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Rotary Peace Fellowship 2023/2024

Up to 130 fully sponsored fellowships are given out by Rotary each year for committed leaders from all across the world to attend one of their peace centers.

The Rotary Peace Fellowship program builds the capability of peace and development professionals to become effective peace catalysts via academic training, practice, and worldwide networking opportunities. The fellowships pay for lodging and board, round-trip transportation, internship and field study costs, as well as tuition and fees.

The Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,500 fellows since the program’s inception in 2002, and they are presently employed in more than 115 nations. Many hold leadership positions in governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic and research institutions, peacekeeping and law enforcement groups, and global institutions like the United Nations and the World Bank.

  • Study Level: Master’s
  • Hosting: Rotary foundation 
  • Study in: Uganda, Sweden, Thailand, Japan, UK, Australia
  • Program Length: For Master’s degree programs, 15 to 24 months; for professional development certificate programs, 3 months
  • Opening: February 2023 (annual)
  • Deadline: May 15,
  • Number of Scholarships: At prestigious universities, up to 50 master’s degree fellowships and 80 certificates may be awarded annually.
  • Focus Areas: Peace, international development, and leadership.
  • Partner Institutions: 
  1. Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  2. International Christian University, Japan
  3. University of Bradford, England
  4. University of Queensland, Australia
  5. Uppsala University, Sweden
  6. Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (certificate program)
  7. Makerere University, Uganda (certificate program)

Important Information: With the exception of Thai applicants, who are permitted to attend the center at Chulalongkorn University, fellowship holders are not permitted to pursue studies at a Rotary Peace Center in their native nation.

Rotary Peace Fellowship
Rotary Peace Fellowship

Benefits: Rotary Peace Fellowship Coverage

The Rotary Peace Fellowships provide:

  • Education costs,
  • Lodging and meals,
  • Round-trip transportation.
  • All costs related to fieldwork and internships.

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Rotary Peace Fellowship Eligibility

Professionals with work experience in international relations, peace and conflict resolution, or both are eligible for Rotary Peace Fellowships. Additionally, candidates must fulfill the following conditions:

  • All nations in the world are eligible.
  • English language proficiency; knowledge of a second language is strongly advised.
  • Outstanding leadership abilities
  • Strong commitment to world understanding and peace as evidenced by accomplishments in work and school as well as volunteerism
  • Candidates for master’s degrees must have a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of relevant full-time employment or volunteer experience.
  • candidates for certificates must have at least five years of relevant full-time work experience or volunteerism, as well as a high academic record.
  • Take the Eligibility Test.
Rotary Peace Fellowship
Rotary Peace Fellowship

Eligibility Restrictions

The utilization of Rotary Peace Fellowships for PhD studies is prohibited. The fellowship is not open to the following individuals:

  • Regular Rotarians
  • Personnel working for a Rotary club, district, Rotary International, or another Rotary organization
  • Any living member of the following categories: spouses, lineal descendants (children or grandchildren by blood or legal adoption), spouses of lineal descendants, or ancestors (parents or grandparents by blood).
  • Former Rotary members and the aforementioned relatives (within 36 months of their resignation)
  • The time period between the conclusion of the most recent academic degree program (undergraduate or graduate degree) and the desired start date of the fellowship must be at least three years. Candidates cannot apply if they are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program right now.
  • After completing a certificate degree, master’s program, or receiving a Global Grant Scholarship, Rotary Peace Fellows are required to wait three years before beginning their fellowship.

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Rotary Peace Fellowship Application Procedure

In February 2023, a form for the Rotary Peace Fellowship for 2024–25 will become available. Every year, by the first of July, districts must submit approved applications to The Rotary Foundation. Review the district’s endorsement guidelines.

To guarantee that your application is taken into consideration, follow these instructions.

  • Review the requirements for eligibility.
  • Look into the courses and activities offered at the various Rotary Peace Centers. If you meet the requirements for both programs, you will be asked to rank two centers for the Master’s degree and up to two centers for the certificate program.
  • Participate in Rotary. To find the Rotary club that is closest to you, use the Club Finder. A wonderful approach to find more about Rotary’s activities in your area and around the world is to connect with a club. Although not required, a club endorsement is highly advised as part of your application.
  • Application deadline is May 15th.
  • Applications need a résumé, recommendations from educators and/or employers, essays, transcripts, a social impact plan (for certificates only), and test results (for master’s degrees only). Everything has to be written in English.
  • Get support. Your application will be assigned to a trained Rotary endorser who is either a member of a District Rotary Peace Fellowship Subcommittee, a member of a Rotary club, or a past participant in the Rotary Peace Fellow program in early June if it fits the qualifying and eligibility requirements. In June, your designated endorser will get in touch with you to arrange an interview. Following your interview, the Rotary endorser will make a decision on whether to support your candidacy by July 1st.
  • Wait for the selection outcomes. In November, email alerts will be delivered. You will be informed of the Peace Center where you will study if you are selected for a fellowship.

Note: Submit a master’s admissions application to the college where your Peace Center is housed. Being chosen for the fellowship does not imply acceptance into the school.

Rotary Peace Fellowship
Rotary Peace Fellowship

Selection Process

The Rotary Peace Centers Committee, which is made up of Rotarians and university representatives, examines applications between July and October and chooses the finalists based on the following standards:

  • Dedication to world peace and progress
  • Leadership capacity
  • Compatibility with the goals of the fellowship and suitability for Rotary
  • Impact and Possibility of Social Change Initiative (Certificate only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need the Rotary Peace Fellowship?

In order to bring together and give future global change agents advanced networking possibilities, the Rotary Peace Scholarship Program was established. The Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1500 fellows from all around the world to carry out their objective.

What is the Rotary Fellowship?

Rotary Fellowships are global organizations with a shared interest. Joining a fellowship is an enjoyable opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn more about a hobby or vocation, and improve your Rotary experience.

Is Rotary Foundation a Religious one?

No matter a person's race, color, creed, gender, or political stance, Rotary is an organization that welcomes them all. More than 1.2 million men and women, collectively known as Rotarians, are members of the more than 35,000 member clubs that make up the organization.

How many kinds of Rotary Membership exist?

Although there are only two membership categories recognized by Rotary International—"Active" and "Honorary"—clubs are free to accept other types of members; nonetheless, only "Active" members are included as part of the club's total membership.



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