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The Top Medical Schools in Nevada

Medical Schools in Nevada: Most people’s conceptions of the wonderful state of Nevada include shotgun weddings, casinos, and stunningly beautiful desert landscapes bathed in orange and red. Forward-thinking MD and DO programs must be added to that list in the twenty-first century, nevertheless.

In different parts of the state, the Universities of Nevada at Reno (UNR) and Las Vegas (UNLV) both have MD programs, while Touro University has a DO program in Henderson, close to Las Vegas. There is a route for you in Nevada, regardless of the program type you want to pursue.

With the goal of giving you an in-depth understanding of what makes each university’s programs and schools distinct, we want to dissect the specifics of each school and program in this guide. We’ll also provide you with important information, such as admissions data and entry requirements, so you can choose where to apply with the greatest amount of knowledge.

Rankings, class sizes, price, GPA, and MCAT scores are among the information we’ve compiled into an easy-to-read chart for the medical schools in Nevada. You can improve your chances of admission whether you’re thinking about an MD or DO program by carefully weighing your alternatives utilizing the information provided.

We noticed a few surprising facts during our research. When evaluating medical schools in Nevada, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Only UNLV provides average GPA and MCAT results; UNR and Touro only provide minimal results.
  • Given that they cap their classes at 60 and 70 students, respectively, each year, both University of Nevada programs are very selective.
  • Your competition will be tougher if you plan to apply to UNR but do not reside in Nevada. Each year, they only offer 50 interviews to applicants from outside the state.

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Medical Schools in Nevada and their Profiles

There are more factors to consider than just tuition and class sizes when selecting which colleges to apply to and which programs will best meet your needs. Let’s examine what each institution has to offer now that we are more familiar with the specifics of each school and their statistics.

1. University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas

Medical Schools in Nevada
Medical Schools in Nevada

A distinctive MD program with three parts is offered at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine. The first stage makes use of “problem-based learning,” where students investigate patient problems that mirror the actual work environments of practicing doctors.

The second stage is what they refer to as a “Longitudinal Interleaved Clerkship,” which is separated into 6 units, each of which is divided into 2-week segments and focuses on a specific specialization. They are meant to lessen the issue of forgetting new material that is typical in a traditional learning style of larger specialist blocks where students advance only after finishing each block.

Rotations and additional time are provided during the third phase so that students can focus on electives, do independent study, or enhance their education as they see fit.

Currently, most learning takes place in Building B, a cutting-edge space with a health sciences library, study rooms, and a virtual anatomy lab. A brand-new, much more advanced building is currently being built.

It is advised that anyone thinking about applying to UNLV take advantage of their pre-med advising information sessions to determine the likelihood that their application will be accepted.

2. University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine

Medical Schools in Nevada
Medical Schools in Nevada

The University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine (UNR), which is tucked away among the Sierra Nevada mountains, has been educating doctors since its modest beginnings as a neighborhood medical school in 1969.

They pride themselves on their small class sizes and only take in 70 new students each year. On your path to a white coat, UNR might be the ideal destination for you if you’re searching for individualized attention. Remember that because of the tiny class sizes, it can be quite selective.

In addition to their MD emphasis, UNR provides dual degree programs that let students develop their abilities based on potential future professional options. Students have the option to get an MD while also pursuing an MBA, PhD, or MPH.

For non-traditional students or students interested in medicine with subpar GPAs, there is also a post-bac program. You should be given the chance to enroll in their MD program if you complete a year of upper-division coursework while maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher and an MCAT score of 500 or higher.

Also, by working in the Student Outreach Clinic and offering free care to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it, students contribute to the rural and underserved regions of northern Nevada. A crucial component of UNR’s education is gaining practical experience under the supervision of a practicing physician.

A Learning and Wellness Support Center is also run by UNR to help medical students with everything from academic concerns to physical and mental wellness. With their counseling, tutoring, and exam workshop services, it’s much easier to manage the demands and strains of maintaining a healthy work-life balance while in medical school.

3. Touro University Nevada

The sole private medical school and DO program in Nevada is Touro University Nevada (TUN). It is a non-profit organization funded by the Jewish community and a member of the Touro University network with global ties.

TUN places a lot of emphasis on the Henderson, Nevada, community and incorporates this into the education of its students. They collaborate with local businesses to provide chances for experience-based learning in a range of contexts.

Their sophisticated Center for Clinical Simulation, which has 11 patient rooms outfitted with an audiovisual system, two simulation suites, and a variety of training tools, is the focal point of their DO program, which emphasizes practical experience using patient actors. In collaboration with their sister college Touro University California, TUN also provides a joint DO/MPH degree. The MPH component of the degree is mostly taught throughout the summer.

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Getting into Medical Schools in Nevada

Strategy 1. Invest in Math and Science Academically and Extracurricularly

A crucial component of getting accepted into any medical program is demonstrating your academic aptitude and motivation. Your science GPA, total GPA, and MCAT scores will often demonstrate your aptitude for math and science, which is essential for medical schools.

To stand out from the crowd in your applications, you should aim to show that you are interested in both inside and outside of the classroom. This can be accomplished by emphasizing your participation in extracurricular activities or clubs.

For instance, joining a robotics or physics club at your institution might demonstrate your talent for and interest in math and science. Have you ever engaged in any hobbies or personal endeavors that might be connected to math or science? This can include things like taking part in scientific fairs or having a flair for developing computers.

Strategy 2: Take advantage of Volunteer and Research Opportunities.

Extracurricular activities are crucial to adcoms, which cannot be stressed. Opportunities for volunteer work and research are excellent methods to demonstrate your dedication to the medical field and to give adcoms a more complete picture of who you are.

Helping at a local community clinic demonstrates both your humanity and your love of medicine. Research allows you the chance to demonstrate your interests, hone your scientific abilities, and show admissions committees how you will benefit the student body. This is particularly crucial in Nevada, where community involvement is one of the three medical schools’ guiding principles.

Strategy 3: Cite Particular Instances to Demonstrate your Applicability for the Position.

Adcoms adore specificity since it shows that you are interested in their organization and have a thorough awareness of their resources. In your application, you can highlight specifics about their courses and research opportunities to show the admissions committee why you would be a wonderful fit for the institution.

This can entail stating your goal to work with underserved populations to medical schools in Nevada since UNR has this built into its program. Declaring a preference for UNLV’s longitudinal clerkship model or an interest in their virtual anatomy lab are two examples. Even more recently, they were given national notoriety for a research they conducted on serious burns brought on by very hot pavement. Make it a point to highlight this research in your application if it interests you.

Strategy 4. Use your facts to the fullest extent possible

When applying to medical schools, it’s crucial to organize your time effectively and use the information at your disposal to decide where you stand the best chance of succeeding. Examining the GPA and MCAT scores that Nevada medical schools accept can be a good indicator of your chances of admission.

For instance, UNR requires an MCAT score of 497, while Touro requires a minimum of 500. UNLV’s standard is 510. From this, we may infer that, although if your score has recently surpassed 500, you will be given consideration, your prospects of being accepted are low. Keep in mind that if UNLV’s average is 510, then half of the applicants received scores higher than that while the other half received scores lower.

If your score is below or equal to the 510 cutoff and you live in Nevada, UNR might be a better choice for you since they have a lower minimum score requirement.

Medical Schools in Nevada
Medical Schools in Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions

In Nevada, how many medical schools are there?

3. Only the oldest of Nevada's three medical schools, UNR, is ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

Where is the world’s least expensive medical school located?

Russia. The least expensive nation in the world to get a medical degree is Russia. In Russia, the cost of medical school can be as little as $1,750 USD annually.

In Nevada, is healthcare free?

Via a variety of programs, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services helps people and families access Medicaid. You are not charged for all of this coverage; some of it is. Doctor visits, medicines, dental work, eye exams, eyeglasses, and other treatments may be offered.

Is studying medicine in the US or the UK better?

Both the US and the UK have top-notch medical school systems. The length of time it takes to become a doctor is comparable in both nations, notwithstanding slight structural differences.

Final Reflections

You will have a tough time getting in because Nevada is home to three highly selective medical colleges. But, achieving a position among their renowned ranks will be much simpler if you achieve excellent grades and follow the instructions in this article.



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