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Best Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree in 2023

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Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree. Certain to result in a raise in your pay, look at the business world. Most people think that pursuing an MBA comes after earning a bachelor’s degree. But this is not always the case. Check out and apply for the online MBA without an undergraduate degree.

Even with their busy job schedules, the majority of people worry about how to transition to a subject that is entirely different from the one they prepared for and/or studied during their studies. Because of this, online MBA programs are ideal for you.

There are numerous prestigious online MBA programs available to students without a bachelor’s degree; in this article, we’ll examine some of these programs and the schools that provide them.

Is MBA important?

An MBA provides training in business management at the corporate level, enabling graduates to have positions in top management, as analysts, directors, or program managers.

MBA schools provide a strong emphasis on managerial abilities like comprehending a company’s structure.

Courses help students develop abilities in managing finances, hiring staff, and assessing business decisions. The management, delegation, and task training that MBA students receive is essential in many businesses.

Best Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree

Many top universities allow applicants without a first degree. Many colleges require applicants with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or another Bachelor’s degree in business administration to be admitted to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Numerous other universities just don’t care if you have a business-related academic background or not.

An MBA appears out of reach without a Bachelor’s degree. However, some MBA programs will take into account and admit applicants who can provide evidence of the necessary abilities and experience (along with high GMAT scores).

If you’re willing to put in two to three years of serious part-time work to acquire an MBA from an authorized college, it could significantly improve your managerial abilities.

Here is a list of online MBA programs for which you do not need a business bachelor’s degree for those of you who are seeking an MBA degree online.

1. Purdue University Global

Online university Purdue University Global, originally Kaplan University, is a part of the esteemed Purdue University system. There are 28,000 persons who have registered as a whole.

The online master’s in business administration is one of the more than 175 academic degrees that the university provides. For entry into its online MBA program, Purdue Global does not submit an application for a business bachelor’s degree.

Rather, all you need to be eligible is a bachelor’s degree with a CGPA of 2.5 or better. You can still be admitted even if you don’t have this 2.5 CGPA since you have other compelling evidence of your academic potential, like an outstanding GMAT score.

2. Oregon State University

Corvallis, Oregon’s Oregon State Institution is a public university with a 151-year history. Over 32,000 students from over 100 different nations and all 50 states attend this university. It makes possible more than 300 academic programs through its 13 colleges and institutions.

Students from a variety of academic disciplines outside of business, such as engineering, the humanities, science, and social sciences, are admitted to Oregon State’s online MBA program.

The university will require you to submit coursework that establishes a strong foundation of business knowledge if you lack a business bachelor’s degree or a business minor. Additionally, you must have passed the Executive Assessment, GMAT, or GRE exam.

3. University of Delaware

Over 425 academic programs are available at the public University of Delaware (UD). The university in Newark is divided into eight colleges. Over 20,000 people have registered overall.

You must have two years of work experience as well as the GMAT or GRE scores in order to be admitted to UD’s online MBA program.

Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree
University of Delaware

4. University of Maryland

The flagship institution of the Maryland university system, College University (UMD), currently enrolls about 41,000 students in higher education. The College Park-based institution was first established as Maryland Agricultural College in 1856.

At 13 universities and schools, the company currently provides more than 230 academic programs.

5. George Mason University

George Mason University is a public university with a 677-hectare main campus in Fairfax, Virginia. The number of students is close to 37,000.

The university was established in 1949 and has eleven colleges and schools that it operates through to provide more than 360 academic programs.

Students from various career and academic backgrounds have previously enrolled in George Mason’s online MBA program.

6. NC State University

Founded in 1887, North Carolina State Institution, sometimes known as NC State University, is a public university with its headquarters in Raleigh. It has 65 departments in all and 11 colleges and a graduate school.

More than 36,000 students attend the institution and are enrolled in more than 300 academic programs. It is a part of the system of universities in North Carolina.

Only 23% of the students accepted to NC State’s online MBA program in the autumn of 2018 already held a business bachelor’s degree.

The remaining students were drawn from a variety of academic fields, such as engineering (30%), math or science (29%) and humanities or social sciences (20 percent).
As you can see, a business bachelor’s degree is not a prerequisite for NC State University’s online MBA program.

7. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

As the first university in Nebraska, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) started its journey in 1869.

The University of Nebraska system’s Lincoln-based institution has the most students, numbering around 26,000 total. It provides a range of academic programs both on-campus and online through its eight colleges.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

8. Ball State University

Muncie, Indiana-based Ball State Institution is a public university. It was established in 1918 and now has more than 22,500 students enrolled.

Through its seven colleges, the institution provides more than 200 academic programs to both undergraduates and graduates.

One of the rare universities that offers an online MBA without requiring a business administration bachelor’s degree or prior professional experience is Ball State.

Only a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.75 or above and successful completion of the GMAT or GRE are requirements.

With its 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Business Essentials program, the institution will assist you in understanding the principles of business if your academic background is not in business.

9. Fayetteville State University

Another institution in the University of North Carolina system, Fayetteville State University (FSU) was established in 1867. The Fayetteville-based university has a student body and a 156-hectare main campus.

Through its four colleges, it provides 33 bachelor’s programs, 8 master’s degrees, and 1 doctoral program.

You don’t need to have a business bachelor’s degree to apply to FSU’s online MBA program.

You also needed to take the GMAT or GRE. For enrollment to the online MBA program at this university, no prior work experience is necessary.

10. University of Edinburgh Business School

One of the universities that is flexible with its admissions processes is the University of Edinburgh Business School.

It allows applicants without a bachelor’s degree, providing they pass an essay assignment, an oral and numerical argumentation examination, the GMAT Business School admission exam, and other requirements.

11. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Over 50,000 students are enrolled each year at the flagship institution of the University of Illinois, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which was established in 1867.

Over 150 courses, including an online Master of Business Administration, are offered by the University of Illinois, a public research university with land grants.

The University of Illinois College of Business is in charge of this online MBA, which calls for 72 credits. He concentrates on acquiring the abilities required to address contemporary business issues.

The course material instructs students on how to lead and manage others while collaborating with them.

Students who enroll in business, accounting, and corporate finance courses get the technical skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced, cutthroat workplace.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

12. Howard University, Washington, DC

A private historically black institution with 13 schools and colleges, Howard University was established in 1867.

For both on-campus and online students, the institution offers a number of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, including a fully online MBA program that is among the best.

The University School of Business oversees the program, which has 48 credits total, including general education requirements and a strategic management cornerstone component.

Additionally, themes including marketing, business communication, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior are covered in the courses.

There is no prerequisite for this online MBA for learners interested in enrolling. A minimum of five years of professional experience in a managerial or managerial-related capacity is also advised by the program for applicants.


Simply because you lack a bachelor’s degree, you shouldn’t rule out the MBA as a possibility. With the succinct information we have given you, an MBA may be the key to getting you to the job you desire, whether it is now or in the future.

A tough yet incredibly rewarding postgraduate program is an MBA. But a lot of people still think an MBA is exclusively available to people with a degree. This is not the case, though. Give it a try now!

FAQs on Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree

Do you need a degree to get an MBA?

You can apply for and complete an MBA without a degree or any other type of postsecondary education, yes. That's because, even if you lack an undergraduate degree, your experience may still match the entry requirements for an MBA.

Can I get job after online MBA?

A wide-range of prospects available after successful completion of online MBA. You can find many options such as jobs in the leading companies and higher education at the top universities in India and abroad. Graduates of online MBA programmes go on to work in a variety of fields.

Is mini MBA recognised?

The Mini MBA in Marketing course is accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Standards Office.

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