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26 Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health!

If you’ve ever pondered where and how to obtain Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health, then this article is for you. This article describes several Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health, including their duration, platforms, and other details. Therefore, we strongly advise anyone interested in online courses to remain glued to this post.

People have graduated with bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctoral degrees using online learning platforms, demonstrating the significance of online courses.

The pandemic demonstrated that online platforms are a wonderful way to learn with only your smart devices such as smartphones and laptops, internet connection, enthusiasm, etc.

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What Is Public Health?

Public health is the science of promoting and protecting the health of individuals and the communities in which they live, work, play, and study. It ensures the healthiest lifestyle possible and protects the entire population from accidents, infectious diseases, etc.

First responders, health educators, scientists and researchers, restaurant inspectors, community planners, nutritionists, public health physicians, social workers, epidemiologists, public health nurses, sanitarians, public policymakers, occupational health, and safety professionals are also involved in public health.

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Advantages of Taking Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

There are numerous advantages to pursuing online public health courses. Several of these benefits are highlighted in detail below:

  • It contributes to continuing education. Given the current pandemic, the demand for public health professionals is increasing. If you are untrained as a public health professional, you can enroll in online public health certificate programs to acquire the necessary skills.
  • It serves to keep one up-to-date on both the development of new public health-related methods of doing things and the progression of certain experiences.
  • It establishes a space where you can obtain free certifications in public health courses using only your smart devices, such as laptops and smartphones, along with a strong internet connection and a desire to learn.
  • It places you on a higher pedestal when searching for a job, particularly if you have completed a number of Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.
  • It contributes to the affordability of the courses, as pursuing a professional public health course is not inexpensive.
  • It expedites entrance into the medical profession. Taking public health courses online is more like a fast track into the medical profession.
  • It allows for flexibility in terms of where and when to complete the course. It could be from your residence, office, etc.

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List of the Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

The following is a list of the Free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health:

1. CDC

Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

The decision to pursue public health does not necessitate traditional university coursework. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides free online environmental public health courses. The 15 courses offered by the CDC provide students with the opportunity to study a multitude of topics, ranging from environmental factors that may affect public health to food safety on a professional and personal level.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesEnvironmental Public Health Online Courses


The University of Doane provides a free online public health course with an emphasis on health informatics technology. It aims to provide students with intermediate-level knowledge that will aid their future careers in informatics or the healthcare industry. As it pertains to informatics and healthcare technology, it prioritizes population data or large groups over individual treatment.It is one of the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesHealth Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics

3. University of Virginia/Coursera

Global health is the focus of a free online public health course offered by Duke University. The Challenges of Global Health course emphasizes on identifying global health issues that affect populations. In addition, it seeks to identify the root cause of health issues and concentrates on potential solutions that could help prevent future problems. For a comprehensive view of public health, the course emphasizes on the global perspective and populations as a whole, as opposed to small groups within a population.It also among the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesThe Challenges of Global Health


The Global Health Learning Center provides free online public health courses to assist students in achieving their academic objectives. The courses in public health include cancer prevention, antimicrobial resistance, and family planning. Students can choose from a variety of courses without incurring a high cost for their education. The opportunity to study a variety of subjects ensures that students have access to studies that may assist them in achieving their specific career or educational objectives.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesGlobal Health Learning Center


Harvard University provides two free online public health courses for students who wish to expand their knowledge or begin learning about a particular subject. The course emphasizes global health as it pertains to quality and safety. The focus of the introductory course is the effects of climate change on human health and populations. Students can take the courses for free and concentrate on achieving their career objectives.It is regarded as one of the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesImproving Global HealthFocusing on Quality and SafetyThe Health Effects of Climate Change

6. Institution for Healthcare Advancement

As one of the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health, The Institute for Healthcare Improvement offers an online course on population-related quality and safety. Before continuing on to more advanced studies, the courses focus on introductory topics that help students grasp the fundamentals. The intermediate courses emphasize the discussion of specialized healthcare and population-related topics.

CoursesTriple Aim for Populations

7. Johns Hopkins University and Apple Inc.

The University of Johns Hopkins offers a free public health course with an emphasis on the field’s history. The free course examines the historical context of public health as an industry and how it has evolved over time in response to advances in medical science, knowledge, and novel theories. It also discusses historical maladies and diseases, as well as their treatments.

Johns Hopkins University distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive examination of the evolution and expansion of public health measures that enhance modern public safety. It seeks to ensure that pupils have a clear understanding of the changes that have occurred over time and how contemporary public health issues may be directly related to historical context and circumstances.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesThe History of Public Health

8. Coursera at Johns Hopkins University

Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

Johns Hopkins University offers two free Online Certificate Courses In Public Health through Coursera. The biostatistics in public health course is an introductory-level course that examines statistical data and analytical methods used in public health to enhance the ability to interpret biomedical research statistics and related data points. The Foundations of Global Health is also an introductory-level course that provides a solid foundation in public health as it relates to the global environment.

CoursesBiostatistics in Public HealthFoundations of Global Health


Students interested in studying a multitude of public health-related topics from Johns Hopkins University can enroll in JHSPH Open’s free courses. Students have access to a wide spectrum of courses, including animal research, foodborne bioterrorism, global tobacco control, and child development. You have access to numerous free online courses that enable you to concentrate on a field of study that aligns with your long-term career goals and personal interests.

Johns Hopkins University’s JHSPH Open courses are distinguished by their comprehensive approach to public health. The variety of courses enables students to comprehend the various ways in which public health affects local and global environments.It is among the list of Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesJHUSPH Open


The Karolinska Institutet offers a free online introduction to global health course that equips students with the foundational skills and knowledge they need to build upon. The course concentrates on differences in health outcomes between countries and regions. It also examines gender differences and employs an equality perspective to shed light on important public health issues.

CoursesAn Introduction to Global Health


The iTunes store provides a complimentary Community Health Nursing course from Liberty University. The free course emphasizes on the role of nurses in community health and the influence of environmental factors on a local community. It seeks to ensure that nurses can adapt to a variety of situations that may arise when working with a community.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesCommunity Health Nursing


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers a free online public health course on global health informatics with an emphasis on enhancing the quality of medical care. It is optimal for students to have prior knowledge of informatics and medical technology, as the coursework is advanced. It is not intended for students who are just beginning their degree programs and lack the prerequisite public health and informatics knowledge necessary to comprehend the course material.

CoursesGlobal Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care

13. Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness

The National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University offers an online public health course that assists students in achieving their long-term objectives. The surveillance and forecasting of emergent diseases course teaches students how to resolve problems that may arise in emergency situations if an infectious disease emerges. It aims to prepare students for a variety of scenarios so they can respond swiftly.This is one of the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesSurveillance and Forecasting of Emerging Infectious Diseases


NextGenU offers a variety of free online public health courses to help you gain a deeper understanding of a topic or pursue your personal interests. NextGenU has been well-known for their Online Certificate Courses In Public Health for quite some time, but they have recently taken an even greater step by offering the first completely free online MPH degree. NextGenU, created in collaboration with the WHO, CDC, and numerous other organizations, has raised the bar for free public health education.

CoursesNextGenU Courses


OpenSUNY provides Online Certificate Courses In Public Health that help you focus on career-relevant skills. The gratis course offered by the institution is Global Health Diplomacy. The course concentrates on educating students about the various ways in which politics, economics, and diplomacy interact to make decisions regarding global health and public safety. The degree goes beyond medical topics and terminology to help students identify other factors that may have an international impact on public health.

CoursesGlobal Health Diplomacy


Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

Penn State provides a free online course in Epidemics with a concentration on Infectious Disease Dynamics. The online course acknowledges that infectious diseases pose a complex threat to public health and safety. It provides insights into the history of disease control and prevention methods, as well as the complications associated with infectious diseases that can cause harm to human health or mortality in the modern medical environment. It assists students in comprehending the potential risks that may arise as bacteria and viruses evolve and confound medical treatments.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesEpidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases


SDG Academy provides a free online public health course in Global Public Health that enables students to comprehend the impact of local institutions and infrastructure on global public health. It seeks to identify the links between economics, social interaction, and the environment and health. The online course offered by SDG Academy enables students to obtain a verified certificate proving course completion, which may be useful for obtaining employment or college credit.

CoursesGlobal Public Health


Stanford University offers a free online course in International Women’s Health and Human Rights that provides students with a solid foundation in topics pertaining to women’s rights worldwide. The course examines the lives of women from infancy to old age, as well as the impact of rights on the health and well-being of women in various regions of the globe.It is among the list of Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

The emphasis on adaptability distinguishes Stanford University from other institutions. The course requires approximately 48 hours to complete, but students can complete it within eight weeks due to its flexibility. If you have obligations that limit your time, you can also take longer to complete the course and complete it in 11 weeks. This level of flexibility ensures that you can remain on track and complete your coursework when it is convenient for you.

CoursesInternational Women’s Health and Human Rights


UC Berkeley, also known as the University of California, Berkeley, offers three Online Certificate Courses In Public Health. Students can study the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the ethics of public health intervention, and emergency preparedness. The classes provide students with the opportunity to learn about relevant public health topics and acquire skills applicable to their career objectives.

The variety of classes at UC Berkeley is a key differentiator. The institution offers three free online courses that assist students in achieving their public health-related objectives. The number of lectures per course ranges from 10 to 13, and students are permitted to complete the course at their own tempo. It enables students to acquire knowledge of significant topics without worrying about the cost of the degree.

CoursesEthical Challenges in Public Health InterventionPublic Health Preparedness and Emergency ResponseEpidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases

20. UC IRVINE and Apple Inc.

Foundations of Public Health from UC Irvine is a free online public health course that you can take if you want to take free online public health courses. The free course is a foundational course tailored to the requirements of students who desire a solid understanding of public health topics. It is intended for graduate students who have a basic comprehension of the subject matter but wish to delve more deeply into the fundamentals of public health research. Students can work at their own tempo on course materials.It is regarded as one of the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

Unlike other institutions, UC Irvine offers its gratis course through Apple iTunes. The iTunes format makes it simple for students to access and complete the courses. It is possible to access the materials using an Apple smartphone, tablet, or other device. Students can also access the materials using their computer and iTunes account. This allows students to attend to lectures and complete classwork from anywhere. To enroll in the free course at UC Irvine, students must obtain instructor permission or possess a graduate degree.

CoursesFoundations of Public Health

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Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

The Center for Disaster Preparedness at the University at Albany provides students with free public health courses that enhance their foundational understanding of significant topics. The school provides 21 online courses in public health-related topics, allowing students to concentrate on topics that address their particular aims and concerns. Whether you wish to study emergency preparedness or the potential dangers associated with terrorism, the school offers courses that cater to your interests and objectives.

The variety of classes offered distinguishes the University at Albany Center for Disaster Preparedness from other programs. Students can focus on acquiring the skills that are most relevant to their lives and careers while studying multiple subjects. It provides students with the opportunity to learn about various approaches to addressing potential threats to public health and safety.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesUniversity at Albany Center for Disaster Preparedness


The University of Minnesota provides numerous free courses in public health skills and practice. The online courses permit students to concentrate on specific population categories or emerging issues. Students can enroll in courses on diversity planning, food safety, women in trade, and a variety of other topics that impact or influence public health and safety.

The University of Minnesota distinguishes itself by providing multiple online courses and round table discussions with peers. The ability to converse with colleagues and learn more about diverse experiences is beneficial for public health careers and long-term objectives. The online format also permits students to work at their own tempo and complete courses from the convenience of their own homes. The University of Minnesota’s free public health courses are available on the institution’s website for your convenience.

CoursesPublic Health Practice and Skills 


The University of Pittsburgh offers a free online public health course that teaches students about disease pandemics. Students are able to evaluate potential solutions to pandemics and epidemics that pose a threat to large populations and groups if they comprehend how diseases spread within populations. It also clarifies the methods for isolating potential dangers in order to prevent the spread of disease.

The University of Pittsburgh is distinguished by its flexible format. Course materials and assignments have flexible due dates, allowing working adults to complete the course at their convenience. Through the entirely online format, students can also work from any location. Students are not required to attend classes on the university campus, so they can complete their coursework whenever they are available. Students can complete the free online course from the University of Pittsburgh in as little as seven hours and within a few weeks.It is one of the best Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesEpidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks


The University System of Maryland provides a free online global health course with an emphasis on ebola and overcoming the ebola virus. The purpose of this introductory course is to educate students about the dangers associated with travel in terms of epidemics and disease. In addition, it examines the recent outbreak of Ebola as a health risk and the complications of novel diseases in contemporary medicine.

In contrast to other options, the University System of Maryland focuses on recent epidemics of disease and the potential for complications in contemporary medicine. It acknowledges that modern medicine does not always have a solution for new diseases and teaches students how to limit the risk of disease transmission on a global scale in an environment that is becoming increasingly global. The University System of Maryland’s public health course is an accelerated six-week curriculum that allows students to obtain a certification for a nominal fee upon completion.

CoursesGlobal Health: Beyond Ebola


The World Health Organization offers a free course on patient safety research that concentrates on addressing patient safety and well-being concerns in medical research. It seeks to identify the challenges that may arise in terms of patient safety, as well as the methods used to determine if a research program is a suitable fit for patient needs.It is regarded as one of the Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

The World Health Organization is distinguished by its emphasis on the organization. It is not a school, but it has a strong grasp of public health and safety. This emphasis on public safety and patient rights enables the organization to offer unique insights into the challenges of meeting the requirements of patients in the contemporary medical environment. The online course offered by the World Health Organization is available in four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

CoursesIntroduction to Patient Safety Research


Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

Yale University offers a free public health course with an emphasis on disease history. The Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600 focuses on epidemics that have harmed large numbers of people and the effects these diseases have had on society. It examines the evolution of public health measures to combat disease and epidemics, as well as the evolution of ethical standards over time.

The course’s comprehensive concentration is a distinguishing feature of Yale University. The 25 lectures in the free online course range in subject matter from the bubonic plague to the AIDS epidemic.It is among the list of Online Certificate Courses In Public Health.

CoursesEpidemics in Western Society Since 1600

FAQs On Online Certificate Courses In Public Health

Can I study public health online?

Online public health degrees are available at every level – associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral. Online certificates in specific public health areas are also offered. Exact degree and certificate program offerings vary from school to school.

Can public health work in hospital?

With a master's in Public Health, you will be well-equipped for advanced leadership roles in any of the above settings, and more. You may work in healthcare and government agencies, hospitals, health departments, school systems, research facilities—but take on advanced roles where you have an even greater voice.

Is there maths in public health?

This has brought us to contemporary public health. The "four arithmetic" are a simple mathematical tool but they usually suffice for running health registries and health statistics, which are classical and indispensable parts of public health, required in health planning and economy, for example.

Is public health better than nursing?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. If you want a career where you can work directly with individual patients, a career in medicine or nursing might be best for you. If you want to research public health problems and prevent disease, a career in public health may be ideal.

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