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Top 11 Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate

Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate!

Are you searching for Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate This article lists 11 educational platforms and websites where astrology-related activities are available for free.

If you have ever wondered about the relevance of astrology in the modern world or where and how to learn astrology without breaking the bank, you have arrived at the correct place. This article will not only provide a list of Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate, but will also explain everything there is to know about astrology as a subject, how to make a career out of it, and what prerequisites you should have.

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What exactly is Astrology?

Online Astrology Courses

Astrology is the study of the movement of the Sun, Moon, constellations, and planets, with the belief that they affect human behavior. It examines the observable positions of the planets and constellations at the precise instant of a person’s birth, which can be used to predict their character, personality, relationships, and even careers. An individual who practices astrology is known as an Astrologer.

Several cultures around the world have given astrological readings great importance, but it is not even accepted as a scientific practice.

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The advantages of Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate

  • Astrology provides a deeper comprehension of people’s characteristics.
  • It helps you determine which career path to pursue.
  • It helps determine your level of compatibility with a partner.
  • It provides precise information about the future.

List of the Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate

The following is a list of the Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate:

  • How to Make Astrology Predictions 101 (Udemy)
  • Astrology for Beginners
  • Astrology: An Introduction
  • Jewish Astrology 101 (Udemy)
  • Labyrinthos Tarot
  • Astrology Secrets Revealed
  • Learn Astrology Step-By-Step
  • An Intro to Astrology for Total Beginners
  • Free Vedic Astrology (Udemy)
  • Online Astrology Lessons
  • Learn KP Astrology for Beginners

1. How to Make Astrological Predictions from Scratch (Udemy)

Online Astrology Courses

This is yet another beginner-friendly online astrology course on this list. This one-hour course is an introduction to a more comprehensive master course.

In this course, you will learn the specific meanings and details of astrology’s 12 Houses; become familiar with the 9 Planets, their meanings, attributes, and nature; see examples of how astrology can be used to understand a person; and finally, you will learn to make predictions by understanding the specific meanings and details of Planets and Houses. It is one of the Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate.

Enroll here

2. Introduction to Astrology with Kelly Surtees

This introductory course by Kelly Surtees is next on the list of Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate. This course is intended to prepare you for more advanced Astrology classes.

If you are searching for an Astrology course that will teach you the fundamentals and help you interpret your own birth chart, this is it. You will discover how the planets, signs, houses, elements, and modes work together to symbolize and describe your life and experiences.

This course’s four modules will be emailed to you over the course of five weeks. The first section will focus on Zodiac Signs, the second on planets, the third on houses, and the fourth on the birth chart.

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3. Astrology: An Introductory Text

An Introduction to Astrology by Kepler College is the next course on this list of Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate.

This course provides an overview of the fundamental symbols used in Astrology and their interrelationships, including the planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

To access this course, you will need to create an account, this will allow you free access to the courses available on Kepler Classes.

Sign up here

4. Introduction to Jewish Astrology: Jewish Astrology 101 (Udemy)

This course is exceptional among free online astrology courses. This 56-minute course was developed by Devin Egber.

In this course, you will examine the similarities and differences between the Zodiac/Western Calendar and the Hebrew Calendar. In addition, you will obtain an introduction to the unique spiritual qualities of each month on the Hebrew calendar. It is one of the Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate.

5. Tarot of Labyrinth

Warning, this is not really a course. However, it is still included in the list of fFree Online Astrology Courses With Certificate.

This application assists you in studying tarot and gaining a deeper understanding of the technique. The application contains numerous practice courses that you can study at your leisure. Additionally, tarot theory includes narratives that help you level up and access additional avatars.

Get the app here

6. Astrological Secrets Exposed

Online Astrology Courses

This is a collection of free virtual events for aspiring astrologers. This event consists of three webinars and one additional session. The first section introduces you to the secrets of your sun sign, delving beyond your sun sign to reveal additional layers of information associated with it.

The second section will teach you the secrets of your moon sign, what it is, and how a thorough understanding of it can transform your existence.

The third section discusses the secrets of the planets in your natal chart. You will be informed of the significance of all ten planets in your birth chart based on your birth time, date, and location.

The fourth section summarizes everything, placing them all together on a worksheet.

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7. Learn Astrology Methodically

This is another of our Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate. It provides a step-by-step introduction to Astrology for novices. Following a few stages is a test of your knowledge. However, the answers to this exam are located at the bottom of the page.

Also available on the website are some no-cost learning resources.

Visit website here

8. An Introduction to Astrology for Absolute Novices

This course is accessible on Star School, a free educational blog series for individuals who find astrology intimidating. Each course in this series is extremely concise and written in straightforward English.

This course is for those who are interested in astrology, want to learn how to read star charts, or simply want to learn for enjoyment. More than thirty written courses are available on the website. It is also regarded as one of the Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate.

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9. Free Introduction to Signs, Houses, and Planets in Vedic Astrology (Udemy)

This course is one of the many Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate available on Udemy. This video course by Aman Deep Saini is approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes long.

Students will receive an overview of astrological signs, houses, and planets, as well as their characteristics, significance, and how they regulate various spheres.

This course is designed for beginners and lacks substance as a result. Students seeking a more in-depth course can add the prerequisite course to this one. It is essential to note that one cannot skip this course in favor of the more advanced one unless they have sufficiently covered the basics.

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10. Bob Marks’s Online Astrology Lessons

This website contains over 300 pages of comprehensive Astrology information. They provide monthly updates for those interested in Astrology.

These teachings are about authentic astrology, and they will help you gain insights into yourself and those around you so that you can predict future trends in your life and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Visit website here

11. Learn KP Astrology for Novices.

Online Astrology Courses

This is one of Professor Krish Murali Eswar’s free astrology seminars offered online. It is written in English for absolute novices. Enrolling in this class will provide you with:

  • Medical Astrology Predictions at No Cost
  • Link to Free Astrology Software
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Fundamental Text Lessons in Astrology
  • Fundamentals of Astrology Lecture Capture
  • Email Assistance
  • Paid Appointment for Individual Forecasts and Mentoring
  • Access to the Course Forever

Enroll here

FAQs On Free Online Astrology Courses With Certificate

How do I get my astrology certificate?

Students should have completed their Higher Secondary education (Class 10 + 2) from a recognized board or university along with a minimum of 45% aggregate marks. Students are required to have a bachelor's degree in astrology or any other equivalent degree from a recognized board or university.

Can you be a certified astrologer?

In the United States, there is no standard requirement or official certifications that you need to comply with to become an astrologer. Having a certificate from a reputable school or astrologers' society, however, does help build your reputation and make a positive impact for you in the astrology community.

Can I study astrology online?

You get to learn the basics of astrology in a simple way. All you need is a computer and Internet access. You can be an advanced astrologer in about 5 to 6 months through online coaching.

Do astrologers get paid well?

The average Astrologer in the US makes $32,880. The average bonus for an Astrologer is $463 which represents 1% of their salary, with 100% of people reporting that they receive a bonus each year.

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