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25 Photography professions You Can Make Money With

Photography professions. The field of photography offers a lot of flexibility. The world of photography is full with opportunities, unlike most other jobs, which only have a few possible career pathways. There is a substantial and expanding need for photographers as well; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand will rise by 17% between 2020 and 2030.

Photographers are creative individuals with a gift for framing and seizing the world in which they live. Others make their mark by taking pictures of wildlife, natural landscapes, or any other subject matter, while some choose to specialize in taking pictures of people.

The fact that professionals have so much creative freedom in their professions is one appeal of these occupations for photographers. They could be a full-time employee of a photography studio, a full-time freelancer, or just part-time photographers who hold down a day job.

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Photography professions You Can Make Money With

1. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a viable option for artists who have a knack for capturing the individuality and emotion of people on camera. As portrait photographers, we could accept a plethora of assignments. We might be taking high school senior pictures one day, and modeling headshots the next.

There is a high need for portrait photographers because there are so many different kinds of picture shoots. We must have a thorough understanding of lighting, angles, and mood in order to be successful. We may improve these talents and advance our photography by taking online courses. If you have these skills, portrait photography is a great alternative for independent contractors.

2. Commercial Photography

A commercial photographer’s day is spent taking pictures for companies. This might entail photographing goods or showcasing business services. For instance, an organization that specializes in painting airplanes might hire a professional photographer to capture pictures of a brand-new paint job they recently finished.

Commercial photographers should be adept at taking images that appeal to potential customers because they frequently focus on marketing. One of the jobs that photographers might have a very diverse clientele for is this one.

3. Photojournalist

One of the most sought-after occupations in photography is photojournalism. To illustrate news stories, a professional photographer captures images of people, places, and events. These images frequently appear in newspapers, both print and online, and aid in bringing news articles to life.

While working as a freelance photojournalist is a possibility, most significant magazines prefer to employ in-house photographers.

4. Photo Editor

Editing might be a better choice for those of us who enjoy photography but don’t want to spend the entire day out in the field capturing photographs. A picture editor uses photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop to improve raw images. Adjusting the color tone, brightness, and contrast could take care of this. Additionally, it could entail more difficult modifications, such removing extraneous background elements and artifacts from images.

Since freelancers may work from home computers, photo editing is a great job option. Many photo editors maintain their editing as a side business while working other full-time jobs.

5. Wedding Photography

These photographers adore the splendor and sparkle of weddings. Wedding photographers are often independent contractors hired to capture the bride and groom’s special day. Particularly during the summer, when the majority of weddings take place, this freelance photography business can be lucrative.

However, wedding photography is not for the timid. A wedding is a live event, therefore unlike many photography occupations where we can take as many iterations of a shot as necessary to get it right, we only get one opportunity with some shots. Additionally, wedding photographers must take the ideal pictures without interfering with the ceremony.

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6. Events Photography

For creatives who like to capture live events, becoming general event photographers is an additional possibility. Any kind of event is captured by an event photographer. These possibilities, to mention a few, include live performances, business holiday gatherings, and college commencements.

Even though few studios employ event photographers, the majority are independent contractors. Event photography is a wonderful side business for people who work 9 to 5 jobs because the majority of public events take place in the evenings or on the weekends.

7. Product Photographer

Similar to a commercial photographer, a product photographer focuses solely on products. Getting the ideal lighting and angles is a product photographer’s top priority in order to make things appear as appealing as possible to customers. The work of a product photographer might be used for print advertisements, product packaging, or online store product listings.

8. Fine Art Photographer

The primary goal of a fine art photographer is to merely produce works of art. portrait photograph, landscapes, urban scenes, and any other subject matter that can generate an emotional response could all be included in this body of work. Most people who have developed a profession in fine art photography sell their work at art exhibitions or online rather than working directly for customers.

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9. Architectural Photographer

Architectural photographers, as the name implies, capture pictures of structures. Despite the existence of independent architectural photographers, most architectural firms employ in-house photographers to capture the process of building their structures. Before, during, and after construction, pictures may be taken both inside and outside.

10. Travel Photographer

Travel photographers visit numerous areas to capture a variety of subjects. They may travel to capture images of the world’s natural beauty or they may visit cities to capture images of local life. While some freelance, others work for newspapers to provide images for their travel sections. Due to the popularity of travel blogs, many trip photographers earn money by publishing images from far-flung locales on their personal blogs, making this profession of photography both personally and professionally satisfying.

11. Pet Photographer

People adore their pets and want souvenir images of them. A pet photographer uses their previous encounters with animals to capture priceless shots. Pets don’t always stay still for lengthy periods of time, making this task challenging. However, a skilled pet photographer is familiar with all the strategies to capture the best images.

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12. Sports Photographer

Photographers who specialize in sports capture anything related to sporting events. Normally, this entails taking pictures of athletes during competitions or training, but a sports photographer could also be asked to cover other team-sponsored activities.

Although news organizations and professional sports teams typically use their own photographers, there are occasional freelance opportunities, particularly with high school and some collegiate sports.

13. Aerial Photographer

From the air, aerial photographers capture images of landscapes. In the past, professionals have done this with aircraft and cameras, but nowadays, a lot of independent contractors use remote-controlled drones to capture HD photographs from above. We may anticipate a rise in demand for aerial photographers as a result of developments in drone technology, particularly for real estate photography. In the real estate sector, this kind of work is especially helpful for showcasing a house from above.

14. Documentary Photographer

Documentary photographers are similar to photojournalists in that they focus primarily on capturing historical events or scenes. A documentary photographer must be able to convey a message using a limited number of photos.

15. Stock Photographer

Stock photographers only take pictures with the intention of selling the rights to use them. Stock pictures are frequently used in the work of online periodicals, blogs, and advertising companies. The stock photographer is trying to cater to this industry. Virtually any subject is possible for photos, which are typically sold online. Typically, stock photographers operate independently.

16. Food Photographer

A commercial photographer who specializes in capturing mouthwatering photos of food is known as a food photographer. They are often employed by eateries, food publications, and cookbook publishers to photograph food for publication in various media. If they reside in a region with a large number of restaurants, a freelance food photographer can establish a successful photographic business.

17. Landscape Photographer

A landscape photographer uses still photos to preserve the beauty of the natural world. Websites and print periodicals may use these images. Landscape photographers are frequently hired by publications with a strong emphasis on the outdoors and the natural world. Landscape photographers who want to make extra money can offer their shots as stock photography.

18. Real Estate Photographer

Together with agents, real estate photographers take appealing photos of the interior and outside of houses up for sale. Real estate photographers should be adept at capturing the ideal lighting to highlight a home’s best characteristics because prospective buyers rely on high-quality images to decide whether they want to visit a home in person.

19. Newborn Photographer

One of the most important days in a parent’s life is the birth of a kid. A newborn photographer assists in documenting that precious day by shooting pictures that the parents will treasure always. A talented newborn photographer sets up gorgeous pictures, occasionally utilizing accessories like cuddly animals. Newborn photography is in high demand, thus some hospitals will collaborate with independent contractors or studios to provide services to all expectant moms in the maternity department.

20. Still-Life Photographer

A still-life is a piece of art that features inanimate objects, often everyday items like fruit and flowers. Some still-life pieces are pictures, however the majority are paintings. The work of still-life photographers is frequently sold online or at art fairs for a profit. Their works may investigate composition, lighting, or color.

21. Wildlife Photographer

Animals in their natural habitat are the focus of wildlife photographers’ work. This line of work entails traveling to numerous places, such as jungles, deserts, and woodlands, which can be thrilling. To avoid scaring away the subjects of their images, wildlife photographers also need to have a certain level of stealth. Some magazines covering the outdoors and wildlife will employ their own wildlife photographers.

22. Family photographer

Similar to a portrait photographer is a family photographer. However, they photograph families rather than individuals. Although the necessary abilities are fairly comparable, a family photographer is also adept at capturing the essence of a family’s bond with one another. Professionals have the option of working for a studio or as a freelancer. Especially to capture the changes as the children grow older, families frequently hire a family photographer to take photographs of the entire family on a regular basis.

23. Film photographer

A film photographer works for a studio and captures pictures while the movies are being made. The ability to convey atmosphere and life through still photos is a need for this position. Typically, a film’s marketing materials are made by the photographer for the film.

24. Boudoir Photographer

Photographs taken by boudoir photographers generally feature women in seductive postures. this aesthetic fuses intimacy with fashion, and the pictures typically evoke feelings of romanticism. The majority of boudoir photo shoots strive for an elegant, private atmosphere, and the photographer must be adept at arranging the ideal positions to capture this.

25. Fashion photographer

They may employ you and your camera because the world of fashion is ruled by photographs. You will likely need to work with an agency with clients in the haute couture industry if you wish to specialize in photographing models wearing designer clothing. Young designers are, however, increasingly going independent and marketing via social media, which presents a chance for a freelance fashion photographer.

FAQs on Photography professions You Can Make Money With

Which photography is best for earning money?

Wedding photography is particularly profitable, so it's always a good option if you're looking to make money.

Can photographers still make money?

Photographers can earn money through various avenues. They can offer photography services for events, portraits, or commercial projects. Selling digital products like prints, stock photos, tutorials, or presets is another option.

Is there a good career in photography?

Photography is one of those fields that may start as a hobby and then transform into a highly paid full-fledged career with proper training and experience.

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