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20 No-Degree Manual Labor Jobs

Manual Labor Jobs. Professionals in manual labor positions frequently carry out strenuous duties for individuals or organizations, such as cleaning, organizing, and construction. Even though candidates may need a specific credential depending on the employment, these positions rarely require a bachelor’s degree. Finding positions to apply for throughout your job hunt might be made easier by learning about manual labor careers you can pursue without a degree.

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What is a manual labor job?

Any position that requires people to perform physical tasks rather than using machinery is referred to as manual labor. Several businesses, including retail, agriculture, and construction, employ manual labour. The fact that the majority of manual labor positions don’t call for a college degree is a huge benefit. These occupations typically come with on-the-job training, so applicants typically only require a high school certificate or GED.

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20 No-degree manual labor jobs

1. Custodian

Manual Labor Jobs

$25,195 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Custodians are in charge of maintaining a building’s neat look. To effectively arrange and clean any indoor spaces, such as offices, hallways, and toilets, they may employ specialist equipment. A custodian can replenish toiletries, collect garbage, sweep and mop floors, or immediately respond to requests for help with spill or accident cleaning.

2. Millworker

$32,842 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Professionals who process lumber products are known as millworkers. In order to process wood, they may carry out a range of duties, such as operating machinery to chop logs, remove bark, or shape the byproducts into raw lumber for sale or use in construction projects.

3. Farmworker

$37,500 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Professionals who work in agriculture for businesses that produce fruit, vegetables, or animal products are known as farmworkers. They may provide direct care for animals by providing them with food and water as well as cleaning their pens. A farmworker could also pick and water crops that will be sold at the market.

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4. Construction worker

Annual pay average for the country: $39,269

A construction worker is a professional in the trade who sets up and runs the equipment used to create constructions. They may carry supplies and materials to the job site, test the machinery and equipment for effectiveness, and make sure that the necessary safety precautions are taken. To develop a completely functional building, construction workers can also collaborate with electricians, plumbers, and other specialist professions.

5. Personal trainer

$42,421 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Fitness experts known as personal trainers lead individuals and groups through workouts and exercise routines. They may demonstrate particular workouts and instruct their customers on how to utilize fitness equipment safely. A personal trainer can also make customized workout schedules for their customers and keep track of their development.

6. Domestic help

$43,059 annually is the average pay in the country.

primary obligations: A housekeeper is in charge of keeping a client’s home or place of business spotless. They carry out standard housekeeping tasks including changing the bed sheets, taking out the trash, vacuuming and mopping the floors, and restocking supplies like soap, moisturizer, shampoo, and toilet paper. Depending on the requirements of the employer, housekeepers may adhere to specific sanitary regulations.

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7. Professional fishermen

$44,450 year is the average salary nationwide.

Fish, squid, and crabs are just a few of the aquatic animals that commercial fisherman collect and trap. They may be responsible for managing a fishing operation, keeping a ship’s log of daily activities, laying up bait, and arranging their catches. Selling their catches to the neighborhood market may also fall under the purview of a commercial fisher.

8. A mason’s laborer

$45,127 per year is the average salary nationwide.

A mason worker is a person who works in the construction industry who builds things like walls, walkways, fences, and chimneys out of bricks, concrete blocks, and natural stones. They might collaborate with others to ensure the correct design, construction, and safety of these structures. Mason professionals can also replace cracked or worn bricks, blocks, or stones to repair weathered constructions.

9. A traffic officer

$45,950 year is the average salary nationwide.

To ensure that pilots of aircraft keep a safe distance from other aircraft, air traffic controllers are responsible for communicating with the pilots. They keep an eye on and regulate the movement of the aircraft, give the pilots crucial information, and adhere to emergency procedures. An air traffic controller can steer airplanes safely into predefined docking bays while working in a control tower or immediately on the runway.

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10. Line chef

National average yearly salary: $48,320

In a cafeteria, motel, or restaurant, a line cook is in charge of preparing the food. They may collaborate with a number of different cooks to execute the menu items and recipes developed by a head chef. Vegetables can be chopped, meat can be divided into serving sizes, sauces can be made, and herbs can be divided.

11. Welding

$48,336 is the average yearly wage in the country.

A specialized instrument is used by welders, who work in the construction industry, to produce tremendous heat that can fuse several pieces of metal together. Along with welding the metal components together, they also strive to polish and smooth them out. A welder may examine the building materials, examine the designs for the objects they are creating, and keep an eye on the metal to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

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12. A technician in emergency medicine

Payout average: $49,724 annually.

People who need immediate care are given medical care by an emergency medical technician. Until the patient gets to the hospital, they might provide immediate medical care to keep them stable. This can involve handling throngs of people, filling out paperwork describing the patient’s condition, and collaborating with dispatchers to find the best route to the hospital.

13. Production technician

$51,117 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Production workers create tangible goods for the consumer market. They can check the quality of parts produced by machines and assemble components by hand or with tools. By changing the location and settings of their machines and equipment, a manufacturing specialist can also increase production efficiency.

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14. Plant manager

$52,139 is the average yearly wage in the country.

An industrial service site’s daily activities are managed by a plant operator. They might specialize in operating a certain kind of machinery and manage all of the machinery and equipment in the industrial facility from a single control room. Workers in the manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, and power industries all employ plant operators.

15. Elevator operator

$52,524 is the yearly average pay in the country.

Professionals that install, maintain, and repair the moving equipment of a commercial structure are known as elevator technicians. Maintaining the effectiveness and safety of the moving walkways, escalators, and elevators might be a part of this.

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16. A policeman

$54,646 annually is the average pay nationwide.

The job of a police officer is to safeguard people’s lives and property. By averting crimes and apprehending offenders, they support the maintenance of public order. In addition to writing reports and keeping meticulous records of their operations, police officers may also testify in court.

17. Electrician

$56,667 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Electricians are experts in the installation, upkeep, and repair of electrical equipment such as wiring, fixtures, and outlets. An electrician can check electrical equipment and installations to make sure they’re secure, reliable, and in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, they could focus on residential, telecommunications, or outdoor cable wiring.

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18. Plumber

$59,334 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Residential and commercial plumbing systems are installed, maintained, and repaired by plumbers. They examine the apparatus, do tests to check its functionality and safety, and offer suggestions regarding the anticipated costs of installations and repairs. To obtain the required permissions for plumbing work, plumbers may often collaborate with construction professionals.

19. Customer service agent

Payout average: $59,551 annually.

Customers of a retail business are supported by customer service agents. They deal with inquiries, problems, and direct sales or orders of a business’s goods or services. Cleaning up after clients, replenishing shelves, and rearrange the floor as necessary are all other ways that customer service representatives keep their workplace tidy.

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20. Carpenter

National average yearly salary: $62,388

A carpenter is a member of the construction trade who constructs, installs, and fixes building frameworks and structures. They are able to pick out and evaluate building materials as well as cut, shape, and measure wood and plastic. Wooden furniture, such as cabinets and doors, can be constructed and repaired by carpenters.

FAQs on No-Degree Manual Labor Jobs

How do I prepare for a manual labor job?

Start your training as soon as possible. No, not your job training but your physical training.
Wear your safety equipment. Your safety gear is there for a reason.
Drink water and eat healthily. The food that you eat what your drink impacts your health.

What’s considered a manual labor job?

A manual labor job is defined as a job that requires your physicality. Manual jobs are highly hands-on and need you to get your hands dirty – sometimes in a literal sense. What is this? There is no singular skill set or route into employment with such a broad range of jobs.

What is skilled manual work?

Skilled manual worker is someone who has been trained in a particular trade, it is a very generic term which covers a variety of specialist professions.

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