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Top 15 Military Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

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Military Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth!

Attending a military boarding school is a significant decision that is frequently misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, military high schools are not reform institutions. Students who attend military boarding schools receive a rigorous, college-preparatory education that emphasizes character and leadership development.

Do you have a troublesome juvenile? In this article we provided 15 top military boarding schools for troubled youth.

What is a Military School

This is a school, educational program, institution, or organization that runs a top-notch academic curriculum while also educating its students or pupils about the fundamentals of military life in order to better prepare applicants for a potential career as a serviceman.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the military boarding schools for troubled youth.

The Benefits of Military Boarding Schools

1. Military colleges and universities offer the framework, concentration, and leadership opportunities necessary to support and enable a strong liberal arts education.

2. The "whole person" is developed by military colleges and schools through a balance of STEM, language, arts, and athletics programs.

3. Character development, values, and service (to others) are included into all of the curriculum of military colleges and schools.

4. Demanding and holding their pupils to a higher standard, military colleges and schools make no apologies for this.

5. Even though the vast majority of graduates from military schools never don a uniform again after they graduate, they will benefit from the transferrable skills they learned through the "military education model" for the rest of their life.

6. Graduates from military colleges and schools develop the leadership qualities, moral fortitude, and perseverance needed to thrive in any activity or vocation.

7. Military colleges and schools produce moral leaders that improve their communities, the country, and the world.

Military Boarding Schools For Troubled

15 top Military Boarding Schools for Troubled youth

These are the top military boarding schools for troubled youth you can enroll your children or wards:

1. Carver Military Academy

  • Location: Illinois, Chicago
  • Created: 1947
  • Public coed school type.

Even if their cadets at Carver Military Academy lose up on themselves, they don’t give up on them. They learn in a supportive setting that encourages independence and civic engagement.

Military Boarding Schools For Troubled

The duration of this military school is 4 years, and there are about 500 cadets enrolled.

Kelly green and Greenbay gold are their colors. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited them. Excellence is expected because they encourage each cadet personally throughout their academic path and believe in them.

2. The Delaware Military Institute

  • Location: Wilmington, Delaware
  • Created in 2003
  • Public coed school type.

Delaware Military Academy teaches ethics, leadership, and accountability using military values. They have Middle States Rated Superior Schools 2006-2018 accrediting status.

They do not discriminate on any grounds. Each year, they take in about 150 freshmen. This program is completed in 4 years.

This school is among the military boarding schools for troubled youth, evidently because it encourages its students to participate in extracurricular and extracurricular activities. Additionally, they urge their pupils to talk to them about any of their preferred extracurricular activities that aren’t already underway so that they can start them.

They are navy, gold, and white in color. Leadership and education, in their opinion, are both crucial. Their cadets get over $12 million in scholarships each year, and over 97% of them continue their studies as college students.

Their programs include the following:

  • Mathematics
  • Defense science
  • Driving instruction
  • Fitness & health
  • Social science.

3. Phoenix STEM Military Academy

  • Location: Illinois, Chicago
  • Established: 2004
  • Public coed school type.

In Chicago, Phoenix STEM Military Academy is the top public school. They strive to produce leaders with remarkable qualities and the will to achieve in their higher educations in addition to developing cadets.

Like other military boarding schools for troubled youth , this school encourages collaborations with other institutions and neighborhoods. With connections to students at other institutions being simple, they have more than 500 students. This program is completed in 4 years.

Red and black are their colors. They conduct a survey as a tool of self-improvement, and the responses from the school community, parents, and stakeholders are used as a basis for both celebrating and improving upon their areas of strength and weakness.

4. École Militaire de Chicago

  • Location: Illinois, Chicago
  • Created in 1999
  • Public coed

At Chicago Military Academy, emphasis is placed on academic success and personal accountability. They want to develop leaders who are capable on all fronts.

This institution collaborates with City Colleges of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) (CCC). Because of this collaboration, their cadets are able to enroll in free courses that meet both high school and college criteria.

Their programs include the following:

  • Biology
  • Computing Science
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences social.

5. Military Institute of Virginia

  • Location: Lexington, Virginia
  • Built: 1839

With more than 1,600 students, Virginia Military Institute is a senior military institution. Their cadets’ lives show not only the impact of a rigorous academic curriculum, but also a noticeable improvement in each student’s character.

Students who seek an education beyond what is typically offered as an undergraduate at colleges and institutions call it home. When they can strive to be the best, their cadets are taught never to accept less.

They have developed individuals and leaders who are admirable in society over time. Every year, they commission more than 50% of their graduates into the army.

6. The Franklin Military Academy 

  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Created: 1980

Because they provide special education for kids with impairments, Franklin Military Academy is among the military boarding schools for troubled youth that has the best interests of each of its students in mind. They give these children the chance to realize their full potential by offering them their complete support.

Counselors are offered to assist students who are performing below par in realizing and achieving their academic potential. All pupils, however, have access to a professional school counselor who is on call full-time.

7. Military Academy of Georgia

  • Location: Georgia, Milledgeville
  • Built: 1879

Since its inception, Georgia Military Academy has been committed to “the mission for success.” The high-quality support system this school provides for each cadet is one of its advantages over other military boarding schools for troubled youth.

They have received accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC). They develop successful citizens and leaders in a person, not simply leaders.

Their hues are crimson and black. For more than 4,000 students, they provide online programs with flexible timetables.

8. The Sarasota Military Academy 

  • Location: Florida’s Sarasota
  • Created: 2002

A good foundation for preparing for college, a job, citizenship, and leadership is provided by Sarasota Military Academy. They adopt a learner-centered methodology.

They detest discrimination on all grounds, including color, race, religion, age, gender, and ethnicity.

They are gold and blue in color. The value of the impact on their cadets is greater than at a school because of the real-life necessities. In grades 6 through 12, they have more than 500 pupils.

9. Utah Military Institute

  • Location: Salt Lake City, Riverdale
  • Created in 2013

They feel that academic achievement is not the only factor in determining success in life. As a result, they develop their cadets’ leadership and moral character as well.

They are white and green in color. In classes 7 through 12, they have more than 500 pupils. This university offers many chances, and it supports its students by assisting them with their internship programs in a variety of sectors.

10. Kenosha Military Academy

  • Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  • Built: 1995


One of the greatest military boarding schools for troubled youth is in Kenosha. As a school dedicated to “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” Kenosha Military Academy excels in athletics. Although there is no discrimination at this school, they value variety among its cadets.

In classes 9 through 12, they have more than 900 pupils. They promote discipline in their cadets to set them up for future success, which benefits them in college and throughout their careers.

11. The Fishburne Military Academy

  • Built: 1879
  • Location: Virginia in the United States
  • Grades: 7–12 and PG (Boarding)
  • Ratio of acceptance: 85%

One of the oldest and most privately held military schools for boys in the USA, Fishburne was founded by James A. Fishburne. On October 4, 1984, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has a land area of roughly 9 acres.

12. American High School of Ramstein

  • Established: 1982
  • Location: Germany’s Ramstein-Miesenbach.
  • 9th–12th grade (Boarding)
  • Acceptance rate: 80%

One of the best military boarding schools for troubled youth is Ramstein America High School, a Department of Defence Dependent (DoDEA) high school in Germany. The Kaiserslautern District is where it is located.

Additionally, it enrolls about 850 students total. It has modern soccer fields, tennis courts, an auto lab, and a football field.

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13. Camden Military Academy 

  • Created: 1958
  • Location: South Carolina, USA
  • Grades: 7–12 and PG (Boarding)
  • 80% of people accept it

The Camedem Military Academy, which is ranked 20th out of 309 other institutions, is a state-approved military academy in South Carolina.

Amazingly, Camden is a mixed school with typical class sizes of 15 kids. With an acceptance rate of 80% and grades 7 through 12, it is fairly reasonable and situated on a massive 125 acres of land.

14. Saint Cyr’s Special Military School

  • Built: 1802
  • 7th–12th grade (Boarding)
  • 80% Acceptance Rate

The French military academy Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint Cyris, also known as Saint-Cyr, is a part of the French Army. Many of the young officers who served in the Napoleonic Wars received their training at the institution.

It was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte.

15. Marine Military Academy 

  • Built: 1965
  • Location: American city of Harlingen, Texas.
  • Grades: 7–12 (Boarding) and PG
  • A 98% acceptance rate

The mission of the Marine Military Academy is to develop today’s young men into tomorrow’s leaders.

It is a private, non-profit military academy that gives cadets the mental and emotional tools they need to move forward by nourishing their brains, bodies, and spirits.

Military Boarding Schools For Troubled


These are just few military boarding schools for troubled youth you can enrol your children if you discover a strange or unacceptable behaviours from them. We believe this was helpful!

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