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Penn Foster Dog Training (Cost, Training Tips and Duration)

A thorough online course called Penn Foster Dog Training was created to assist people in acquiring the abilities and knowledge required to successfully train dogs.

Penn Foster provides a handy solution for dog lovers to pursue their passion for dog training and perhaps even launch a lucrative career with its adaptable and accessible learning platform.

In this article, we will examine the advantages and features of the Penn Foster Dog Training method, emphasizing how it can enable people to successfully comprehend and interact with their canine partners.

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Penn Foster Dog Training

What is the Penn Foster Dog Training?

Online high school, college, and career school courses from Penn Foster are reasonably priced and adaptable to match your schedule. When you finish all of their online requirements, they will provide you a diploma, certificate, or degree.

There are many different training programs that may be chosen from; some can be finished in as little as a few months, while others could take up to two years.

How Long is the Penn Foster Dog Training Program?

Depending on how quickly the study proceeds, the Penn Foster Dog Training Program’s expected completion time may change. While the curriculum typically takes about 11 months to complete, the fast track option allows completion in about 7 months.

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What is Included in the Penn Foster Dog Training curriculum?

The Penn Foster Dog Training Program’s curriculum consists of 11 courses, 29 tests, 4 projects that must be submitted, and 48.7 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Dog psychology, obedience training, problem-solving, agility training, and other topics are included in the courses.

Exist any requirements or prior knowledge needed to enroll in the program?

The Penn Foster Dog Training Program does not require any special requirements or prior training. Both those new to dog training and those with some prior knowledge or experience with dogs can benefit from it.

Can I get Assistance from the Teachers while I’m Doing the Course?

Yes, during the entire curriculum, Penn Foster offers assistance from knowledgeable professors. Instructors can be contacted by students for clarification, advice, and feedback on assignments that have been turned in.

Job Opportunities after Graduating from Penn Foster Dog Training Program

People who successfully complete the program can choose from a number of employment options in the dog training sector. Graduates may start their own dog-training businesses or obtain jobs as professional dog trainers and behaviorists. Individuals working in animal shelters, rescue groups, or pet care facilities may find the gained abilities useful.

Is the Penn Foster Dog Training Accredited?

Yes, Penn Foster has received national accreditation from the DEAC, which guarantees the program’s high standards and excellence. The accreditation proves that the curriculum complies with industry-recognized educational requirements.

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Why Pick Penn Foster Dog Training?

For aspiring dog obedience trainers/instructors, selecting Penn Foster’s Dog Obedience Training Program has many benefits.

Here are some strong arguments for why Penn Foster is exceptional:

1. Mobile-Friendly and Self-Paced

The Penn Foster program is self-paced, so you may study whenever it’s convenient and finish it in as little as eight months.

You may learn on the go with the mobile-friendly coursework, which easily fits into your hectic schedule.

2. Wide-ranging Curriculum

The course offers a thorough curriculum that covers every facet of canine obedience training.

Penn Foster provides you with the information and abilities need to succeed in the field, ranging from fundamental instructions to behavior modification strategies.

3. Numerous Career Possibilities

After completing the course, you’ll be qualified to work in a variety of positions, including pet stores, dog obedience training centers, and even starting your own dog and puppy training programs.

This adaptability creates a wide range of job options in the booming animal care sector.

4. Industry Growth Anticipated

Dog obedience trainers are among the animal care and service professionals whose employment is predicted to rise significantly in the upcoming years.

Pursuing a profession in canine obedience training offers good job possibilities with a projected growth rate of 29% in the upcoming ten years.

5. Adaptable Learning Environment

The online learning environment at Penn Foster gives you flexibility in finishing your studies.

With the use of goal-setting tools, computer simulations, and teacher support, you can customize your learning environment to meet your specific needs and advance at the fastest possible rate.

Penn Foster Dog Training

How to Sign Up for Penn Foster Dog Training

1. Select the Appropriate Online Program:

Spend some time thinking about your educational objectives as well as your money and timetable.

Discover which of Penn Foster’s many online programs best suits your interests and career goals by exploring the selection.

2. Join the Community at Penn Foster:

Contact current and previous students on the Penn Foster Community platform to get their opinions and make an informed choice.

Participate in their experiences and solicit guidance. Rely on the advice and support of the committed team at Penn Foster, especially the instructors and advisors, who can help you at every step of your academic journey.

3. Jump in and Begin your Education

There will never be an ideal time to start your educational career, so accept that.

Discover the programs offered and begin the process of receiving your Student ID, which demonstrates your resolve to take charge of your life and pursue your educational objectives.

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The Penn Foster Dog Training Program Will Teach You

Students who complete the Penn Foster Dog Training program will have a thorough understanding of how to train and care for dogs.

The following are some crucial fields in which students will be knowledgeable:

1. Canine Behaviour

Students will gain a thorough understanding of canine behavior, as well as the senses and how they work in dogs.

They will also learn the signs that dogs use to communicate with people and other dogs.

Along with typical behavioral issues, canine health issues, including prevention and treatment methods.

2. Learning Theory and Conditioning

Learning theory, as well as the fundamentals of classical and operant conditioning, will be well-known to the students.

They will have a better understanding of how dogs learn and how to effectively alter and shape their behavior using these theories.

3. Training Techniques and Commands

Students will be conversant with basic obedience instructions and have explored a variety of canine training techniques.

They will be familiar with various dog-training tools and how to utilize them properly.

4. Breed Selection and Care

Based on case studies, students will be prepared to choose an appropriate breed for individuals, taking into account aspects like lifestyle, temperament, and particular needs.

Additionally, they will be knowledgeable about necessary nutrition, female reproductive health, and senior dog care.

5. Canine Sports and Recreational Activities

Students will be familiar with dog-related recreational activities and the workouts needed for various competition classes.

They will comprehend handling techniques, proper sequencing, and course designs used in agility training.

6. Business Planning and Management

Students who are interested in a career in dog training will have learned about the business side of the field.

They know how to handle dog daycare facilities, can sketch out a business plan for dog training, and comprehend efficient marketing and advertising techniques.

Criteria for Entering the Penn Foster Dog Training Program

You must fulfill the following entrance criteria in order to register for the Penn Foster Dog Training Program:

1. Age Restriction

The minimum age requirement for applicants to be accepted into the program is 17.

2. Education Requirements

A 8th-grade level of education is needed to enroll in the Penn Foster Dog Training Program.

This guarantees that applicants possess a fundamental base of information and comprehension.

3. Technical Specifications

You must have access to fast internet in order to take part in the program.

Additionally, you will need either an Apple® Mac® computer running macOS® Sierra Version 11.2 or later, or a Microsoft® Windows® based computer running Windows 10® or later.

The Penn Foster program must be completed with an email address as well.

Use of Optional Devices

As long as the device(s) can connect to the internet, you can use a smartphone or tablet in addition to a computer, though it is not required.

Please be aware that tablets and cellphones are only allowed for use with study materials and tests.

Cost of the Penn Foster Dog Training

For those in various financial conditions, the Penn Foster dog training program offers a flexible payment schedule. The tuition, digital textbooks, and study materials make up the program’s overall cost.

Dog training enthusiasts can enroll in the program for a cost-effective $59 per month.

You can opt to pay the entire amount up front and possibly save money if you’d prefer not make monthly payments.

The information about Penn Foster’s first payment match program also enables prospective students to enquire about possible discounts or special incentives.

The Penn Foster dog training program works to make a high-quality education available to aspirant dog trainers by offering a variety of financing alternatives.

Penn Foster Dog Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Penn Foster accredited?

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) has granted Penn Foster accreditation. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education both list the DEAC as a recognized accrediting agency.

Which training technique for dogs is best?

The majority of veterinarians concur that the most effective way to train a dog is through positive reinforcement. In essence, positive reinforcement training emphasizes praising your pet for appropriate conduct rather than punishing inappropriate behavior.

Can anyone train dogs in the UK?

Although you don't require formal training, enrolling in a course like the Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Dog Training Essentials and finding a "mentor" (another, more seasoned trainer) to learn from are likely to be useful when getting started.


Dog lovers have a great chance to learn about training and behavior management at Penn Foster Dog Training.

Penn Foster provides people with the knowledge and abilities necessary to forge a positive and fruitful relationship with their dogs through its extensive curriculum, online learning platform, and support from qualified teachers.

Penn Foster Dog Training provides a practical and efficient means of achieving your objectives, regardless of whether you hope to become a qualified dog trainer or simply want to strengthen your relationship with your furry buddy.

Explore the Penn Foster Dog Training curriculum to take the first step toward becoming a competent dog trainer and start developing your canine friend’s potential right away.



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