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National College of Ireland Scholarships 2024-2025

The National College of Ireland Scholarships which are given to deserving overseas students entering for the 2024–2025 academic year, are now accepting applications.

A number of tuition reduction scholarships, worth up to 50% of the tuition cost, are given to international students. These include the Masters Scholarship, Master’s Edge Scholarship, Higher Diploma Scholarship, Future Leaders Scholarship, and Entrepreneurship Scholarship. Most scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in the university’s full-time study programs.

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  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): National College of Ireland, Ireland
  • Scholarship Type: Tuition Discount Scholarships
  • Host Institution(s): National College of Ireland, Ireland
  • Scholarship Worth: Up to 50% of Tuition
  • Study Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Nationality: International students

In order to recognize achievement and encourage diversity within its student body, National College of Ireland offers a wide range of scholarships and bursaries specifically for overseas students.

National College of Ireland Scholarships

National College of Ireland Scholarships Available

Masters Academic Merit Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered for September and January master’s courses. Based on their prior academic standing, all students who are offered a Masters program at NCI are immediately evaluated for these awards. For these scholarships, you are not required to submit a scholarship application.

  • Academic Merit Scholarship: €2,000 – €4,000

Higher Diploma Scholarship

The Higher Diploma in Science in Computing course, which begins in September and January, is offering the following scholarship. Based on their prior academic standing, all students who are offered a spot on NCI’s Higher Diploma in Science in Computing program are automatically considered for this prize. For this award, you are not need to submit a scholarship application.

  • Higher Diploma in Science in Computing: €4,000

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

The following scholarship is available for September 2024 enrollment in the MSc in Entrepreneurship program. For these scholarships, you are not required to submit a scholarship application.

  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship: €5,000

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AI for Business Scholarship

For the September 2024 MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Business program, the following scholarship is offered. For these scholarships, you are not required to submit a scholarship application.

  • AI for Business Scholarship: €5,000

Claddagh Scholarship Programme 2023 (China)

Under the Claddagh Scholarship Program in China, the university is providing scholarships for both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Note that only Chinese residents who currently reside in China are eligible for this scholarship. In order to apply for this scholarship, students must first get an offer to study at NCI.

Undergraduate Academic Scholarships

When enrolled in a full program beginning in Year 1, undergraduate students are eligible for the following scholarships. Every applicant to an undergraduate program at NCI is automatically evaluated for these scholarships based on a number of factors, including their academic records. For these scholarships, you are not required to submit a scholarship application.

  • Undergraduate Academic Scholarship: €2,000

Sports Scholarship

For full-time, enrolled overseas undergraduate students who have competed at the international, national, interprovincial, or intercounty levels and have demonstrated the ability to perform at a very high level, the following award is offered.

One NCI scholarship may be combined with the sports scholarship. There may be a cap on the total number of academic and athletic scholarships a student can be awarded. Students are still eligible to apply for the NCI Sports scholarship even if they are receiving money from another athletic organization like Governing Bodies.

  • Sports Scholarship: €2,000

National College of Ireland Scholarships

Benefits of the National College of Ireland Scholarships

  • Academic Merit Scholarship: €2,000 – €4,000
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship: 50% of tuition fee
  • Master’s Edge Scholarship: 50% of tuition Fees
  • Higher Diploma Scholarship: €4,000
  • Future Leaders Scholarship: 50% of tuition Fees

General Eligibility Eligibilities of National College of Ireland Scholarships

The following are some requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for the National College of Ireland Scholarships:

  • Candidates have to be foreign students.
  • Posseses some research experience finished
  • Possess a bachelor degree from an accredited university for a master study.
  • Possesses the necessary English language proficiency.
  • Candidates need to provide their own funding.
  • Applicants need to commit to a full-time course of study.

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Application Procedures

How to Apply: Based on a number of factors, including their academic records, all students who are offered a spot in a master’s program at NCI are automatically considered for these scholarships. Additionally, application forms for particular scholarship categories are available on the National College of Ireland Scholarships’ official website (see below).

Application Deadline

The deadline for the National College of Ireland Scholarships varies.

Check Out the Official Website for More Information


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ireland provide foreign students scholarships?

International students who are dedicated to changing the world and who have the potential to become future leaders in their profession are the target audience for the Government of Ireland International Scholarships.

Do foreign students in Ireland find employment?

International students have the option to remain and find employment in Ireland following their graduation from an Irish institution. Eligibility for the Third Level Graduate Scheme is open to non-EU/EEA citizens. This allows graduates who are successful to stay in Ireland for a year in order to look for work.

Which is better, Canada or Ireland?

Making a final decision between Canada and Ireland is difficult. Both nations have strong economies and well-regarded educational systems. Living expenses are marginally cheaper in Canada than in other nations, and obtaining permanent status is easier here. Its taxes are also marginally lower.

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

1. Availability of Top-Rated Education

With top-notch facilities and amenities for education, Irish universities provide a wide range of graduation and post-graduate programs. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects. In addition, the curriculum of the Irish education system is well-structured and tailored to the needs of different businesses. Studying in Ireland will provide you with the necessary international exposure by allowing you to receive instruction from highly qualified academic professionals in cutting-edge facilities.

2. The Choice to Work Part-time Jobs

In Ireland, universities typically encourage their students to work part-time jobs in order to cover their living expenses. Courses in Ireland are frequently designed to be flexible and structured so that you can work and study at the same time. You can plan part-time work into your calendar thanks to the course’s flexible schedules. Additionally, internships that offer stipends are available if you are a promising student.

3. Reasonably Priced Living and Education

Ireland has relatively cheap educational costs because the majority of its universities are state-funded. Even if the cost of tuition varies depending on the degree and university you select, it is still quite low in comparison to other countries.

In addition to the expense of education, the average cost of living in Ireland is comparatively low. The average annual rent is approximately 4,000 euros.

4. No Communication Barriers

Since Ireland is an English-speaking nation, international students studying there will find it easier to get used to the language because they will already have fulfilled the prerequisites in English before being accepted to an Irish university. Speaking English also makes it easier for you to interact with people, gain insight into their daily lives, and lessen the impact of language barriers on cultural shock.

5. Plenty of Work Possibilities

Students studying in Ireland are granted a post-work visa that permits them to search for employment within the country for an extended period of time. Additionally, because Ireland is a member of the EU, you have the option of working abroad in other EU countries. Students graduating from Irish colleges are in high demand since these nations lack highly skilled labor.

6. Getting Involved in Cultural Diversity

Due to the value of cross-cultural learning, a graduate or post-graduate degree from a nation like Ireland is highly respected and accepted by all significant industries worldwide. Because they are prepared for manufacturing and have the tools necessary to handle contemporary industrial issues, Irish students are likewise in great demand.

7. Reasonably Priced Ways to Travel Throughout Ireland

With Ireland’s robust public transportation infrastructure, international students find commuting to be reasonably easy. This is a crucial issue to take into account because you will be living alone and it will be useful to have easy access to transportation in a foreign nation. Moreover, students receive substantial discounts when using public transportation, which they can redeem using student travel cards.

Cons of Studying in Ireland: Its Drawbacks

1. Somber Weather can be a Downer.

Ireland’s weather varies constantly from season to season and is generally gloomy due to its dark and wet climate. It could be difficult for international students to adjust to the weather in Ireland. It is a good idea to mentally get ready for Ireland before traveling there. By doing this, you’ll also be able to pack appropriately for the varying seasons.

2. Irish Dialect might be Challenging to Understand

Ireland is a country of diverse accents, and visitors are always in awe at the Irish’s ability to speak English with dialects varying from the east coast to the southwest. The majority of international students from non-English speaking nations will find it extremely difficult to grasp the dialect, while both English and non-English speaking students may find it a little problematic at first. But eventually, as the days pass, you will be able to follow them.

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3. Finding Accomodations Can be Challenging.

Even though living expenses in Ireland are relatively low, certain locations, such as Dublin, may be pricey if you’re looking for a private place to reside. Universities have a variety of housing options, such as dorms and hostels, however the majority of these are hard to come by because of their small supply and rapid occupancy. But, in order to avoid them all being reserved, you must reserve this lodging in advance.

4. Congestion During Rush Hour

Everyone studying in Ireland leaves for their destinations during rush hour. This is the time of day when there will be a lot of traffic on the roads, making it feel like you are stuck if you are driving to your institution. If you are someone who departs for class at the last minute, be prepared to spend hours delayed in traffic.

National College of Ireland Scholarships
National College of Ireland Scholarships


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