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The Top Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas

Phlebotomy Schools In Las Vegas: Phlebotomy is a medical specialty in which blood is drawn from a patient’s veins—typically the arms—by puncturing the skin with a needle.

Phlebotomists must be accurate, have stable hands, and be nimble when things alter.

There are many phlebotomy schools in Las Vegas. The ones that suit their career needs must be applied for by students.

This post will focus on phlebotomy schools in Las Vegas, the prerequisites for enrollment, the length of the program, and some advice on how to succeed in phlebotomy school.

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Is Phlebotomy Worthwhile?

It is indeed worthwhile. Phlebotomists may think their work is simple, but in order to accomplish their duties successfully, they need a lot of specialized skills.

While doing duties that call for it, such delivering the right quantity of samples, labeling, and data entry, you can benefit from having a good eye for detail.

The hours a phlebotomist works are quite flexible, though this does depend on the employer. The flexibility of working your own hours is one perk of becoming a phlebotomist.

There are options for 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts. It is true that the number of days you end up working overall decreases as you put in more hours at once.

As a phlebotomist, there will be occasions when you feel overloaded with tasks. You’ll need to create a variety of tests.

For several of these laboratories, timed samples must be taken. Due to the numerous balls you’ll need to maintain in the air, you’ll be under greater strain than normal at work.

On the other hand, if you value long-term financial and career security, the investment in professional certification is valuable.

A phlebotomist’s yearly salary was $36,320 as of the BLS’s forecasts for 2020, or $17.46 per hour.

It, however, is just an average. A phlebotomist with years of experience could earn up to $26 per hour.

Certified phlebotomy technicians may earn more money and have less trouble finding employment.

In addition to career income advantages, a 22.2% increase in the job market is anticipated. Its expansion rate is much quicker than the average for all jobs.

Las Vegas Phlebotomy School Admissions Requirements

  • Having completed high school or its equivalent
  • Students must be 18 by the time the program is over.
  • Vaccination history
  • Drug testing
  • Background check
  • CPR accreditation
  • Necessary grade point average from high school.

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How long does Phlebotomy School in Las Vegas take to Complete?

Depending on the institution, preferred training program, and certification, being a phlebotomist might take anywhere from four to eighteen months.

To become certified, students must complete three to twelve months of study time and additional practicum training.

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Top Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas

1. Phlebotomy Learning Center of Las Vegas 

Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas
Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas

The Phlebotomy Learning Center of Las Vegas works to help those who have a passion for phlebotomy enter the workforce successfully and without difficulty.

The learning center provides a setting where students are inspired to pursue their objectives.

The Phlebotomy Learning Center of Las Vegas employs instructors that teach phlebotomy to students in hospitals and labs.

In addition to learning centers that assist students in finding externships so they can gain practical experience, the learning facility offers classes with 15 students and one teacher.

The phlebotomy program requires students to spend 49.5 hours in the classroom and lab, with an average class length of 4.5 hours, and an additional 50 hours in clinical practice.

The phlebotomy curriculum at the Phlebotomy Learning Center of Las Vegas is completed by students in four to five months.

2. Medical Skills for Life Institute

Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas
Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas

The Medical Skills for Life Institute seeks to open doors for students to receive a unique form of hands-on training in medicine that is uncommon in other educational settings.

The Institute provides students with a tailored curriculum that teaches them, introduces them to the local community, and puts a real-world emphasis on concerns.

To ensure that students have the best learning experience and develop into the best, they are taught in small classroom settings and a virtual clinic setting.

The Medical Skills For Life Institute fosters a culture that values creativity, critical thinking, and open discussion among its members.

After graduating, the institute helps students find employment if they are unable to do so within ninety days.

3. Northwest Career College (NCC)

Students who want to become certified phlebotomists can enroll in Northwest Career College’s Medical Assistant School in Las Vegas and receive practical training.

Students can work alongside healthcare professionals and receive priceless experience in the medical field in the thriving city of Las Vegas through the medical assistant program.

Every student’s needs are met by Northwest Career College’s day, night, and weekend course offerings. For convenient internet access and online class access, each student is given a laptop.

Once they receive their college degrees, students are eligible to take the certification exam.

One of the reputable phlebotomy schools in Las Vegas is NCC.

The phlebotomy technician curriculum at NCC lasts three months, and graduates are given access to externships that are tailored to their individual needs.

4. Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas

The Prima Medical Institute’s Las Vegas site wants to build solid linkages with the area’s animal clinics and shelters for the well of the community as well as to provide opportunities for medical, veterinary, and dental students.

The phlebotomy curriculum exposes students to a variety of skills that can be used in many medical settings.

Students are guaranteed to receive the greatest education because the school’s lecturers have extensive backgrounds in the medical industry.

Furthermore, students receive practical instruction and become accustomed to tools utilized in the actual world.

5. Future Medical Training Center

The Future Medical Training Center was created with the intention of giving students who want to become phlebotomists the chance to fulfill their aspirations at a reasonable price.

Students receive hands-on training in the real world that equips them with the skills required to satisfy medical demands.

Students receive instruction in a medical clinic while working with patients in authentic medical settings.

The Future Medical Training Center’s curriculum is completed by students in six months, preparing them for a career in medicine.

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How to Succeed in Phlebotomy Schools

1. Establish a Study Schedule.

Phlebotomy school is extremely difficult for those who don’t put in the effort to learn. Short study sessions should be scheduled at a specific time each day rather than lengthy ones, students are instructed.

This will make it easier to keep a study rhythm. Make careful to thoroughly cover each subject during a study session, and take breaks to prevent fatigue.

2. Do not Cram.

Avoid cramming the night before examinations or tests by not doing any last-minute studying. Cramming students run the risk of falling behind in their coursework and careers.

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3. Take Note of Past Errors

There may be difficulties for students in phlebotomy school. Students should seek assistance rather than dwell on their issues. Also, instructors are available to assist in any manner they can.

4. Train Harder

It is impossible to learn phlebotomy solely from textbooks. Students that perform well put forth the time and effort.

Students can work on their skills with friends, family, and coworkers. Several institutions let students work with actual patients. This is a useful method of training.

5. Ask a lot of Questions:

During their stay in phlebotomy school, students will have a lot of questions.

Instead of wasting time with teachers, students should talk to them as much as they can. Teachers can impart a wealth of information and expertise to their students.

Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas
Phlebotomy Schools in Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions

In California, how long is phlebotomy school?

Complete 40 hours of didactic (classroom) instruction in basic and advanced phlebotomy methods as part of a phlebotomy program that has been approved by the California Department of Public Health.

Is the phlebotomy exam difficult?

One of the simplest careers in healthcare is phlebotomy because it doesn't need much formal education or certification.

Is working in phlebotomy stressful?

Depending on the sector, the work atmosphere can be quite stressful. In environments like trauma centers and emergency rooms, high levels of stress are typical.

Is learning phlebotomy simple?

Phlebotomy is not a very difficult job, but it does require a lot of training and practice. Phlebotomists in the industry hone their abilities through practice and on-the-job training. This position may be unpleasant for those who are easily disgusted by the sight of blood or other bodily fluids.


Some of the top phlebotomy schools in the US are located in Las Vegas. These prominent institutions provide some of the greatest theoretical and practical education available.

Nonetheless, in order to be considered for admission to these colleges, applicants must meet the prerequisites listed above.

Phlebotomists must be professional, outgoing, and willing to learn new skills in order to succeed.



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