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16 Top Free Online Mental Health Courses

Top Free Online Mental Health Courses!

This article provides a list of Top Free Online Mental Health Courses that can be enrolled in promptly using a smartphone or laptop. You will learn about mental health from prestigious universities, colleges, and other institutions from around the globe without leaving your home.

The significance of an individual’s mental health cannot be overstated. Individuals, healthful both in mind and body are highly productive, however, the same cannot be said for people who aren’t.

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For employment in any organization, your wellbeing is evaluated and considered, and you are hired if HR deems it to be satisfactory.

This is just one of the numerous instances in which an individual’s future is determined by their general wellbeing.

You may have pondered on numerous occasions, “What motivates this individual’s behavior?” In contrast to other conditions where it is possible to determine or correctly guess what is wrong with a person solely by observing them, schizophrenia cannot be diagnosed or correctly diagnosed based on appearance alone. In mental health, it doesn’t operate that way, you need a different perspective, and you can learn it.

Psychology is the finest discipline for examining human behavior and mental health. You can earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in psychology and become an established professional. But before you venture into it, why not test it out to determine its appearance?

We at world scholarship vault have compiled a list of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses that will assist you in launching a successful psychology career. You can enroll in the courses if you aspire to become a psychologist, if you want to learn about human behavior, or if you want to improve your mental health and become more productive at work or in your daily life.

Why Take an Online Mental Health Courses?

Online education has many advantages, but among them are its flexibility and convenience, as well as its lower cost or, in this case, its availability for free. This means that you can acquire a desired skill or degree online without interrupting your current activities.

Consequently, if you are employed by a company, managing a business, or pursuing a degree at an offline institution, you should not use social media. You can still enroll in online courses, such as the free online mental health courses listed in this blog post.

What credentials am I required to have to become a mental health support worker?

A degree in Psychology or Health and Social Care is available. Additionally, you can pursue a credential in Mental Health, Counseling, or Community services. As a mental health support professional, you can also be qualified with a Diploma of Mental Health or Certificate IV in Mental Health.

The Top Free Online Mental Health Courses described in this article will assist you in launching a career in the field of psychology and guiding you through your voyage as a mental health support worker.

List of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses

The following is a list of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses:

  1. Diploma in Mental Health
  2. Beating Depression
  3. Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness
  4. Psychological First Aid
  5. De-Mystifying Mindfulness
  6. The Arts and Science of Relationship: Understanding Human Needs
  7. Mental Health and Nutrition
  8. Managing Study, Stress and Mental Health at University
  9. Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance
  10. Youth Mental Health: Helping Young People with Anxiety
  11. Addressing Postnatal Depression as a Healthcare Professional
  12. Awareness of Mental Health Problems
  13. Dementia Care
  14. General Psychiatric Management for BPD
  15. Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
  16. Caring for Vulnerable Children

1. Certificate in Mental Health

Online Mental Health Courses

A degree in mental health qualifies you for a position as a mental health support worker in any organization, and you’re studying it for free online. Thanks to the internet and Alison, an online learning platform, you can quickly acquire the skills necessary to address mental health concerns.

By enrolling in this course, you will acquire a greater understanding of all types of mental disorders, be able to identify their symptoms, and administer treatment to those affected. You will also learn how to manage your own and other people’s wellbeing. It is one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses.

2. Conquering Depression

This is another of Alison’s Top Free Online Mental Health Courses, and it teaches students the secrets to overcoming depression. You can use it in your own life or to aid others who are battling depression and need assistance to overcome it.

You will be equipped with every essential skill for overcoming melancholy. This includes learning about the physical and psychological effects of depression, the science and statistics of depression, depression misconceptions, and medical treatments for depression, etc.

3. Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness are supported.

In order to become a psychologist or mental health professional, you must learn how to interact with individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses. To accomplish this, you will examine the four guiding principles of support work and the ways in which the strengths and resources of clients and their communities are incorporated into the care process.

This is one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses that will help you establish yourself as a mental health professional in the health industry.

4. Psychological Primary Care

Psychological First Aid is taught by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera, and it is one of the university’s Top Free Online Mental Health Courses. The course instructs students on how to administer mental first aid in an emergency.

Utilizing the RAPID paradigm, the first aid is administered: reflective listening, needs assessment, prioritization, intervention, and disposition. Which can be applied in any public health setting while also enhancing your psychological skills. Here you can enroll.

5. Demythologizing Mindfulness

Online Mental Health Courses

In the past, meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation were utilized to restore the mind, despite being considered a mystical practice in those days. Now that it has returned, it is profoundly rooted in the health sector, particularly psychology and neuroscience.

Mindfulness is utilized by psychologists in numerous therapeutic interventions and also as a means of promoting health and pleasure. Here you can enroll. It is regarded as one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses.

6. The Arts and Science of Relationship: Understanding Human Needs

This is one of the University of Toronto’s Top Free Online Mental Health Courses, which is delivered online by Coursera. You will be introduced to various social work and health care concepts pertinent to everyday relationships.

At the conclusion of this course, you will have acquired skills in psychology, assertiveness, and communication, and will have developed strong relationships with those around you. Here you can enroll.

7. Nutritional Health and Mental

Nutrition plays a crucial role in a person’s mental health, and it is crucial to research the optimal diet for promoting mental health. If you are already a health professional working with individuals with mental health issues, you may enroll in this course.

You may also enroll if you suffer from anxiety, tension, or depression. You will learn how to consume the proper diet and nutrition to combat these issues. The subject is one of the University of Canterbury’s Free Online Mental Health Courses delivered online by edX. Here you can enroll.

8. Managing University Study, Stress, and Mental Health

This course is for university students, as there have been numerous instances of regular school tension negatively impacting students’ mental health.

This course will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to recognize, identify, and respond to mental health issues in yourself and others. It is one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses provided by Curtin University through edX. Here you can enroll.

9. Mindfulness for Health and Success

Does your daily output suffer from inefficiency? Or, is your work-related tension affecting your performance? Then you should take this course.

In this course offered by Monash University, you will learn effective mindfulness techniques to reduce tension and improve your well-being or academic or professional performance.

The course is one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses offered online by FutureLearn, and you can also implement the techniques to the people around you suffering the same mental challenges.

10. Youth Mental Health: Assisting Youth with Anxiety

Online Mental Health Courses

Teenagers face a great deal of stress as they mature, and anxiety disorder is one of the challenges they face; therefore, they require assistance. Enroll in this case to improve your health care skills and learn how to assist in the management of anxiety disorders in adolescents.

Also, if you are a teacher seeking a means to assist students in overcoming their anxiety, you should enroll in this course.

Through this course, you will be able to identify adolescents with anxiety disorders and offer your services to help them. Here you can enroll.

11. Managing Postpartum Depression as a Medical Professional

Depression, anxiety disorders, and mood fluctuations are detrimental to pregnant women’s mental health, and they require assistance. This course will teach you how to provide effective assistance to new and expectant parents.

You will comprehend the symptoms of postpartum depression, how to assist afflicted parents, and how to enhance their mental health and well-being.

The program is provided by the University of Exeter and FutureLearn delivers it online.

12. Sensitivity to Mental Health Problems

This course provides complimentary certifications for mental health awareness and comprehension of a variety of mental health issues. Individuals with these skills and knowledge are in high demand in the United Kingdom, and you can reassure your current or prospective employer that you have expertise in this field.

The online course is provided by StriveTraining and typically takes between 5 and 10 weeks to complete. Here you can enroll.

13. Alzheimer’s Care

Dementia is a growing mental health problem among the elderly, and they deserve appropriate care, but few individuals possess the necessary skill set. You can enroll in this course, Dementia Care, to learn the fundamentals of supporting and caring for individuals with dementia in the most effective manner.

Vision2learn offers the course online for free and it takes 16 weeks to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a certification. It is one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses.

14. General Psychological Treatment of BPD

BPD is a mental disorder typified by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships.

This course is one of the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses offered by Harvard Medical School and teaches those in the health profession how to identify and treat BPD. Here you can enroll.

15. Positive Mental Health and Psychiatry

Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health is one of the free online mental health courses provided by Coursera and offered by the University of Sydney.

The course examines the various facets of mental health and provides an overview of the main types of mental disorders, their causes, treatments, and how to seek assistance.

16. Protecting Vulnerable Children

Online Mental Health Courses

This course will teach you about caring for vulnerable children if you enroll. If you have a passion for children or operate in an environment with many children, this course is for you.

This course examines various child development and parenting principles that can be applied to the caring of children with mental health problems. Here you can enroll.

This concludes the Top Free Online Mental Health Courses; use the links provided to commence any of the courses of your choosing immediately and at your own pace.

FAQs On Top Free Online Mental Health Courses

Can I study mental health online?

You can Learn how to manage mental wellbeing with this free online mental health diploma course that explores human psychology.

What is the highest paying mental health job?

psychiatrist positions are by far the highest-paying jobs for psychology majors. When you work where a majority of psychiatrists are employed — within an outpatient care center or within a physician's office — the BLS reports 2022 mean salaries of $299,470 or $280,600, respectively.

What is the difference between mental health and mental illness?

While mental health is always there and may be positive or negative, mental illness affects a person's ability to function over a long period of time.

What type of study is mental health?

Within the behavioral sciences, the study of mental health focuses on the distinct psychological processes and mechanisms that prompt thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Peterson, 2010).

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