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Ohio Teaching Certifications

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Ohio Teaching Certifications!

In Ohio, where over 3,500 public schools serve 1.7 million students, there is a tremendous demand for licensed instructors. Because fewer college graduates in Ohio are pursuing bachelor’s degrees in education, school districts in the state are competing for fewer candidates. Here, you can be more selective in selecting a school where you can make a difference as a future teacher.

This page presents a thorough overview of the most desirable Ohio Teaching Certifications.

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Why Get Ohio Teaching Certifications ?

You are ineligible to work as a teacher in the public school system without certification.

In addition, if you are able to obtain work as a teacher in another region without certification, you will be paid less, and it may be difficult for you to make ends meet.

Some corporate educators and adult educators earn a decent salary, but climbing the corporate ladder can take many years of arduous struggle with no guarantee of success.

Obtaining Ohio Teaching Certifications needs a protocol. First, you must submit an application for licensing to the Office of Educator Licensure along with all relevant documents once you have met all prerequisites.

Due to the fact that the process can take up to three months, it must be submitted prior to the beginning of the school year. The following documentation is necessary:

  • The background check has been finished.
  • Bachelor’s degree completion is evidenced by official transcripts.
  • Documentation demonstrating completion of a teacher preparation program at an accredited institution.
  • Payment of the non-refundable certification processing cost.
  • Passing scores on all applicable examinations.

Remember that all new applications must be filed through the Security Application for Enterprise (SAFE) web interface of the Ohio Department of Education’s online system.

What are the requirements For Ohio Teaching Certifications ?

Ohio Teaching Certifications

Bachelor’s degree and state-approved educator preparation program linked to the certification sought are prerequisites for Ohio Teaching Certifications .

Then, you must pass the Ohio Educator Evaluation (OAE), which evaluates your teaching and subject-matter knowledge as it pertains to your credential type.

On the other hand, the majority of certifications demand a test based on the principles of research reading instruction.

Remember that background checks are required for all certifications by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and the FBI.

Ohio has a tiered system for teacher certification. Incoming teacher candidates obtain a four-year license as a resident educator, allowing them to participate in the Ohio resident educator program at their place of employment. In the first two years, you will receive orientation, and in the third year, you will give technical support for presenting performance-based assessments. And acquire education relevant to the region in the fourth year.

You are able to apply for a five-year professional teaching license after completion of the four-year resident educator program.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, you must finish an Ohio Board of Directors-approved educator preparation course.

The state-approved plan may propose individuals for educator licensure in Ohio. Applicants seeking initial certification typically obtain a bachelor’s degree as part of their educator preparation program.

But, if you already possess a bachelor’s degree, you can also take a preparatory course for graduate educators in order to get a certificate or graduate degree.

Reading instruction courses are required for the majority of forms of Ohio Teaching Certifications . This course is included in the educator preparation program recognized by the state. Expert certification in early childhood intervention and education requires 12 semesters of reading courses.

Reading classes are necessary for three semesters for multi-age groups, adolescents to youth, and vocational-technical certification.

In addition, the state-approved educator preparation program must incorporate substance abuse education coursework.

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How can I obtain a temporary Ohio Teaching Certifications ?

Obtaining a temporary Ohio Teaching Certifications is somewhat simpler than obtaining a permanent teaching certificate.

Once you have obtained a temporary license valid for one year, you can complete the necessary measures to become fully licensed.

During this time period, you must comply with the state’s standards.

Participate thereafter in the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification Interstate Agreement (NASDTEC). Through your engagement, partial reciprocity is possible.

This means that if you got your education and/or professional experience in another state and wish to become a teacher in Ohio, you can expedite your Ohio Teaching Certifications or bypass some prerequisites.

Do teachers in Ohio need a master’s degree?

A master’s degree is essential for instructors who wish to progress to the highest level of certification in Ohio and earn a better salary.

That implies you can only teach in kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school without a master’s degree.

According to a poll conducted by the Ohio Department of Education, teachers with a master’s degree also earn more than those with a bachelor’s degree after five and ten years in the profession.

Remember that the average pay of a teacher with a master’s degree is $49.544 after five years and $65.966 after ten.

What are the top 5 Ohio teacher certification programs?

1. Certification for Special Education

Ohio Teaching Certifications

This is one of the top five Ohio programs for teacher certification. In Ohio, certification in special education can be obtained by getting a license as an intervention expert. Depending on the certification you choose, this allows you to teach in grades PK12 or K12.

You can select from the following majors: Toddler (PK3), Hearing Impairment (PK12), Mild/Moderate Needs (K12), Moderate/Strong Needs (K12), Visually Impaired (PK12), and Genius (K12).

Included in the requirements are a bachelor’s degree and completion of a state-approved intervention expert educator training program that focuses on the type of special education certification sought.

12 hours of reading teaching skills are required for all intervention specialist courses. The obligatory evaluations consist of the OAE Professional Knowledge Pedagogy Evaluation (PK3) for early childhood certification and the OAE Professional Knowledge Pedagogy Evaluation (PK12) for everyone else besides geniuses.

In addition to passing the OAE Reading Foundation exam, you must also pass the OAE content area assessment appropriate to the type of certification you are seeking. Genius (K-12) certification requires only the OAE reading exam.

2, Educational Credentials for School Administrators

The Ohio Teaching Certifications for school administrators comprises a professional administrator license valid for five years.

Master’s degree and completion of a state-approved administrator preparation program are requirements. Offer six distinct domains with directors (PK6), directors (49), directors (512), inspectors, and administrative experts.

A passing mark on the OAE Educational Leadership Subject Assessment is also necessary.

Applicants seeking certification as a director must have two years of successful teaching experience and study with pupils of the required age and grade level.

Three years’ experience in roles requiring director or administrative expert certification is required for supervisor certification.

3. Certification in Physical Education

In Ohio, certification in Physical Education (PE) can be earned by obtaining a Multi-Age License (PK-12) with a physical education speciality (PE). This allows you to teach pupils of all ages physical education.

Bachelor’s degree or higher is necessary, as well as completion of a state-approved PE educator training program that includes a three-semester-hour requirement in reading instruction methodologies.

Also, you must pass the OAE Physical Education topic test and the OAE Pedagogy Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK to 12).

This certificate is not contingent upon passing the OAE Foundations of Reading exam.

4.  Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Education is among the top five programs for Ohio Teaching Certifications .

A preschool teaching certification in Ohio can be obtained through an early childhood license. This credential allows you to instruct kids in grades kindergarten through third.

A bachelor’s degree or higher is required, as is the state-approved preparatory course for early childhood education, which consists of 12 semesters of reading teaching technological requirements.

Also, you are required to complete the OAE Professional Knowledge Education Assessment: Toddler (PK3), the OAE Early Childhood Assessment, and the OAE Basic Reading Test.

If you prefer to focus on teaching younger grades, you might choose to acquire an Associate’s degree, which permits you to teach solely preschool for three to five years.

This certification needs a bachelor’s degree or above and a passing score on the OAE Pre-K subject examination (subtests I and II).

5.  Secondary School Instructor

This certification in Ohio permits you to instruct students in grades 7 through 12 in a particular subject area.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree or higher, this position requires completion of a state-approved educator preparation program in Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Math, Integrated Social Studies, or Integrated Science, as well as all Science Programs.

In addition, each degree includes a reading instruction strategies requirement of three semester hours. Both the OAE Pedagogy Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Adolescent to Young Adult (7-12) and the content assessment for the subject area in which you pursue secondary school certification are necessary exams.

6. Certification in English for Speakers of Other Languages

English as a Second Language certification in Ohio requires a Multi-Age License (PK-12) with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). This allows you to instruct students of all ages in English as a second language.

A bachelor’s degree or higher is necessary, as well as completion of a state-approved TESOL educator preparation program with a reading instruction techniques requirement of three semester hours.

In addition, you must pass the OAE Multi-Age (PK–12) Pedagogy Professional Knowledge Examination and the OAE TESOL topic evaluation. This certificate does not require the OAE Foundations of Reading examination.

How to get Ohio Teaching Certifications 

Ohio Teaching Certifications

To obtain Ohio Teaching Certifications via the American Council’s Teacher Certification Program, the following steps must be taken:

  • Submit a request to the Ohio Department of Education for an alternate evaluation. Applicants must complete this form and submit it to the Ohio Department of Education along with the appropriate fee and supporting materials. The office will assess the application to ensure that the applicant satisfies the following initial eligibility requirements:
  • Accredited institutions of higher education have a bachelor’s degree GPA of at least 2.50 (or a graduate-level GPA of 3.0 or higher).
  • Complete the necessary license exam (OAE topic exam) for the subject area you desire to teach.
  • Successfully pass BCI and FBI background checks. Before enrollment with an approved alternative resident education college, the check must be less than 365 days old and must be filed with the Ohio Department of Education.
  • To participate in the US Commission Teacher Certification Program, please use your valid registration confirmation letter (an Ohio Higher Education approved alternative educational institution for residents).
  • Passed the Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam administered by the American Council. After passing the examination, you will obtain a completion certificate and submit it to the Ohio Department of Education. Send the completion certificate to so that the Ohio Department of Education can provide a qualification statement.
  • Use your statement of qualifications to begin teaching in Ohio schools.

FAQs On Ohio Teaching Certifications 

How do I become a certified teacher in Ohio?

Earn your bachelor's degree from an accredited institution college or university. Pass a content area exam(s) and a professional knowledge exam. Pass a criminal background check. Apply for initial licensure, called a four-year resident educator license, through the Ohio Department of Education.

Do you need a license to teach in Ohio?

Whether you want to teach in a public or private school, at the elementary, middle or high school level or specialize in a certain subject area, all teachers in Ohio must possess and maintain a valid teaching license.

Do you need a masters degree to be a teacher in Ohio?

Though a master's degree is not required to earn the initial license, Ohio teachers need one if they intend to earn the highest level of certification. Certified educators from outside Ohio may apply for a one-year temporary license, during which time they pursue the necessary steps to become fully licensed.

How much does my teacher make in Ohio?

The average Public School Teacher salary in Ohio is $54,853 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $45,809 and $66,893.

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