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Oklahoma Teaching Certification: How to Become a Teacher in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma Teaching Certification: Children in Oklahoma are taught language arts, math, science, and state history by their teachers. Teachers who wish to work in Oklahoma public schools, from Tulsa and Oklahoma City to the state’s rural school districts, must hold a teaching credential.

In Oklahoma, becoming a teacher is a fulfilling career. You must be aware of the requirements to become a teacher in Oklahoma before seeking for teaching positions. To get certified, educators must fulfill a set of prerequisites and pass three tests.

The prerequisites can be satisfied in a number of ways by prospective teachers. The best online colleges in Oklahoma have programs for teacher training that are flexible enough for remote learning. The state just approved a bill to compensate student teachers while they are in training. Additionally, professionals can return to school to earn a teaching degree if they want to change careers and work in education.

Teachers’ Employment Prospects in Oklahoma

Teachers in Oklahoma are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2020 and 2030, there will be a national increase of 234,500 jobs for high school, middle, and primary school teachers. The state of Oklahoma will have a teacher shortage when the 2020–2021 school year comes to a close.

Particularly K–12 instructors in public schools must hold certification in order to work in the field of education. A teacher certification in Oklahoma makes instructors eligible for hundreds of open teaching positions in the state.

With a master’s in education, teachers can boost their income potential and go into administration positions. Teachers who are debating graduate school should take their district’s pay scale for teachers with advanced degrees and chances in administration into account. With experience, teachers’ pay often rise as well.

Oklahoma Teaching Certification
Oklahoma Teaching Certification

How to Become a Teacher in Oklahoma

To serve as a teacher in a public school, a person must possess a state-issued certification or license. Teacher certifications are granted by Oklahoma’s Department of Education.

A bachelor’s degree is required for applicants for a standard certification, as well as completion of an educator preparation course. Educators can obtain a teaching certification in Oklahoma regardless of whether they obtained their degree in Oklahoma or another state.

Educators acquire a credential that is valid for five years after completing the necessary educational requirements, passing three tests, and applying for certification. How to become a teacher in Oklahoma is explained in the parts that follow.

Get the Minimum Required Education

Oklahoma follows other states in requiring a bachelor’s degree to get certified to teach. A bachelor’s degree from an authorized university with an approved teacher education program in the candidate’s certification field is necessary for the traditional certification route.

Applicants without a teacher preparation program who hold a bachelor’s degree choose the alternate route to certification. Those with a bachelor’s degree but no teacher preparation can choose from a variety of certification paths in Oklahoma. Candidates are placed in Oklahoma schools through the Alternative Placement Program. Teachers in professional and technical education can obtain credentials through the CareerTech Instructor Certification.

Graduates of Oklahoma-approved teacher preparation programs adhere to a different approach than do students who received their education elsewhere. Candidates from outside Oklahoma must show verification of a bachelor’s degree that satisfies the state’s standards.

Obtain Experience Teaching Students

In Oklahoma, aspiring teachers generally complete their bachelor’s degree while student teaching. For conventional applicants, the state does not mandate a minimum amount of teaching experience. But, certification calls for in-person instruction. Either through their undergraduate program or an other option, applicants can fulfill this criterion.

The Oklahoma Department of Education unveiled a plan in August 2021 to compensate undergraduate students for their student teaching hours. Student teachers will receive up to $3,250 under the initiative for their training. Enrollment in an Oklahoma educator preparation program is required for student teachers.

Passing the Necessary Certification Exams

To become certified in Oklahoma, instructors must pass three tests. These exams assess general knowledge, teaching abilities, and subject-matter expertise. The certification examinations needed in Oklahoma include:

  • Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET).
  • Oklahoma Subject Area Tests (OSAT).
  • Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT).

Request Certification

Teachers who are eligible for certification can submit their applications online. The Oklahoma Educator Credentialing System is used by graduates of recognized teacher preparation programs in Oklahoma to upload their materials.

Applicants who have a bachelor’s degree and have completed their teacher training in another state must submit an application and official transcripts. A evidence of teaching form is also filled out by individuals with out-of-state teaching credentials.

During the certification procedure, every candidate has their background checked using fingerprints. A common certificate is $50. Candidates also pay a charge for a background check. According to Oklahoma, applications for teacher certification are processed in 4-6 weeks.

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Oklahoma Teaching Certification
Oklahoma Teaching Certification

How Can I Maintain My Oklahoma Teaching Certification?

Oklahoma educators who hold teaching certification are eligible to serve at the state’s public K–12 institutions. The certification is still valid for five years, though. A teacher’s certification must be renewed at the conclusion of that time.

The same online system that is used to distribute diplomas to state graduates is also utilized by educators to renew their certification. Alternately, instructors can send the Oklahoma State Department of Education an Application for Renewal of Oklahoma Standard Certificate.

A standard certificate in Oklahoma can be renewed for $50 and is good for five years. Renewing their certification costs the same for retired educators. Applicants whose certifications have been out of date for more than a year must undergo a fresh background investigation.

Teaching Jobs in High Demand in Oklahoma

Language Arts

Elementary school kids are taught fundamental reading and literacy skills by language arts teachers. At the secondary level, they develop writing, research, and analytical skills. Teachers of language arts in Oklahoman public K–12 schools add a certification to the teaching certificate. Language arts is one of Oklahoma’s areas with a teaching deficit, according to the US Department of Education.

$50,900 is the average annual salary.

Career and Technical Education

Teachers in career and technical education have a focus on trades and technologies. They frequently provide instruction in subjects like business, technology, mechanical, and agriculture at the high school level. For vocational and technical educators, the state’s CareerTech program offers alternative routes to certification. For instance, educators with an associate degree and two years of work experience can become certified in technology centers.

$59,140 is the median annual salary.

Special Education

Teachers that specialize in special education guide pupils with impairments. They closely collaborate with parents and administrators to create tailored education plans for pupils after observing them in class. Teachers that specialize in special education also have advanced training in specific disabilities. For instance, Oklahoma offers certification in hearing and visual impairments. There are reportedly too few special education teachers in Oklahoma.

$61,500 is the median annual salary.

World Languages

Students are taught languages like Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, and German by world language professors. Language teachers not only teach grammar to their students, but also introduce them to various international cultures. Chinese, Cherokee, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish are among the languages in which Oklahoma provides certification tests. To teach a particular language in Oklahoma public schools, teachers must pass a test in that subject area.

$50,900 is the average annual salary.


Students are taught algebra, geometry, and numeracy by math teachers. They also instruct calculus and precalculus in high school. There are reportedly too few math teachers in Oklahoma. To add the credential, candidates for teaching certification in Oklahoma must complete a math certification exam.

$51,390 is the average annual salary.

Oklahoma Teaching Certification
Oklahoma Teaching Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many teachers in Oklahoma?

As the 2022–23 school year got underway, 328 school districts, or 77% of the state's student body, reported a total of 1,019 teacher vacancies, which is the most in the nine-year history of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association's yearly back-to-school survey.

What does Oklahoma’s new teacher law entail?

There are two methods to become a full-time teacher in Oklahoma under the new law that was passed in July 2022. A person can become a certified teacher, or a local school district may hire them as an adjunct instructor. Notwithstanding the legal distinction between certified and adjunct teachers, both are allowed to work full-time as teachers.

How much does an Oklahoma teaching certification cost?

How much does an Oklahoma teaching credential cost? Costs $50 for a standard certificate with a five-year validity.

In Oklahoma, is it possible to teach without a license?

No! Candidates in Oklahoma need to have a teaching credential in order to teach high school. This calls for the completion of a teacher preparation program and a bachelor's degree.


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