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The Top Medical Schools in Arkansas

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For individuals looking for a low cost of living, top-notch amenities, and the ability to aid those less fortunate, medical schools in Arkansas are a great choice. Additionally, Arkansas offers more possibilities than other states if you’re interested in studying osteopathic medicine.

We’ll go over the main features of each university’s offerings in this guide, as well as how to successfully apply to the program of your choosing in The Natural State.

Admissions information, rankings, and typical test results are constantly changing for medical schools all around the US.

Key Points

While compiling this information, a few aspects caught our attention.

  • The only university that offers an MD is UAMS.
  • The only school ranked is UAMS.
  • Every school is quite selective.
  • All schools often prioritize supporting rural populations.

Although Arkansas only has 3 medical schools, each one excels in its particular field. While ARCOM offers a thorough DO program and UAMS is renowned for its accomplishments in primary care and research, NYITCOM-Arkansas is skillful in utilizing technology.

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The Top Medical Schools in Arkansas

1. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine

Medical Schools in Arkansas
Medical Schools in Arkansas

The only medical school that offers an MD program in Arkansas is UAMS College of Medicine; all other medical schools only offer DO programs. A major employer in the state, UAMS has linkages to both nearby and distant departments.

There is a lot of flexibility to concentrate your particular passion within medicine with 21 clinical departments and subspecialties at the College of Medicine. They also offer a special Medical Humanities and Bioethics department that aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to act morally in the modern healthcare setting.

Students are assigned to one of seven “academic houses” as part of the UAMS approach to medical education, which is designed to enhance learning efforts with a faculty advisor and foster a sense of community among peers.

UAMS is recognized among the top 100 universities in the country for research, and it excels in primary care in particular. Also, they place a lot of attention on supporting rural communities.

2. Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical Schools in Arkansas
Medical Schools in Arkansas

A four-year DO degree is available from the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM), which is divided into two years of on-campus study and two years of clinical rotations at partner clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. This gives students a range of opportunities to see real medical practice so they may enter the field ready for anything.

They advocate servicing rural communities in Arkansas, much like UAMS does. Their curriculum includes a one-month clinical rotation where you will interact with people from different origins and lifestyles if helping underserved groups is your ambition.

3. New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University

The NYITCOM-Arkansas offers another route into osteopathic medicine in Arkansas. This institution is undoubtedly new because the first class of students only started attending in 2016. Yet what it lacks in historical significance, it makes up for in cutting-edge infrastructure and technology.

One of the first educational institutions that teach students how to use telemedicine does so in the first year is NYITCOM-Arkansas. Even the technology in their classrooms allows for flawless live broadcasting and communication between the campuses in New York and Arkansas. Students can thus extend their educational reach across the NYITCOM network thanks to this.

To graduating, all candidates must earn their DO and a certificate in public health, with the option of adding certificates in telemedicine, health information technology, evidence-based medicine, or global health.

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Admissions Tactics for Medical Schools in Arkansas

Strategy 1. Verify that your stats correspond to theirs.

Finding out where you would stand the best chance of getting an interview is advised if attending an Arkansas medical school is your ambition. Creating an outstanding application that will impress admissions committees is a crucial component of a successful admissions approach.

Examine the details you have about each institution before submitting an application, and consider where you can best use your time. One place where you can learn a lot about your possibilities is through your GPA and MCAT results.

Although the UAMS College of Medicine’s website states that GPAs above 3.6 and MCAT scores above 500 are difficult, the school’s average GPA is 3.81 and its average MCAT score is 509, respectively. With a 3.6 and 500, you might be competitive, but you’ll probably need exceptional extracurriculars to be admitted.

Strategy 2. Determine each school’s guiding principles and create an application that reflects them.

Every medical school has a unique founding philosophy or set of fundamental principles that directs its direction. You can learn about what motivates them by reading their mission statements and examining their curricula.

Next, this data becomes excellent fodder for your secondary articles and interviews. In the case of ARCOM or NYITCOM-Arkansas, for instance, mentioning your intention to work with underprivileged and rural communities is likely to enhance your case. Your application to a top-ranked primary care school like UAMS will benefit from detailing your premed experiences that motivated you to seek primary care.

Medical Schools in Arkansas
Medical Schools in Arkansas

Frequently Asked Questions

In Arkansas, how many medical colleges are there?

Three medical schools.
Although Arkansas only has 3 medical schools, each one excels in its particular field.

What medical school is the best in the world?

Harvard University.
United States, Massachusetts, Harvard University. The Harvard Medical School, which opened its doors in 1782, is ranked first overall in the QS world rankings for 2021.

What is the smallest GPA that a medical school will accept?

The average cap for medical schools is a 3.0 GPA. A low GPA is typically one that is below the 75th or 80th percentile for the school. You can also look at the typical GPA of admitted students at your preferred institution. You can expect that the school will view your GPA as low if it is more than 0.3 points below that average.

Which nation has the most affordable medical schools?

The least expensive nation in the world to get a medical degree is Russia. In Russia, the cost of medical school can be as little as $1,750 USD annually.

Final Reflections

The road to a white coat through Arkansas can be perfect for you if your goal is to aid the least fortunate in rural areas. Competition is as fierce as it is in other states since the DO programs cap admissions each year and UAMS doesn’t accept too many additional applicants. You can only become accepted by perseverance, commitment, and planning.


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