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15 Online Jobs in Healthcare

Online Jobs in Healthcare. In the United States, the health care sector is growing and offers a variety of employment that pay significantly more than the average salary.

Medical employment online are becoming more common despite the fact that most are on-site. These positions range from hospital-affiliated telemedicine positions to insurance billing and coding. Even though several require a degree or certification to be eligible, if you have a job you can complete all of them with just an internet connection and a phone line.

What if we told you that you could enter this rapidly expanding industry from the comfort of your home? We looked at 15 online health care careers in this article.

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Why work from home in the medical field?

Health care careers are demanding, rewarding, and in constant demand. You receive the same salary whether you work from home or at a clinic. Additionally, it offers you and your business flexibility, time, more money, and a better work-life balance.

There are various medical tasks that you may perform from home, and more firms are accepting of remote workers.

Jobs in the health care industry

Jobs in the health care sector are expected to be quite good. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that between 2020 and 2030, employment in the health care sector will increase by 16%.

In contrast, the BLS forecasts that the country’s overall employment will grow by just 7.7 percent during that time. This suggests that the health care sector is stable, with strong demand and space for growth, as it should increase at a rate that is more than twice as fast as the national average.

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What is the spectrum of healthcare salaries?

Health care industry salaries range from somewhat below to far over the real median personal income in the United States ($35,805 in 2020).

Personal and home health aides made an average pay of $29,430 in 2021, whereas doctors and surgeons made an average compensation of $208,000 or more in the same year, according to the BLS.

However, a lot of jobs pay more than the average salary in the country. While nurse practitioners (NPs) made about $123,780 in 2021, registered nurses (RNs) made a median wage of $77,600. How much a healthcare worker can anticipate depends on a variety of factors, including experience, education, geography, and industry demand.

 Top Healthcare Employers for Online Jobs

1. Cerebral Care

A mental health group called Cerebral Care is committed to improving patient access to care for conditions including anxiety and depression. Through a monthly membership, patients can obtain regular assessments, online doctor visits, counseling sessions, legally prescribed drugs, and prescription delivery.

2. Clover Health Care

The dedication of Clover Health to enhancing and redefining how the American insurance and health care industries operate “makes healthcare work.” The privately held business provides members with Medicare alternatives that connect seamlessly with clinicians, doctors, and nurse practitioners.

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3. Cotiviti

Cotiviti, established in 1979, offers

  • Solutions for networks and payments that are analytics-driven for the retail and health care sectors.
  • Helping the payers.
  • Health care organizations that take on risk.
  • Retailers in achieving their corporate goals.

4. CVS Health Care

Over one billion prescriptions are filled by CVS Health each year, making it one of the top pharmacies in the nation for both health care services and prescription medication. Every day, they provide a wide range of products and services to millions of customers, including online and in-person prescription services.

5. Hims and Hers – Hims, Inc.

A health and wellness business called Hims & Hers works to dispel stereotypes and make it simpler for people to receive the care and assistance they need.

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6. Parexel

This business offers several solutions to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. It is a global biopharmaceutical services provider.

A clinical research, consultancy, and informatics company called Parexel focuses on achieving maximum market penetration and cutting down on time-to-market.

15 online jobs in Healthcare

1. Medical transcriptionist

The average annual wage in the country is $28,390. Medical transcriptionists convert voice recordings of patients’ information and doctors’ notes into written reports. Some employers demand medical industry experience or qualification.

Advantages for succeeding in this online job include having excellent typing abilities, paying more attention to detail, and knowledge of medical terminology. One of the top online careers in the health care industry is medical transcribing.

2. Medical biller

The average annual wage in the country is $30,235. Medical billers prepare, examine, and handle medical claims in order to get paid by insurance providers for the patient services they provide.

You might need on-site experience before you can work from home. Understanding medical jargon, diagnostic techniques, and the appropriate coding for each is crucial. One of the healthcare online jobs is this one.

3. Case manager

$44,789 is the average yearly wage in the country. By matching patients’ demands with the right, reasonably priced services and results, case managers in the healthcare industry ensure that patients receive high-quality treatment.

They aid patients in selecting a course of therapy, planning their care, and establishing contact with healthcare professionals. Throughout the course of the care process, they continue to track and record the progress of the patients while keeping the customer in mind.

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4. Health information technician

The average annual wage in the country is $46,474. information on health Medical offices and health care facilities rely on technicians to monitor patient records. Confidential patient information such data regarding diagnoses, treatments, insurance, and health information is typically found in medical records.

Protecting this data is the responsibility of the technicians. In order to enhance patient care and control treatment costs, they also analyze patient data using computer programs. One of the healthcare online jobs is this one.

 5. Development Coordinator

The average annual wage in the country is $47,472. In the medical industry, development coordinators organize and carry out fundraising events for charitable healthcare facilities. To work cooperatively with coworkers, departments, and members of the community, they must possess strong communication skills.

Assuring that organizations obtain sufficient funds for ongoing operations or specific activities is also essential. Being organized and effective when arranging an event is advantageous.

6. Telephone triage nurse

The average yearly wage in the country is $64,832. Telehealth services are used by telephone triage nurses to deliver patient care. Only registered nurses are eligible for this employment, which entails performing virtual tasks including communicating with patients via phone or other technologies.

Additionally, they give medical advice, assess symptoms, offer treatments, and confer with doctors to develop care plans, establish diagnoses, or prescribe drugs.

7. Medical Insurance broker

The average yearly wage in the country is $59,132. Agents for medical insurance help people and companies sign up for health insurance policies. Based on their clients’ needs, agents gather data and offer recommendations. They help with health insurance renewals and modifications as well, ensuring that coverage is maintained or expanded as needed. One of the healthcare online jobs is this one.

8. Speech and language pathologist

The average yearly wage in the country is $80,918. Speech-language pathologists help patients with problems speaking (making sounds and maintaining fluency) and feeding, as well as concerns with swallowing. They can work in a range of places, including medical offices, long-term care institutions, private clinics, schools, and hospitals.

Additionally, they can communicate digitally with patients while working from home via video conferencing and other modes of communication. One of the healthcare online jobs is this one.

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9. Medical Center Rep

The average yearly wage in the country is $29,199. Primary duties include taking calls from and talking to clients in order to ascertain their requirements or issues, as well as provide informational and service-related support to healthcare facilities or other medical offices.

A few advantages include having patience, compassion, a clear speaking voice, the capacity to explain things simply, and superior customer service abilities.

10. Project manager

The average yearly wage in the country is $86,258. In the healthcare sector, project managers are in charge of a variety of initiatives inside their organizations, such as growth, expanded or specialized hiring efforts, or creating and carrying out strategies to deal with certain issues.

11. Nurse supervisor

The average yearly wage in the country is $88,855. Strong leaders that oversee staff and patient cases to guarantee the best possible course of care and treatment are nurse managers or supervisors. They could be in charge of hiring, allocating funds, planning the schedule, organizing training sessions, and maintaining records.

They have to meet deadlines, collaborate with other departments, and make the most of their resources. One of the healthcare online jobs is this one.

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12. Legal nurse consultant

The average yearly wage in the country is $89,505. Legal nurse consultants are nurses with expertise in both the medical and legal sectors who collaborate with attorneys on situations involving medicine. They might work on legal matters involving personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, and torts. They could also give testimony as experts.

13. Licensed Clinical social worker

The average yearly wage in the country is $69,069. Patients in need receive treatments and interventions from licensed clinical social workers. By offering psychotherapy, counseling, family support, and addiction treatment, they help those who are dealing with mental health and substance misuse problems.

They also help patients with key decision-making, family dispute resolution, housing search, and employment search. One of the healthcare online jobs is this one.

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14. Senior medical underwriter

$94,355 is the average yearly wage in the country. In order to ascertain if a person is eligible for insurance coverage, the type of coverage, and the monthly premium, senior medical underwriters review health insurance applications. It comprises investigating a person’s medical background, gathering information, and determining risk factors.

15. Clinical investigator

$95,768 is the average yearly wage in the country. Trials are carried out by clinical researchers who follow stringent guidelines. Tests provide information on the safety and efficacy of medications, vaccinations, medical equipment, and human behavior.

When selecting, vetting, and dealing with human subjects, researchers must uphold ethical principles and best clinical practices. They must also do research and gather information responsibly and effectively before sharing it with healthcare professionals and the general public.

FAQs on Online Jobs in Healthcare

What is the best paying job in healthcare?

Physicians and surgeons are the best-paying healthcare jobs. These medical experts specialize either generally or specifically within one area. They perform different tasks like prescribing medicine, counseling, interpreting tests, and operating on patients.

What is the best search engine for healthcare jobs?

Health eCareers.

Where do healthcare workers get paid the most?

California sits atop the list of highest-paying states for nurses after adjusting for cost of living. The Golden State's adjusted RN salary average is $106,529 – much lower than its $124,000 non-adjusted salary thanks to a higher cost of living. Following closely behind are Oregon ($96,131) and Alaska ($92,512).

Which is the easiest course in medical field?

Phlebotomy is the easiest medical field to get into and to practice. Part of your training can come online, and with an accelerated program, you can be ready for your state licensure exam in under a year. Phlebotomists draw blood and transport it for lab testing

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