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Top MBBS Scholarships for International Students 2024-2025

International students can now apply for the fully-funded Medical and MBBS Scholarships 2023–2024 from a number of nations early. Without a scholarship, it could cost a lot of money to attend medical school and earn a medical degree.

It makes no difference if you’re attending a public or private university. A medical degree has a very high success rate. After earning their degrees, students are likely to take out debts that put a pressure on their finances.

Every student aspires to obtain a medical degree from a foreign nation. The application period for the 2024 MBBS Awards overseas is currently open.

Scholarships are available to all international students pursuing an MD. There are MBBS scholarships available at several prestigious universities if you’re interested in studying medicine abroad. Students from all across the world can apply for complete MBBS scholarships from multiple government programs. Everyone is aware of the high cost of medical scholarships. A comprehensive list of scholarships for medical students has been put together by us.

For overseas students, this fully funded Medical (MBBS) scholarship is a fantastic opportunity. Enrollment for the fully-funded scholarships is now underway. By completing a scholarship application, you have the opportunity to be granted a medical scholarship.

They would thus be unable to fulfill their ambition of earning an MBBS and will also save a significant amount of money. One has the option of selecting a medical scholarship that is partially supported or fully funded. The main objective of MBBS scholarships is to support deserving applicants in realizing their academic aspirations and helping many of them finish their degrees.

Furthermore, there is a dearth of unfinished research, both real and prospective. All of this has the potential to benefit humanity and save lives. For the reasons outlined above, a large number of international universities are willing to offer MBBS scholarships to meritorious candidates, especially those from third-world nations.

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General Documents Needed for MBBS Scholarships

These are the necessary and optional documents needed to submit a scholarship application. Please ensure that the application form has all required attachments.

  • Statement of the purpose
  • Research idea for Doctoral Degree
  • Copies of transcripts and diplomas (Attested from the previous school and colleges)
  • A Letter Of Intent (LOI)
  • Study plan for master’s degree candidates
  • Abstract of Portfolio
  • GMAT, GRE or other tests that qualify (Optional)
  • English language proficiency certificate ( IELTS, TOEFL, TELC etc).
  • Medical certificate (1 copy Original, 1 copy)
  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Motivation letter
  • CV/resume/cover letter (Optional)
  • Recommendation letters (Two) from previous college professors that attended.

List of Fully Funded MBBS Scholarships 2024-2025

Applying for a grant or scholarship is a great method to help pay for your medical school education. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will either receive less in loan funds than you require or, in certain cases, no loan funds at all. We’ve put up a comprehensive list of the best medical scholarships available worldwide to make things easier for you.

1. BoardVitals Medical MBBS Scholarships

MBBS Scholarships

Every year, the scholarship is given to two medical students who have excelled academically throughout their time in medical school and have the capacity to address a major health issue. $1,500 will be given to the student who places first, and $2,500 will be given to the student who places second. Only American students are eligible for the scholarship. Applicants must submit videos or write a 500-word essay outlining their predictions for the next medical breakthrough in order to be considered.


2. John Hamel MacGregor MBBS Scholarships

MBBS Scholarships
John Hamel Macgregor MBBS Scholarships

Auckland University students receive the award. One of three MBBS programs offered by Australia, New Zealand, and the UK is the MBChB, which the University of Auckland hopes to pursue. The beneficiaries of this scholarship can pursue a bachelor’s degree in medical science or a research degree with an emphasis on medicine or health sciences. Usually, five students receive the honor each year. The recipients may apply again for the following year to continue earning the honor, although their eligibility for the award is limited to one calendar year.


3. University of Melbourne Baillieu MBBS Scholarships

MBBS Scholarships

Two scholarships will be given by the University of Melbourne to students majoring in economics, business, medicine, or health sciences, which includes criminology, law, etc. Students who have decided to pursue research-based studies but are unable to cover their costs are the target audience for the scholarships. The prize will total 97000 AUD in total. It also includes a relocation allowance given to international students. Australie.


4. Tylenol Future Care MBBS Scholarships

MBBS Scholarships
Tylenol Future Care MBBS Scholarships

Thirty-five scholarships totaling $10,000 USD will be given out by Tylenol. Each of the remaining 25 scholarships is valued at $5,000. Students must submit their transcripts from medical school together with two essays in order to be eligible to apply. Their qualities, the substance of their writings, and the level of their community service involvement will all be taken into consideration while evaluating them.


5. University of Wollongong MBBS Scholarships

MBBS Scholarships

Australia’s University of Wollongong will give scholarships to students studying medicine and healthcare. The scholarship will be given out in the amount of 50% to 100% of the tuition fee waiver. A 10% tuition fee waiver will be the minimum award. Certain exceptions apply to certain countries, and some are exclusive to students from developing nations.


6. White Coat Investor MBBS Awards

One percent of the overall earnings from White-Collar Investors is the value of the MBBS reward. The prizes come in the shape of cash, textbooks, and prizes. They may be valued at more than $150,00. Applicants for this scholarship must work full-time in one of the following fields: law, medicine and law, dentistry, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, podiatry, etc. To be considered, students must submit an essay of no more than 800 words along with some basic information. It’s an extremely competitive award with a strict selection process.


7. (AMWA) American Medical Women’s MBBS Scholarship Awards

AMWA provides grants, scholarships, and awards to American female medical students enrolled at accredited schools around the nation. Through AMWA, numerous modest scholarships are available, however they are only available to enrolled members. There are numerous awards available. The most prominent is a USD 500 grant given to female AMWA members who are pursuing any level of study in the medical field.

The goal of another KAPLAN grant is to help students get ready for the USMLE and COMLEX exams that are administered each year. Fellowships from Anne C. Carter are intended for students working on topics related to hazards to global health.


8. Physicians of Tomorrow MBBS Scholarships

One of the most important scholarships for which students can apply is this one. There are ten, and each one is worth $10,000 USD. These prizes are meant for students with various ability levels. All candidates, however, need to have finished their third year of medical school. The applicant must have the dean’s recommendation. Documents like recommendation letters or personal statements, proof of financial need, and a medical school transcript must also be included.


9. ASME MBBS Scholarships

The Association for the Study of Medical Education, or ASME, provides financial aid and scholarships to medical researchers, students, and educators. Only PhD and doctorate students, instructors, and students who have completed a noteworthy project linked to medical education, are aspiring surgeons, or are employed as surgical consultants, are eligible to apply for these honors. The value of the prizes increases with the candidate’s level of experience. The goal of these honors is to promote progress in the healthcare industry.


10. Herbert W. Nickens Awards for Medical Students

Five selected students will get these scholarships, which have a $5,000 USD worth each. Scholarships will be given to those who demonstrate leadership in the battle against healthcare discrimination, who are committed to giving minorities and people of other races equal access to healthcare, and who have the motivation to provide medical education to patients from a variety of backgrounds.

Students submitting applications must have their school’s dean recommend them. In addition, they have to write a personal essay summarizing their leadership qualities and provide an example, as well as submit an endorsement letter.


11. Edith Seville Coale MBBS Scholarships Awards

These scholarships are offered to female medical students who are in their second or third year of medical school, have maintained good grades throughout, and are unable to pay for their study. Each prize has a value of $5,000 to $8,000 USD. Few medical schools in the United States are qualified for the scholarship program.


12. USA Medical and Surgical MBBS Scholarship Program

The US MBBS scholarship program is the name of the initiative, and recipients will get $1,500 USD every six months. The candidates need to be enrolled in a minimum of one of these courses:

  • Healthcare
  • Nursing
  • Medical technology
  • Laboratory Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Therapy
  • Medicine or any program.

The application process requires the submission of a minimum of 1,200 word essay explaining how medical supplies and equipment help patients recover and even save their lives. Essays will be the only criteria used to evaluate the students.

13. Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are offered. Many scholarships are available from Harvard Medical School to students who can afford to pay for their education. Scholarship programs that are fully financed can pay for a student’s tuition and other required fees for up to eight semesters.

The Dean’s Reach Awards are another prize that is comparable to this one and is given to students who exhibit excellence, compassion, and a desire to give back to the community. Additionally, the medical school award is fully supported.


14. Merit-based MBBS Scholarships

Medical students might also check out the scholarship schemes that their respective universities provide. Merit-based scholarships are offered by certain medical schools to candidates with stellar academic records, high GPAs, and strong MCAT results. These scholarships also take into account the students’ soft skills, as well as their personalities and their ambitions to serve society. Most scholarships are granted based on need, although some universities provide merit-based scholarships as well.

15. James “Rhio” O’Connor Mesothelioma Medical Scholarship Fund

The monthly payment for this medical scholarship is $1,000 USD. Students are required to turn in an essay that answers various cancer-related topics. For example, should doctors and patients with cancer be allowed to employ every therapeutic option available to fight cancer?


16. National Medical Fellowships

Students who identify as members of underrepresented ethnic minorities, including Hispanics, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders, are eligible to apply for these fellowships. Each fellowship has a value of $5,000–7,000 USD. This program offers a number of scholarships, including the MD Scholarship and the Dr. James Curtis Scholarship. The prerequisites for every award vary. But they’re all predicated on the academic achievements of the pupils, their capacity for leadership, and their willingness to assist the underprivileged.


17. National Health Service Corps MBBS Scholarship

This significant gift will cover the first four years of medical school tuition as well as an annual stipend for personal expenditures. Once their studies are over, students must be prepared to work in rural and tribal communities (where healthcare is easily accessible).

For the same duration as they received the scholarship, the students are expected to work in underserved communities.


18. UCLA Medical School MBBS Scholarships

To be eligible, candidates do not need to provide proof of their financial status; the rewards are given only on the basis of merit. The award will be given to a quarter of students who have just enrolled in the MD program. The value of the scholarship increases with your academic level. Since they are immediately qualified for the award, students do not need to apply.


19. Universiteit van Amsterdam MBBS Scholarships

The University of Amsterdam offers the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship to the best candidates pursuing a master’s degree in medicine or health sciences. The awardees will receive 4,000 EUR, which they can use to pay for their education.


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20. Novo Nordisk Foundation MBBS Awards

The NNF rewards are meant for highly qualified investigators who aim to undertake cutting-edge research in the field of biotechnological and medical sciences integration. The total value of the fund exceeds $25 million. Research institutions or experimental laboratories will be established with the help of $7 million from this money. The grants can be given out for a maximum of seven years.

The NNF also provides funding for a PhD program in biosciences. This fully supported medical degree can be pursued over a maximum of five years.


21. Karolinska Institute of Sweden MBBS Scholarships

Postgraduate scholarships are available to students enrolled in any master’s degree medical program in Sweden through the Karolinska Institute. This scholarship covers a portion of the tuition and will be given to ten fortunate candidates. Students can investigate grants like the FIS fellowship, which pays up to $100,000 in tuition, to help with the remaining balance and personal expenses.


22. Imperial College Medical School MBBS Scholarships Program

Numerous BSc and MSc scholarships are available from the Imperial College of London’s Faculty of Medicine. Here are the details of a handful of these awards:

  • A 1,700 GBP Martin Turner Award is given out. It is given out for a year.
  • The Adrian Taylor Scholarship has a yearly maximum value of 3000 GBP.
  • The duration of presidential awards is four years. They are valued at GBP 1,000 a year.
  • The Fleming Scholarships are awarded for two years and grant 3,375 GBP in the form of tuition reimbursement.


23. King’s College MBBS Scholarship Awards

Scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate applicants are offered by The King’s College of London’s social health and global departments. Each winner for undergraduates will get 3,000 GBP over the course of three years, for a total of 9,900 GBP. All graduate awards come with the same value—9,000 GBP. It is given to students seeking master’s degrees in gerontology, bioethics, and bioethics.


24. Wellcome Trust MBBS Scholarships

Candidates for this scholarship should be those who wish to pursue a PhD in a healthcare-related field. The duration of the scholarship is three years. Additionally, the grantees will receive a monthly stipend that may reach up to 26,000 GBP annually (the exact amount will vary depending on the city in which you live). The grant may also pay for all of your research expenses, tuition, and travel expenses to medical conferences held outside of your home nation. Applicants may be from the UK, low-income nations, the EU, or the EEA.


25. Ibne Sina Medical Scholarships

The Ibne Sina Award 2023 is wholly supported by the Turkish government. Scholarships from the Turkish government are given to students at all academic levels. This scholarship covers all medical school expenses. International students who study in nations other than Turkey are eligible for the award.

Programs Available:

  • Bachelor’s
  • Graduate
  • Ph.D
  • Post-doctorate
  • Dental studies
  • Nursing
  • Veterinary medicine


  • Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must be at least 21 years old.
  • Students must be able to graduate from their prior undergraduate program with 90 percent of the possible points.
  • The students must not be a citizen of Turkey.


  • There are no tuition fees.
  • Cost of lodging
  • Medical costs
  • Round-trip ticket for travel
  • The amount is 50400 Turkish Lira each month.


26. IsDB MBBS Scholarships

Scholarships from the Islamic Development Bank are offered. One of the biggest scholarship programs is this one. It’s a medical scholarship with a focus on health. Medical scholarships are available for master’s, bachelor’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral degrees through the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship.

Related fields include microbiology, public health, nutrition, health services management, veterinary technology, biology, biotechnology, dentistry, medicine, nursing, medical laboratories, and biomedicine.


MBBS Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study MBBS in the USA with full scholarship?

Many scholarships are offered to students wishing to attend MBBS programs in the United States. These scholarships will help students pay for their other expenses in addition to helping to lower the tuition for a lengthy course like MBBS.

Is it feasible to receive a complete medical school scholarship?

For students, studying medicine overseas can be difficult, particularly when living costs are taken into account. Many medical schools now provide complete scholarships, which might help you finance your study overseas, in an effort to allay students' worries.

For your residency, are you paid?

Do doctors get paid during residency? is a question that may cross your mind if you're pursuing a career in medicine.Yes, is the response! Medical residents are paid for their labor, albeit the exact amount depends on your specialization and year of residency program.


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