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Top 10 Online Masters in Instructional Design

Top Online Masters in Instructional Design 

The need for designers who are very adept at exploiting emerging technologies is rising dramatically in the field of instructional design. The directors of institutions that grant advanced degrees in instructional design observe an influx of people from a variety of professions, including business, the military, industry, and education. Students develop an awareness of the many methods and approaches available for various learning contexts while learning theories and models in these programs.

Participants in the program get knowledge about how to create and design extremely effective instruction. The average yearly wage in 2021 was $63,480, and employment is projected to expand by 7% during the following seven years. Candidates with experience in User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and interactive design (IxD) may have improved job prospects, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The top 10 online masters in instructional design are offered by the universities reviewed below. These programs offer advanced degrees in this exciting and developing field.

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Who Are Instructional Designers and What Do They Do?

As an instructional designer, you will develop learning environments and experiences based on theory and research. After completing analyses, you’ll decide on the specs and requirements. You can be responsible for overseeing the online community, encouraging discussion and cooperation, and instructing subject matter experts on how to produce and share their information. You’ll assess students’ learning requirements and examine the available teaching resources. You’ll create and build online resources and assessment tools using this. You’ll also take the lead in putting online learning programs into place.

A bachelor’s degree in educational technology or a closely connected discipline is a minimum requirement for this position. He or she must hold a state administrator or educator license. At least three years of relevant job experience are required of this person. He or she must be an effective communicator. Additionally, he or she must demonstrate knowledge with multiple LMS platforms and various learning philosophies. The annual salary for instructional designers ranges from $49,000 to $100,000. They take home $70,028 on average.

online masters in instructional design

Online Masters In Instructional Design

The top online masters in instructional design programs are offered by the following schools:

Saint Leo University

  • Florida’s Saint Leo
  • Program Cost Estimate: $17,820

Your 36-credit degree from Saint Leo University will cost you a reasonable $495 per credit hour. Usually, courses on program assessment and design for learning are available. Holders of an accredited bachelor’s degree who can provide letters of recommendation, a sufficient undergraduate GPA, and a statement of professional aspirations are eligible for Saint Leo’s master of science in instructional design program. Course teachers frequently appear at conferences across the world, and the curricula follow the industry’s established professional standards. If preferred, face-to-face instruction and online learning can be mixed within the curriculum.

University of Sam Houston

  • Instructional Systems Design and Technology online master’s degree
  • University of Sam Houston
  • Houston, Texas
  • Estimated cost of the program: $14,707.50

Since 1954, the NCATE has granted accreditation to Sam Houston State University’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction. The department’s 30-credit hour master of education in instructional systems design and technology program includes coursework in distant learning and educational multimedia. The cost of this degree is $490.25 per unit of instruction, with no out-of-state fees. Candidates for the online MEd in instructional systems design and technology program at Sam Houston State University must submit their transcripts and pay a $45 application fee.

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University of Georgia

  • Learning, Design, & Technology M.Ed. online
  • University of Georgia
  • Georgia’s Athens
  • Program Cost Estimate: $22,644

The University of Georgia’s 36-hour master of science in instructional technology program costs only $629 each semester hour. Nine hours can be transferred into the program at the University of Georgia. The department demands a goal statement, a basic online portfolio, and a GRE or GMAT score as part of the admissions packet. The University of Georgia’s online MS in instructional technology program offers two enrollment dates per year, in the spring and autumn, and takes pleasure in keeping up with the most recent advancements in the industry.

University of Cincinnati

  • Online M.Ed. with a teaching concentration in instructional design and technology
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Program Cost Estimate: $19,200

The University of Cincinnati, one of the nation’s oldest public colleges, provides a cutting-edge online master’s degree program in instructional design and technology, with a focus on teaching in hybrid and online learning contexts. The program’s 30 semester-credit length allows students to select from two specializations: online learning: teaching or design and development. The cost of a credit at the University of Cincinnati is $640; however, there are no out-of-state fees. A baccalaureate degree from an authorized institution and a “B” average are prerequisites for enrollment in the online MEd in instructional design and technology program.

online masters in instructional design

West Virginia University

  • Master of Arts in Instructional Technology and Design online
  • North Charleston, West Virginia
  • Program Cost Estimate: $17,820

The cost to enroll in West Virginia University’s online master’s program in instructional design and technology is $594 per credit hour. A 3.0 cumulative GPA or above, a recognized bachelor’s degree, and a GRE waiver that is only granted to applicants with two years of work experience are the prerequisites. There are no out-of-state tuition fees. The 30-credit online MA in instructional design and technology program at West Virginia University requires completion in an average of two years. In this curriculum, an important portion of the learning experience is provided by interactive classroom elements.

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Wichita State University

  • Online M.Ed. in Instructional and Learning Design
  • Kansas’s Wichita
  • Cost of the Program: $14,544

You can enroll in Wichita State University’s online master of education in learning and instructional design full- or part-time for $404.19 per credit hour in tuition. The 36-hour program requires proof of the ability to do graduate work, which can be shown by an applicant’s undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, a combination of the two, or other academic aptitude data. Students enrolled in the online MEd in learning and instructional design program at Wichita State University have access to academic advisors who may assist them plan their course load and post-graduation job possibilities.

Brandeis University

  • Technology and Instructional Design online master’s degree
  • Brandeis-university
  • Massachusetts’s Waltham
  • Cost of the Program: $35,370

The cost of Brandeis University’s 30-credit online master of science in instructional design and technology is $1,179 per credit hour. The student application packet at Brandeis University, which accepts applicants on a rolling basis, must include a current resume, a statement of goals, and one letter of recommendation. However, neither a GRE nor a MAT score is necessary. “Innovate digital learning with the latest instructional design practice and technologies,” reads the program’s website’s tagline. The New England Commission of Higher Education has accredited Brandeis University’s online MS in instructional design and technology program.

Northeastern University

  • Online master’s degree in instructional design and e-learning
  • Massachusetts’s Boston
  • Program Cost Estimate: $25,830

Northeastern University, a private research university founded in 1898, offers an online degree in instructional design that takes 45 quarter credit hours to complete. Although the curriculum itself is designed to demonstrate the most recent techniques through courses with titles like how people learn and models for learning design, the cost of $574 per unit of instruction is in the middle range of affordability. The online instructional design degree program at Northeastern University demands a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Purdue University

  • Online Master of Technology and Learning
  • Ind., West LaFayette
  • Program Cost Estimate: $23,625

Competency badges, which “emphasize mastery of important abilities” in the industry, are used in the online master of science in education in learning design and technology program at Purdue University. Technology badges that demonstrate “mastery of (certain) digital tools” are also available.

A total of 35 credits are needed to get the degree, including courses with names like “human performance technology” and “educational uses of multimedia.” Graduate online tuition for students in the MSE in Learning Design and Technology program will cost $675 per credit. A telephone interview, three expert letters of recommendation, and a GRE score are requirements for admission to the program.

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Quinnipiac University

  • Master’s degree in instructional design online
  • Connecticut, Hamden
  • Program Cost Estimate: $20,400

Since its founding in 1929, Quinnipiac University has expanded its online programs, including its online master of science in instructional design program. You can choose from one of three specializations after enrolling in this program: instructional design for the business or non-profit sector, technology for K–12 classrooms, or design and development of online learning.

Courses like using digital media for learning and designing interactive learning environments can be found in one of these. You need to earn 30 credits at a cost of $680 each credit to graduate with an online master’s degree in instructional design.

online masters in instructional design

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Employers want Instructional Designers?

Jobs in instructional design are in high demand globally as businesses use ID to boost performance and provide engaging learning opportunities. Government is one of the many organizations that employ instructional designers. Medical.

Is Instructional Design a career you can Pursue?

To attract the finest ID talent, schools will probably need to provide flexible and remote job choices. The task of an instructional designer lends itself nicely to remote and hybrid labor in many ways. Course and program creation can be successfully completed online as teaching and learning become more and more digitally mediated.

What kind of education do most Instructional Designers acquire?

Even though you might be able to get an entry-level job in this industry with a bachelor's degree, the majority of instructional design experts have a master's or doctoral degree. This is due to the fact that many government and business employers prefer candidates with advanced degrees, which are frequently required by higher education institutions.

Do Instructional Designers have Remote Employment Options?

A remote instructional designer develops teaching resources and learning platforms for use in classrooms, online courses, and teacher preparation programs. Remote instructional designers operate from their homes or another location outside of the office, in contrast to those that are located in an office.



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