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Top Online Homeland Security Degrees

Students enrolled in the best online homeland security degrees are prepared for one of the most crucial positions in the nation. Homeland Security has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand employment fields in the US since the Department of Homeland Security was established following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, uniting a range of domestic government departments behind a common objective. A vast number of professions and organizations fall under the umbrella of homeland security, including border patrol, immigration, disaster relief, cyber security, and, of course, counterterrorism.

Despite the fact that it may appear like a very broad field, a degree in homeland security may be the greatest way to launch a successful career. A Homeland Security degree focuses more on the abilities and knowledge required to be successful in the wide range of Homeland Security occupations, regardless of the niche or speciality you choose to pursue. There are several specializations available, including cybersecurity, emergency management, and terrorism, but a degree in homeland security shows potential employers that you have what it takes to protect Americans.

online homeland security degrees

Is an Online Homeland Security Degree Difficult?

The goal of an online Homeland Security degree program is to create highly skilled individuals who can work in safety and security-related roles. Since the founding of the U.S., these online degree programs have grown in popularity. In 2001, the Department of Homeland Security. When enrolling in an online Homeland Security degree program, students can anticipate to take courses in emergency response, criminal justice and public safety policy.

Most Common Courses in Online Homeland Security Programs

Basics of Homeland Security, intelligence systems and structures, emergency management principles, and environmental security are among topics covered in popular online Homeland Security courses. When studying for an online Homeland Security degree, you have the option of selecting your area of concentration. Epidemiology, security and peacekeeping, terrorism and anti-terrorism, and cybersecurity are popular areas of specialization. An online Homeland Security degree is challenging, but it’s well worth the effort because it’s one of the most critical positions in the nation.

What Training is Required for a Job in Homeland Security?

The boundaries between the tasks of the various emergency response disciplines became more hazy after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. To handle these recently combined obligations, the profession of homeland security was established. One must possess the information, abilities, and competences necessary to protect our nation from terrorists and natural disasters in order to work in homeland security. The student can obtain the online Homeland Security training they require to launch a prosperous career in the sector by enrolling for a Homeland Security degree.

You can learn the skills you need to defend the country from potential dangers, whether they are natural or man-made, through online Homeland Security training. This includes recognizing probable terrorist attacks and taking appropriate action. You’ll need a variety of Homeland Security certifications in addition to an online degree if you want to succeed in this field. These certifications serve as proof that the person has competency in the combined fields of knowledge, skills, and homeland security.

Is a Homeland Security Degree Earned Online Reputable?

One of the most respected online programs in the country is an online Homeland Security degree. No matter where you believe your true calling is, the education you get to earn an online degree in homeland security equips you for one of the most vital professions you will ever hold. This particular degree can lead to positions in response coordination, law enforcement, and other fields that are essential to the survival and economic well-being of the country.

The regional accreditation status of a potential student’s chosen online Homeland Security degree program is crucial. The transferability of course credits and your eligibility for financial aid are both impacted by an institution’s accreditation. A college’s student services and academic programs must be thoroughly examined as part of the accrediting process. Verify the accreditation status of the college or university of your choosing with agencies recognized by the US Department of Education.

online homeland security degrees

Top Online Homeland Security Degrees


The online Public Service and Public Policy degree program at Arizona State University offers a Homeland Security and Emergency Management specialization. This 120 credit hour online Homeland Security degree program prepares students for a professional career in emergency management. ASU trains students in how to handle mitigation issues and respond to various types of disasters in response to the growing demand for specialists in this industry. The threats have grown more severe in recent years as a result of advances in technology. Only qualified emergency managers with a background in technological and scientific subjects can manage dangers of this nature.

Arizona State University is ranked first for innovation in the country and fourth for undergraduate online programs. Students in the College of Public Service and Community Solutions are motivated to become the leaders of tomorrow by the teachers. They accomplish this by offering them answers to problems that actually exist in areas like human trafficking, water scarcity, child welfare, and municipal management. Compliance managers, emergency managers, investment fund managers, and general managers are just a few of the employment options offered by this school. Financial help and scholarships are offered by ASU.

Degree Offered: BS in Public Service and Public Policy – Emergency Management and Homeland Security


One of the first in the US to provide a BS in Homeland Security entirely online, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s program is still among the top. Students who want to contribute to a safer and better future should take it. The course provides a foundation in security and has sections on legislation and policy, strategic planning, risk assessment, and emergency management. It also has sections on terrorist studies and cyber security. The curriculum at Embry-Riddle is founded on an examination of market demands and the use of information gathered by the US military, working professionals, and government experts.

Students can use cutting-edge facilities and equipment at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Additionally, they have the chance to collaborate with experts from throughout the nation in their many fields of specialization. Experts in homeland security from a variety of fields frequently deliver guest lectures and occasionally even complete courses. The Department of Security Studies and International Affairs’ academic members are leaders in their respective professions and have years of practical experience. They are better qualified to impart threat assessment and critical analysis based on current events because of their experiences. They constantly adjust to the shifting requirements of the government and the sector at large.

Degree Offered: BS in Homeland Security


Students can gain a foundation in homeland security and emergency services through the online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services program at Utah Valley University. The professional competencies of homeland security, emergency management, and criminal justice are combined in this online Homeland Security program. With this degree, you could work in the defense department, hospital administration, management administration, fire and rescue, and many other fields. Students who successfully finish the curriculum will be able to resolve conflicts, respond to emergencies, negotiate during a crisis, research the causes of terrorism, and deal with catastrophic situations.

Students at Utah Valley University have the option of learning online at their convenience and at a time that suits them best. The International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and NWCCW (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities) both accredit the program. Depending on your schedule, it takes two to three years to finish, and you can receive credit for prior professional experience.

Degree Offered: BS in Emergency Services

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The AACSB-accredited School of Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers a fully online (or in-residence) Homeland Security degree through the eCampus under the name Bachelor of Security and Emergency Management. Courses are made to fit around students’ hectic schedules. For each assignment, the disaster management-experienced instructors gather current news and lessons from the field. Students have the option to focus on a variety of fields, including emergency medicine, fire management, and cybersecurity. The program’s graduates are skilled professionals who are prepared to take on new challenges and grow in their jobs.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is renowned for offering flexible schedules and low tuition. Students have the option of studying both on and off campus. No matter what state or nation a student is in, they all have access to the same affordable tuition rates as in-state students.

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Security and Emergency Management


Homeland Security is a specialization option for the online bachelor’s in criminal justice degree offered by Florida Institute of Technology. This online Homeland Security degree program examines a variety of homeland security topics, such as the investigation, detection, interception, and mitigation of the country’s infrastructure and security. The program’s expertise of victimology, criminal justice, law enforcement, and force minimization forms its foundation. By the end of the course, students will be able to evaluate risk factors and make wise choices in the case of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other public dangers.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited the Florida Institute of Technology. The United States ranked it as one of the top national colleges in the nation. among the most varied student populations in the US, according to News & World Report. A degree from FIT is respected, and there are countless professional options.

Degree Offered: BA in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security


Students who earn an online Homeland Security degree from Herzing University are prepared for positions in this broad and dynamic industry. They develop into professionals equipped to work in the public and private sectors as well as nonprofits. Herzing offers two routes to a career in homeland security. They are either a BS in Criminal Justice with a focus on Homeland Security and Counterterrorism or a BS in Homeland Security and Public Safety. Students will be able to foresee, stop, and react to all forms of security threats, from terrorism to natural disasters.

One of the top Homeland Security bachelor’s degree programs in the nation, Herzing University has produced some of the best experts in the industry. By collaborating with career development counselors from the moment they enroll, they are dedicated to guaranteeing that all of their students find jobs as soon as they complete their courses. They make sure every student reaches their career goals, assist students in developing their online personas, resumes, and connections with employers, and even provide them coaching on how to act in interviews.

Degree Offered: BA in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security


The online BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management program at Mercer University is built on an understanding of contemporary security and safety challenges. Students gain communication and leadership skills through the curriculum that help them maintain confidence and concentration in risky situations. They can respond quickly to both man-made and natural disasters thanks to their managerial abilities, such as planning and organization. Admissions take place in January, March, May, August, and October for the 8-week program.

Since 1833, the greatest and brightest students in the state have attended Mercer University, the oldest private university in Georgia. Mercer has long been rated as one of the best value universities in the country thanks to its combination of high academic standards and affordable tuition. Students in Mercer’s online Homeland Security degree program are prepared to distinguish between the various elements of the public security system, establish procedures and policies on addressing security threats, and make crucial judgments and give the public guidance during critical crises.

Degree Offered: BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management


Students can gain a foundation in security topics such as the politics and culture of terrorism, how to address oncoming threats to security, and how to cope with an emergency and the recovery process through National University’s online BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management (BS-HSEM). The students are equipped to handle crises in a variety of settings, including seaports, land borders, and airports. Because of their theoretical and practical training, they are able to evaluate hazards, control disasters, and deal with emergencies in the actual world. Military people and managers at all levels in the public, corporate, and non-profit sectors can benefit from the curriculum. It is accessible online and on the campus.

National University is aware of the value of adaptability. They work hard to satisfy all of their students’ demands as they create their degrees with them in mind. Students who successfully finish the BS-HSEM are prepared to handle circumstances that may arise in their numerous career routes. Although they have the option of speeding up the program, they must complete supervised projects that require research and report writing in their final year of study. There are 180 credits in the entire course.

Degree Offered: BS in Homeland Security and Public Safety; BS in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security and Counterterrorism concentration


A solid foundation in homeland security is provided by the online Bachelor of Applied Science in Emergency Management degree program offered by Northern Arizona University. The NAU BAS program, one of the best online Homeland Security bachelor’s degree programs in the country, equips students with the skills and information they need to lead ethically and successfully in the Homeland Security industry. The online Emergency Management BAS requires at least 64 associate’s credits to apply as a bachelor’s completion degree.

Since the US military dominates northern Arizona, as well as the entire state of Arizona, Arizona’s institutions are the perfect locations for online Homeland Security degree programs. Northern Arizona University was founded in 1899 as a teacher’s college, but now it is well-known for being a pioneer in distance learning. NAU is a great option for working adults and the numerous veterans in Arizona because it offers one of the best online Homeland Security degree programs.

Degree Offered: BAS in Emergency Management


One of the best routes into a rewarding profession in the homeland security industry is the online BS in Security and Strategic Intelligence from Saint Louis University. As a full 120-credit bachelor’s degree rather than a degree completion program, Saint Louis’ curriculum is fairly unusual in that it may be completed fully online, without ever having to visit campus. With a focus on merging computer technology, communication, and leadership, students can use the Security and Strategic Intelligence degree to enter the business sector, governmental organizations, or non-profit organizations. Students might concentrate on Global Corporate Security, Strategic Intelligence, or Business Continuity.

Saint Louis University was established in 1818, making it the oldest university west of the Mississippi River. This was much before the idea of homeland security had even been conceived. Nevertheless, SLU has established a reputation in the twenty-first century for its commitment to online learning, with more than a dozen bachelor’s and master’s degree programs offered entirely online. The online security degree program at SLU, the second-oldest Jesuit university in the US, embodies the values of learning and service.

Degree Offered: BS in Security and Strategic Intelligence.

online homeland security degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

Which academic major is ideal for counterterrorism?

A bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a closely related discipline may be the most useful for pursuing a career in counterterrorism, while there is no hard and fast rule.

Is Homeland Security part of the Army?

The Department of Homeland Security works in the civilian sector to safeguard the United States both inside and outside of its borders, in contrast to the Department of Defense, which is responsible for military operations abroad. Its stated objective is to get ready for, stop domestic emergencies, including terrorism, and respond to them.

Does the CIA work with the FBI?

The FBI and CIA are both branches of the intelligence community of the US government. And while these organizations occasionally work together on cases to share information, they have quite different priorities.


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