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QuestBridge MBA: Eligibility, Application Steps & Important Dates 2023

QuestBridge alumni can apply for admission and full-tuition scholarships to full-time, two-year MBA programs at the graduate school partners through “The Graduate School Match” a program created for them. The Graduate School Match: QuestBridge MBA is designed to assist you in moving higher along your path to success since QuestBridge Alumni are in a unique position to be thoughtful and empathetic leaders.

They think that the future CEOs, business owners, and leaders ought to represent a variety of viewpoints from every economic sector of society, including QuestBridge alums. Although having an MBA can give you a clear advantage in landing these jobs, QuestBridge is aware that there are still significant social and financial barriers to overcome.

To lower these obstacles and assist you in achieving your career goals, QuestBridge is thrilled to collaborate with the nation’s best business schools.

QuestBridge MBA

Why should you Apply to QuestBridge MBA Program?

Briefly, the QuestBridge MBA program offers the following benefits:

  • Obtain a full scholarship to a prestigious program through a non-obligatory Match round.
  • Get your application fees waived to graduate partners and potentially save over $1,200 by doing so.
  • With the use of a distinctive application created to make you stand out, highlight your background, interests, and goals.

Application and Key Dates

Different from typical MBA application procedures, the QuestBridge MBA: Graduate School Match allows you to be considered for admission and a full-tuition scholarship during a non-binding Match round.

A normal QuestBridge MBA admissions calendar aligns the non-binding Match round with Phase 1, and candidates will get Round 1 judgments from all schools they ranked and submitted extra criteria to after the Match round.

The institutions that the applicants ranked will be able to examine their admission prospects and next steps for those who are not admitted with a full-tuition scholarship during the Match phase.

Below is a list of crucial dates and deadlines for the 2022/2023 Graduate School Match. The time for all deadlines is 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

2022 Graduate School Match
Date/Deadline What Who
June Graduate School Match: MBA application opens. Eligible QuestBridge Alumni
September 1 Graduate School Match: MBA application is due, including all application components.

QuestBridge will review applications and select candidates to move forward.

Eligible QuestBridge Alumni
September 1 Submission of the MBA ranking list with your application All applicants
Mid September QuestBridge notifies applicants of their application status. All applicants
End September Application supplements are due to all schools the applicant ranked. Supplements for Yale SOM are due September 28. Supplements are due to Chicago Booth and Berkeley Haas by September 30. Selected applicants
December 1 Match Day! Applicants who match are admitted with a full-tuition scholarship to the school highest on their rankings list that also wanted to match with them. Admission through the Graduate School Match is not binding.

Applicants will receive Round 1 application decisions based on the schools’ individual timelines from all schools they ranked and submitted the supplemental requirements to.

Selected applicants
Fall 2023 Applicants who enroll in a full-time MBA program through the Match round or other paths join the inaugural class of QuestBridge Alumni who were admitted through the Graduate School Match

QuestBridge MBA Eligibility

To be eligible for the QuestBridge MBA, you must meet the criteria below:

  1. Your first step is to fill out a free, online “Graduate School Match”: QuestBridge MBA application, which will be included in your application to their programs, in order to be eligible for admission with a full-tuition scholarship to their graduate school partners.
  2. Alumni of QuestBridge (a National College Match Finalist who graduated from a QuestBridge college partner)
  3. a strong academic record with a high GPA, GMAT, or GRE score
  4. A substantial history of professional employment
  5. Successful candidates exhibit high academic achievement, intellectual vigor, leadership potential, a variety of professional and personal qualities, and a clear commitment to their communities and/or extracurriculars.

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QuestBridge MBA

Documents Required for the QuestBridge MBA Application

In the process of the QuestBridge MBA application, you are required to submit the documents below:

  1. Information about your background, hobbies, and activities
  2. Copies of every transcript from higher education
  3. Test results for the GMAT or GRE
  4. A list of work history
  5. Two recommendation letters
  6. Short responses and a personal essay
  7. Ranking table

Each graduate school partner that an applicant ranks will also require additional application materials, and as part of the selection process, they can be asked to participate in an interview.

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QuestBridge MBA Application Process

Let’s walk you through this guide of applying to the QuestBridge MBA program:

1. Transcripts

The official transcript(s) from each post-secondary degree- and non-degree-granting institution the applicant has attended must be uploaded as scanned PDF files by the applicant. The school’s admission offers are subject to receiving and verifying official transcripts. Before matriculation, applicants must deliver valid documentation to the school.

2. Work Experience Resume

A 1-2 page professional CV with all full-time experience—including military and entrepreneurial—as well as any significant part-time or summer jobs held since the start of college must be uploaded by applicants. Name, address, dates, and titles of the employer should be listed on the resume.

3. Recommendation letters

Two recommenders must be listed by applicants on their application. The recommendations ought to be submitted by people who have firsthand experience with the applicant’s work performance and are able to offer insightful feedback. One recommendation should ideally come from a current supervisor, according to QuestBridge. Peer, family, and friend recommendations are severely discouraged and will be treated as such.

4. Personal Statement and Quick Responses

QuestBridge and their graduate school partners hope to gain a better understanding of you through the writing sections of your application. You need to write an Impressive Personal Statement to convince the panelists.

In addition to a few short answer questions, candidates must respond to the following prompt in an essay of no more than 800 words:

We are interested in finding out more about you, including the environment in which you were raised, how your aspirations developed, and how you were able to achieve your successes. Tell me about the things that have influenced you and your goals.

5. Rankings

By filling out a form on their application’s manage page, applicants can submit their rankings. By ranking colleges, candidates will be given first consideration for admission and a full scholarship to the schools they rate. The school that placed top on their rankings list and wanted to match with them will be assigned to applicants who “match” (get admitted early with a full-tuition scholarship). The Round 1 decisions from the schools an applicant ranked but did not match with will be sent to them. You are encouraged to rank any school you are thinking about attending because the Graduate School Match is completely optional and will help you narrow down your choices.

6. Interview

For admission to the QuestBridge MBA program, all of QuestBridge’s graduate school partners demand an interview. To find out more about the interview procedure, please visit the websites of the different schools. After receiving your application and any required supplements, the school may get in touch with you directly to arrange an interview.


QuestBridge MBA

FAQs about QuestBridge MBA Program

What does QuestBridge define as low income?

Finalists often come from low-income families with few assets, with yearly incomes of less than $65,000 for a typical family of four. This is not a hard cut-off, so they advise students who believe they have experienced severe financial difficulty to carefully analyze these financial requirements to see whether they might be eligible.

What minimum GPA is required for QuestBridge?

2.0 GPA. Obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale).

Do Harvard and QuestBridge collaborate?

There are just 48 US colleges that are QuestBridge partners as Match schools, and numerous selective schools stand out as not being QuestBridge partners. These include Cornell and Harvard. The Match Program will restrict your options because scholars can only apply early to Match institutions.

What percentage of QuestBridge finalists are matched with Columbia?

For more than 15 years, Columbia has been a QuestBridge partner school, and QuestBridge is pleased to have connected with more than 400 learners.



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