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The Best Optometry Schools in Michigan

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Optometry Schools in Michigan: In the modern environment, training to be an optometrist is a wise decision.

Through this job path, you may influence people’s lives and advance society.

Yet in order to become an optometrist, you must earn a medical degree, go through a residency program, and receive advanced training in optometry.

Continue reading to learn more about the top optometry programs in Michigan, the prerequisites for enrollment, the length of time needed to get an optometry degree, and other crucial details.

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Who is an Optometrist?

Optometrists diagnose and suggest remedies for illnesses that affect the eyes.

These professionals intend to take care of their patients to improve their vision.

Optometrists possess the technical skills necessary to evaluate a patient’s vision and look for any visual impairments.

They sensitize their clients to the finest eye health habits, and when needed, they provide them glasses to increase their capacity to see correctly.

How long does Michigan’s Optometry School take to Complete?

Optometry school can be finished in four years.

To get into an optometry program, you must first complete a bachelor of science or closely similar degree program, which takes roughly four years to complete.

Moreover, you have to do a one-year residency in this profession after graduating from optometry school.

Even more training could be required before you can work in this sector.

Is Optometry a Promising Career?

The following are some advantages of being an optometrist:

1. A Flexible Schedule for Work

Doctors of optometry have a very good work-life balance.

In most circumstances, you will only work 8 hours a day as an optometrist during the standard 9 to 5 workday.

Since that your skills are rarely needed at night, you’ll have more time to spend with your friends and loved ones.

You can have a productive profession without abandoning other personal and family commitments by choosing a career that gives you time for other obligations.

2. Possibility of having an Effect on People’s Lives

A career in optometry gives you the chance to make a significant impact on people’s lives.

Being in a position to provide glasses and provide treatment recommendations that improve people’s vision is precious and will only help you have a happy life.

3. High Demand

There is a big need for optometrists in society.

These specialists have specialized knowledge, thus hospitals and clinics always look to hire them.

Consequently, working as an optometrist offers some employment security.

4. Possibility of Making Friends

Optometrists interact with patients to learn about their problems, which helps them come up with the best plan of action for treating their visual condition.

As a result, some optometrists get to form strong bonds with their patients.

Hence, if you’re more of a social creature who enjoys socializing and making new friends, being an optometrist can be a wonderful fit for you.

You can get free referrals for your services from those who need them by developing meaningful connections with many of your clientele.

5. There are a lot of Subspecialties

One of the numerous medical disciplines is optometry.

Family practice, geriatric optometry, and pediatric optometry are examples of subspecialties within this field.

Thus it will be simple for you to concentrate your studies in an area that interests you and matches your skill set if you choose to pursue a profession in a field with a variety of sub-specialties.

6. Lucrative

According to, the average pay of an optometrist is roughly $300,000 per annum.

Optometrists are now among the highest-paid occupations in the world.

Hence, an optometrist is a good alternative if you aim to make lots of money in your profession.

However, you should be aware that depending on your degree of experience, the subspecialty you choose to specialize in, your level of schooling, and the location of your employment, your compensation as an optometrist will either grow or decrease from the average amount.

Michigan’s Requirements for Attending an optometry School

You need to meet the following conditions in order to enroll in an optometry program in Michigan:

  • A science or related subject bachelor’s degree
  • A good GPA
  • Unfinished application
  • Character Reference Letters
  • Good OAT results
  • Application fee payment
  • A clean criminal history
  • Interview Appearance

Top Optometry Schools in Michigan

There are multiple optometry schools in Michigan you can choose from.

Nonetheless, the following list of the top optometry schools in Michigan is in no particular order:

1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Optometry Schools in Michigan
Optometry Schools in Michigan

One of Michigan’s top optometry schools is the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
One of the best vision care and research facilities in the world is housed at this university’s eye center.

The award-winning scholars and seasoned optometrists who make up the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor faculty teach courses that have a positive impact on society.

One of the greatest teaching hospitals for optometry students and students to have a thorough understanding of practical ophthalmology and cataract surgery procedures is located at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

Moreover, this school offers an exceptional optometry research program that dives into vision’s genetic, molecular, and biochemical bedrock.

It is still an academic organization that supports cutting-edge scientific methods for creating effective therapies for serious eye illnesses.

2. Wayne State University

Optometry Schools in Michigan
Optometry Schools in Michigan

Another top-ranked optometry school in Michigan is Wayne State University.

One of the top teaching hospitals, the Kresge Eye Institute (KEI), is managed by this university.

Every year, KEI treats more than 100,000 patients and performs roughly 5,000 surgical procedures.

The Wayne State University optometry staff has accumulated years of experience treating a variety of eye health issues.

Wayne State University continues to be among the best places for anyone to receive top-notch training in eye care that emphasizes creating individualized treatment.

Students at the institute gain knowledge of cutting-edge diagnostic methods for assessing eye health and determining prognoses for eye illnesses.

Wayne State University conducts a wide range of straightforward and intricate clinical research projects all year round.

The retina, spinal cord, neurosciences, and many other topics are the focus of this school’s research activities.

3. Michigan State University

One of the top optometry schools in Michigan is Michigan State University.

This institution is known for producing highly qualified optometrists with the independence needed to deliver high-quality eye care.

Optometry students at Michigan State University learn how to prescribe ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, and several other optical devices.

This college offers a four-year optometry degree, and its graduates are well regarded all around the world.

4. Western Michigan University

The Western Michigan University is a great addition to this list.

Some of the top optometrists in the world have graduated from this college’s eye care program.

The main goal of a lot of the school’s research each year is to create a cure for issues related to blindness and impaired eyesight.

The lecturers at this school are trustworthy optometrists who are well-versed in a variety of subject areas.

Moreover, Western Michigan University’s multiple unified clinics allow its optometry students to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Students get to use top-notch eye care equipment while learning about eye care evaluation, glare assessment, and equipment use.

5. Ferris State University

One of the top optometry schools in Michigan is Ferris State University.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can receive a quality optometry education at this institution.

Several of this academic institution’s graduates are making significant contributions to meeting society’s healthcare demands.

The outstanding educational opportunities that optometry students at FSU have come about as a result of the presence of instructors who are not just excellent at what they do but wholly dedicated to the students’ education.

Western Michigan University also promotes group learning at all levels.

Anybody looking for advanced education in optometry diagnostic and therapy technology should go there.

Optometry Schools in Michigan
Optometry Schools in Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

What optometry school’s admission rate is the lowest?

Of all American optometry schools, SUNY College of Optometry has the lowest acceptance rate.

Which US state offers the highest compensation to optometrists?

In the United States, Alaska is the highest-paying state for optometrists because to the average yearly compensation of $180,000 that it's optometrists receive there.

Which nation gives optometrists the highest pay?

Japan is the nation that pays optometrists the highest wage in the world, with an average pay of about £100,000 per year.

Are there enough optometrists in the US?

In the US, there is a huge demand for optometrists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 9.6% increase in employment for optometrists.


Two additional top-ranked optometry schools in Michigan, in addition to the ones already mentioned, are Oakland University and Kettering University.

But if you want to succeed academically at one of these institutions, make sure you attend every class, get along well with your teachers, and put a lot of effort into your studies.


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