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Best Online PhD in Finance Degrees

The choice to pursue an online PhD in finance is a significant one that needs to be thoroughly thought through.

Even the most intellectual people can suffer greatly from the rigor of any doctorate program, feeling uncertain and uneasy about their qualifications. You must locate a course of study that fits both your requirements and your personality.

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Overview of the Online PhD in Finance

Why do you feel the urge to pursue an online doctorate in finance? Is it necessary for your position? Do you think earning a doctorate in finance online will increase your income?

You should be certain that the advantages exceed the drawbacks when thinking about a huge milestone as crucial as this.

A doctorate in finance is an advanced degree that gives graduates a thorough understanding of accounting and financial concepts and methods. It gives pupils the knowledge and abilities needed to make wise financial decisions. This degree program is perfect for people who genuinely care about the business world and want to work in finance or rise to the top of their industry.

Holders of a doctorate in finance often work as financial experts for businesses, financial institutions, and governmental agencies. A finance PhD emphasizes the value of technology and research while building on a foundation of fundamental and advanced financial ideas.

What Coursework Is Included in an Online Doctorate in Finance?

1. Introduction to Empirical Methods:

These introductory courses explore numerous approaches and quantitative tools used in financial and economic analysis to provide a solid foundation in academic and theoretical research methods.

2. Applied Behavioral Finance:

Need to know for PH.D. finance course
Through lectures, active discussion, and written projects, students apply current behavioral finance theory and research to real-world situations including financial planning and company operations.

3. Macroeconomics Topics

Courses in macroeconomics typically focus on two or three key areas of current research, such as economic growth or wage disparity. Students engage in class discussions and read pertinent material.

4. Finance Theory

For an online doctorate in Finance, you can plan on taking a few courses in finance theory. At all levels, from basic to advanced, students study single period and dynamic models.

5. Economic Analysis:

Consumer and producer choice, the nature of equilibrium in competitive markets, and other issues are covered in economic analysis courses, which are often part of a series of numerous microeconomics theory courses.

What is a Doctorate in Finance’s Career Path?

1. Financial Consulting (Personal Financial Advisor)

Personal financial advisors provide tailored investing counsel on a range of subjects. You will be more equipped to comprehend and communicate about financial planning issues such as insurance, investments, college savings, taxes, and others after earning a Ph.D. in finance. It will be necessary for a financial adviser to meet with clients one-on-one, explain various financial services, and suggest services they might need.

2. Corporate Policymaking (Top Executive)

The creation of the financial policies that will direct an organization is one of the responsibilities of a company’s top executives. In addition, you’ll be in charge of hiring and firing employees, negotiating contracts, and managing the budget. You can create the financial policies that will direct your organization if you have a Ph.D. in finance.

3. Economist

Research on the production and distribution of resources is the responsibility of economists. You will gain the economic understanding necessary to comprehend the core ideas of this discipline via this Ph.D. in Finance. Conducting economic research, gathering data, creating financial models, and presenting your findings to stakeholders are all required.

4. Investment Research (Financial Analyst)

Financial guidance for both firms and individuals is the responsibility of financial analysts. You will have the knowledge necessary to offer reliable investment advice thanks to your Ph.D. in finance. It will also be necessary to assess financial trends, financial accounts, and business information.

5. Financial Manager

Employees in charge of budgeting and financial reporting are under the direct supervision of financial managers at all times. They are in charge of drafting corporate reports, projections, and financial statements. To find strategies to boost sales and diversify their clientele, companies also look at current market trends.

Promotions and pay hikes may be more likely for those having a Ph.D. Furthermore, people with a Ph.D. will have an advantage over those without because most firms prefer candidates with at least a master’s degree, making it simpler for them to land a potential job.

6. Budget Analyst

To create a budget, budget analysts work with project and program managers. They put their knowledge to use by helping managers and top executives analyze plans and make adjustments to ensure they live up to expectations. Those with a Ph.D. in finance will have completed courses in economics and data analytics, which will have equipped them for success in this position.

7. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Businesses can find competitive salary rates with the help of compensation and benefits managers, who can then adjust current compensation arrangements as necessary.

They oversee the dissemination of employee pay and benefit information and create pay and benefit structures for firms. Additionally, they search for and choose investment managers, benefit providers, and insurance brokers.

Ph.D. holders will be able to manage staff members successfully and will be equipped to develop new organizational structures.

8. Commodities, Securities and Financial Service Sales Agent

Sales representatives for commodities, securities, and financial services spend the majority of their time observing the financial market’s activity and buying and selling as necessary to boost profits or lessen the severity of losses.

They look at a company’s finances and use their data analysis skills to estimate its value. Additionally, they estimate the future financial return and determine the initial investment cost of a commercial arrangement.

Due to their comprehensive knowledge of all facets of finance, those who hold a Ph.D. will be knowledgeable about any form of investment.

9. Chief Financial Officer

Chief financial officers (CFOs) are responsible for supervising all financial activities inside a business or organization. They also give direction and leadership to the finance divisions to ensure that they operate legally and effectively.

They aggregate all financial transactions from the company’s database, analyze them, and then clearly communicate their conclusions to senior management. Additionally, they constantly check all record-keeping to make sure the business and its divisions adhere to IRS regulations.

Those with a Ph.D. will have the academic background and abilities necessary for such a post because CFOs must be knowledgeable in state and federal legislation as well as aspects of finance, economics, and business structure.

10. Collegiate Teaching (Postsecondary Teacher, Economics)

Postsecondary teaching involves frequently interacting with students and transferring knowledge to the following generation. An individual with a Ph.D. in finance will be able to instruct students in the concepts of financial modeling, global economics, and finance. They will have to develop lesson plans, provide homework, and routinely evaluate students’ progress.

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The Top Online PhD in Finance Degrees

1. Cambridge College

Degree: Online Doctor of Business Administration – Quality Systems & Improvement Management

Everybody can afford the affordable, top-notch education that Cambridge College Global offers. The modern, busy adult will benefit greatly from their online learning platform.

New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College students have access to this online DBA in Quality Systems Management degree. For students who wish to acquire the knowledge necessary to be successful in one of the finance professions, this online Ph.D. in Finance is a great option.

  • Location: Henniker, New Hampshire
  • Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education

Program Features:

Ten essential business courses are included in the curriculum to give students the opportunity to learn about and analyze modern business trends, research, and practices. After taking five more courses to specialize in QSIM, doctoral students become specialists in this discipline.

Doctoral students work independently to finish coursework, conduct research, and carry out other essential academic duties including presenting their findings at a professional conference.

Students enrolled in the DBA in QSIM program combine what they have learned in the classroom with independent, original, and pertinent research that can guide business practice, producing the dissertation that serves as the program’s capstone product.


  • applying for admission online
  • $75.00 non-refundable application fee
  • a master’s degree from a university recognized by the Department of Education
  • official college transcripts (confirming the awarding of bachelor’s and master’s degrees)
  • essay (between one and two pages) outlining how the Program will help the applicant accomplish their personal and professional objectives.
  • current resume that shows at least eight years of professional experience
  • shown English fluency as demonstrated by the student’s performance on the SAT, ACT, or other English proficiency tests.
  • personal interview that must be completed, usually over the phone.

2. Kansas State University

Online PhD in Finance

Degree: Online Doctor of Philosophy in Personal Financial Planning

After graduation, Kansas State University students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning have a terrific option. Additionally, it is among the most affordable online PhD programs.

While each participant in this cohort program is required to attend class for ten days per summer for three years, they are allowed to do the majority of their schoolwork at home.

While pursuing their jobs and studies, students might feel as though they know their teachers and classmates thanks to this program’s framework.

  • Location: Manhattan, Kansas
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Program Features:

  • During three consecutive summer residency sessions on campus, online students are encouraged to interact with professors, their peers, and the university.
  • It is a 90-credit Ph.D. program created to give bright and aspirant students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their chosen financial profession.
  • Your degree will prepare you for a job as a researcher, professor in a college or university, or in the field of financial planning.


  • scores from the GMAT and GRE within the last five years
  • a graduate and undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 (B). In some situations, provided the 60 preceding hours of study were at least a 3.0, the school might accept a 2.75.
  • personal statement of two pages
  • research statement, 2 pages
  • a curriculum vitae and a resume
  • testimonies of good behavior

3. Atlantic International University

Degree: Online Doctor of Philosophy in Finance

The online Ph.D. in finance program at Atlantic International University is intended to prepare students for jobs in research and education.

To prepare academics for employment at AACSB-accredited universities locally, nationally, and internationally is the objective of the finance doctoral program.

Coursework, comprehensive exams, teaching experience, and dissertation research are all part of the program. While taking into account unique backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations, it aids students in developing substantial competencies in the theory, practice, and analysis needed to increase financial knowledge.

  • Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Accreditation:ASIC – Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities

Program Features:

  • The curriculum focuses on significant areas of computer science research as they relate to financial modeling and decision-making.
  • Students choose from a wide variety of courses to customize their degrees to their professional aspirations and personal interests.


  • five years in the field or in daily life.
  • a curriculum vitae outlines schooling, employment history, and publications to demonstrate one’s background in the field.
  • a master’s degree (or its equivalent) from a recognized program.

To determine their eligibility, applicants might additionally need to submit one or more of the following records.

  • references from experts in the field and from academic institutions will do. The Committee on Doctoral Studies may occasionally ask for more references.
  • a single instance of scholarly investigation or expert writing in any format. Any published or unpublished research, thesis, contributions to scholarly or professional literature, and other academic or professional experience that could be considered in determining the student’s suitability to pursue doctorate study should be described in detail by the student.

4. Liberty University

Online PhD in Finance

Degree: Online Doctor of Business Administration in Finance

The Liberty University Doctor of Business Administration in Finance program is offered fully online. As part of the degree program, students receive advanced training in professional management and human resource development.

The focus on finance equips students to reach the highest degree of financial business knowledge possible. Students study financial management, capital investment decisions, financing decisions, and value creation management after studying an overview of financial analysis.

Along with learning about research methodologies and how to use them effectively, this DBA degree program will provide you the chance to put your newfound knowledge to use in the real world.

  • Location: Lynchburg, VA
  • Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

Program Features:

  • The principles of investments and options as well as the numerous facets of mergers and acquisitions are among the important financial components covered in this program.
  • Graduates of the Doctor of Business Administration – Finance program will have specialized training in finance and be ready for a rewarding career in business.


  • application for Admission
  • fee for applications
  • Purpose Statement
  • English proficiency certification
  • official transcripts for a master’s degree from an institution or university that has received ACBSP or AACSB accreditation.

5. Trident University

Degree: Online Ph.D. in Business Administration with Accounting Finance Concentration

Trident University is committed to giving its students—a diverse collection of adult learners, including serving and past members of the military—an extraordinary online learning experience.

While upholding the highest standards of academic performance, faculty and staff establish a learning community where students acquire the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities they need to improve their lives and progress their careers.

The Online Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Finance Concentration offered by Trident University helps students become the thought leaders and innovators who will shape the teachers, researchers, and scholars of the future.

  • Location: Cypress, California
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Program Features:

  • The Ph.D. in Business Administration curriculum is structured to assist you in acquiring sophisticated research techniques. You will demonstrate and use these abilities to the production of new knowledge in your doctoral work.
  • Future teachers, researchers, and scholars can pursue careers after completing this curriculum.


  • a master’s degree obtained at a college or university accredited by the United States. Education Department
  • the most recent master’s degree transcript must show a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • an updated curriculum vitae that details your background in education and employment
  • sample of Scholarly Writing
  • two letters of recommendation from someone who can speak directly to your abilities for graduate study and your past academic and career success.
  • proof of English language ability (only for international students)

6. National University

Degree: Online Doctor of Philosophy in Financial Management

Online Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Financial Management Specialization programs are available from for-profit National University.

This university’s degree offers a solid grounding in advanced knowledge, financial management, and business administration fundamentals.

Working professionals who seek the rigor and flexibility of a Ph.D. program are the target audience for our online Ph.D. in finance program. Graduates work in academic jobs, private research positions, investment banking positions, financial planning/analysis positions, and other industries.

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools & Colleges, Senior College & University Commission

Program Features:

  • The online Ph.D. program takes 20 courses totaling 60 credits to complete.
  • Students who complete this program learn how to defend sound business decisions, comprehend regulatory requirements, assess stakeholder ethical issues, and understand how social responsibility affects corporate behavior.
  • Students will probably learn how to evaluate the opportunities and risks given by the international business environment and determine the state of a corporation.


  • a master’s degree from a university that is recognized
  • using a website
  • academic assessment
  • students with a master’s degree who wish to apply for direct entry must also have:
  • a broad business domain (such as business management or administration) or
  • a master’s degree in finance OR a business-related undergraduate degree

Evaluation Track: People who don’t satisfy the standards for direct entry must examine their transcripts to determine whether any prior coursework they completed satisfies the Standard Curriculum’s requirements.

7. Walden University

Degree: Online Doctor of Business Administration in Finance

An online Doctor of Business Administration with a Finance Concentration is one of the online degree programs offered by for-profit Walden University, which was founded in 1970.

A well-known online university with a reputation for offering business degrees is Walden University. No exception applies to the doctor of business administration in finance.

Only a few travels are necessary for intense residencies during the degree program, thanks to the school’s hybrid approach, which enables students to continue learning from the convenience of their own homes.

For students who have already started to specialize their education in this sector, Walden now offers a financial emphasis.

  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Program Features:

  • Students are encouraged to mix practice and theory to apply new knowledge to organizational problems throughout the 49-credit curriculum.
  • Coursework for doctoral degrees emphasizes the improvement of writing and critical-thinking abilities.
  • Two 4-day periods totaling eight days of academic residency are required of each student.


  • Authentic transcripts
  • Resume displaying work experience
  • Employment and educational background

Online PhD in Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Which PhD in finance is the best?

PhD in Business Administration sometimes includes a PhD in Accounting and Financial Management. It is frequently selected for work in logical, analytical, and time management tasks. Business environment, business finances, financial management, and other themes are among those discussed.

How long does a finance PhD last?

The minimum doctoral program length for the PhD in Finance is three years, and it can be extended to five years. It is a research-focused course that offers comprehensive knowledge and comprehension of finance and the terms and ideas that are associated to it.

Is a PhD possible without a Masters degree?

Yes, you can obtain a PhD without first obtaining a master's degree. Although the conventional route calls for completing a master's program before beginning a doctorate, several institutions and programs provide possibilities to completely omit the master's. In some circumstances, it's actually the best course of action.



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