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Top 11 Free Online Health and Social Care Courses

Free Online Health and Social Care Courses:  If you have been looking for online health and care courses to study, then these Free Online Health and Social Care Courses may be the best option for you; take advantage of them now.

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Health-related matters must not be taken lightly, which is why hospitals, industries, and organizations in the health services industry require their employees to be certified in health courses or training.

Some nations provide complimentary health care to their students and all other citizens. This is to emphasize the significance of health care.

In addition to these Free Online Health and Social Care Courses, we have written an abundance of other free online courses, including courses on dermatology, dental care, and first aid care. These enumerated courses are all accredited and pertain to health. Consequently, you may also contemplate taking any of them.

Generally, social care exists to assist those who are feeble, incapable of supporting themselves, or in need of additional assistance.

Advantages of Free Online Health and Social Care Courses

There are a number of advantages to online learning that make it preferable to classroom study. Despite the fact that online learning may present some challenges for children, it is generally recommended that adults remain nearby to provide guidance during study.

Consider the advantages of taking free online health and social care courses:

  • You will acquire new skills and a deeper understanding of how to provide appropriate care assistance to the needy through online study.
  • Since you are studying online for free, you will not have to bother about purchasing books, paying for transportation, or incurring any other costs.
  • You will play crucial roles in assisting people in regaining their independence, which entails restoring their physical, mental, and social health so that they can do things on their own.
  • You are able to coordinate a healthcare education program that teaches people the fundamentals of health.
  • After completing the course, it is possible to earn a health and social care degree online.
  • You will have a greater possibility of obtaining employment in one of the fields of health and social care listed above.
  • You will be able to complete these free online health and social care courses at your own tempo and at your convenience.

Prerequisites for Free Online Health and Social Care Courses.

  • A functional computer
  • The ability to use a computer
  • Excellent Internet access
  • reading and writing skills (specifically in English)
  • An email address.

List of the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses

The following is a list of the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses:

  • Stress and Resilience
  • Caring for Vulnerable Children
  • Principles of Dementia Care
  • NCFE Certificate in Principles of Prevention and Control of Infection in Health  are Settings
  • Understanding Childhood Illness
  • Health and Safety for Social and Health Care Workers
  • Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care
  • Medication Supporting and Assistance
  • Positive Behavior and Support Training
  • Free Oral Health Care Training
  • Dysphagia and Choking Training

1. Stress and Resilience

Online Health and Social Care Courses

The Care and Support of Workers who work in a social care setting are the intended audience for this online study. It may also be beneficial to a broader audience who would like to learn more about stress management and building resilience.It is one of the top Free Online Health and Social Care Courses.

This course will teach you about stress, its causes, its symptoms, stress management, and other related concepts.

  • Platform: greymatterlearning.co.uk
  • Duration: 30mins
  • Certificate: Yes

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2. Taking Care of Vulnerable Children

This programme is designed by Strathclyde Glasgow University. In this free online course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the methods used to care for vulnerable children.

  • Platform: Futurelearn
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Weekly Study: 4 hours
  • Certification: Yes

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3. Fundamentals of Dementia Care

This Level 2 course will provide learners with the fundamental principles and skills of supporting and caring for those with dementia, enabling them to actively assist those with the condition using the appropriate techniques.

In this course, students will gain an understanding of the factors that contribute to effective dementia care, acquire a practical understanding of effective social and medical treatment, and understand the advantages of a person-centered approach. They will also learn how interaction and active engagement provide individuals with respite.It is also among the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses.

  • Platform: Vision2learn
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • weekly Study: 10 hours
  • Certification: yes

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4. NCFE Certificate in the Principles of Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care Settings

This level 2 course is ideal for anyone who is new to working in a government-designated essential healthcare facility or is an experienced cleaning operative in a healthcare setting.

This course is designed for those who desire to complete their current work by acquiring qualifications and in-depth knowledge to support their practice.It is regarded as one of the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses.

  • Platform: gbmc.ac.uk
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Weekly Study: no specific time
  • Certificate: Yes (NCFE)

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5. Comprehension of Childhood Illness

Online Health and Social Care Courses

This level 2 course is one of the most popular Free Online Health and Social Care Courses. It is designed to help learners increase their knowledge and understanding of common childhood illnesses, enabling them to support the development and well-being of infants and children under their care.

This course has three modules that students are required to complete. Learners Understand how to provide a safe and healthy environment for infants and toddlers in the first unit.

Learners will learn and comprehend the prevalent childhood illness in the second unit. In the final unit, students will comprehend early childhood health emergencies and specific health conditions.

  • Platform: gbmc.ac.uk
  • Duration: Up to 8 weeks
  • weekly Study: No specific time
  • Certificate: Yes (NCFE)

6. Safety and Health for Social and Health Care Professionals

In this free online course in health and social care, students will learn the health safety principles that social and health care workers should be aware of. This course will cover the primary roles and responsibilities that health and social care workers will encounter throughout their careers, in addition to other duties and principles.It is one of the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses.

In addition, you will study the legal and ethical standards of practice, as well as how to assess and manage risk in various settings.

  • Platform: Alison.com
  • Duration: weeks
  • weekly Study: 3-4hours
  • Certificate: Yes 

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7. Nursing Degree and Patient Care

This is one of the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses in nursing and patient care that will assist you in advancing your nursing career. It is essential to recognize that nurses and nursing teams play a vital role in the care of patients in a health care setting, and that the modern nurse is a highly trained professional who works in a variety of fields, from community nursing to surgery.

This free course will equip you to assist numerous individuals in need of medical assistance.

Platform: Alisom.com
Duration: Weeks
Weekly Study: 3-4 hours
Certificate: Yes

8. Medication Assistance And Support

This online training course was developed specifically for Care and Support Workers employed in a social care setting. It may also be beneficial to a broader audience of individuals who wish to learn more about Medication Support and Assistance.

  • Platform: greymatterlearning.co.uk 
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Weekly Study: not specific
  • Certificate: Yes

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9. Training in Positive Behavior Support

In this free online health and social care training course, you will learn what Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is and why it is the preferred method for working with individuals who exhibit “challenging behaviors.” It is also one of the Free Online Health and Social Care Courses.

In addition, you will learn the management theories, the evidence base, and the values that undergird PBS as a practice. We will introduce a fundamental model of behavior comprehension and investigate the role of communication in PBS.

  • Platform: greymatterlearning.co.uk
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Weekly Study: not specific
  • Certificate: Yes

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10. Free Oral Health Care Education

This training course will increase your knowledge of oral health maintenance. While the focus will be on your role as a caregiver, you will also discover helpful information for yourself and your family. Ultimately, we all possess mouths. So, let’s learn more about how to care for them and make you smile in the process!

  • Platform: greymatterlearning.co.uk
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Weekly Study: No specific timeCertificate: Yes

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11. Dysphagia and Choking Training

Online Health and Social Care Courses

This course will elucidate Dysphagia, how to recognize its symptoms, and whom to contact. We will provide advice on how to make mealtimes more enjoyable. In addition, we will provide guidance on how to support a person with Dysphagia and how to assist them if they suffocate or become ill.

  • Platform: grey matter learning.co.uk
  • Duration:40 mins
  • Weekly Study: No specific time
  • Certificate: Yes

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FAQs On Free Online Health and Social Care Courses

Can I study healthcare online?

If you're hoping to pursue a career in healthcare, an online course can give you some of the foundations you'll need. For those who already work in the field, taking a healthcare course can sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge, and help you take the next step in your career.

Is Alison certificate recognised?

With over 6 million graduates, Alison is one of the world's largest certifying organisations. Our innovative approach to accreditation enables anyone to certify and verify their learning on any subject at almost any level for free.

What is health and social care as a course?

This course gives you a broad understanding of contemporary health and social care issues and their relevance to wider social, policy, legal and organisational environment, both within the UK and internationally. Areas of study incorporate sociology, public health, law and health inequalities.

How much does it cost to study health care in Canada?

Generally, most universities charge CAD 52,000 to CAD 169,000 for the two years courses. There are also some Health Science courses which are typically for one year. For a one-year course, the cost may range between CAD 30,000 to CAD 139,000.

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