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Online Colleges that Offer Criminal Justice

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Online Colleges that Offer Criminal Justice. Professionals in the criminal justice and criminology fields frequently begin their education with merely a high school certificate or an associate’s degree, but today they can complete an online bachelor’s program on their own schedule. The main factor influencing people’s decisions to enroll in an online criminal justice degree is their desire to graduate fast and begin maximizing their employment opportunities. Even as a student is finishing their training and other online curriculum, some criminal justice employment can begin. These opportunities provide the engaging, stimulating, and practical experiences that could start during training but could last during a long career.

While choosing the top criminal programs, there are several factors to take into account. Accredited programs in criminal justice should have a solid reputation. The greatest institutions ought to provide networking opportunities for the job market as well as information on the hiring rates following program completion. The most reputable programs feature instructors with practical experience in the criminal justice system. Theoretical material and new national and international trends are presented to the students.

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Online Colleges that Offer Criminal Justice

1. Penn State World Campus

A fully online BA in Criminal Justice is offered by Penn State International Campus. To graduate with this online Criminal Justice degree, candidates must finish 120 credit units. Graduates of this online Bachelor of Criminal Justice program are prepared in policing, ethics, criminology, prisons, pathology, and sociology, to mention a few. Military personnel who study criminal justice are given reduced fees and tuition.

The university’s main online learning platform, Penn State Global Campus, was established in 1998. The degree programs provided by Penn State Global Campus are of equal caliber as those that are offered on-campus. This university is entirely online, provides graduate and undergraduate degrees, and is ranked among the top five online baccalaureate programs by US News.

2. Indiana Institute of Technology 

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ), the BSCJ in Administration, and the BSCJ Rehabilitation Services are the three bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice that the Indiana Institute of Technology provides online. Every every Indiana Tech Students who complete these online criminal justice degree programs are ready to work in the sectors of law enforcement, prisons, probation, and profiling, to name a few. The criminal justice programs at Indiana Institute of Technology provide possibilities for internships with the state police and the neighborhood county’s criminal justice system.

Originally founded in 1930 as a for-profit business school, the Indiana Institute of Technology has now undergone a nonprofit organization transition. The institution has thirteen additional locations across Indiana and Kentucky in addition to its Fort Wayne main campus.

3. Florida State University

A bachelor’s in criminology is available online through the Faculty of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Florida State University. A total of 36 credits in criminology and criminal justice are needed to complete the program. The bachelor of science degree also has other prerequisites that students must meet at their university. Working students or parents with full-time jobs might benefit from the flexibility and convenience of the distance learning program. Also, well-known academics who are experts in their fields teach each subject.

In 1851, Florida State University was founded. As the senior member institution of the Florida State University System and a sea-grant and space-grant institution of higher learning, Florida State stands out. More than 41,000 students attend FSU’s almost 1,500-acre Tallahassee campus.

4. University of Oklahoma

A BA in Criminal Justice is offered through the University of Oklahoma’s Extended Campus and is entirely online. Candidates for the online Justice Bachelor’s degree at OU must complete 120 credit units in order to graduate, 30 of which must be completed at the university. The online criminal justice degree program at OU is ranked among the top in the nation by The Princeton Review and US News. In addition to a few others, students have the option of concentrating in Administrative Leadership, Homeland Security, Intelligence, or Restorative Justice.

Over 20 years before Oklahoma became a state, the University of Oklahoma was founded in 1890. On the 3000+ acre campus of the University of Oklahoma, almost 29,000 students are enrolled in more than 400 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional certifications programs.

5. Washington State University Global Campus

A BA in Justice is offered by Washington State University, and US News & World Report has named it one of the best national programs. Students must finish coursework in criminal law and procedure, criminology theory, criminal law, and crime policies, to mention a few, as part of the school’s online criminal justice degree program. The second-oldest program in the nation for a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is now being delivered online through WSU Global Campus.

In 2012, the Washington State University Global Campus was created. The online division of Washington State University is called Washington State University Global Campus. The Morrill Land Grant Act allowed for the founding of WSU, the institution’s parent, in 1890.

6. Arizona State University

A 100% online BA in Criminology & Justice is available at Arizona State University. ASU Online’s online Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree program calls for 120 credit hours overall, 45 of which must be upper-division classes. Students who want to accelerate their studies are qualified for the online criminal justice degree. Forensic specialist, corrections sergeant, fraud investigator, and intelligence officer are just a few of the careers available with this criminal justice degree.

Arizona was not yet a state when Arizona State University was founded in 1885. ASU has multiple campuses around Arizona, and the school also offers distance learning to more than 30,000 students. Eleven colleges or institutions make up the university.

7. CSU Global

A fully online Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) is offered by Colorado State University Global. The online criminal justice degree program at CSU Global equips graduates to work as police officers, private investigators, probation officers, and emergency management directors. Leadership Fundamentals, Critical Thinking, Criminology, Laws of Evidence, and Justice Ethics are just a few of the courses offered for this online Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree program. Candidates for degrees must complete 120 credit units in addition to a final capstone project that showcases their knowledge and proficiency in criminal justice.

Colorado State University was founded in 1870, and CSU Global, the CSU System’s sister school for online learning, was founded in 2007. Almost 19,000 students are served by CSU Global. Canvas is the platform used by CSU Global to run its online learning program.

8. University Of Central Florida

A BA or BS in Criminal Justice is accessible totally online through the College of Community Innovation & Education at the University of Central Florida. By Forbes, Kiplinger, and The Princeton Review, UCF’s online criminal degree program is acknowledged as a “best-value” school of higher learning. Students who enroll in the University of Central Florida’s online Justice Bachelor Degree program as first-time students pay lower tuition and fees.

Established in 1963, the University of Central Florida is a public institution of higher learning. Almost 68,000 students attend classes on the school’s nearly 1,500-acre main campus in the city. In the center of Florida, UCF is divided into ten satellite sites in addition to thirteen institutions and colleges.

9. University of Wisconsin Platteville

A BA in Criminal Justice degree program is offered by the University of Wisconsin Platteville, and it can be completed totally online. Transfer students have the chance to apply for transfer credits through articulation agreements and professional work experience through the online justice degree program provided by UW Platteville. Also, those who qualify can apply for scholarships through the online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree programs at UW Platteville. Graduates of criminal justice programs can find fulfilling professions, among others, in law enforcement or the US justice system.

In 1866, the University of Wisconsin Platteville was founded. The University of Wisconsin Platteville is a part of the University of Wisconsin system. There are no commercial highways that cross the campus of UW Platteville. More than 8,600 on-campus students and several thousand online students are accommodated on the 800+ acre site.

10. Ball State University

A 100% online BS in Criminal Justice & Criminology is offered by Ball State University. The online Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree programs at Ball State University can be tailored to a student’s specific employment goals. Alumni of BSU’s online criminal justice degree program are well-prepared for professions in law enforcement, prison counseling, victim advocacy, and parole work, to mention a few. Candidates for the bachelor criminal justice degree at Ball State University must complete 120 credit units in addition to a capstone project.

The benevolent industrialists known as the Ball Brothers founded Ball State University in 1918. More than 22,000 students are enrolled at the current campus in Muncie, Indiana, which spans more than 1,000 acres. The David Owsley Museum of Art has been located at Ball State University since the mid-1930s.

11. Drexel University Online

An online BS in Criminal Justice degree program is provided by Drexel University. Instead of using semi-annual semesters, the Criminology online criminal justice degree program uses semester quarters. Up to 90 credits may be transferred by transfer students who enroll in Drexel Online’s BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice program. Cultural Diversity, Political Science, Race Crime & Justice, Sentencing, and Crime Prevention Planning are just a few of the subjects covered in class. It is mentioned that in order to graduate, degree holders must also do an independent study.

In 1891, Drexel University was founded as a higher education nonprofit. When it was first founded in 1996 as a private for-profit institution, Drexel University Online is now a direct internal part of the university.

12. Umass Lowell

A BA in Criminal Justice is offered by the Graduate, Online & Professional Studies division of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. It can be completed wholly online or through a hybrid delivery method. Transfer students who enroll in the online criminal justice degree program at UMass Lowell have the option to transfer up to 90 academic units. Among other topics, UMass Lowell’s online criminal justice degree program covers terrorism, criminal profiling, victimology, homeland security, and emergency management.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, was founded in 1894 as a normal school. The Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts and the second-largest institution of higher learning in the whole Commonwealth are both home to UMass Lowell. More than 18,000 students live on the school’s 100+ acre urban campus.

13. Indiana Wesleyan University

A fully online BA in Criminal Justice is offered by Indiana Wesleyan University. Candidates for the online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program at IWU must complete 42 credits of criminal justice-related coursework. This online criminal justice degree program can be finished in about one and a half years.

In 1920, Indiana Wesleyan University became a private institution of higher learning. IWU and the Wesleyan Church are connected. More than 3,000 students are enrolled at the school’s main campus in the outlying Marion area and are taking traditional classes there.

14. University of Nebraska at Kearney

The BA in Criminal Justice program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is offered entirely online. Graduates of online bachelor’s programs in criminal justice are qualified for jobs such as Border Patrol agents, police officers, and private investigators, to mention a few. 120 credit units, including a five-credit internship, are needed to graduate from the online criminal justice degree program.

As a Nebraska State Normal institution, the University of Nebraska at Kearney was founded in 1904. The University of Nebraska system includes the University of Nebraska at Kearney as a member institution. More than 6,200 students attend UNK’s rural campus.

15. University of Nebraska at Omaha 

A 100% online BA in Criminology and Justice is available from the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Graduates of the online criminal justice degree program must finish 120 credits and have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in order to be declared a success. Criminal Justice Online Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree have the chance to study overseas and get knowledge of the British justice system.

In 1908, the University of Nebraska in Omaha was founded as a public institution of higher learning with a Christian-based initial curriculum. More than 15,000 students live on the urban campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


For many students, a criminal degree is worthwhile. Over the next ten years, the Department of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in protective service occupations will increase by 3%. The following occupations are frequently found in this field: paralegal, probation officer, forensic analyst, detective, and criminal investigator.

A criminal degree is time and effort well spent because there are many job prospects available to you once you graduate. You have the option of working for both public and private organizations. In conclusion, a degree in criminal justice may be your passport to a respectable position with a good salary in the future. Apply right away to colleges and universities with online criminal justice programs.

FAQs on Online Colleges that Offer Criminal Justice 

What courses will I take in an online bachelor’s in criminal justice program?

You'll take a mix of general education, elective, and criminal justice courses. Depending on your program, your general education or elective classes may or may not be related to your major. General education classes are designed to make you a more well-rounded graduate. Electives give you the freedom to learn what you want and explore other interests. Finally, criminal justice classes will cover the foundations of criminal justice. You can expect to take classes such as Introduction to Criminal Justice; The Judicial System in the United States; Technology in Criminal Justice; The Correctional System in the United States; and U.S. Law Enforcement.

Why Should I Get an Online Criminal Justice Degree?

An online criminal justice degree is a flexible and convenient path to careers in the criminal justice system. You can balance work with school, control the pace, and minimize stress.

What is the fastest criminal justice degree online in the USA?

CSU Global's accelerated BS in Criminal Justice Program online allows start times every month for accelerated 8-week courses, making it possibly the fastest criminal justice degree online. Colorado State University-Global Campus's online degree programs are among the most sought-after in the nation.

Can I learn criminal justice online?

There's a good number of colleges and universities across the country offering online criminal justice degrees. Coursework for these programs is of the same quality as on-campus classes. You will also have the same professional opportunities as those who earn criminal justice degrees on-campus

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