of this is encouraging for individuals who are thinking about specializing in skincare.

The number of licensed skincare specialists in the US is anticipated to increase by 11% in the ten years leading up to 2028 in order to keep up with the rising demand for specialized skincare services.

This is consistent with the expansion of other jobs in the beauty and wellness sector, such as beauticians, manicure and chiropodists, and hairdressers.

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Where can a Skin care specialist work?

These and other procedures are provided by skin care specialists in full-service salons or spas, vacation resorts, cruise ships, medi-spas, spas, and even medical facilities.

In ambulances, dermatologists and plastic surgeons frequently collaborate with skincare professionals. Although aesthetic services are not medical, this kind of relationship is frequently advantageous since skincare specialists can provide clients with treatments that compliment particular medical procedures.

The fact that many skincare specialists start their own salons, spas, or beauty clinics is perhaps the most exciting development. Experienced skin care professionals can also work as independent contractors for theatrical groups, fashion magazines, and television and film production firms.

Additionally, skincare experts can work as agents for skincare product manufacturers, specialize in a particular area like makeup, or even buy in bulk from stores who provide specialty skincare items.

How much time does it take to become an expert in skincare?

Time, effort, and money are all invested in the skin care program. States have different requirements, but the majority call for 600 to 1,000 hours of training.

Both the full-time and part-time programs have maximum durations of four to six months and nine to twelve months, respectively. The Aesthetics School’s primary goal is to get you ready to pass the state license exam.

Additionally, they teach the foundational abilities that you must develop through practice and perhaps additional training.

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How much money does a skin care expert make?

The skincare market is booming and more well-liked than ever, offering everything from waxing and makeup to face and body anti-aging and renewing skin care products.

In 2018, there were 71,800 skincare specialists, according to the BLS, and by 2028, there should be 79,600, a rise of 11%.

These skincare specialists make an average pay of $31,290 ($15.05), with the top 10% making $59,790 ($28.75). But for people whose work focuses on skin care, these wage numbers frequently do not provide the full picture.

This is because tips, premiums, and commissions on goods and services, all of which can add 10%, 20%, or more to the bottom line of the business, frequently enhance the total earning potential for skincare professionals.

The base pay may rise dramatically depending on the market, the location of the salon or spa, and the cost of services, gratuities, bonuses, and commissions.

The two most common places for skin care professionals to work are medical spas and skincare salons/spa. The average income for individuals working in salons and spas is $40,300, while the average wage for those employed in dermatologists’ and plastic surgeons’ clinics is $43,880.

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Skin Care Specialist Schools in the World

1. Australian National College of Beauty

This innovative new campus offers a creative and engaging learning environment that is part of our commitment to disrupt and reinterpret how education is provided. It is situated in Fortitude Valley, just minutes from Brisbane’s city center.

The Australian National College of Beauty is the top beauty school in the nation, with over a record number of students each year.

The college focuses on providing graduate programs and courses for beauty therapists to help them develop their talents and learn the in-depth information that supports the growth of the beauty industry.

Through its graduate programs and graduate courses, the college fosters students’ passion for beauty and assists them in pursuing it. The beauty school is well-known throughout the world for having a stellar reputation with its alumni, teachers, and educational institutions.

2. Lytle’s Beauty College

$22,000 for tuition

Santa Rosa, California, is the location of Lytle’s Beauty College. The license for cosmetics is the qualification offered by this school that is examined the most frequently.

The time needed to finish this program ranges from 5 months to 1 year, depending on the qualification. Graduation typically takes one year. Depending on prerequisites, the cost of attending Lytle’s Beauty College ranges from $22,000 to $24,000.

It’s interesting to see that “Good Vocational Preparation” and “Practical Education” are the advantages of attending Lytle’s Beauty College that are most frequently mentioned. However, “good teachers” and “positive environment” were also mentioned by respondents as noteworthy advantages.

18:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

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3. Douglas J Aveda Institute

$21,600 for tuition

Leading Aveda beauty schools in Michigan, Tennessee, and Chicago include The Douglas J Aveda Institute. A degree program in beautician/skincare specialist is available from the Douglas J Aveda Institute.

The course “Beautician and Skin Care Specialist” was successfully completed by 172 students in 2015, earning them 172 certificates.

17:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

4. New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy

$21,500 for tuition

The New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy, established in January 1984, is a cutting-edge and forward-thinking establishment in the nation that offers courses and diplomas in electrolysis and beauty therapy.

Students receive the knowledge and abilities to handle the different challenges that may occur in their daily job through courses and training programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the beauty industry.

In addition to full-time training in electrolysis and beauty therapy, the institute also offers a beautician program.

Additionally, postgraduate courses in Swedish therapeutic massage, spa therapy, electrolysis, and eyelash technician are available to participants.

12:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

5. Elite International, School of Beauty and Spa Therapies, New Zealand

Fees: $19,990

High-quality beauty and spa therapy training and programs are offered by the privately owned, publicly financed Elite International School of Beauty and Spa Therapies in New Zealand.

Elite International is a NZQA-registered provider of the highest Level 4 and Level 5 educational credentials that adhere to the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

The Institute is well known and respected throughout the world for its excellent dedication to offering graduate programs in beauty and spa therapy of the highest caliber. It provides certificates and diplomas in spa therapy and beauty.

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6. Aveda Institute

Tuition: $18,000

The Aveda Cosmetology & Beauty Schools Institute is a collection of schools with campuses in the US, Canada, Australia, and Korea, among other countries. The group’s goal remains the same even though it functions as a separate entity.

Programs and training in cosmetology and aesthetics are available. The organization is especially proud of its devotion to providing numerous cosmetology courses and its environmental consciousness.

Additionally, the company has a network of spas and salons across the world, enabling students to learn more about the industry in addition to receiving training in hair and skincare. It provides chances for skincare experts. It is a modest suburb private school. 2015 saw 694 students graduate with degrees in aesthetics and skin care surgery.

15:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

7. Elaine Sterling Institute

Tuition: $16,487

Programs for massage therapy, nail care, and skincare professionals are available at the Elaine Sterling Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. One skincare specialist/skincare specialist degree program is available from the Elaine Sterling Institute.

The Institute provides top-notch educational opportunities that combine traditional European skincare practices with contemporary American scientific innovations.

25:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

8. Skin Institute New York

Tuition: ‎$12,990

Three offices in New York City—one in the West Village and two more in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bay Ridge and Park Slope—offer the best in medical and cosmetic dermatology.

The licensed medical professionals at SINY provide a variety of skincare services, such as medical treatments, cosmetic procedures, and operations. They are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin allergies, cold sores, rosacea, warts, and excessive sweating, using the most recent medical research and technology.

One degree in beautician/cosmetology and skin care is offered by the Skin Institute. The course beautician/cosmetician and skincare specialist was successfully completed by 60 students in 2015, earning them 60 certificates.

21:1 student to teacher

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9. The London School of Beauty & Makeup

Tuition: £12,000-12,300

One of the largest private educational institutions in Britain, The London School of Beauty & cosmetics, is solely focused on teaching beauty therapy and cosmetics techniques.

The more than 40 customizable full-time and half-week courses that LSBM London provides allow students to select either the entire beauty treatment program or a single module.

The college also offers master lectures, alumni programs, workshops that are unmatched in the business, and mentoring programs.

Students who wish to enter the cutting-edge, lucrative, and exciting world of makeup artistry and beauty therapy and pursue a career there should attend the London School of Beauty and Makeup.

Ratio of students to teachers: NA

10. Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute

Tuition: $9,975

Since 1998, the institution has trained prosperous skincare specialists in the Chicago area and is the top educational provider in the aesthetics sector.

One study program for skin care specialists is available at the Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute. It is a small town private school. In the year 2015, 80 students who studied skin care earned degrees and certificates in the subject.

13:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

11. New York School of Esthetics & Day Spa

Tuition: $8,475

There is a program available for beauticians and skin care professionals at the New York School of Aesthetics & Day Spa. With a grade of 77.9, 77 students have finished their training to become cosmetologists and skincare professionals.

25:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

12. Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care & Makeup

$8000 for tuition

A less than two-year-old private school in New York, New York is called the Christine Valmy International School of Aesthetics, Skin Care, and Makeup. One degree in skincare and cosmetics is available from the school.

A private school is located in a large metropolis. The “Beautician / Beautician and Skin Care Specialist” degree program was successfully completed by 184 students in 2015, and they also received 184 certificates.

20:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

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13. International Academy of Health & Skin Care, South Africa

Fees: R16,000

The International Academy of Health and Skin Care is the top private school in South Africa that offers courses in skincare, hairdressing, and beauty therapy.

There are graduate and postgraduate health and skincare programs available at this private beauty school. The school offers full-time courses in skin care and health that combine theoretical and practical instruction from highly qualified instructors.

With the most recent advancements in the sector, the on-campus spa offers professional experience. You can work and travel anywhere in the world with an international qualification diploma from CIDESCO or ITEC.

It is the only internationally renowned beauty school in the country. The International Academy, which was established in 1990, has always provided the best health and skincare education available.

25:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

14. Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics

$8,700 for tuition

The International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)’s first approved and globally renowned US member is the state-licensed Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics in New York.

One skincare specialist, one skincare specialist, and one skincare specialist are available from Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics. A private school is located in a large metropolis. In 2015, 131 students earned certificates in the area of skincare specialist/skincare specialist and skincare specialist.

25:1 is the student to teacher ratio.

15. Canadian Beauty College

$2,162.14 per term for tuition

The Canadian Beauty College is the top-ranked beauty school in Canada and provides a variety of diploma programs and non-professional certificate courses to students from all over the world.

Students can surpass their specific career goals thanks to the college’s courses and degrees. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge tools, professional training, workshops, and programs are provided in a motivating environment.

The Canadian Beauty College, which was established in 2009, is an Ontario Ministry of Education, Colleges and Universities-approved private beauty school.


Everyone aspires to have attractive and inviting skin, which is one approach to seem attractive and well-cared for. This makes skincare one of the most lucrative industries with significant consumer demand, which explains the significant money it generates.

We think it’s a future worth investing in because of this and numerous other facts. Your level of success in the industry will depend on the Skin Specialists Schools you attended for your training.

You should therefore submit an application to one of the best schools for skin specialists in the world. It pays to look good for business. Request it right away.

FAQs on Skin Care Specialist Schools in the World

How do I become a skincare specialist in the US?

Skincare specialists must pass a state-approved cosmetology program before getting licensed. Skincare specialists must complete a state-approved cosmetology or esthetician program and then pass a state exam for licensure.

What is the name of skin care study?

Skincare, beauty, and makeup institute in India offers various courses in cosmetology, beauty and makeup, and skincare at various levels including, certificate, diploma as well as bachelor and masters courses in cosmetology.

What degree do you need to make skincare?

A bachelor's degree in science is the minimum education requirement for cosmetic chemists.

Which country is best for beauty courses?

Cosmetology courses will provide flexibility and creativity, lucrative salaries, and skills that will take you higher. The UK, USA, France, South Korea, and Canada are some of the best countries to pursue cosmetology.

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