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NAFDAC Recruitment Portal 2023

NAFDAC Recruitment Portal. Are you concerned about the alarming rate of Nigerians losing their lives as a result of consuming expired foods, medications, cosmetics, and some imported illegal and counterfeit goods that are harmful to the body? Do you want to take action? Achieving success in NAFDAC Recruitment 2023 offers the opportunity you require to your door.

In a nutshell, the government agency NAFDAC aids in the detection of illegal and fake goods in Nigeria. In Nigeria, these products include packaged water, food, medicines, cosmetics, and medical equipment. NAFDAC has made a greater contribution to combining resources since its creation.

Therefore, you believe you have what it takes to join the NAFDAC and assist tackle one of the largest crises facing Nigeria.

Please refrain from closing this tab before reading this post, which will provide you with information about the NAFDAC Recruitment Application form, NAFDAC Recruitment Portal, and other pertinent details that will be of assistance to you in this NAFDAC.

About National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

The Federal Ministry of Health’s NAFDAC is an entity in charge of policing and regulating certain activities.

Manufacturing, importing, exporting, advertising, distributing, and selling are among these activities. Additionally, Nigerians consume food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical equipment, chemicals, and packaged water.

As a result, the World Health Assembly decision from 1988 served as the catalyst for the founding of NAFDAC in 1993. In order to tackle the threat that fake medications pose to global health, the resolution asks for assistance from other nations.

Thus, the development was further sparked by the 1989 deaths of nearly 150 kids from paracetamol syrup containing diethylene glycol. The sale of medications, foods, and beverages created in Nigeria has to be outlawed in other nations, such as Ghana and Sierra Leone.

The NAFDAC also has a vision and purpose statement that serves as their motivation for reaching their objectives. The vision and objective of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control are therefore listed below.


NAFDAC’s goal is to protect the public’s health by making sure that only high-quality medications, foods, and other items are produced, imported, distributed, advertised, sold, and utilized in Nigeria.


The agency’s mission is “Safeguarding Public Health.”

Additionally, their core values are:

  • Ensure that NAFDAC-regulated items are effective and of high quality.
  • Maintain worldwide standards-based reference laboratories as well.
  • Additionally, to support a motivated, efficient, and successful workforce.

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How Does NAFDAC Operate? 

Thus, the NAFDAC was given permission to perform number of fundamental tasks within the terms of the enabling decree. 
The following are included in these tasks. 
To begin with, this agency’s primary duty is to oversee and manage the manufacture, distribution, advertisement, and importing of goods. 
They also regulate the usage and sales of chemicals, packaged water, medical gadgets, and cosmetics. 
The examination of imported foods, medicines, cosmetics, medical gadgets, bottled water, and chemicals is also handled by this organization. Additionally, they set up an appropriate quality control system. However, this also applies to the products that are regulated as well as the production sites.The registration of foods, medicines, medical gadgets, bottled water, and chemicals is also under the control of NAFDAC. 
They also have control over the export of chemicals, bottled water, food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. 
Be aware that they also provide quality certification. 
Basically, NAFDAC conducts testing to ensure that the quality of foods, medicines, cosmetics, packaged water, and chemicals is effectively controlled. 
Additionally, they guarantee adherence to the norms and guidelines established and approved by the council for the 
Additionally, they look into the manufacturing facilities and supply chains for chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical equipment, and bottled water. 
They also construct an appropriate system for quality assurance, which includes certification of the production locations and the goods that must comply. 


Other tasks they carry out include: 
  • They set up and maintain pertinent labs or other institutions in key Nigerian locations. 
  • Furthermore, they supervise exportation and certify the quality of food, medicines, bottled water, and chemicals. 
  • For manufacture, import, export, sale, and distribution, they also developed standard specifications, rules, and recommendations. 

Has NAFDAC achieved anything to date?

Sure enough! Since its inception, NAFDAC has accomplished a lot in Nigeria. Some of them consist of

Workshops are being organized to educate various stakeholders, including (a) producers of clean water, (b) the Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers Association (PPMDA), and (c) the National Union of Road Transport Workers and National Association of Road Transport Owners (NURTW & NARTO),

Additionally, they contributed to the awareness-raising process in nations other than Nigeria, including India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Egypt.

Additionally, the held talks with the ambassadors of nations known for selling bogus medications into Nigeria and asked for their cooperation in halting the practice, in coordination with the Chairman of the House Committee on Health and his members.

Nevertheless, achieving excellent results in the fight against counterfeit drugs, as demonstrated by the public destruction of about 2 billion Naira worth of drugs from four sources, namely those handed over by repentant traders, those found in secret warehouses on tips from the public and drug sellers, and those seized by the drug sellers’ internal task forces and NAFDAC task forces,

The Directorate of Food and Drug Administration and Control (a department of the Federal Ministry of Health) was replaced by NAFDAC because it was regarded inefficient due in part to a lack of regulations governing bogus medications.

What Kind of Organization Is NAFDAC?

The Director General’s Office and fourteen (14) directorates that manage the agency’s operations make up the bulk of the NAFDAC’s organizational structure:
  • Office of the Director-General: This office is in charge of carrying out the general duties, such as the management and supervision of regulated goods.
  • The Directorate of Registration and Regulatory Affairs oversees an efficient registration procedure that is transparent and time-bound.
  • Support food safety programs by ensuring that food facilities follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) that can sustain high-quality, safe-for-human-consumption food products. This is done by the Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Directorate.
  • Drug and Evaluation Directorate: Establish, maintain, and develop QMS to guarantee a strong and efficient Inspection operation.
  • In order to ensure safety standards in the management of chemicals and hazardous substances, the Chemical Evaluation & Research Directorate authorizes the import and export of chemicals and inspects storage facilities.
  • The import and export of narcotic medications and psychotropic substances are allowed by the Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate.
  • All veterinary products are governed and controlled by the Veterinary Medicines & Allied Products Directorate.
  • Directorate of Port Inspection: This Directorate oversees port operations and manages the routes via which controlled goods are imported and exported.
  • The Planning, Research, and Statistics Directorate is in charge of organizing the actions and accomplishments as well as planning, researching, gathering, compiling, storing, and retrieving the information.
  • Laboratory Services Directorate: Perform necessary tests and make sure that all requirements are met.
  • Human and material resources are managed by the administration and human resources management directorate.
  • The Pharmacovigilance and Post Marketing Surveillance Directorate promotes public health initiatives and ensures patient care and safety in regard to the use of medications.
  • Legal Services Directorate: Offers the Agency quality legal services.
  • The Agency’s daily management of its financial and accounting operations is the responsibility of the Finance and Accounts Directorate.

Getting NAFDAC Certification?

You must register your product with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in order to engage in any of these trades in Nigeria (NAFDAC).

How to become NAFDAC certified

  • NAFDAC Office visit

Visit the neighborhood NAFDAC office to have your factory inspected. Following passing this phase, you will be required to send three samples of your product for analysis, after which you will be given a manufacturer’s certificate of appreciation.

  • Purchase the Form Purchase the NAFDAC registration form and fill it out. If you have two products, you will need to buy two models because each model can only be used for one product.
  • Formal Letter of Application

In order to register a product, you must then write an agency request. The product name (generic name), the brand name, and the manufacturer’s name must all be specified in the application.

  • Write to the Director of Registration and Regulatory Affairs at the NAFDAC Central Laboratory Complex in Oshodi, Lagos, with your request.
  • Send your resume in

Next, submit the application along with the completed registration form and any necessary supporting documentation. Please take note that you must rigorously follow all the guidelines the agency has set forth.

  • Obtain your license

A product registration certificate and NAFDAC registration number will be provided following successful registration.

NAFDAC Salary Scale

Staff members of the Federal Ministry of Health’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, or NAFDAC, are paid similarly to those of other departments. The majority of candidates who want to work at NAFDAC also want to know the salary structure before submitting their applications.

Note that the CONRAISS compensation scale is used to determine the remuneration ( A Salary Scale approved a new salary structure for Research, Training. and Allied Institutions in the Federal Public Service). Despite the fact that the NAFDAC wage structure differs based on grade level, years of service, and the job held within the company.

NAFDAC is compensated at GL 8 N1,247,854 annually. This amounts to approximately N103,987 per month before taxes and pensions.

While those employed by NAFDAC at GL 7 are paid N1,073,217 annually. Remember that this is about N89,434 per month before taxes and pensions.

Employees of NAFDAC are also entitled to a number of benefits in addition to their base wages. However, these are dependent on a number of factors, like the year of service, the location, the role they held, etc.

NAFDAC employees are reportedly paid more as they move up the rank ladder, according to For example,

Additionally, a laboratory analyst makes N116,000 per month, a pharmacy receives N193,000 (two staff), and a regulatory office receives N158,000. An administrative assistant makes an average salary of N89,000.

What is the purpose of the Recruitment Portal?

Even if it’s growing harder to get hired by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, this knowledge will be of great assistance to you.

Applications for NAFDAC Recruitment 2023 are not yet available. The following positions are filled by both graduates and non-graduates, please note.

What prerequisites exist for NAFDAC hiring in 2023?

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to apply for NAFDAC Recruitment 2023:

  • You must hold a degree from an accredited institution in any discipline, such as a B.Sc., HND, NCE, or OND.
  • You cannot be older than 35 years old.
  • Additionally, the applicant must possess at least three WASC (including English and mathematics) or Senior Secondary School Certificate credits in at least three distinct disciplines (SSSC).
  • Possess a General Certificate of Education (GCE) or National Examination Council (NECO) Ordinary Level with passes in either five (5) subjects achieved over two sittings, including English Language, or four (4) subjects obtained over one sitting.
  • A National Diploma (ND) or National Certificate of Education (NCE) from a recognized institution, as well as a General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) in two (2) subjects earned in a single sitting or three (3) courses earned in two sittings, are also required of applicants.
  • Therefore, you must include your NYSC Exclusion or Discharge Certificate with your NAFDAC Recruitment Application Form.
  • Possess a curriculum vitae
  • Must possess a Certificate of Origin and be a Nigerian national.

How do I submit an application for NAFDAC’s 2023 hiring?

  • You must make sure that your NAFDAC recruiting application form is up to date, filled out completely, and sent to the NAFDAC website before the deadline for submission if you want to submit it successfully.
  • There is no other way to register, and there are no fees associated with the hiring process, as I have explained.
  • The registration process is online.

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These are the fundamental actions you need to take.

  • Visit the NAFDAC website at and click the recruitment option.
  • You may now find the NAFDAC recruitment application form for the position you plan to apply for there.
  • After that, enter the necessary information, such as your name, your educational background, your address, etc.
  • On the submit button, click.
  • Keep a printout of it for reference in the future.
  • Candidates would be very interested to learn whether they have been shortlisted following the application process. Selected individuals will then be invited to a test, an interview, and a subsequent recruitment process.
  • Take note that the NAFDAC recruiting site for 2023 is now open thanks to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control organization.

Given that many Nigerians are vying for this position, I will now encourage you to keep an eye out and check back frequently for updates to ensure that you don’t miss out. There are numerous qualified and eager applicants for this position.

How will I benefit?

  • You would gain a great deal if you are hired by this Nigerian agency.
  • You will, first and foremost, enjoy a convenient work schedule. Either you work in the morning and enjoy a free afternoon, or you work in the morning and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.
  • Additionally, you receive more vacation days than private employees, allowing you to take more time off and recharge without worrying about getting back to work quickly.
  • Additionally, the public sector often offers vacation time twice a year, in the summer and the winter. He doesn’t experience the same level of stress as an employee of a private company.
  • As a NAFDAC employee, you don’t have to worry about your employer going out of business since the state will always exist no matter how poorly the money is managed.
  • Most crucially, in contrast to other private businesses, you receive your monthly salary on time.

Some principal offices of NAFDAC are:

The NAFDAC offices are located in all 36 states of Nigeria for efficiency purposes.

Major offices are:




  • NAFDAC Lagos Head Office

3/5 Oshodi Expressway, Oshodi Lagos

Phone: 01 – 4524259, 01 – 4544270


FAQS on NAFDAC Recruitment Portal

Is NAFDAC currently recruiting?

NAFDAC recruitment 2023 portal is currently open for online application. The NAFDAC recruitment form can be accessed via the NAFDAC recruitment website

How do I become a NAFDAC agent?

Must possess a recognized academic certificate (B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND) Must have minimum of 5 credits in WASSCE, NECO, or GCE in 2 sittings or less. Must be 35 years or younger. Must have a valid form of identification

How much is NAFDAC entry level salary?

The estimated current salary earned by new entry workers of NAFDAC is between ₦ 70,000 to ₦ 90,000 per month after tax (excluding allowances). A NAFDAC Staff on GL 7 salary structure is N1,073,217 per annum.

How long does NAFDAC license last?

After a successful product registration, it will be valid for a term of five years, which is subject to renewal.

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