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10 Best Places to Visit for December Vacation

Winter is Upon Us! Get to know the places to visit for December vacations

The happiest season of the year? Of course, that is just my view, but December does have a certain charm to it. The “lack of light” issue is annoying, and the weather can become a little chilly, but there’s also Christmas, family, fun, and lots of food. all of it.

Where are the places to visit for December vacations? Depending on what you desire, yes. There are many fantastic locations to pick from if you’re looking for the wintriest, most festive places to visit.

You might also choose to spend December in a warm-weather paradise if you want to get away from the chilly weather. You have earned the right to choose where you spend the last day of the year.

Places to Visit for December Vacation

Why you should take a Vacation in December

Holidays are a necessary evil. Forget about the cost and take the next flight or bus to a stunning location both inside and outside of your country to treat yourself. After all, what good is working hard if you don’t spend a reasonable amount of the money on yourself?

Here are five reasons to put an end to your current activities and book a trip:

You get Happier:

Even before you depart, planning your itinerary and activities for the extended vacation makes you happier than getting up early to go to work. Some travelers are anxious to share every detail of their vacation with their social media followers as soon as they arrive at their location.


The ideal time to unwind and come up with fresh ideas to increase productivity at work is when on vacation.

Your brain’s neurons will be recharged so that you can think clearly and strategize for any endeavor.

Reduced Tension:

Stressful tasks include juggling work and family obligations and spending a lot of time in traffic before and after work.

There are a lot of duties to complete on the weekends, in addition to going to activities with family and friends. Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to unwind completely with a waiting service at your disposal.

Gain Better Health:

Your health is your greatest asset. Visit the closest medical facility for a general checkup and all the required lab tests before the new year by taking a break from your busy schedule.

Fresh Possibilities:

Even though you are traveling to a peaceful location to unwind, it is best to think about a city or town where you will find businesses and people engaged in the same kinds of goods or services. You can use their services and pick up new knowledge to advance your company.

Is December in Mexico hot enough?

If you're wanting to travel to Mexico during the winter, December is ideal because there will be plenty of heat and sunshine. The Yucatán Peninsula and other large portions of Mexico have tropical climates.

What’s it like in Cancun in December?

December marks the beginning of the dry season in Cancun. The weather is normally warm during the day and cool and comfortable at night, with sunny skies. Most days are sunny and very occasionally does it rain. Beautiful beaches offer pleasant swimming conditions as well as good visibility for diving and snorkeling.

Where is the perfect beach to go to in December?

1. Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.
2. Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos.
3. Laguna Beach, California.
4. The Baths, Virgin Gorda.
5. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas.
6. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda.
7. Smathers Beach, Key West.
8. Grand Anse Beach, Grenada.

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Places to visit for December vacations

These are the places to visit for December vacations:


In December, Austria truly shines. Take in the holiday mood (and the glühwein) in Vienna, the city that started the tradition of Christmas markets. The most well-known event has crafts, gingerbread and a huge tree in front of the illuminated Schönbrunn Palace, while Art Advent on Karlsplatz features live music and an all-organic food policy.

Places to Visit for December Vacation
A December Celebration in Austria

And while Vienna may be excellent, Salzburg is also a little subversive: during its early-December legendary Krampus celebrations, goat-demon characters run amok in the streets. Less ominously, it is also the location of the distinctly Christmassy Salzburg Advent Singing, which features Alpine folk choirs dressed in traditional attire and festive marketplaces, including the oldest Christkindlmarkt in the world.


This charming Nordic country consistently takes home top honors in annual travel competitions, not to mention eco-related ones, which makes sense given that Finland is a huge proponent of environmental preservation and has 39 national parks and about three-quarters of its area covered in forests. There are many different cold-weather residents here, including arctic foxes, lynxes, wolverines, and snow hares.

However, visit in December to see Rudolph and his friends in the snowy winter wonderland that is Finnish Lapland. Santa will also be present there, of course—this is the land of Christmas, after all. You do not like this location? Read on for more places to visit for December vacations.


Sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia has to be among the most unforgettable travel experiences. How about Angkor Wat in Cambodia at dawn, fired up and prepared to run a half-marathon? Thousands of runners sprint through the 900-year-old Hindu temple’s grounds every December—specifically, on December 5—in favor of Cambodian charity.

It’s exactly what Lara Croft and Indiana Jones would want (both Temple of Doom and Tomb Raider were filmed in the complex). After that, take a well-earned break at one of Cambodia’s more sedate tropical beaches; Koh Rong Samloem’s Lazy Beach should do the trick.


The city’s premier art party has to be Art Basel in Miami. The contemporary art fair, which was founded in Switzerland, will display and offer for sale the creations of renowned worldwide artists in Miami in December. There are lots more fringe events taking place in Miami Beach that same week, so you don’t need to be in the business or extremely wealthy to participate.

View the public sculpture, as well as the numerous pop-ups, gallery events, and installations that have led to this being called “Art Week” by locals. You do not like this location? Read on for more places to visit for December vacations.

India’s Kerala:

With palm-fringed beaches, peaceful tea plantations, and opportunities to see tigers, it’s understandable why tourism is thriving in India’s serene southwest state. It’s also one of the country’s more eco-friendly regions. In Kochi, a modern city, historic sites coexist with cutting-edge art galleries. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India’s premier exhibition of contemporary art, comes next.

Places to Visit for December Vacation
Welcome to Kerala!

Sculpture, cinema, painting, installations, performance art, and public spaces are all throughout the city in galleries, abandoned buildings, public areas, and heritage sites. The south of India is wonderful, but that still counts as teasing, so you should travel in this direction.

Northern Patagonia:

Northern Patagonia is a fantastic place to go stargazing because of its huge dark sky, but this December is especially good because of a meteor shower and a total solar eclipse. The Geminids meteor shower, which is a huge one, will be visible in the sky on December 14 and 15. Before basing yourself in San Martin de los Andes for the main event, fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina, a few days beforehand for steak, street art, and sexy tango vibes.

San Martin de los Andes is on the banks of a glacial lake and right at the edge of forested Lann National Park, at the foot of the Andes. You do not like this location? Read on for more places to visit for December vacations.

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Costa Rica:

If you haven’t heard, ecotourism and nature immersion are popular, and Costa Rica may be the most eco-friendly country of them all. It is close to achieving its goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral nation, and 25% of the country is made up of protected open space.

Expect spectacular wildlife, from sloths in a state of happiness to brightly colored birds and tree frogs. From the cloud forest at San Gerardo de Dota via the whale’s tail-shaped Marino Ballena National Park to the surf location Santa Teresa, take the eco-lodge-hopping route.


One of the places to visit for December vacations is Berlin. Berlin’s severe winter can be braved, but the city is at its most beautiful in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Get a round of glühwein while visiting a Christmas market; Spandau’s market has an old-European feel, while Bröhan Museum’s market features locally manufactured goods.

The funfair at Alexanderplatz will be in full swing, and every December, Berlin’s Botanical Garden transforms into an illuminated wonderland with dazzling fairy lights, luminous sculptures, and an ice rink for sledding. After a spin by the fire pit, rehydrate with more hot alcohol.

Mexico City:

December is a fantastic time to visit Mexico City because the rainy season and the summer tourist crowds are over. Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum, the Templo Mayor Aztec ruins, and the street tacos, tamales, and tlacoyos. Then head over to Juarez, a trendy neighborhood, where there are more new design restaurants and bars opening than you can shake a margarita at.

If you can find Hanky Panky Cocktail Bar speakeasy, the search will be worthwhile. And for the street party and fireworks at midnight, head to the neighboring Angel of Independence on Reforma Avenue if you’re in the city on New Year’s Eve.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Why should we exclude Las Vegas as one of the places to visit for December vacations? As more and more well-known performers (such as Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga) secure residencies in Las Vegas, the reputation of the city as a top entertainment destination grows as well. Catch a performance while you’re there, but since the weather is so good right now, you should also take the opportunity to explore off-strip.

Do you desire stunning geology? You should see the red-hued Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Public art? Wander downtown. gangster stuff? Don’t miss the Mob Museum, which has a distillery on the premises.

Places to Visit for December Vacation



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