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15 Highest Paying Jobs for English Majors

Highest Paying Jobs for English Majors. You can pursue a variety of occupations in many areas if you have a degree in English. The abilities you developed during your program, such reading comprehension and writing, are valued by many employers, which might increase your competitiveness as a candidate. Finding a career, you enjoy might be aided by learning about the various high-paying jobs you can obtain. This article examines 15 well-paying positions that an English degree can obtain.

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Highest Paying Jobs for English Majors

1. Journalist

  • $35,427 per year is the average pay in the country.

Journalists’ main responsibilities include conducting research, speaking with eyewitnesses and experts in their fields, composing pieces for media outlets, and presenting their work in front of cameras. They might cover a wide range of subjects or concentrate on one particular area, like politics, sports, or the neighborhood.

2. A grant writer

  • $43,204 annually is the average pay in the country.

Grant writers’ main responsibilities are to complete applications and create compelling proposals in order to help community organizations and charities get private and public funding. Searching for current and upcoming grant opportunities and learning about each grant’s specifications are duties. Grant writers finish the paperwork and launch fund-raising initiatives.

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3. Social media manager

  • $44,905 annually is the average salary in the country.

The main responsibilities of social media managers are to produce content and interact with followers on various corporate social media platforms. Social media managers keep tabs on consumer feedback and trends before producing content to broaden their audience. Additionally, they make sure that their brand is consistent across all social media channels.

4. Paralegal

  • National average yearly salary: $48,313

Primary responsibilities: By conducting research and compiling pertinent papers, paralegals help attorneys prepare for cases. Additionally, they may organize schedules, work with witnesses, take thorough notes throughout depositions and trials, and write and send mail on an attorney’s behalf. Paralegals must possess certificates in addition to a degree to work.

5. High school teacher

  • $48,547 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Teachers in high school are primarily responsible for instructing students in a range of disciplines. They conduct class discussions, provide lectures, assign and mark homework, and give and review exams. Grammar, writing, and literature are all possible teaching specialties for English majors. Teachers also need to have a license in addition to a degree.

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6. Office manager

  • $51,352 annually is the average pay in the country.

Office managers’ main responsibilities are managing a workplace’s administration. They establish and uphold the schedules, protocols, and documents needed by other staff members to do their jobs. They might also handle tasks like hiring, onboarding, bookkeeping, and budgeting, depending on the size of the company.

7. Technical writer

  • $57,689 per year is the average pay in the country.

Primary responsibilities: Technical writers produce a variety of materials, including equipment manuals and user guides. In order to distill complex material into a digestible format, they carefully consider the demands of each project before deciding on the ideal format. They also perform research to gather the necessary data and consult with experts in the field.

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8. Public relations account manager

  • National average yearly salary: $58,002

Primary responsibilities: Public relations account managers create promotional campaigns and public relations materials with clients and teams, frequently serving as a spokesman. Additionally, they establish connections with media professionals, measure and monitor campaign and social media performance metrics, create a branding plan, and manage perception.

9. Librarian

  • $59,426 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Librarians’ main responsibilities include cataloguing, organizing, and managing collections of works for public consumption as well as assisting users in finding information. They frequently advocate for reading and literacy programs. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in English or a similar discipline, librarians frequently need a master’s degree in library science and a certification.

10. Copywriter

  • National average salary: $60,863 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters develop convincing copy to target an audience for marketing and selling goals. Copywriters translate advertising ideas into sales content for periodicals, internet and social media. Additionally, copywriters produce public speeches, advertising emails and press releases.

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11. Marketing Manager

  • $68,263 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Marketing managers’ main responsibilities are to develop marketing and advertising plans for a company’s goods and services. They carry out research to identify the most responsive audiences, plan campaigns to advance company objectives, analyze performance data, and oversee campaign expenditures. Additionally, they give clients updates and progress reports.

12. Sales manager

  • $78,481 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Sales managers’ main responsibilities include managing sales teams and developing plans to boost business income. They monitor sales statistics, identify the most effective marketing initiatives and strategies, and do market research on possible new markets. Sales managers often carry out associates’ performance evaluations and look for ways to reward them.

13. Attorney

  • $95,811 per year is the average pay in the country.

Attorneys’ main responsibilities are to assist clients in overcoming various legal difficulties. They might look for pertinent legislation, compose court documents, participate in hearings and trials, present their clients’ cases, and take depositions. Lawyers may also draft legal documents, such as divorce settlements or wills, and they frequently focus on one area of the law, such as tax or family law. To practice law, attorneys require a law degree.

14. Development director

  • $99,999 per year is the national average wage.

Development directors’ main responsibilities include managing fundraising for nonprofits and community organizations. To generate money, conduct research, and submit grant applications, they develop plans and strategies. Other responsibilities can include communicating with regular donors, overseeing fundraising budgets, and producing reports on the success of fundraising efforts.

15. Adjunct professor

  • $116,302 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Adjunct professors’ main responsibilities include supervising research and instructing students at the post-graduate level. They provide course materials, help students comprehend particular subjects better, and design and grade exams. Professors of English might provide a variety of courses on creative writing, literature from various genres or eras, technical writing, or literature analysis. A master’s degree is normally required for professors, though many have doctorates as well.

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